An officer from the Pakistan Army has returned to his alma mater, the Royal Military College at Sandhurst, to help train its cadets to fight militants.

Major Uqbah Malik - a graduate of the college - has become the first instructor from the Pakistan Army in Sandhurst's 300-year history, the BBC Asian Network reported.

Malik graduated from Sandhurst in 2007 and returned to his battalion in Waziristan, part of the 1st Sindh Regiment.

"Pakistan's role, as the world knows and acknowledges now, has been instrumental, in countering insurgency in that region," he said.

His decade-long experience fighting in conflict zones in Pakistan has equipped him with the leadership skills, which, he said, is one of the most important things a cadet can posses.

"When you're in the thick of the bullets, when you see your life in danger and your troops life in danger, [your] real leadership skill needs to come out," Malik said.

Explaining the importance of partnering with Pakistan, Programme Director Lieutenant Colonel Peter Harty said Pakistan has faced "some real challenges" and that there's "great learning that needs to be had".

"Partnering with Pakistan, both at the strategic level as well as the human level, by bringing Major Uqbah into our team, was to achieve that," Harty added.

Malik is currently training some 30 cadets.