Wonder Craft: Tissue paper rabbit

February 09, 2019


Today’s craft is about making a little toy animal (rabbit in this case) and placing it anywhere in your room or house. The things needed in making this craft are also very easily available in your home like tissue papers, cake board, etc: Let’s start.

Things you need

  1. Tissue papers (16)

  2. White glue

  3. Craft wire (you can use string)

  4. Green yarn or thread

  5. Four-inch pieces of pink and white paper or felt (to make the ears and nose)

  6. One-inch piece of black paper (to make the eyes)

  7. Scissors

  8. Cake board

Note: we have to make two balls from tissues, one bigger and one smaller. To make one ball, we need four flowers.

Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer


  1. Cut all the 16 tissue papers into halves. Make four such sets. Each set contains four halves and it will make one flower, picture 2.

  2. Fold each set into an accordion shape, picture 3.

  3. Tie it with a wire or a string, picture 4.

  4. Separate each layer of tissue paper from one another, picture 5.

  5. When you have made four such flowers, tie them together tightly, as in pictures 6, 7 and 8.

  6. Trim the excess tissue to create a smooth round ball, picture 9.

  7. Make two such balls, trim one more than the other; this short ball of tissues will be the head and the large will be the body, picture 10.

  8. Cut a one-inch drop-shape from the white paper or felt and then from the pink felt. The pink one has to be a bit smaller than the white, see picture 11.

  9. Squeeze them from the bottom, picture 12.

  10. Glue them on the head of the rabbit.

  11. Cut and paste small circles from the black paper for the eyes, (according to the size of the rabbit’s head, and also a pink circle for the nose, (picture 13). Put your rabbit aside.

  12. Cut green yarn or thread finely to show grass, picture 14.

  13. Spread glue on the cake board then put green shreds on it, picture 15.

  14. Put the rabbit whichever way you want.

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