The police on Friday released new CCTV footage of the suspect in Zanaib's rape and murder case in Kasur.

In the new footage, the suspect can be seen walking around the home of Zainab's maternal aunt on January 4, the day Zainab went missing while heading toward her aunt's home.

The police have also earlier released multiple CCTV videos as well as sketches of the suspect.

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Law enforcement agencies have failed to make any headway in their search for clues leading to the arrest of the rapist(s) and killer(s) of 6-year-old Zainab, who went missing on January 4. Her body was recovered on Jan 9 from a heap of trash in Kasur.

According to sources within the police, the radius of the investigation may be further increased as no substantial breakthrough has been made in the case so far.

Earlier this week, Punjab Inspector General (IG) Arif Nawaz had assured that police would soon apprehend the culprit as all agencies were working towards the goal, but had admitted that "there has been no major breakthrough so far".

Zainab's family, however, has appeared dissatisfied with the investigation so far since there had been no headway despite the passage of two weeks since their daughter was abducted.