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Trump launches missile strikes on Syria after 'chemical' attack

Updated Apr 07, 2017 01:58pm


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US President Donald Trump delivers a statement about missile strikes on a Syrian airbase, at his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida, April 6.— Reuters
US President Donald Trump delivers a statement about missile strikes on a Syrian airbase, at his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida, April 6.— Reuters

President Donald Trump ordered a massive military strike on a Syrian air base on Thursday in retaliation for a “barbaric” chemical attack he blamed on President Bashar al-Assad.

The massive strike — the first direct US action against Assad's government and Trump's biggest military decision since taking office — marked a dramatic escalation in American involvement in Syria's six-year civil war.

It followed days in which images of dead children and victims suffering convulsions from the suspected sarin gas attack in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhun shocked the world.

Examine: It’s time for action on Syria’s chemical weapons, not pointing fingers

Syria's regime has denied any use of chemical weapons and state media on Friday described the US strike — which was reported to have pulverised the base and killed at least four servicemen — as an “act of aggression”.

Russia too denounced the US action, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying President Vladimir Putin considered it “aggression against a sovereign state” that would inflict “considerable damage” on US-Russia ties.

Trump announced the strike in a brief televised address delivered hours after the UN Security Council failed to agree on a probe into the suspected chemical attack.

Declaring it in America's “vital national security interest” to prevent the spread of chemical weapons, Trump accused Assad of a “very barbaric attack” in which “even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered”.

“Tonight I call on all civilised nations to join us in seeking to end this slaughter and bloodshed in Syria and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types,” Trump said.

Officials said the US fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat Airfield at 3:40am Syrian time on Friday.

In pictures: Syria in the grip of conflict

'Blown to pieces'

The missiles were fired from the USS Porter and the USS Ross, which belong to the US Navy's Sixth Fleet and are located in the eastern Mediterranean.

The strike targeted radars, aircraft, air defence systems and other logistical components at the military base south of Homs in central Syria, from where Washington believes Tuesday's deadly strike was launched.

Officials said measures had been put in place to avoid hitting sarin gas they said was stored at the airfield. “The airbase was almost completely destroyed — the runway, the fuel tanks and the air defences were all blown to pieces,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The Britain-based monitoring group said at least four servicemen were killed, including an air commodore. The base was the second most important for Syria's air force, Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP, after the Latakia airbase in Assad's coastal heartland where Russia also maintains extensive facilities.

Homs governor Talal Barazi told AFP there were several dead and wounded at the base and that large parts of it were on fire.

“It will take some time to determine the extent of the damage,” he said.

“Of course we condemn this, all action targeting Syrian military bases is condemnable.”

Syrian state media confirmed the strike, with news agency SANA saying: “This American aggression follows the slanderous media campaign by some countries... after what happened in Khan Sheikhun.”

Iran, another key Assad ally, also condemned the action.

Opposition urges more US action

But Syria's opposition National Coalition hailed the strike and called for further US action against Assad's air force.

“The Coalition welcomes the strike and urges Washington to neutralise Assad's ability to carry out air raids,” spokesman Ahmad Ramadan told AFP. “We hope for more strikes... and that these are just the beginning.”

The strike came despite a warning from Russia of potential “negative consequences” if Washington carried out military action in Syria.

Russian has insisted that the chemical weapons that caused the deaths in Khan Sheikhun had been stockpiled by “terrorists” on the ground and possibly released by a conventional strike.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson accused Russia — which props up the Assad regime and agreed to mothball Syrian chemical weapons in a 2013 deal — of being incompetent or complicit in permitting Assad's actions.

Russian military officials in Syria were informed of the strike beforehand in order to avoid casualties that could prompt a broader crisis.

The White House was quick to paint the decision as limited to deterring the use of chemical weapons, and not part of a broader military campaign to remove Assad by force.

“The intent was to deter the regime from doing this again, and it is certainly our hope that this has had that effect,” Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis told reporters.

Tillerson said the attack should leave no one in any doubt that Trump is willing to act if any actor “crosses the line”. It will send ripples around the world, from Pyongyang to Tehran, as nations and leaders take the measure of the novice but often bellicose president.

The timing of the strike, during a meeting with China's President Xi Jinping, will give weight to Trump's threats to deal with North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes unilaterally if necessary.

Sends a 'strong message'

Allies rushed to support the US military action including Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

“In both word and action, President Trump sent a strong and clear message today that the use and spread of chemical weapons will not be tolerated,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said.

On Wednesday, Trump had decried the suspected attack — which killed at least 86 people, including 27 children, and wounded more than 500 — as an “affront to humanity”.

“It crossed a lot of lines for me,” Trump said, alluding to Barack Obama's failure to enforce his own “red line” on the use of chemical weapons in Syria four years ago.

In 2013, Trump had urged then-president Obama not to intervene against Assad.

The Khan Sheikhun incident appears to have marked a turning point for Trump, just days after his administration signalled it was no longer seeking the Syrian leader's departure from power.

Tillerson called Thursday for “a political process that would lead to Assad leaving” and said his future role in the country was "uncertain".


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Comments (178) Closed

Shoaib Arif Apr 07, 2017 07:20am

I disagree with Donald Trump on many things, but for this action....I salute the man! He did the right thing.

Ayub Apr 07, 2017 07:24am

A lame excuse to attack Syria.

FAUJI JAT Apr 07, 2017 07:36am

This is the commendable work done by the USA.

aga Khan Apr 07, 2017 07:41am

Good Job by Trump.

TEJA Apr 07, 2017 07:46am

So he is doing the same which Obama was doing and Chinton wanted to do.

haider Apr 07, 2017 07:46am

Thats a good thing. Syrian govt should be toppled like Taliban were toppled in 2001. No justification for chemical weapons by Bashar.

AXH Apr 07, 2017 07:49am

I am not a Trump fan but I support this action.

