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US drone attack violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty, says PM

Updated May 23, 2016 08:07am


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This photograph taken on Saturday shows local residents gathering around a vehicle said to have been destroyed by a drone strike in Ahmad Wal area.—AFP
This photograph taken on Saturday shows local residents gathering around a vehicle said to have been destroyed by a drone strike in Ahmad Wal area.—AFP

KARACHI: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday criticised the drone strike which the US carried out in Balochistan a day earlier and said that a strong protest had been lodged with the US over the attack.

Talking to reporters after his arrival in London for a medical check-up, he described the air strike in the Dalbandin area of Balochistan as a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Mr Sharif was quoted by TV channels as having said that it was not clear that Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour was among the two people reportedly killed in the air strike, adding that details of the incident were still being collected.

Examine: US strike crosses ‘red line’ on Balochistan

A statement issued by the Foreign Office in Islamabad said the US had shared the information that a drone strike had been carried out in Pakistan near the Pak-Afghan border in which Mansour was targeted. The information was shared with Prime Minister Sharif and Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif after the strike.

The FO statement said that on the basis of information gathered till late Sunday a person identified as Wali Muhammad, son of Shah Muhammad, who carried a Pakistani passport and an identity card and who was a resident of Qila Abdullah, entered Pakistan through the Taftan border on Saturday.

His passport bore a valid Iranian visa. He was travelling on a vehicle hired from a transport company in Taftan. The vehicle was found destroyed at Kochaki along the Pak-Afghan border.

The driver was identified as Muhammad Azam whose body had been identified and handed over to his relatives.

The identity of the second body was being verified on the basis of evidence found at the scene and other relevant information.

The statement said that while investigations were being carried out, “Pakistan wishes to once again state that the drone attack was a violation of its sovereignty, an issue which has been raised with the United States in the past as well”.

The FO said that the fifth meeting of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group held on May 18 had reiterated that a politically negotiated settlement was the only viable option for a lasting peace in Afghanistan and called upon the Taliban to give up violence and join peace talks.

Taliban reaction

A senior leader of the Afghan Taliban said that Mansour had been killed. Mullah Abdul Rauf told The Associated Press on Sunday that Mansour died in the air strike late on Friday night. However, a Wall Street Journal report quoted the Taliban officials in Afghanistan as saying that their leader was alive.

A member of the Taliban who is close to the militant leadership distributed a message to some associates promising to release an audio message proving Mansour was still alive.

“The attack did occur and some important military persons were there, but Mansour was not among them,” Mullah Abdul Samad Sani said, according to a person who received the message. “Now we deny it officially and in the next three days we will release Mansour’s audio message.”

A member of the Taliban press team, Emran Khalil, also published a tweet, calling the news “completely wrong”.

People close to the Taliban said the strike took place as senior ‘commanders’ were travelling to attend a wedding in a Pakistani village.

The Taliban’s chief justice official, Mullah Shaikh Abdul Hakim, could have been among those killed in the strike, they said.

Published in Dawn, May 23rd, 2016


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Comments (207) Closed

M.Malik May 23, 2016 07:23am

Oh come on! Where was Pakistan's sovereignty for the past 13 years? US has been attacking targets inside Pakistan since 2003.

Does NS really think people of this country are so naive or ignorant?

Trying to catch up with IK? Too late Mr . PM.

Desi May 23, 2016 07:24am

So Mr. PM what are you going to go about it. These statements are just to make him look good at home.

Desi Dimag May 23, 2016 07:26am

So what is Pakistan going to do, wait for next drone attack?

kumar May 23, 2016 07:30am

Pity the PM.

Desi Bhai May 23, 2016 07:51am

Nawaz looks mad. Hopefully he gave a strong message to Obama.

Shah May 23, 2016 08:05am

Sharif gets a medical checkup in London every 3 weeks. Methinks he is unfit to be PM.

Nirbhay May 23, 2016 08:06am

Really, Since when??

