DACCA: The two-day Pakistan Muslim League Council, which concluded here today [Feb 9], recommended the repeal of the University Ordinance and the release of students detained on account of the law and order problems. ...

The resolution demanded that the University Ordinance should be repealed and replaced by requisite acts of the Legislatures. It also urged such measures as would help students in participating in their endeavour to acquire knowledge and development of character. The resolution made this recommendation as it felt that academic freedom and autonomy of the universities were necessary for the mobilisation of human resources and the motivation of the teachers and the taught in a free society. — Correspondent

[Meanwhile, as reported by an agency in Dacca,] The Government of East Pakistan has issued orders for immediate release of 141 persons detained under Defence of Pakistan Rules, it was officially announced here today [Feb 9]. Prof Muzaffar Ahmed, Dewan Mahbub Ali and Syed Altaf Hossain were released here last night from the Central Jail. The leaders of the NAP (Requisitionists) were arrested late last month.

Published in Dawn, February 10th, 2019