PragmatIC Approach Apr 07, 2017 07:53am

The gas attack was horrific and barbaric,and unacceptable by international community, hence President Trump appropriate reaction is fully justified.

Vallabh Patel Apr 07, 2017 07:59am

Punish the people who are using Chemical Weapons. Sovereign nation has responsibility. Even if you have enemy like ISIS, you can not Chemical Weapons.

A human Apr 07, 2017 08:05am

commendable step

A human Apr 07, 2017 08:05am

commendable step

Shahryar shirazi Apr 07, 2017 08:11am

This is a good move. 70 years ago when people were gassed in Europe, the world kept quite. They should never again.

Desi Apr 07, 2017 08:13am

Not a fan of Trump, but support him 100% in this attack. This is not the first time Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. Now he will think twice before using chemical weapons again. Well done President Trump.

Ikram Abidi Apr 07, 2017 08:16am

Keeping completely quiet (or even encouraging) when its own supported dictator Saddam used the same chemical weapons against Iran and Kurds, the World's Police Man is now back on the same pretext with its own agenda. This time, however, presence of Russia and other regional players might make things a little more interesting.

Pakhtun Apr 07, 2017 08:26am

The chemical attack was carried out by the US-backed Syrian rebels (confirmed by the UN). US will only kill more innocent civilians, which it has been doing since its inception.

Begana Apr 07, 2017 08:28am

Syria has become a battle ground for major powerful countries, to prove their weapons system. Who ever has used the deadly nerve or chemical gas on civilians, is totally inhumane. A shameful act.

Roy Meddock Apr 07, 2017 08:35am

The undisputable fact is that the Assad regime has unleashed a lot of bloodshed, pain and destruction on Syria. Hence Assad has lost all moral authority to govern.

Los Angeles, USA

Rohail Apr 07, 2017 08:49am

Finally Trump did the same as previous presidents. Defense Contract Companies finally won.

Your Friend Apr 07, 2017 08:50am

Attacking the wrong side. Bush Logic.

wiq Apr 07, 2017 08:55am

about time some one held someone accountable!!

Ahmed bin Babar Apr 07, 2017 08:58am

Too late too little to save the innocent syrians in their own homeland...

ABBAS Apr 07, 2017 08:59am

good move by US

Noman Apr 07, 2017 09:00am

Finally Trump and US have started doing something nice. Hope this is not a drama and continues till Bashar ulassad regime Iranian and Russian forces run away from Syria. keep it up USA

Sara Apr 07, 2017 09:13am

Yes now USA will bring democracy in Syria like they have in Iraq.

MD Apr 07, 2017 09:22am

Great move by Trump, this will also stop the Russians from supporting this regime who killed innocent people including little kids and babies.

Deepu pls publish Apr 07, 2017 09:35am proved your authority on the world stage by taking this decisive action. The world beget more actions from you against the brutal regimes,forces and governments supporting terrorism and tragic inhumane carnage !

Akhand Bharat Apr 07, 2017 09:35am

Trump ! You the man. Great job !

jawaid Apr 07, 2017 09:40am

First created reasons for attacks, then have started spreading deaths and destruction by actually attacking a country. People will always remember Obama who was a true gentleman, intelligent and decent.

Shoaib Apr 07, 2017 09:41am

OK. And who is the supplier/manufacturer of these deadly weapons???? At least not the Syria..

Sohail Khan Wazir Apr 07, 2017 09:43am

Does the US sure that they'll not hit civilian?

Sohail Khan Wazir Apr 07, 2017 09:44am

Assad's chemical bombing killed about 80 people in idlib, but US's airstrike killed 230 civilian in mosul airstrike. So who is the biggest threat for peace?

Jam M sajjad adv Apr 07, 2017 09:50am

Both USA and Russia are targeting hapless Muslims in Syria in pursuit of their vested interests.

Hussain Apr 07, 2017 10:01am

Trump has started using his trump card in middle east to win his losing home battle ground of mistrust among his people, however, this strategy at the same time might bog him down in the quagmire likewise his predecessors.

Naveen Apr 07, 2017 10:03am

Well done America

Ghulam Qadir Apr 07, 2017 10:10am

NATO has failed to bring peace in the world, So it is better to bring peace through Muslim alliance

Shaukat Ali Khan Apr 07, 2017 10:14am

America blames others for its own misdeeds.

S Apr 07, 2017 10:27am

@Ikram Abidi Seems you are trying to justify chemical attack on syrian childern and belonging to asad and iranian school of thought

baba Apr 07, 2017 10:28am

As trump rightly said that country needs a level of uncertainty in their policies otherwise fight against terrorism will not be successful.

ENGR PSYCHO Apr 07, 2017 10:33am

Isn't it a green signal for AMERICA to enter Syria just like they entered Afghanistan, Iraq etc?

Anir Apr 07, 2017 10:34am

First great job by President Trump. This is a clear message to people who are using weapons of mass destructions and not following conventions of any war.

RAMESH Apr 07, 2017 10:40am

A lesson for all those countries who play a double game

nOOR Apr 07, 2017 10:47am

we condemn the chemical attack,Well done President Trump we are supporting you

Sehba ahmed Apr 07, 2017 10:59am

I become very worried when I see learned people believe every word hook, line, and sinker. Syria using chemical weapons on its own people? Who is telling us?, Who did investigation? Who is taking action?, Who is benefiting?....Remember, Iraq also had WMDs. Remember, Syria was accused of using chemical weapons before as well - proved wrong by UN investigation.

MIR Sajjad Apr 07, 2017 11:25am

@Begana absolutely correct, who so ever using, producing and, letting it easily available for its in human use on innocent civilians.

wazir ahmed Apr 07, 2017 11:38am

both parties has undermined united nation. who is guilty absouloutly no idea but innocent people will suffer.may lord help Syrian people

M.Saeed Apr 07, 2017 12:09pm

The whole world is confused what is the superpower agenda in Syria?

