PML-N scion Hamza Shahbaz has declared that his net assets are worth over Rs411 million while his father, former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif, has declared that he owns 675 kanals of land within Pakistan and possesses assets totalling over Rs159m.

The financial details of the two PML-N leaders and their dependents were mentioned in the statements of assets and liabilities submitted by them along with their nomination papers to contest the July 25 election. The copies of these documents have been obtained by DawnNewsTV.

Following are other details of assets owned by the father-son duo:

Hamza Shahbaz (Total assets: Rs411,540,310)

  • Owns 11 pieces of non-agricultural land and properties in Lahore worth over Rs136m
  • Owns 150 kanals of agricultural land worth Rs30m
  • Has shares in 21 companies, including sugar and textile mills, worth nearly Rs133m
  • Owns no vehicles as per the documents
  • Has nearly Rs4.4m as bank balance and cash/prize bonds
  • His wife Mehrunissah Hamza has net wealth worth Rs2.2m
  • His other wife Rabia Hamza has net wealth totalling Rs39.4m

Shahbaz Sharif (Total assets: Rs159,010,066)

  • Owns non-agricultural property worth Rs14.8m in Lahore and Murree
  • Owns 670 kanals of agricultural land worth Rs35,000, since most of it is stated to be a gift from his mother
  • Owns two flats in London worth £241,281 and £677,014
  • Has shares in several mills including Hudaibiya Paper Mills worth Rs273,000 (all inherited from father)
  • Owns a "partially gifted" Toyota Land Cruiser (2006 model) worth Rs6.3m
  • Has Rs11.4m in bank balance and cash/prize bonds
  • His wife Nusrat Shahbaz owns two houses worth a total of Rs186.6m
  • His other wife Tehmina Durrani has net assets worth Rs5.8m

Compared to the above, Hamza's cousin and daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, had stated in the documents accompanying her election nomination papers that she owns more than 1,500 kanals of land and had net assets totalling nearly Rs846m by June 30, 2017.