Police on Friday announced the arrest of a teacher in connection with the suspected suicide of University of Sindh Jamshoro student Naila Rind on Jan 1.

The suspect, Anis Khaskheli, is a teacher at a private school, Deputy Inspector General Hyderabad Police Range Khadim Hussain Rind said.

The DIG said the two began speaking on Facebook about three months ago before they started speaking over the telephone.

The DIG said the teacher had allegedly promised to marry the girl but then refused to do so, after which she went into depression and ultimately ended her own life.

Upon retrieving telephone data, police found the suspect is a repeat offender who has done the same thing with 30 other girls, the DIG said, adding that police also found objectionable photos in the suspect's possession.

The Jamshoro police said on Thursday that they raided the residence of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (Nawabshah) registrar Ghulam Rasool Khaskheli in the Syedabad area and arrested his son, Anis Khaskheli, in connection with the mysterious death of Naila Rind, whose body was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her hostel room on Sunday.

Sources said that the arrest was made on the basis of a 24-minute call, which appeared to be the last conversation appearing in the call data of the deceased woman’s mobile phone.

The registrar said his son, Anis, had completed his masters in English from SU in 2008 and since then he had almost nothing to do with the institution. At present, he added, his son was serving as teacher in a private school.