MULTAN: Veteran politician Javed Hashmi claims that Pervez Musharraf doesn’t have the courage to return to Pakistan while Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to withdraw case against him.

Talking to the media here on Saturday, the senior politician said the PTI had no think tank “and the entire cabinet is of Zia era.” “No matter who is in power decisions have been made by the establishment for the last 70 years,” he said.

Hashmi said: “The opposition always faced accountability. Judges of superior courts say they face pressure. Media is being censored. I have been banned on media.”

“Imran Khan changed his economic team for four times. Now the heads of State Bank and Federal Board of Revenue have also been changed but so far no economic policy has been evolved,” he said.

“I am with the Nawaz’s narrative of ‘honor the vote’,” he said.

He claimed that he got messages from the PTI’s central leadership to rejoin the party.

“I wish Imran Khan’s government complete its five-year tenure and he be succeeded to improve the economy,” he said. Hashmi alleged that security agencies are threatening his family members on a daily basis.

Published in Dawn, May 5th, 2019