Anurag Gautam Apr 07, 2017 12:31pm

For the first time in my life I am agreeing with Zahid Hamid It can seriously become world war 3, I am shivering to even thinking if it.

imran Apr 07, 2017 12:33pm

@Ikram Abidi Where were you when US attacked Iraq for WMDs which they never found? By the was Iran had an ongoing nuclear plan but was never attacked by USA. I wonder if your ever have to support between Pakistan & Iran who would you support???

Mahmood Apr 07, 2017 12:33pm

Syria has over a dozen airbases. Destroying this particular airbase, assumes Syrian government cannot use other bases, if it was in fact Syrian air force that carried out the chemical attack??

Trump is being impulsive to make himself look strong and presidential. Without considering long term consequences of this aggression. He may have lit a fuse. Wait for the response from the other side.

zulfiquar Apr 07, 2017 12:39pm

Attempt to make up the losing war against Assad. No intelligent person can believe that Assad would use chemical bomb while he is winning the war. Assad knows the enemy of axis of resistance looking for an excuse to attack Syria from all sides. This is not the first time USA using false flag.

Bipul Apr 07, 2017 12:39pm

@M.Saeed I don't think anyone is confused. Assad aligns to Russia. USA wants him out. Some Syrians align to him and some don't. Most don't care. But all Syrians are stuck in this power struggle.

Imran Apr 07, 2017 12:40pm

Wow.. Democracy is coming to Syria.. just like we now have in Iraq.

zulfiquar Apr 07, 2017 12:44pm

When last time Assad was blamed to use the chemical weapons in East Ghoutha after few weeks of investigation it showed that Saudi Arabia,Turkey and Qatar were behind that plot since they provide the materials to the terrorists in Syria.

Ravi vancouver Apr 07, 2017 12:45pm

This is very unfortunate action. This'll increase more tension in the area and Syrians will have more trouble ahead. There is still not 100% sure if Syrian government is responsible for the chemical attack. Western countries have done enough damage to Muslim countries, if this interference stop by Western countries Middle East shall stabilize soon.

ABE Apr 07, 2017 12:46pm

All those cheering for Trump and screaming 'Well done'. Why don't you say anything when US carries out drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia or Iraq, when no doubt, dozens of innocent men, women and children are killed on a daily basis??

How does a guy with a joy stick sitting on a base in Florida, tell a good guy from a bad guy, from a fuzzy camera view 20,000 feet above your country, if the people on the ground are in fact terrorists, as opposed to ordinary folks going about their daily lives?

US is the biggest extremist nation on Earth. Lets not forget, US was the first nation to US chemical weapons (agent Orange) in Vietnam and remains the only nation to have used Nuclear bomb.

Insane Apr 07, 2017 12:48pm

Why so much hatred for Trump ? Wonder to see supporters for Assad. Our hatred shouldn't be so intense that we can't see a good action by Trump.

The end is near Apr 07, 2017 12:48pm

Thanks Donald Trump. You are the best. You will make America great again. The whole world knows it you are a great president.

Zaffar Apr 07, 2017 12:49pm

What if the Syrian rebels backed by the Israel, USA and ISIS were responsible for the deadly chemical weapons attack.

Mahira Apr 07, 2017 12:53pm

@Sehba ahmed UN found chemical weapons, yes we remeber Assad and his father had also used chemical weapons on syrian muslims

MUHAMMAD FAHEEM KHAN Apr 07, 2017 12:53pm

@PragmatIC Approach no evidence if assad did it. And Bashar-al Assad is not stupid to do it

Mukund Apr 07, 2017 12:55pm

USA and Russia should stop playing power games on the corpses of innocent people... Don't show us that you're fighting for innocents, half of the world problems are causing by your policies..

Aniket Apr 07, 2017 12:57pm

Apart from sending message to Syrian government, the decision to attack came on the same day Trump gonna meet Xi Jinping. Thats what you call hitting multiple targets with one shot ..Very cunning move by US... Russia, as usual, condemns the move and Chinese premier is already in US, thus cannot dare to say a word. Thats how you tell someone to shut up.

amin Apr 07, 2017 12:58pm

US is a leader in false flag attacks. I honestly double Bashar is that stupid to use chemical weapons especially on civilians. That will kill his support

Liaqat Khan Apr 07, 2017 01:00pm

Very bad

Mahmood Apr 07, 2017 01:03pm

What a paradox for both Putin and Trump.

Putin was the biggest supporter of Trump and Trump has always said nice things about Putin and never criticized him for his aggression in Crimea and elsewhere. Now they are at odds with each other over Syria. Strange bedfellows.

Nav Apr 07, 2017 01:05pm

Beginning of the end of the world, mr. Donald dumb just triggered the already volatile situation in Middle East. Embarrassed for the big war, they can go all out to protect the zions.

Parvez Apr 07, 2017 01:05pm

If you are the worlds leader in manufacturing weapons ,there is nothing like a war.....especially if its fought far away from boost one's economy.

M Akram Apr 07, 2017 01:12pm

May the long suffering people of Syria have peace and their sufferings come to end one day.

wasim Apr 07, 2017 01:14pm

the rebels like al nusra

SID Apr 07, 2017 01:14pm

@Sehba ahmed This is where UN failed . UN security council has not done justice being the gobal leader. Nobody can deny that there was chemical attack. Now UNSC should have immediately sent experts to find out the culprit. But Russia played spoilsport & protect Syrian Govt from any scrutiny .

SID Apr 07, 2017 01:15pm

@Ghulam Qadir Yes we have seen how peaceful has Yemen become .

cancarian88 Apr 07, 2017 01:16pm

Don't just salute and praise US attack without knowing facts, Does anybody explained the targets hit, how many civilians died, how many innocent people died. Assad's acts are wrong and Condemn-able in all shape and form but no one here is a good cop.