Hasan Kardar May 23, 2016 08:08am

No proof yet that he was the same guy who the US outlaws are claiming.

Analyzer May 23, 2016 08:13am

Too little too late.

Bitter truth May 23, 2016 08:23am

Nawaz Shrief arrive in londen for medical checkup while Poor public are dying due to heat and mass grave are preparing in advance . Different people different priority.

Mohammed Hund May 23, 2016 08:26am

How long are we going to tolerate this abuse? Pakistan does have capability to shoot down drones. Why no action is taken?

Prateik May 23, 2016 08:41am

USA continues to violate the sovereignty of nations.

Sandy May 23, 2016 08:47am

As if US will care.

CrimemasterGogo May 23, 2016 08:51am

What compensation price would NS demand from the Americans?

natey May 23, 2016 08:54am

you cant do anything to america..they do what they like..

AlifLaila May 23, 2016 08:56am

This is bound to happen. Stop taking aids from USA if you want to keep these things at a bay.

Rohit May 23, 2016 09:02am

The question is, what will Pakistan do about it?

shaheen May 23, 2016 09:03am

Pakistan cant do anything, except few words of protest

Shahid Nadeem May 23, 2016 09:16am

Okay....breach of sovereignty. We have heard about it million times in the past. Now what?

Known Unknown May 23, 2016 09:19am

A Prime Minister visiting to London for medical checkup? Instead of Developing Local Health care, he goes to another Country for medical emergencies. What about the millions of people, who have no option but seek local health care? Pakistan is being doomed by its leaders.

lafanga May 23, 2016 09:20am

Every such illegal attack should be taken seriously by our authorities and US should be fined heavily to the tune of millions of dollars to prevent further attacks on our innocent citizens on our soil,rallies should organized all over Pakistan and in London to protest against this violation of our sovereignity.

RAEES May 23, 2016 09:23am

Thanks for informing US.

sana May 23, 2016 09:23am

Very strong wording threat to US by our PM, now US will think twice before using drones to target Pakistanis on our land.

imran Khan May 23, 2016 09:25am

Its already in press that PM and COAs were already aware for the Drone attack on Pakistan land? than why is this reaction?

Nazir May 23, 2016 09:26am

We go around the world, begging bowl in hand, can't live without US aid, look to them to bail us out year in and year out, and we talk about sovereignty ??

changez_khan May 23, 2016 09:36am

Pakistan and our allies including China,OIC,Russia and others should put joint sanctions on US and its allies for gross violation of our territorial integrity and sovereignity.

M M Amin(old Ravian ) May 23, 2016 09:39am

The people are not buying this "protest" as the US says Pakistan govt was informed .

Atta'ullah May 23, 2016 09:40am

it's really serious. US=Pak Relations are getting bitter day by day. Trump is too above there. Future seems full of controversy.

Syed Ali May 23, 2016 09:39am

Let us see what ISPR has to say. Seems like Obama is trying to earn browny points by projecting image of a strong leader and thereby helping Hllary to win the White House; unfortunately the crisis in Afghanistan to Syria will inflame as US election gets closer. Seems like Obama is under lot pressure from democratic establishment to turn around a bad situation into a fair one, unfortunately it is too late. May be it is time for Ttump to shine just as Reagan did after Carter. Obama will be remembered as a president who changed the stability of middle east into instability; and Lost to Putin not once but twice in Ukraine and Syria. Hillary better watch out don't get cozy with Obama. Trump with his disruptive tactics may knockout out Hillary; and that would be better at least for Mideast as he is willing to negotiate with Putin.

imran May 23, 2016 09:53am

Okay. So What you going to do about that? Nothing

khanm May 23, 2016 09:54am

really!!!!! all of a sudden the lion it cos of upcoming election...Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.

Valiya May 23, 2016 09:55am

Sovereignty? He He. You have pledged it to US China and Saudi Arabia long back. US drones were,are and will be operated in Pakistani territories as and when US wish.Bin Laden raid is another example. Saudi Arabia has selected Pakistan for anti terrorist collision with out their consent and China made Pakistan as its colony. PM is talking about sovereignty.

