Burgers at your doorstep

24 Sep 2017


There comes a day every once in a while when you’re longing to go out to grab a bite but are too lazy to move from your couch. That’s where home delivery services come in as a blessing.

Facing a similar situation recently, I started browsing through various Facebook pages looking for the best option to have delivered to my doorstep. And that’s when I came across the recently launched, so-far home-based, burger joint called Burger105. During the search, I noticed it had been panned for its high prices, but seems it has dropped them a notch since then.

Operating since June, this takeaway and delivery venture is a result of one man’s love for creating scrumptious burgers for friends and family who encouraged him to take it up professionally. Currently offering four varieties of burgers in white or bran bread – three of which are available in either chicken or beef -- with sea salt or garlic mayo fries, the nascent venture does plan to expand its menu as it grows. Gathering a group of friends, I decided to give all four burgers a try.

The Old School isn’t much to write home about, but is definitely good on the palate. A thick, soft beef patty resting on a lettuce leaf with a dash of mayonnaise and mustard sauce, topped with onions, tomatoes, pickles and cheese between soft, fresh buns is standard, it’s ordinary, it’s what the name says, an old school beef burger. Go for it if you’re not the experimental type when it comes to food, and prefer to be safe.

I loved The Sriracha Special though. As the name suggests, this burger is hot, it’s fiery. And then there are jalapenos in there too. I like spice, so this was my thing. The shiny, orange-hued hot Sriracha sauce made in-house instantly attracts attention peeking out of the beef or chicken burger (we had beef) that also includes the usual onions, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise, all of which attempts to slightly balance out the heat from the sauce. Order this one at your own risk.

Next up was the Smokin’ Turkey Bacon. This we had in both beef and chicken, both of which were scrumptious. The beef patty was thick, yet soft and the chicken tender, peppery and tasty. Topped with caramelised onion and a delicious BBQ sauce, along with the standard cheese, lettuce, mayo and mustard, this one was finger-licking good. While the burger may be called turkey bacon, it really is all about the patty and BBQ sauce, the bacon strip is negligible.

And then there was The Blue Shroom. For those who love blue cheese (like me), this one’s for you, and it comes in beef only. Loaded with mushrooms and the house special, salty blue cheese sauce, it left me wanting for more.

The sea salt fries warrant a special mention here. They were outstanding and retained their freshness and crispness despite the food naturally taking some time to be delivered. The garlic mayo is also worth a try. I ended up dipping my home-cooked bhindi in it during lunch the next day.

These burgers have been priced at Rs499, and a meal for Rs599 for all of September. But I’ve been told these could very well remain as regular prices even after the month ends. Also, the burgers might look pretty and delectable on the menu online, but disappointingly the lettuce does not stay fresh and crunchy by the time you get the food. For the size of the burger and the fact that Burger105 operates out of home as a delivery or takeaway service so far, the prices may still be slightly on the steep side. But there’s promise in there.

Published in Dawn, September 24th, 2017