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August 17, 2019


The new academic year brings with it the joys of new books and with new books you get new lessons and new topics to read. Sometimes they are easy, but at times they are way too difficult to comprehend and this is where you need help.

But, what if there is no one around to make things easy for you?

Well, if I were you, I would ask my fellow students. No, by fellow students I don’t mean my fellows at the school, but my fellows at — a site where a student community from around the world is ready to lend you a helping hand.

Brainly is the knowledge-sharing community, where 150 million students and experts put their heads together and answer students’ questions. There is no limitation to your curious mind, if you have a question, let’s say about a topic that was discussed in the class, an assignment given to you, a class discussion or if you’re just curious about a new subject, Brainly community is ready to help you understand it easily.

Simply, post your question and within seconds receive a clear, moderated response from fellow students. The site stores all the millions of questions in its easy-to-search knowledge base.

You can select the subject from the menu given at the top with history, mathematics, English, biology, chemistry, physics and various others or write your question. Moreover, if you see someone who needs an extra hand or if you are well-versed about any topic that is being asked, don’t think twice, step in and help them out.

All you have to do is get registered and be a Brainly fellow. The content is safe for students as there are community moderators who keep a close eye on the accuracy, clarity and kindness of every question and every answer.

If you have questions regarding any topic visit:

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