V K Das May 23, 2016 09:59am

This is not the first time the USA has violated Pakistan's sovereignty but what can it do except to make noise. Beggars cannot be choosers.Learn to stand on your own two feet with your head high and stop asking for aid all the time.

k2aaa May 23, 2016 10:00am

@CrimemasterGogo Free F-16s of course

xmaestro May 23, 2016 10:02am

Oh it it now? That's like a millionth time.

Singh May 23, 2016 10:09am

Lesson learnt from Abbottabad...use drone ...talks of Pakistan sovereignity is for domestic consumption ...

sajjad akbar May 23, 2016 10:10am

@changez_khan please do not call ourselves "Sovereign" and don't be too emotional. We are living on American Aid with the kind courtesy of our beloved politician.

On the other hand if this is true that Mullah was killed in Pakistan (like OBL), the Government and other Super Heroes must be questioned on why and how did he enter Pakistan. Think logically and stop being fool.

This behavior, attitude and thinking style is actually helping the current politicians to rule us.

Deependra May 23, 2016 10:12am

Good acting by Nawaz which is of course for the consumption of Pakistan public again at the behest of the US. Pakistani's don't over act in protest, F16s are being packed as per AMAZON tracking system. So chill.

Rav May 23, 2016 10:16am

So what are you going to do against attack on Pakistan's sovereignty?

Bharat May 23, 2016 10:19am

Too much hot air from the PM

Shoot the drones down and see how congress reacts

Faisal Naqvi May 23, 2016 10:27am

I remember pml-n criticizing then pm Gilani when he would do they same. Point is that this government is as phoney and as shallow as they come.

Durgesh May 23, 2016 10:29am

Nawaj sharif goes to london for medical checkup. Where ordinary pakistani citizen goes?

inqelab zindabad May 23, 2016 10:29am

@changez_khan Russia and oic, r u serious

Asif khan May 23, 2016 10:29am

As if any one cares

Krana May 23, 2016 10:30am

@changez_khan Your ally Russia since when?

Rohit Singh May 23, 2016 10:35am

@Known Unknown i was about to post the same comment what you posted, i fully endorse you that being a leader he should set up an example by getting treated in local facilities. if he does not trust the local medical facilities then who will.

indian May 23, 2016 10:48am

India should take out some important terrorists living in Pakistan same way as US like Dawood Ibrahmim, Syed Salahuddin, Maulana Masood Azhar, Hafeez Saeed, Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi , and others.

Rohit Singh May 23, 2016 10:48am

The bigger question is what was Mansoor doing in Pakistan

Syed Ali May 23, 2016 10:51am

@Rohit Simple answer; don't get US aid; pass a resolution in senate and ask for compensation; appeal to the international court of Justice, US don't care about these anyway, another option is to lean more towards China and Russia. There is another option, stop harboring terrorists.

Syed Ali May 23, 2016 10:57am

@sajjad akbar You are right in the money; don't fool the people; onus is on Good General to respond; why he is silent. Bottom line is Pakustan army has to treat all terrorist as terrorist; and dismantle their command and control center which is right under their noose.

Good Point May 23, 2016 10:57am

Basically why are you allowing criminals, hijackers, mass killers to stay in your house ?

Meera jee May 23, 2016 10:57am

try to stop them. you will see.

Pangkaj Bhattachargee May 23, 2016 10:59am

Routine protest

M Rafique May 23, 2016 11:00am

"Talking to reporters after his arrival in London for a medical check-up, he described the air strike in the Dalbandin area of Balochistan as a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty." Mr PM have you told this to US foreign secretary when he called you ? or just a filled-in statement while enjoying UK trip on public money.

Sanjeev May 23, 2016 11:07am

@Mohammed Hund : Pakistan has full capacity to stop terror attacks over India, why not countries top boss do that?

Pakistan cant stop US attacks because Pakistan is Pakistan but not china.

