2 Pakistani drivers killed in Afghanistan

June 08, 2005


KANDAHAR, June 7: Suspected Taliban killed two Pakistani truck drivers supplying fuel to US troops in Afghanistan on Tuesday, police said. The two were returning to Pakistan after delivering fuel to US forces in Kandahar when they were ambushed and killed, a police official said.

Kandahar and several other provinces have been plagued by the Taliban attacks since their government was ousted by the US-led forces in 2001.

Meanwhile, officials said on Tuesday that a bombing at a mosque in southern Afghanistan and a rocket attack on a US military helicopter marked the start of a plot by Al Qaeda and Taliban militants to derail upcoming elections.

The suicide bombing in Kandahar which killed 21 people during the June 1 funeral of an anti-Taliban cleric coincided with the attempt to down a US-led coalition aircraft, presidential spokesman Jawed Ludin told reporters in Kabul.

“It’s only logical to assume that the enemies of Afghanistan would have chosen this time to obviously set a plot in motion,” he said.—Agencies