Low-quality fuel

June 05, 2019


THE government is considering a proposal to allow low-quality fuel for two-wheelers, which use 45 per cent of total petrol in Pakistan. The low quality fuel produces knocking in engines, which damages the engine. Therefore they mix additives to stop the engine knocking. But the downside of these additives is they create air pollution that damages the health of everyone, increasing people’s medical costs and further pushing them into poverty.

When the government allowed the CNG use for vehicles, it not only reduced the fuel import bill, also improved air quality in Pakistan and helped improved community health.

The government should allow a subsidy on CNG to make it less costly compared to petrol and diesel, and supply Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas throughout the year. This way they will reduce the fuel import cost, improve air quality and health, utilise LNG terminals effectively and lower cost of transport for public.

Refineries should be asked to improve their quality and start following rules. Supplying the low-quality fuel to two-wheelers, which are heavy users of fuel and are everywhere, will spread air pollution and impact negatively the community health. Why should the rest of Pakistan suffer for the laziness of refineries?

S. Khan


Published in Dawn, June 5th, 2019