Earlier pakistani leaders were ready to eat grass but wanted nuclear weapon in hand, current pakiistani leaders are not ready to eat grass and want to have international aids run by USA.

AK May 23, 2016 11:07am

You don't respect of your own country, don't expect from others!

Merchant May 23, 2016 11:07am

Is this private visit of PM Nawaz being paid for by tax payers? And if it is a private visit then why PM is giving press statements?

apakmuslim May 23, 2016 11:09am

one less thing on Pak's to-do list.

Rohit May 23, 2016 11:10am

Every such illegal attack should be taken seriously by our authorities and US should be fined heavily to the tune of millions of dollars to prevent further attacks on our innocent citizens on our soil,rallies should organized all over Pakistan and in London to protest against this violation of our sovereignity.@lafanga

And how do you plan to collect that fine?

Bokhari May 23, 2016 11:10am

What has army chief to say about it? We are not at all in safe hands along with our Pakistan.

Tariq Rashid May 23, 2016 11:19am

@Deependra I agree !!

Ironman May 23, 2016 11:19am

This and cut in military aid means only one thing: the US is running out of patience and the false promise of Pakistan.

Valiya May 23, 2016 11:19am

@changez_khan Allies? you have only one Allie that is China.

Abdul Khadar May 23, 2016 11:23am

@Desi Dimag "So what is Pakistan going to do?" First we will calculate how many missiles the drones fired so far, and we will wait till it reach one hundred thousand. Then we demand more Visas for our politicians and their families claiming our sovereignty and purity.

Shahi May 23, 2016 11:25am

Nawaz Sharif you and rulers like you have already put our sovereignty on stack. Now your hollowed statements would not attract to any one. You do not consider Pakistan as your country. Your houses are outside of the country, your businesses outside of the country and your children are running businesses outside of the country. How do you claim your belong to this country.

Valiya May 23, 2016 11:26am

Instead of registering this protest if Pakistan appreciated USA for killing a wanted terrorist world would have known Pakistan,s stance against terrorism. Now Pakistan proved again its support to terrorism by harboring him.

Ali shah May 23, 2016 11:27am

whether mullah mansoor is killed or not, it's not an issue for pakisatn. the issue is again pakistan's sovereignty is violated by carryng out Drone Airstrike in pakistan by US. when will US comply with the resolutions of UN, when will they learn not to violate and challenge the sovereigtny of an independent state?. if this behaviour does not stop, US should be ready to bear the consequences as they have been facing the repecussions of their Post9/11 policies. US! you cant make things right by using force, instead you should use the most used,applicable and effective method-Dialogue.

Ramesh Nakhwa May 23, 2016 11:28am

Today India launched its first reusable space ship popularly called space shuttle. And Pakistan is still debating who is good terrorist and who is bad terrorist. Such a sad state of affairs in Pakistan that the US can violate its sovereignty and attack and kill declared terrorist who room freely in Pakistan. What a shame what a shame Pakistan

sachin May 23, 2016 11:30am

Pakistan should shoot down at least one drone to deter future liberties US is taking.

Ali shah May 23, 2016 11:29am

again drone air strike without taking into confidence the pak government. its really a slap on pak govefrnment . "pak govt was informed after the drone strike has been carried out."nothing more ridiculous than this satement

Patriotic May 23, 2016 11:32am

I have a dream! one day Pakistan will be a sovereign nation. The day will come when Pakistan review her foreign policy and will make distinction between friends and foes.

Shivan May 23, 2016 11:32am

Going through routine steps for the consumption of the masses.

Angry Pakistani Youth Rawalpindi May 23, 2016 11:35am

We demand answers from COAS and demand he step down immediately for failing to protect the sovereignity and image of Pakistan.

Amar May 23, 2016 11:37am

i am in this time Baluchistan. Baluchistan soon making india part.

Al Furqan May 23, 2016 11:38am


So, Pakistani Sovereignty resides in the Taliban Chief, no matter what the Constitution says.