Civilians are being killed with brutality by all powers Russia, Assad, US et all.

a. ali Apr 07, 2017 01:18pm

insane person insane act....

azadi dil ki Apr 07, 2017 01:20pm

Great work done by you Trump.

SID Apr 07, 2017 01:20pm

@Pakhtun Read the article again " In a brief televised address delivered hours after the UN Security Council failed to agree on a probe into the apparent chemical attack, Trump confirmed the first American targeted strike against Assad's regime. "

UN Security Council failed to agree on a probe into the apparent chemical attack ..... then whom UN sent to investigate & declare it was carried out by rebel ?? Is Assad is innocent , he should have asked UNSC to send expert & find out who the culprit .

M Akram Apr 07, 2017 01:21pm

@aga Khan when the destroyed Iraq some said good job. Then they occupied and destroyed Afghanistan some said good job. Next they destroyed Libya some said good job. Now they are destroying Syria you say good job. . . When they come after Pakistan what will you say my friend - but then it will be too late. So this should be wake up call for us all. Ask the people of Syria if it is a good job.

Ghaznavi Apr 07, 2017 01:23pm

Is there evidence that it was Asad regime that used the chemical weapons. Once again USA immediately attacks a muslim country while Isarel has used chemical weapons against Palestinians for decades but the Americans do nothing instead they give Israel more aid to continue murdering Palestinians.

sourav ghosh Apr 07, 2017 01:25pm

@Pakhtun confirmed by the UN? What are you smoking?

IG Apr 07, 2017 01:32pm

its actualy the war between Russia and USA, and killing the innocent Syrians. they should confront each directly in their own countries, who did what? we dont know!! its all a drama for a common man, Unfortunately !!

amir khan Apr 07, 2017 01:36pm

Syrian government got a befitting response for its nerve gas attack on innocent civilians. No innocent person deserves to die at the hands of the Syrian despotic regime.

ABE Apr 07, 2017 01:36pm

I bet Putin doesn't admire Trump much anymore... all of this, after less than three months of Trump in the White House. Imagine how bad things will get, four years from now??

amir khan Apr 07, 2017 01:37pm

@Shoaib Arif Yes, he made the right decision when it was needed rather than dragging feet like his predecessor.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 07, 2017 01:39pm

All dictatorial, autocratic, un-elected, family run & self-appointed ruling juntas including the barbaric regime of Bashar Al Asad & his cronies must be immediately removed from power in order to promote global peace, liberty & pursuit of happiness in general and tranquility among the helpless & hapless masses of those nations in particular.

These rogue regimes must go since they are consistently abusing & subjugating the rights of its land & people. In fact they are literally looting their national wealth & openly killing all dissidents to promote & protect their family, political, clan, financial & personal interests.

Since military might & power is the only way to remove these immoral, illegal & rascal regimes, Donald Trump & his cronies have a great chance to use American military prowess to rid the world of these so-called "scoundrel regimes" who think they can do whatever they want even if it means bombing, gassing & killing their own people including innocent women & children.

Nabi Jan Apr 07, 2017 01:42pm

@Sehba ahmed Why don't you use the same logic and deny American attack on Syria.

M. Malik Apr 07, 2017 02:09pm

This is more of a politically move by Trump to appease his critics in the US, who see him as too soft on Putin and neutral on Syria. This may help Trump improve his sagging popularity at home as he looks tough and presidential after these strikes.

But a collision with Russia in Syria may end up creating a bigger headache for the US that Trump has no experience and expertise in resolving. I don't think anyone in the US government seriously wants to start a WW III over Syria.

analyses Apr 07, 2017 02:19pm

To those naive people who are commending this move and becoming happy: this is exactly how US gets involved in Wars across the world by first launching a meaningless strike and then entering its forces to attempt to conquer the whole country.

Trump does not have any idea what he is doing. Where will the helpless innocent Syrian people will go now? On one side Assad is gassing and on other hand US planes can drop bombs any time. Trump has even banned the legal Syrian refugees from entering US. So the civilians of the whole country should just wait in their homes to die due to this new war unleashed on them? May God have mercy on the civilians.

Rou Apr 07, 2017 02:22pm

The last time chemical weapons were used in Syria Assad was blamed but someone else was found to be the culprit. Are we sure this time?

The end is near Apr 07, 2017 02:29pm

Trump is the best.

Viking Star Apr 07, 2017 02:31pm

I do not like Trump at all, I have disagreed with him on everything he did since taking the Oval office BUT ...... his action against Syria/Assad is very much commendable.

Mahmood Apr 07, 2017 02:32pm

Of course, after this drama, no one is even talking about civilian deaths in Mosul, Iraq, that were caused by US Air strikes, just two days earlier.

Hypocrisy of the highest order. Yet, we find some dimwits so eager to support US action in Syria! Pathetic. If you care about human life, ask the US to talk about its own crimes.

fahd Apr 07, 2017 02:32pm

right action at the right time. no more killing innocent and children please anywhere in the world.

roshan afradi Apr 07, 2017 02:33pm

@Sehba ahmed Vey well said. We should be careful in jumping on to the conclusion. We must look at multiple competing point of views before making up our mind. For example, watching CNN and RT would give two entirely different point of views. My two pennies on the subject is that I think the attack on Syrian air bases were motivated to defend ISIS which was losing ground very fast. There had to be an excuse for the consumption of feeble minds - hence the design of chemical weapons attack. Right after the US missile attack, ISIS launched an attack near Homs which Syrian forces could not avert.

yousaf jamal akhtar Apr 07, 2017 02:35pm

@haider again people here jumping to conclusions, the whole excercise is to break iran and not support the palestinian cause, its the only objection left standing for israel to eat up palestine, first 911 to rid saddam and khaddafi, now syria, what are people shortsighted.

Khan Apr 07, 2017 02:35pm

I voted for Mr. Trump, and i'm totally agreed on many things, but here i'm totally disagree & not in favor of striking Syria.

