Every year we celebrate some significant days that have some historical and cultural importance like honouring a relationship, a personality, an institution and of course the independence of any nation. These celebrations show how important the subject is for a nation or a certain part of the world. As these special days are ever expanding, almost every day is being scheduled for something, whether weird, funny, wonderful or bizarre, all under one roof at www.daysoftheyear.com — a site that tells you what the world is celebrating each day!

Days of the year is an amazing site to explore. As you open, the white and indigo colour scheme will catch your attention with its clean interface. You will see “today is... (the day celebrated for)” written on top centre, scrolling down will show you all the days of the month and the related information, facts and history below them. You can custom search any particular date from the calendar icon at the top right or a particular date from the search bar.

Apart from that, months are also honoured and celebrated for different causes and reasons, and you can also read about that on this site. For instance, March is recognised as Social Work Month, Umbrella Month, kidney, nutrition, etc. As mentioned earlier, the site gathers all the funny and weird dates celebrated around the world, you will be surprised to know that some parts of the world actually celebrate days like Organise Your Home Day, Garlic Day, Booklovers Day, Lazy Day and even Bad Poetry Day!

So how is the content generated? Are the days fake? These and many more questions might arise in your mind, and the site answers them well. According to the site administration, “The content generated for the website has been researched by our team, we don’t make any of these up. We browse the internet, watch the television, listen to the radio and read the newspaper to find out what people are celebrating; and we only include days which people talk about, take part in, and tell their friends about.”

There is just so much wonderful and funny things the world celebrates each day. You can read all these and enjoy every day with your friends. To check this ultimate guide to celebrating each and every day, visit: www.daysoftheyear.com

Published in Dawn, Young World, January 19th, 2019