Ansir.khan May 23, 2016 11:39am

Always wondered, how do these verbally communicated 'strong protest' work in diplomacy-particularly when one country is a super power and the other is financially and militarily dependent on it? Does it imply that our U.S ambassador will carry a placard and lead a protest rally outside the white house. Cant see any other substantial impact of such a protest.

Tsriq May 23, 2016 11:47am

Soon PMl's line will be "drones were allowed by Gen.Musharaf"

Zak May 23, 2016 11:49am

@Ramesh Nakhwa Don't gloat, we will reduce all your achievements to dust one day.

Surya Kant May 23, 2016 11:50am

Pakistan should appreciate. Terrorist has been killed.

Manish May 23, 2016 11:52am

In all wide world we indians are your only friends and brothers and the same can be said about you for us. This world is out there to keep us separated because they know if we became friends we will no longer buy their costly weapons and divert all our money for development. This will make both of our countries so strong no one will treat us like they do today. Kashmir can be resolved if we have no negative intent against each other. We can make entire kashmir autonomous and protect it like elder brothers protect the younger ones. The time is now.....Manish, India

indian13 May 23, 2016 11:52am

@changez_khan. Reallly man..sanctions on america???!!!!...they control the UN, WTO...nearly half the trade in the world..what kind of a delusional world u live in

Mahmood May 23, 2016 11:52am

NS, please stay in London.

Let the rest of the country worry about Pakistan and its sovereignty.

Umair May 23, 2016 11:55am

Medical checkups in london....while talking about sovereignty...

President Trump May 23, 2016 12:06pm

Unbelievable that so many people here are complaining - I say thank you America for doing this

Abdulla Hussain May 23, 2016 12:17pm

Nawaz Sharif is a weak PM unable to stand strong at the hand of american interference. The best option is to secure Pakistan from all internal turmoil & terrorism & leave the matter of Afghanistan to america & Afghan Taliban to settle their score. Pakistan should withdraw from all action outside Pakistan territorial borders.

Anand Tiwari May 23, 2016 12:19pm

@changez_khan Ask Russia or China can they do it.In todays world of economic dependence on each other its not at all possible,u r just day dreaming . only thing pakistan can do is to make his house in odere to avoid further drone strike .

Harish Patel, USA May 23, 2016 12:20pm

It seems people are fullish. This is just a statement by PM to make its people happy.

Justwasif May 23, 2016 12:21pm

I think you are AGAIN outside the Pakistan..

Manzoor May 23, 2016 12:22pm

Pak only US ally over whom they drop bombs regularly.

Atif Khan May 23, 2016 12:23pm


Is London in pakistan?! :)

Atam Vetta May 23, 2016 12:23pm

No US drone can invade the Pak territory without the permission or, at least, the acceptance of the Pak Armed forces. The Pak establishment should come clean.

Timeto stopthis May 23, 2016 12:27pm

His comments are for local consumption only. Outside the country, everyone knows exactly what happened.

malik May 23, 2016 12:27pm

Distraction from Panama Leaks is the real motive behind this uncalled protest.

ZAK May 23, 2016 12:28pm

What is the COAS doing? -- where is the pakistani air force?! -- this is truly embarrassing!!

Timeto stopthis May 23, 2016 12:30pm

First of all please answer the question, what was this man doing on Pakistani soil?

Sohail May 23, 2016 12:36pm

And the strong reaction now, to diver attention from the Panama Papers! Stop diverting our attention from the real issue that you and the country is faced right now! COME CLEAN PM!

lafanga May 23, 2016 12:37pm

Most people here are asking, and in the case of Indian cyber patrol it's taunting, what will Pakistan do.

Well short answer is not much. Long answer nothing in short term. It's not wise for Pakistan to go up against the super power of the world specially at this time when Pakistan is facing pressure from all around and specially India. Long term may be a different thing. Although Pakistani leadership seldom learns form the past mistakes BUT I believe this time around the lessons have been pretty bitter to swallow. What can Pakistan do in the long term is still to be seen but one thing is certain, US won't have same leverage over Pakistan in few years time. Is it Pakistan's loss? Maybe but it will definitely be US loss because no one knows how things will be say in 5 years time in the region.

roh May 23, 2016 12:42pm

If the government was good enough, they'd thank the USA.