Goga Nalaik Apr 07, 2017 02:40pm

@Rou : Carla Del Ponte was nominated as head of UN mission sent to Syria to find facts about that chemical attack... and conclusions of this missions were rendered public. Carla Del Ponte had clearly stated that western backed rebbel were behind that attack

Goga Nalaik Apr 07, 2017 02:44pm

@analyses : Please document yourself on "Assad is gassing"... There was absolutely no need for Assad to gass his own people. He was blamed in the past and Carla Dell Ponte commission's report proved that it was done by the western backed terrorists... It is available on Google

atif khan Apr 07, 2017 02:50pm

i cant judge whether he did it right or wrong, but all i know that they did it because they they??? really do they really care about the people in the countries where they have infiltrated directly or in directly?

Noman Apr 07, 2017 02:51pm

@Goga Nalaik available on Google what a shame Hafiz up Asad father of Bashar also used chemical weapons on Syrian Muslims,

Sk Apr 07, 2017 02:52pm

@The end is near " Trump is the best".

Worst comment of the year!

Disparate Apr 07, 2017 02:52pm

Mad City

ijaz Apr 07, 2017 02:54pm

Let us consider facts: - 1. There was a RUSSIAN air raid on Khan Sheikhun last Tuesday. 2. Following the attack a large number of people were killed by a banned chemical agent.

There is no evidence that the Russian attacked with chemical weapons. Their version of events is that they attacked a building belonging to Daesh in a residential area. Sadly this building had chemicals in it.

If the Russians did use chemical weapons then the actions of Trump are illogical: it should be Russia that is targeted.

Secondly if Russia (and Syria) did use the weapons what was the motive? They are clearly winning the war and gaining territory; they have a president in the White House that is at the very least the most sympathetic to them then any in my life time. Why would you risk international condemnation when you have all the winning cards in your hand.

Clearly people can believe what they want to. For me the Russian version is closer to the truth.

Falcon1 Apr 07, 2017 02:55pm

Assuming for a minute, Syrian government was even responsible for the alleged chemical strike on civilians.

How is that different than US deliberately hitting civilians in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, through its own drone strikes?

Who has more wherewithal, intelligence and resources to carry out accurate strikes?? Syria or the US?

analyses Apr 07, 2017 02:55pm

@GOGA NALAIK: I know, what I meant was Assad is thought to be gassing - whether he is actually doing it or not is not the point. The main point is this US action has surely hurt the civilians and people who are getting happy on this move should get a reality check.

Dolphie Apr 07, 2017 02:56pm

Stupid people supporting violence. Finally poor people will die . It's so easy To clap hands when sitting in your living room and clapping in support of violence

ABE Apr 07, 2017 02:57pm

@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad - You need more education sir.

Having a title like 'Dr' before your name is a misrepresentation. Your analysis is way off and does not support the facts on the ground.

Disparate Apr 07, 2017 02:59pm

@Sehba ahmed didn't you read most of the comments? You wasting your words. These people are hopeless. Mad City!

Krishnamohan Apr 07, 2017 02:59pm

@Roy Meddock: King Assad should have stepped down as king and should have paved way for a democratic government. His lust for power has lot of miserey to millions people. The elite of muslims from all over the world should have prevailed on Assad for peaceful transfer of power to people.

Karachit Apr 07, 2017 03:00pm

Whether it is Russia or US, Saudi or Iran, Bashar or ISIS at the end of the day innocent Syrians will be killed. Another Iraq is emerging in middle east.

haider shaikh Apr 07, 2017 03:01pm

This is a U-turn from his pre-polls policies. I think Trump wants to win the war on seemingly an easy turf as he is facing tough time by the courts at home front. He wants to have a star on his chest like his predecessors.

Uzair Apr 07, 2017 03:07pm

Why are you people so stupid? They haven't presented any evidence to blame the chemical attack on Syrian govt. Even their accusation of using planes to drop Sarin has been proven to be wrong (rockets were used), which could easily be the rebels, ISIS or other actors. And, it doesn't make any sense at all for the Syrian govt to use them, especially at this point. And now with this US strike on an airbase, makes it as clear as one could want that the chemical attack was a staged excuse to strike Syria.

Nasser Apr 07, 2017 03:12pm

Too late and too little: US has not got the guts to send ground trips to Syria which is needed for outsting Assad, given US's failure in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc in recent years following Lebanon, Somalis and Vietnam before then. Bombing one air base, when there are around 30 is not going to make any material difference.

Shafaat Siddiqui Apr 07, 2017 03:12pm

Well done Trump in Syria

Adnan Apr 07, 2017 03:20pm

Great work trump. The thing which should be done by some Muslim leader done by you.

Skeptic Apr 07, 2017 03:21pm

Can anyone, supporting this US actions in Syria, provide a living example of sterling success in regime change else where?

What have we got after Saddam Hussain in Iraq?

Who is even running Libya?

Where is Yemen now, after US support for Saudi aggression to over throw previous regime?

Is Afghanistan entirely peaceful and manageable?

If you cannot say yes to either of these questions, than kindly keep your unblinkered support for Trump to yourself. You have clueless of what is going on around the world and have no intellectual capacity to analyse facts, before gleefully supporting a hypocritical Trump.

Noman Apr 07, 2017 03:21pm

Great start Trump

Noman Apr 07, 2017 03:24pm

@haider shaikh chemical weapons were not found in Iraq but surely found in Syria. Why was Assad keeping them ???

Noman Apr 07, 2017 03:26pm

Why Can't Iran learn to live peacefully in its boundries

Raza Apr 07, 2017 03:30pm

They U.S use the same pretext of false weapons of mass destruction in iraq and than attack iraq and killed hundred of thousand innocent lives. Americans are more brutal and hypocrate than any other nation.They can not be trusted at all.

Shakil Apr 07, 2017 03:32pm

What a u turn by Trump! It full further aggravate the situation in Syria. The only slution , of syria conflict, lies in negotiations.

