Website review: Tap a beat!

14 Sep 2019


Listening to music works as food for soul, as it relaxes mind and rejuvenates life into you. Ask yourself, don’t you feel delight while listening to the beats? I am sure you do, but won’t it be a treat if the beats come with colourful graphics?

Confused? Don’t be, because today’s website, is all about music and colourful graphics so music lovers, out there especially kids under 12 years of age, will love to spend some time creating, playing and having fun with music.

Patatap is described as a ‘portable animation and sound kit’, which was created by designer Jono Brandel in collaboration with the music composer composers Lullatone, Patatap turns your keyboard into an instrument for musical animations.

So how does it work? Well kids, once the site is open, all you have to do is press any key from A to Z, this produces different sounds accompanying variety of motion graphics, from dancing dots to shapes and lines, flickering neon lights.

However, if you get bored with all the alphabets and the resulting sounds, press the space bar, this will change all the sounds and graphics associated with that key. Amazing, isn’t it?

According to the site, the project is meant to showcase synthesia — where stimulating one sense causes an experience in another.

So kids, this weekend, try music, play music and watch the music dance at

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 14th, 2019