Ankush May 23, 2016 12:42pm

...If you attack even once...we will Protest again.

The Right Left May 23, 2016 12:43pm

Mr. PM time to put your money where your mouth is...

What I want to hear you and the COAS say, loud and clear, publicly is, next time a drone enters our airspace not only will it be shot down, but we will also go and destroy the base it flew from.

Can you say that ?

Ramesh Nakhwa May 23, 2016 12:46pm

@Syed Ali yes last option is best, otherwise the solution is getting insulted internationally.

Maryam May 23, 2016 12:50pm

@changez_khan You forgot to add: In our dreams!

awais May 23, 2016 12:52pm

Comments like, what Pakistan going to do, wait for next drone attack, are actually representing an extremist mindset. It seems such people belong to some mafia, and are actual terrorists. Do you think with all this propaganda, you can hide your barbarism. I salute and support PM NS for his bold statement.

Farooq May 23, 2016 12:53pm

It is just like an automatic recorded message in response to drone attacks. It is unacceptable level of weak response from a nation armed with nuclear weapons. The main issue is lack of professionalism as well as interest from our foreign office.

Asad May 23, 2016 12:54pm

Patriotic pakistanis now eying on the leadership of Nawaz Sharif to respond and act what Masharaf could not. Masharaf has suffered severe criticism from all across to remain confined to lip service on drone attacks, lets see what our elected PM offer different then him.

The End is Near May 23, 2016 01:04pm

What about Panama drones Mr. PM?

Truth May 23, 2016 01:15pm

Nawaz Sharif on Sunday criticised the drone strike by US. Amusing story. Pak will never be out of the grasp of US. US can strike any one in Pakistan. US does not bother about the permission of Pak before attacking anyone anywhere. It is really true that ties with US can only give rise to enenmies all around

Nilesh May 23, 2016 01:15pm

Raheel Sharif should respond... It's interesting when army needs to respond, it's civilian govt that responds.... And where govt should respond like diplomacy and corruption it's the army cheif who responds ..... This needs to be fixed.

Hamid shafiq May 23, 2016 01:27pm

PM knows the meaning of sovereignty????????

mohammad iqbal May 23, 2016 01:33pm

They were violating since years in tribal areas with hundreds of drone strikes. What are you talking PM. Please explain in urdu what is Pakistan's sovereignty?

Valiya May 23, 2016 01:35pm

@Mohammed Hund .Military operation near a military garrison is not detected then what the drones in remote areas. If you are courage enough close diplomatic relation with US. If you are sincere enough take action against the terrorists in your back yard.

AliBokhari May 23, 2016 01:38pm

@sana : Now words wont do any good. Time is come to give them strong lesson by breaking up with the, and become one with our tested friend by accepting their way of life, education, health system, food culture including power giving bacon to become fearless and strong like Chinese. Then only USA will kneel before us.

Thiru May 23, 2016 01:41pm

@lafanga Why London and not New York or Washington or Chicago?

Apache May 23, 2016 01:41pm

well then do something

Mahmood May 23, 2016 01:42pm

NS talking about Pakistan's sovereignty is akin to Bilawal Bhutto claiming to help the hungry and poor of Thar - while both are enjoying the comforts and luxuries in London.

Ahmedj May 23, 2016 01:47pm

Look who's talking? This Nawaz Sharif was the pioneer who structured Pakistan losing its sovereignty. One has to remind Nawaz Sharif when Bill Clinton on 20 August 1998 attacked Afghanistan by Cruise Missiles, NS had secretly allowed the US to use Pakistan's airspace. It was so secret that Pakistan's Army Chief, Gen Jehangir Karamat was unaware of this secret deal.

That was the time when we gave them an inch and now they are getting a yard.

