January 19, 2019


School doesn’t seem like school anymore

This is with reference to the article “School doesn’t seem like school anymore” by Hiba Khan (YW, January 5). I liked the article very much because it discussed the real problems of students at school.

It was correctly stated by the writer that kids go to school to unleash their potentials and study but, unfortunately, in the prevailing educational system, students are not judged and marked according to their capabilities, but are judged by the marks and percentage they get. When the students get low marks, they feel deprived and underestimated.

While the role of teachers is to support and guide their students, they hardly do their job and keep students busy by giving loads of homework. Their target is just to finish the course on time.

Every student has his own talents and capabilities. It is the responsibility of teachers and schools to polish the kids and make them successful members of society.

Our government’s priority should be to improve the system of education in Pakistan.

Bakhtawar Obed,


The lost joys of reading

“The lost joys of reading” by Yasmin Elahi was an amazing article. It actually reminded all the readers to never quit the habit of reading and if someone is not reading, they should get into this habit.

Great leaders have many exceptional habits, one of which is reading. I am grateful to the YW magazine that they provide us a platform where we can read various articles, indirectly making us get into the habit of reading.

I enjoy reading. It plays an important part in helping us become a better person. Reading enhances our vocabulary and also helps us gain knowledge. It gives us incomparable pleasure.

Nowadays the reading culture has declined due to the increase in usage of social networking sites, video games and gadgets. We have to limit the usage of electronic devices and improve our reading habit. I would like to suggest to all the readers to promote the reading culture and become a good leader.

Samiya Khan,



This is regarding the cover story “The lost joys of reading” by Yasmin Elahi (YW, January 5).

I liked the article as it inspired me very much. In my opinion, patience is the key to doing anything and being successful in life. Usually people take reading as a tedious task and keep their books aside. I would like to suggest to all the readers of the YW to always choose reading over using mobile phone or computer and watching TV.

Obaidullah Mahesar,


Published in Dawn, Young World, January 19th, 2019