A life worthwhile

24 Jun 2017


Life is short. One doesn’t know when, where or how they will be gone forever. Only what the person does will remain and be remembered.

People only remember what the person did when they were alive. Only good deeds of a person make them who they are. No one wants to remember a person who did bad things, spoke badly and acted like a brat. People only pity such a person, wishing they had never existed or had turned good. Bad people are, of course, remembered for the harm they did and as an example for others to refrain from such acts.

No one gets second chances, so act while you still have time. Make each moment count. Time is therefore a ticking time bomb. If you don’t work things out in time, you might regret it forever because you may not get another chance. We live only once in this world, and what we do here will define our place in the hereafter.

Most people nowadays are busy focusing on and stressing about their pride, wealth, status, ego and such fleeting things. Little do they know that it wouldn’t be of any help at the end of the day. They can hold a position due to their wealth, power or by force. But this will only last if they make good use of their position in doing good and being good to others.

So try to correct your bad habits and be on your best behaviour with others. If you are not used to doing this, it may seem hard at first but take small steps first and then you will pick up pace. You never know which deed of yours makes you special for others. So be nice and down-to-earth.

One should also be content with what they have. Most people complain to their parents about not having a luxurious life. Pleasure and happiness don’t always depend upon luxuries, for money does not buy happiness. Life is luxurious as long as you’re happy.

But this fact is a little hard to understand when you are young. No wonder many children don’t realise how hard their parents work just to feed and care for their children the best way they can.

So instead of complaining, do something to give your parents what they were unable to give you. Work hard, study hard, follow your dreams and become someone you and your family can be proud of.

It can get hard at some point for you to become what you want to be, but don’t give up. Fight till the end. Even if things don’t turn out to be the way you wished them to be, don’t lose hope. God surely has better plans for us and it’s for our own good. We should just believe in Him whole-heartedly and everything will fall back into place.

Respect everyone, whether they are old or young, everyone deserves to be respected regardless of age. And just because some people don’t have as much money as others, it doesn’t make them less important or human. We are all the same, no one is greater or lesser than anyone. Everyone is equal.

There are still many people who won’t appreciate you for what you do, how successful you have become, but don’t care about what they think. People will always judge you and no one can do anything about it. Just watch out for your own self. Only you can judge yourself. Strive to make yourself better each day.

Don’t waste time doing nothing. Live every moment. You never know it may be your last. Make it count.

Published in Dawn, Young World June 24th, 2017