Asad May 23, 2016 01:50pm

Patriotic pakistanis now eying on the leadership of Nawaz Sharif to respond and act what Masharaf could not. Masharaf has suffered severe criticism from all across to remain confined to lip service on drone attacks, lets see what our elected PM offer different then him.

Afghan May 23, 2016 01:58pm

Why Pakistani people not asking their government about the presence of terrorists on their soil.

Shyam May 23, 2016 01:58pm

If you don`t keep your sovereignty by getting rid of terrorists who cross your borders, some body else will.

atif May 23, 2016 02:02pm

words of sovereignty does not sound nice coming from the mouth of a PM who; despite claiming to have developed pakistan like no other, goes to UK for medical check up.

what about sovereignty which is violated by afghan nationals daily when they get in and get out of pakistan without any documentation?

words of sovereignty from a guy who preferred to go in a luxurious exile instead of fighting out issues; sounds very bad

Yasser May 23, 2016 02:08pm

Sovereign states defend their borders! It is just another publicity stunt by the current government.

Indian May 23, 2016 02:11pm

@sachin you need to have technology to trace and shoot down a drone

AWADH May 23, 2016 02:11pm

@M M Amin(old Ravian ) What do you recommend?

karachi wala May 23, 2016 02:34pm

If that is the case, then please order the armed forces to attack and pull the drones down.

Intel May 23, 2016 02:34pm

@changez_khan OTHER Allies??? Big joke, They will sacrifice us on the first call from US. Wake up my friend. In international affairs, there are no allies. You need to take care of your interest.

SB May 23, 2016 02:41pm

Agreed. Barak Obama has take notice of it

Shahzad May 23, 2016 02:43pm

Violation of any sovereign country's airspace and killing its people is not an issue for the Americans. It is an act of sheer injustice and must be condemned at every forum.

Asad May 23, 2016 02:52pm

One more issue for Imran khan to play with against NS, now its hard for Poor faced rich PM to deal with issue he used to be very vocally talked against like violation of sovereignty blah blah..., Now what is different this time dear PM.

ahsan sheikh May 23, 2016 02:55pm

Dear Air force. You need to stop this . America has no right to do this. Nothing has been done by army and our defence forces against america ever since 2001 . You only speak against indian and taliban. Do it or let make it another iraq

PSP(India) May 23, 2016 02:58pm

Should thank US instead. When there'll be no radicals in Pakistan, world will give respect to Pakistani people they deserve, at home as well as abroad.

IJLAL May 23, 2016 03:00pm

The White House says, "If you are not American, you do not deserve to live". Sovereignty and respect, there are no such word in English that American speak or write , as long as you are NOT American.

Good work America to derail yet again the peace process and tearing it into pieces.

srinivas May 23, 2016 03:04pm

@Shahzad UN is the place for international affair... if you see, some violations have occurred, then protest in the UN...

Rajiv Kaushal May 23, 2016 03:06pm

Ok, what you plan to about it...

Gautam May 23, 2016 03:10pm

Such an act is definitely an attack on Pakistan's sovereignty. I am not sure, however, if the spineless politicians of Pakistan can do anything about it. The root cause to all problems is the total absence of law and order in Pakistan. Criminals and terrorists find Pakistan a safe haven because they know they can get away with things rather easily. No surprise that the most wanted terrorists are usually found in Pakistan. Politicians can get away with all the corruption because there is no law and order. Pakistan needs an ultra-strong no-nonsense leader who is inwards looking and at the same time seeks for amicable relations with other countries. Pakistan needs another Jinnah

Parvez May 23, 2016 03:15pm

Said by a PM sitting in the UK ........ and talking of sovereignty .

aslam shaikh May 23, 2016 03:15pm

But your boss just said that he told you!

Farhan May 23, 2016 03:16pm

Being a Pakistani, I have a question why Awe did not took action on Mansooor?

Farhan May 23, 2016 03:19pm

After 15 years US is asking us the same question which the then Centcom commander Richard Armitage had asked us, Whose side Pakistan is?

