School and trash

May 04, 2019


THERE is a school in Metroville Block B, behind Zakariya Masjid, which has turned into a garbage dump. I do not know if children go there, but I know that rats and cockroaches reside there quite comfortably. The school is built on a large area and has two floors – it has classrooms, washrooms and a main gate along with a boundary wall, which is six-feet high.

A school should be good for children. It should provide them with a safe space to learn and play. However, it is used as a dump by the homeless and a communal trash can. I have, on occasion, also caught drug addicts getting high here. I have also seen people keep their sacrificial animals in the classrooms prior to Eidul Azha.

I request the ministry of education and Sindh government to look into this school and find out what is going on.

Zubair Khan


Published in Dawn, May 4th, 2019