ISLAMABAD: Wildlife officers on Tuesday rescued three wolf pups from Lehtrar Road.

Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) official Zaheer Mirza told Dawn the pups are healthy.

“The culprits are dog breeders and train army dogs. Two individuals have been apprehended in this case and will be handed over to the police to register a case against them for illegally trading in endangered species,” he said.

He said the operation was carried out after the IWMB received a tip. He said capturing and trading in endangered species like wolves is prohibited under the third schedule of the Islamabad Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1979.

“Wolves have become extremely rare and are on the verge of disappearing in Pakistan due to the loss of their natural habitat and illegal trade,” Mr Mirza said.

IWMB Assistant Director Fahim Changwani said that unlike lions and other wild animals, wolves cannot be tamed.

“They move in packs and are extremely protective of each other. Wolves are the national animals of countries such as Turkey and Mongolia, and highly respected,” he added.

IWMB officials told Dawn the three wolf pups were given to the dog breeders by the son of an elected member to be sold on the black market.

“The apprehended individuals did not say more,” Mr Mirza said.

Published in Dawn, July 11th, 2019