Child beggars

November 29, 2018


THE Sindh government has banned child beggary and directed the social welfare department to place child beggars in welfare centres. This act is in line with our constitution which guarantees the fundamental rights of all children such as their right of protection, right to life, and right against abuse.

Street children endure many difficulties that stem from the absence of parental protection besides a severe deficit of moral support at any level. Owing to these tribulations homeless children have a high risk of developing emotional and nutritional problems.

They remain disadvantaged throughout their lives. Girls in particular are exposed to sexual exploitation and rape, regardless of age, and the resulting traumas can encumber them for their entire lives.

Every citizen needs to do their bitt to alleviate the lot of street children. The need is to increase public awareness. Let us get together to protect the most weak section of society.

Naina Kumari

Published in Dawn, November 29th, 2018