Big sharks

December 19, 2018


THE accountability process has been going on for long. Some cases are sub judice and many others are under investigation. But big sharks are at large and there seems no chance of recovering the illegal money.

During the last three decades two families ruled the country and almost in every corruption case the members of these families or their close aides, directly or indirectly, were involved.

Unluckily, they have hundreds of thousands followers. Whenever any action is taken against them, they declare it political victimisation and bring people to streets for agitation to save their illegal assets. But it is not impossible to take them to task. Only the firm commitment and determination by the government is needed.

The only way out to reduce the burden of foreign loans and provide relief to masses is to recover the money illegally earned by the corrupt. But how will it be possible is a big question.

Asim Iqbal

Published in Dawn, December 19th, 2018