LAHORE: US Secretary of State William Rogers is due to arrive here from New Delhi on Saturday [May 24] afternoon for a 19-hour stay in the West Pakistan metropolis to hold talks with President Yahya Khan. Mr Rogers, flying in a White House jet, will land at Lahore airport in the afternoon. He will take off for Kabul the next morning on the last but one leg of his Asian tour.

According to his latest programme, Mr Rogers, it is reliably learned, will call on President Yahya on Saturday evening at the Governor’s House. The same night, President Yahya will host a dinner for the American statesman at the Governor’s House.

Sunday morning’s programme of Mr Rogers includes laying floral wreath at the mazar of Allama Iqbal and some sight-seeing. He will be accompanied by his personal staff besides over a dozen American newsmen who are travelling with him on his fortnight-long whistle-stop tour of Asia.

A report from Islamabad adds: Pakistan’s delegation at the formal talks with the US Secretary of State, Mr William Rogers, will be headed by the Foreign Secretary, Mr S.M. Yusuf, officials said today. Mr Yusuf will also receive the American leader on his arrival.

Published in Dawn, May 22nd, 2019