Ahmed hasan Apr 07, 2017 03:38pm

People keep talking about Ummah. Ummah should have talked to Assad to transfer power to people. If Ummah can't do such humanitarian things, what is the use of Ummah??

Anz Apr 07, 2017 03:43pm

@Shoaib Arif Without investigation Trump orders to attack Syria. Just week ago US has killed 200 civilians in Mosul Iraq. They say its a mistake we are investigating. What a hypocrite world including u.

syedchaudhrygangadinkhan Apr 07, 2017 03:46pm

To avoid all out war and more killings of innocent Syrians, President Assad should honorably step down because from now on, it will only escalate and Assad will end up like Saddam or Gaddafi.

Saqib Apr 07, 2017 03:46pm

This is complete false flag operation. Their funded terrorists carried out this crime. When they see Syrian Army winning the war, intervening directly.

RAVEENDRA NATH Apr 07, 2017 03:51pm

Seen the photographs of devastation of Syria. What a waste? One must realise that almost all civil wars are happening in countries with Dictators. The best form of governance is through democracy, wherein people's will can change the strongest government. In 1977 Indira Gandhi was removed through ballots and not through bullets, because there is a strong democracy in India. Had there been true democracy in Iraq, Egypt, Libya and now in Syria and in some African countries, human tragedy and waste could have been avoided. People's willing participation is required for a nation to progress.

Mahmood Apr 07, 2017 03:57pm

The fact is, without removing Syrian regime and replacing it with another puppet regime, friendly to Israel and the US, Iranian support for Hezbollah in Lebanon and for Hamas in Gaza cannot be controlled.

Since the Syrian rebels were on the loosing end, after being routed out of Aleppo, US, Israel and Saudis are taking aggressive actions in Syrian. Just last week Israel carried out Air strikes around Damascus air base. US is doing it now. Saudis are backing both.

Wait for Iran, Hezbollah and Russia to retaliate. Than the score will be even. I will trust either of these, before I trust Israel, Saudis and the US.

Iqbal HADI ZAIDI Apr 07, 2017 03:57pm

I salute and wish others also must salute Donald Trump for attacking Syria when its president Assad used chemicals against its own population killing so savagely around 100 persons just 2 days back. My goodness, video showing children feeling difficulty in breathing and eventually dying cannot be seen by anyone who has heart. Tears rolled down in my eyes though I am 74. I simply cannot help writing that Assad used the same deadly weapon a few times in the past as well but was not punished except that UN condemned but condemnation as no meaning so far as Assad is concerned. Russia which backs Assad will have to think not once, twice or even thrice to stand up against US and resort to some punitive action against USA unless World War III is being initiated. I wish the situation does not boil to that extent but nevertheless we cannot and should not keep silent on such brutal killing in any case if we are human and not otherwise. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

leena Apr 07, 2017 04:03pm

Welcome 3rd world war.

muSTAFA Apr 07, 2017 04:05pm

@Shoaib Arif good comment

Prabhjyot SINGh Madan Apr 07, 2017 04:06pm

@Vallabh Patel I disagree with you. Assad might be a dictatorship but he is a moderate dictator. Look, what happened to Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak, they were a peaceful society till then. I disagree with this strike and stand by Russia who have always stood by us in times of our need. Soviet Union was following the US seventh fleet during their attempt to save the revolution in east Pakistan. I agree with trump in a lot of issue but in this case I stand by Russia . The Russians were our and are still our only time tested friend. This was a wrong decision by trump. But we are all human. Russia is our close ally and friend from the time of Raj kapoor and Bollywood ruling there, albeit in Russian language. We owe a lot to the Russians.please respect our debt and love the older generation has for the Russians. I know it from history and my father. Rab rakha

Ali Vazir Apr 07, 2017 04:14pm

@S So you are sure that Syrian govt, which has almost wiped out the world terrorists ISIS will do that to give another opportunity to the tyrants of the US, British and Israeli empire who control the mainstream media to play the good boys? How intelligent you are! You forgot just 2 weeks back what these controlled media was telling us about Aleppo? All proved fake and false.

Prabhjyot SINGh Madan Apr 07, 2017 04:18pm

@Sehba ahmed Assad is the only hope for Syria. He will be crying in his home to save his country. Gaddafi and Hosni are gone and so is Arafat.I am an Indian and disagree with trump over the strike, though I know he has initiated many right issues but not this one dear sister. In Iraq , no , wmd was found and they got into a crisis. Same with Libya, Indians deplore killing of innocent people in Syria and causing immense migration issue in EU. So much to say but USA should leave Syria like khurushev left Cuba during the nuclear deployment issue in Cuba. Live and let live, Assad is a proper man to handle the issue but give him a chance or you want another ISIS in Syria.wonders of wonder. Rab rakha

Goga Nalaik Apr 07, 2017 04:29pm

@RAVEENDRA NATH : it is not a civil war! It is WAR ON SYRIA

Raza Apr 07, 2017 04:38pm

@ABE .commendable and realistic comment.

M. Siddique Apr 07, 2017 04:42pm

Bashar Asad brought this upon himself. Using chemical weapons on its own population is despicable and horrible crime. He should have known that at the end of the day Israel would like to see Syria to be weaker.

HAB Apr 07, 2017 04:49pm

50 missles could have been used agaisnt ISIS, for they are the real threat. Shameful act by you humans

Falcon1 Apr 07, 2017 04:49pm

@M. Siddique - Has anyone presented any evidence to convince you that Asad's forces were responsible for the chemical attack? How do you know that these weapons were not in fact in the arsenal of the rebels, which was hit by Syrian jets?

