Website review: Stunning clicks

July 20, 2019


People aro­und the world take amazing shots of nature, everyday life, animals and what not. Some shots go unnoticed, but those which come into the limelight are remembered for long.

If you are one of those who is in love with nature, the universe and all things small or large, then the website lovethesepics offers you a lot to enjoy.

The site is basically a collection of pictures and videos taken by various photographers and artists around the world. There are three options to explore the site; the first is to choose the categories given at the bottom; second is to choose from the yearly list that is also at the bottom, while you can go randomly through the main page of the site in the third option.

The categories are very interesting to browse through, for instance, Abandoned, Animals, Archaeological, Architecture, Art, Design concepts, Environment, Extreme sports, Military, Nature, People, Phenomena, Space, Transportation and many more.

The pictures are all stunning, with high resolution and each one being accompanied with some brief information about the picture, such as the location, photographer, time, etc.

If you are a person in love with nature and travelling, the site will inspire you to visit these places and if not physically, you can explore and travel to these incredible places around the world virtually.

Apart from that, this site also gives a chance to many talented photographers to showcase their work for a larger audience. To fall in love with the beauty of nature and our universe, visit

Published in Dawn, Young World, July 20th, 2019