QUETTA: Family members of deceased taxi driver Muhammad Azam who was killed in an American drone strike in Balochistan earlier this month filed a First-Information Report (FIR) against the United States on Sunday.

The FIR with was lodged by Azam's brother, Muhammad Qasim, at the Mal Levies station with the Mal tehsildar in the Noshki district.

In the FIR Qasim stated that his brother drove a taxi from Taftan to Quetta, and on May 5 Azam’s vehicle was blown up in Kochaki area of Noshki.

The FIR with was lodged by Azam's brother.
The FIR with was lodged by Azam's brother.

Azam was killed in a drone strike targeting Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Mansour near Quetta. He was the driver of the car the Taliban leader was travelling in.

His family members said Azam, a father of four children, was the sole earner in his family. They called for action to be taken against the US officials responsible for the drone strike.

“My brother was innocent and extremely poor. He had four children and was the sole bread earner of the family,” Qasim stated in the FIR.

“US officials killed my brother while violating the Pakistani area. I do not know the names of US officials, but I want justice to be served,” the FIR reads.

"We want justice," Azam's uncle, Haji Khuda-i-Nazar, told DawnNews on Sunday. "We want to bring the perpetrators of the drone strike to justice. My nephew Muhammad Azam was innocent and had no links to any terror group."