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Zealot Apr 07, 2017 04:52pm

U.S character Is Doubtful now as Whatever It Had done in Past Was under the influence of neo-Conservatives,The project of 21st century America is an example as Theory and Case Of 9/11 and Iraq invasion is a practice,It Was Earlier Planned That They are Going for Regime Changed in those States,

Apparently It looked Justifed,BUT WOLFOWITZ DOCTRINE,TRUEMEN DOCTRINE,NEO REALISM shows That U.S is Trying to Create a influence again in Cold war manner,

This attack of U.S too looks justified as Bashaar Al assad is A tyrant,But U.S unilateralism showed her Inclination towards Realism,as WHICH IS WHY NO REPORTS OF PROOF AS HOW MUCH CIVILIANS LOST THEIR LIVES,MOREOVER IF WAS AN ATTACK ON ISIS THEN WHY HIT SYRIAN BASES?

The Actual Battle is between Russia and U.S just like Arab-Israeli war,I perceive Tommarow Russians will RETALIATE under PRETEXT that U.S hit Russian Basis in Syria,only civilians will loose their lives,THIS WHAT HAPPEN WHEN LEADER LIKE ASAD RUN A STATE!!!

Let Syrians be saved Apr 07, 2017 05:14pm

Who trusts US? they never condemn brutal israel so US policing through bombs is seen with suspicion. Perhaps a better move would have been to resolve issues with russians and promote dialogue as a means to end conflict and not by reactionary violence.

syedchaudhrygangadinkhan Apr 07, 2017 05:27pm

@Zealot : Its all about the pipeline. Assad declined KSA pipeline to go through Syria into Europe. Whether that was at the behest of Russians, I don't know but Russians are also interested in a pipeline through Turkey/Syria into Europe. You can figure out the rest. Who is calling the shots? Who is paying for all this? Get my point?

shaheen Apr 07, 2017 05:29pm

@Shoaib Arif

You are as gullible as they come, my dear friend

Zealot Apr 07, 2017 05:33pm

@Let Syrians be saved They are All Part of Greater Israel Strategy,U.S has Increased its defence cooperation With Israel,israel Recent Acqisition of F35 is an Example,Israel's YAHOO killed 2500 innocent palestinese in Single month,US is Silent,U.S instead Withdrew from Two state solution of palestine,And is not condemning Israeli Settlement in West Bank...

Falcon1 Apr 07, 2017 05:33pm

@syedchaudhrygangadinkhan - Why would Russia or Saudis need Syria for any pipeline to Europe?

Just study the geography and you will see the answer.

Syria is in no way obstructing anyone to reach Europe. Considering Chinese goods travel on Trains from China all the way to London through Turkey and Russia every day.

Zealot Apr 07, 2017 05:35pm

@syedchaudhrygangadinkhan absolutely Wrong

Adi Apr 07, 2017 05:39pm

I think syria used same weapons which usa failed to find in iraq ! How many innocent civilians were killed in usa airstrike on mosul, should anyone be allowed to fire cruise missiles on usa for that ? World is simply becoming a jungle !

Raja farhat Abbas Apr 07, 2017 05:42pm

I support this move by the United States!!.

ahaq Apr 07, 2017 05:47pm

I am sorry to say that there is not much difference when US bombs killed over 200 civilians in Mosul Iraq and Syrian attack that killed 86 civilians. US is also supporting the killing of women and children in Iraq and Yemen through support of other regimes involved in these conflicts. Everyone one is trying to distract everyone elese when they are all doing bad things

Zealot Apr 07, 2017 05:56pm

Syria has nothing to Offer,Apart from serving the National interests of Russia and U.S,Russia wants to keep Assad in Power,U.S wants otherwise

Yes Russia want EU to Lift Sanctions from Russia by Showing that Russia are Fighting against terrorism and EU states too can join.BUT EU IS US MADE,and EU will Never gonna Lift sanctions after Crimean Crises SO RUSSIA DID A FLOP EFFORT,IN BETWEEN SHE PUT HERSELF IN A MESS BY SUPPORTING ASAD GOV,FIGHTING AGAINST TERROR IN SYRIA WAS OK NOT SUPPORTING ASAD, SHE IS LIKELY TO FACE CRITICISM FROM WORLD

Only thing i perceive Russia is looking to Take Pscychological or political victory through confrontation with U.S amid Recent tensions after Election drama

Zealot Apr 07, 2017 06:06pm



Masood Hussain Apr 07, 2017 06:17pm

It is an act of Aggression on the part of TRUMP administration

nikus Apr 07, 2017 06:20pm

@Pakhtun- usa launched attack on air force base...usa is democratic country and hence will take care of civilian population irrespective of which party comes to power..........

rich Apr 07, 2017 07:18pm

i have a feeling assad has not used chemical weapons, someone else has or its like they say bombed a target which contained chemical

rRason, assad is winning the war, trump was not intrested in entering the war, like the previous president so someone or usa did it so they can bomb syria Aim, china president meeting with trump, and usa want to send message to them north korea is on usa s menu

secondd a message to russia , that we can do what we want, and russia can do nothing about it
Reason bec russia is interfering in afghanistan, russia loses face now, bec russian to were present at thet base which usa attacked, and russia did nothing, statements dont matter

Aim russia, china, pakistan , even iran will not take usa for granted in afghanistan or middleeast

Anwar Sadiqque Apr 07, 2017 07:41pm

The US should stay out of the middle-east conflict as horrible as it is. The actions of the US will upset one side or the other and then the odds of terrorist strikes in the US and Europe rise. The Arabs and Iran need to settle this issue.

Naureen Apr 07, 2017 07:41pm

why is the international community dead silent on the autrocities of saudis in Yemen? Hypocrites!!

Anwar Sadiqque Apr 07, 2017 07:44pm

@Ikram Abidi : You make a very valid point. I recall when Saddam used has on the Khurds and we had horrible images of dead villagers on the TV. I expected President George Bush Sr to condemn Saddam's horrific act but our president kept quite.

The Chinese approach is better. Don't meddle in internal affairs, don't say anything, just take the resources.

