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CHITRAL: Bandits from across the Afghan border continued their looting spree in the Kalash valley for the second day on Saturday and herded away about 2,500 goats from a pasture in Birir.

According to an official in the Chitral district police control room, the goats owned by the Kalash community were grazing in the high-altitude pasture in the Birir valley along the border.

A Levies official said the Kalash shepherds did not resist when the looters arrived and started herding the goats towards the border.

On Friday, shepherds in a pasture in the adjoining Bumburate valley had resisted the robbers and exchanged gunfire but the attackers captured two of them and killed them on the border.

Ibrahim Khan, a resident of Birir, told Dawn that more than 40 armed Afghan bandits appeared in the pasture and started assembling the goats from three places, but the shepherds did not resist because they were unarmed.

He said that the bandits crossed into Afghanistan’s Nuristan area after walking for about two hours along with the animals.

People of the Kalash community live in the contiguous but segregated valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur in south Chitral and all of them border Nuristan.

The incidents of loot and plunder have spread fear among the residents of the valleys.

The deputy commissioner and the district police chief, who were in Shandur where a festival is being held, were not available for comments. 

Published in Dawn, July 31st, 2016

Comments (15) Closed

Ahmed bin Babar Jul 31, 2016 09:05am

Where is our border management..?!

Shaukat Ali Khan Jul 31, 2016 09:20am

Pak Army must help Kalash people.

BD Mukul Jul 31, 2016 09:38am

What did the border guards were doing? where were they that time?

Kranti Jul 31, 2016 10:16am

Very very bad...

Zak Jul 31, 2016 10:45am

Pakistan must recover them with help of Afghan government, police and army, and return back to the Kalash people.

Sarwat Jul 31, 2016 11:27am

Police need to step up.

mo Jul 31, 2016 11:54am

We need to get our Goats back !

T.M.Wazir Jul 31, 2016 12:25pm

Chase these bandits into Afghanistan territory by gunships and bomb them , end of the story. We must develop an emergency response system which must be linked with levies and Army GHQ and response from army must be within minutes not hours or days later. Truth is Afghanistan and it's people have been looting Pakistan for over six decades directly and indirectly but our blind leadership didn't do anything to protect Pakistan's interests and it's people. Enough is enough Pakistan territory needs to be cleaned from Afghans and Indian spies with immediate effect. Afghanistan survival was based on Pakistan existence. Let's see how they will survive with out Pakistan's food and help?

wasim Jul 31, 2016 01:14pm

scapegoating bandits of stealing goats! blaming bandits ill not hide' the ones......

nurul huda Jul 31, 2016 01:19pm

Its is okay if they robbed 1-2 goats. Suppose, average rate of goat is 5000/-, 2500*5000= 12500000/-. This is huge amount especially for those who lived in remote & depend life on these stuffs..

Spooky Jul 31, 2016 02:39pm

This precious commodity must be retrieve from looter. The poacher must face the justice. It should not become escape goat for authority. now the Afghani thief using others method to loot our economy. Six decade of burden and erosion was not enough. Next time not animal the poacher should become the victim of the crime. That the only language Afghani under stand.

Samir Jul 31, 2016 03:34pm

This is why afghans do not believe in borders..

Lafanga Jul 31, 2016 03:53pm

I feel sad for the goats !!

Amir Khan Jul 31, 2016 03:54pm

Only way to deal with afghans is to empower our lobby in Afghanistan like we did in 80s. Once our lobby is strong and at the helm of affairs, we can push our agenda. Secondly, have a strong tribal presence along the borders to curtail any illegal crossings and illegal active and a network of informants.

Gul Pasha Jul 31, 2016 04:14pm

Afghan border is a source of numerous problems and serious challanges for Pakistanis but ironically it is left unguarded