Meaningful celebrations

August 10, 2019


Illustration by Sophia Khan
Illustration by Sophia Khan

Pakistan is going to celebrate 72 years of Independence this year. Every year people of all ages celebrate this day with patriotic zest in order to promote patriotism, national unity and portray love for their beloved country.

Pakistan is a symbol of peace, prosperity and good fortune. In order to promote this message of peace and prosperity, we need to come forward with such acts and efforts this Independence Day which will be long lasting, beneficial and a source of healthy and fruitful celebrations for our country and fellow citizens.

forward with such acts and efforts this Independence Day which will be long-lasting, beneficial and a source of healthy and fruitful celebrations for our country and fellow citizens.

Pakistan has a young population. Close to three fourth of its entire population is less than 40 years of age, which means that if we join hand together for the welfare of our country we can do a lot more than one can imagine. We all wish do more for our country but we are unable to do so because we always go for the big picture and don’t realise that even small acts can make a big difference. For this purpose, this year while celebrating Independence Day wearing green shirts, decorating buildings, etc., give something positive and worthwhile back to your country.

We are the future leaders of this country, let us serve it well.

Plant a tree

We all are aware of the environmental problems faced by Pakistan. We can help to improve its environmental condition by planting a tree this Independence Day as a way of celebrating. Planting a tree is an act that provides long-term and continuous benefits.

Do you know just one average-sized tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing and if three trees are planted in the right places, around buildings, they can reduce air-conditioning costs, heart rates and stress. And not just this, each time people or animals sit under the shade or eat from these trees, you will gain reward throughout your life and in the Hereafter. So instead of spending money on temporary decorations and flags, take your friends, siblings and family with you and plant trees in your area.

Share your blessings

A large population of the country lives below the poverty line or can hardly manage a decent meal each day. While celebrating, you should not forget these people as they are also part of the country and they too deserve to feel the joy you feel, by getting some of the comforts of life that we enjoy.

Make this Independence Day special for them and yourself, too, by performing random acts of kindness and charity that will help the poor in the country. If each of us takes it as a mission to reduce poverty instead of always expecting the government to step in and do something, we can make a big difference.

Beautify Pakistan

This Independence Day beautify Pakistan by cleaning your streets and locality, encourage your friends and siblings as well to pick up garbage and dispose it off in the right place.

Help Pakistan tackle the challenges of rising pollution and global warming, because pollution affects us in many ways, such as shortening of life expectancy, increase in spread of diseases, deteriorates the environment and also ruins the beauty of our beloved country.

Illustration by Ahmed Amin
Illustration by Ahmed Amin

Donate for a cause

Along with your friends and siblings, do some fundraising and donate for a cause to save life, educate and empower others. You don’t have to gather a large sum of money, just a small amount from your pocket money and a similar contribution from others can make big difference in the lives of those who need your support. Raise some funds and visit welfare hospitals, schools and organisations, by making this contribution yourself you will have a better idea of the good your efforts will bring and this will give you immense happiness and peace.

Place water coolers at public places

Water is life and there are hundreds of people residing in our country who are unable to drink clean water. Furthermore, climate change is increasing the frequency, intensity and duration of hot weather in South Asia. The occurrence of heat waves has increased in various parts of our country too, leading to dehydration and heat strokes among people. Therefore, try to place water coolers or water bottles at public places. Each time people drink water from it, you will gain reward from Allah and many people of our country will be saved from heat strokes and dehydration.

Visit an orphanage or rehabilitation centre

Gather your old toys, clothes, books and things that are in good condition but which you don’t use anymore, and take them to give to the children there. They will be pleased with our visit and gifts and will remember it for long. In addition, you will also realise how blessed you are to have parents, siblings and all the necessities of life.

Last but not the least, I would like to say that just one person can make a huge difference, and everyone should try to make some difference in the lives of others and serve their beloved country. All of us have compassion, empathy and the ability to serve humanity and our country, but we are unable to realise what can be done and walk on that the right path towards it.

Therefore, try to carry out these small acts of altruism and compassion, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. Be the change, be the reason that someone believes in the goodness of people and make positive impact on others because that’s what the real motive of life should be.

Remember, nothing can be more prized than a person who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. Hope you all have a great Independence Day filled with happiness, patriotism, allegiance to the aim of maintaining Pakistan’s sovereignty and welfare.

Published in Dawn, Young World, August 10th, 2019