Sarwar, USA. Apr 07, 2017 08:02pm

It's time for Barack Obama, the American President, January 20, 2009 - January 20, 2017, to return the Nobel Peace Prize because his support of ISIS has resulted in untold death and destruction - the opposite of peace. Not even 12 months in office, on October 9, 2009, when The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that it was awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to then U.S. President Barack Obama, for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,”

But now that the “poorly kept secret” that the Obama administration helped create and then support ISIS, is slowly leaking out, how can he, in good conscience, keep the award?

For years, Obama has misled the American people, while his misdeeds have led to massive loss of life and suffering for hundreds of thousands of people, who will continue to suffer – if they're lucky enough to survive – for years to come. Read full article here...

Shah Apr 07, 2017 08:05pm

Part of the problem is USA be it Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. Remove it from the equation and problems are solved.

noorfatimah Apr 07, 2017 08:06pm

Right or wrong God knows, but what ununited Muslims world could not stop, Mr. Trump played his role at-least. Either-way innocents Muslims are being sacrificed for sake of power.

Ali S Apr 07, 2017 08:15pm

@Ayub And if he did nothing you'd be saying he's spineless for idly standing by. Damned if you do and damned if you don't - fortunately Trump couldn't care less about what Pakistan thinks of him.

JAVED RAHMAN Apr 07, 2017 08:23pm

@Shoaib Arif but what about US killed so many children in Iraq and Afghanistan

Zealot Apr 07, 2017 08:25pm

There is a Need to Make A comprehensive aggreement via OIC to share the flow of Refugees among muslim states,so that burden will be shared among muslim states,IN THIS CASE REFUGEES WONT SUFFER CLASH OF CIVILIZATION IN EUROPE!!!

Zealot Apr 07, 2017 08:30pm

Its is pathetic,Apart from Turkey,No muslim states showed their intent to take refugees from syria,

Dharmesh jhala Apr 07, 2017 08:31pm

@Begana Rightly said... Power showcase of world player

nikus Apr 07, 2017 08:41pm

@Anurag Gautam- no my indian friend, russia and usa both will bomb syria but not each other...after all putin and trump are friends...........

Qureshi Apr 07, 2017 08:54pm

Those who believe that US airstrike on Syrian airbase was the result of the 'moral conscience' of US government, rather than driven by pure national interests & agendas should consider the following: - Barrel bombs dropped on houses, hospitals, & schools by Syrian regime, killing tens of thousands of civilians & burying women, children & babies alive under rubble was not enough to elicit a response against Assad! - Previous use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians by the Syrian regime (in numerous towns) which suffocated & burnt the skins of children & babies was not enough. - Furthermore, US has its own history on the use of chemical weapons. Use of Agent Orange in Vietnam War; White Phosphorous in Falluja; & depleted Uranium in Iraq. Also its 'moral conscience' seems to have been moribund when Israel doped white phosphorous on Gaza!

Nimra Apr 07, 2017 09:11pm

While this unfortunate incident is shrouded in mystery and the official perpetrator is unknown. We can deduce that, one, Syria did not turn over their chemical weapons like promised, or they were somehow illegally smuggled into Syria. The latter seems unlikely and obviously other speculations exist.

But Trump is now doing the same thing he himself detested publicly. Let's see the impact of his decision.

Dv Apr 07, 2017 09:21pm

@Uzair well said

Muhammad Apr 07, 2017 09:54pm

@Shoaib Arif "I disagree with Donald Trump on many things, but for this action....I salute the man! He did the right thing" the same excuse was presented before world before invading Iraq and later on their all excuses proved false which independent sources proved that Syrian government had used chemical weapons last time they had also leveled allegation of use of chemical wepaons on Syrian regime which later on proved false

jayesh Apr 07, 2017 09:57pm

@Pakhtun yesss. i agree with you. reason is russia is not supporting america, uk and france to put sanctions on syria in united nations. so out of frustration the rebels supported by americans carried out chemical attacks on civilians and put the entire blame on syrian regime.

Zak Apr 08, 2017 01:11am

With near direct involvement of Russia and now US, a major Nucleuar conflict is in the shadows. China and EU should step in to prevent any further escalation.

syed Apr 08, 2017 01:41am

We condemn the chemical weapon use and unilateral air strike against innocent humans.The war mongers, axis of evil do not let go any opportunity to kill innocent humans.

helloall Apr 08, 2017 02:36am

@TEJA. "So he is doing the same which Obama was doing and Chinton wanted to do." No, Obama was a coward ..dithered and did nothing when similar kind of attack occurred. Trump is NOT Obama.

mohammed daud Apr 08, 2017 02:53am

There is nothing much to be happy on this attack, it was more of an act of Public Relation to boost Trump's poor rating and divert the attention from domestic issues to other issue. It is more or less a joint venture of Trump- Putin.

Fidaahusain Apr 08, 2017 05:40am

Man of action did it and sent a strong message to the slent eye visitor that US, on its own, is ready to teach a lesson to North Korea.

saeed Apr 08, 2017 09:07am

Time will come when no chemical weapons will be found after the attack and damage to Syria

Khanm Apr 08, 2017 09:31am

Interesting comments ...The horrific picture of the children attacked with chemical weapons triggered Donald Trump to take action ...Wonder if the same action would be taken if it happens in Palestine or in Kashmir or in Rowanda...Or in any part of the world. Or it may be the shifting of the focus of American people about his Russian love affair ...We live in Avery complex world idiots like us can only guess..

Michael Cousins Apr 08, 2017 02:53pm

So Trump is supporting ISIS, indirectly. So no change in American Policy with different face of government.

shafi Khan Apr 08, 2017 03:16pm

US must sense and feel its responsibility to work for the peace sincerely not for escalating the tensions.

Lahori kid Apr 09, 2017 09:17am

Comes a time when you must do the right thing, I do not support Trump but I must say, I fully support his decision to send this message to Assad, now if he would just make a better decision on the refugees that also include women and lots of children(babies).