Farooq Jawed May 23, 2016 03:36pm

Pakistan takes aid from US to exist. So, if the US doesn't comply with this charade of annoyance from Sharif; what is Pakistan going to do in retaliation?......Stop taking aid from the US!!! Then how is he going to add to his fortune overseas..........

Ray May 23, 2016 03:36pm

@M.Malik PM is only trying to deflect from the Panama Papers scandal. He hasn't cared for Pakistani sovereignty since he's been in power! PM COME CLEAN ABOUT YOUR AND YOUR FAMILIES ACTIONS IN THE PANAMA PAPERS!

INDIAN May 23, 2016 03:41pm

These type of high profile attacks are not possible with Pakistan complicity. Ground level precise intelligence is required for this which can only possible by Pakistan intelligence.

Mahadevan May 23, 2016 04:04pm

@Abdulla Hussain Well said

Mahadevan May 23, 2016 04:04pm

@Abdulla Hussain Well Said.

Faisal Rana May 23, 2016 04:14pm

Mr PM I recommend you pick up the phone and call Obama and lodge a protest. I also recommend you withdraw the Pak Ambassador from the US and refuse the billions in aid that will eventually end up in your offshore accounts any way. I recommend you instruct the air force to shoot down one of them drones. If you can't do even one of these, then stop issuing senseless statements.

The reality is Pakistan's sovereignty is threatened by your and your fellow cronies.

SHAHID MAHMOOD May 23, 2016 04:17pm

@M.Malik He is back in London again for cooler air and get away from Pakistani poor people.......?????

S.A.M. May 23, 2016 04:17pm

violation of our sovereignty before raising the question on others you have to answer the nation why you did you breached our trust.

Equal Justice May 23, 2016 04:32pm

Be cautious before making such statements

Fareed K May 23, 2016 04:35pm

With beggar's bowl in our hand, paid security guards of US on Pak ,Afghan border - we are a sovereign country, laughable statement.

lovethyneigbour May 23, 2016 04:36pm

Make up your mind Mr PM. Purchase F-16 & attack drones flown by US.

Krishnan May 23, 2016 04:40pm

One can understand the anger but should you not ask why taliban is being sheltered in pakistan?

Manzoor May 23, 2016 04:45pm

@sana they will only think, but won't stop

Mujahid achakzai May 23, 2016 04:59pm

It is obvious that Pakistan govt. is complicit in killing of Mullah Mansoor as it was already informed by US.

Tamil Guru May 23, 2016 05:02pm

The PM had to go to London for treatment?. He could have gone to India next door and had the same treatment for a 10th of the cost. But I think offshore business priority comes first.

dawn May 23, 2016 05:06pm

"...violation of Pakistan sovereignty..." all you can say PM? When can you take action against it?

shoro May 23, 2016 05:09pm

Words, words and more empty words!

Tamil Guru May 23, 2016 05:17pm

Do you know why not a single so called friend of Pakistan like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia etc are saying anything about it?.

It is because Pakistan's military under Gen Musharaf has signed an agreement with US authorizing Drone strikes.

Tamil Guru May 23, 2016 05:20pm

Pakistan does not even have a Foreign Minister to lodge a formal diplomatic complaint with the US.

Alber khan May 23, 2016 05:29pm

@M.Malik agreed he is actually trying to catch IK topics

alex May 23, 2016 05:29pm

this man is unfit to be pm,he should resigh.

Alber khan May 23, 2016 05:29pm

Trying to catch up with IK? Too late Mr . PM.

faisal May 23, 2016 05:31pm

No Pakistan Sovereignty. Point of Shame for Pakistani leadership. Nation busy in democracy. Imran Khan nothing from him regarding this event and Raheel Sharif and Pakistan Armed Forces seeking F-16 from USA. The enemy need to be identified and tackled. USA insulted us big big time by bombarding our home and tommorow they will not honor our dignity inside Pakistan. Pakistan needs to take action. Point of shame and Point of dignity .

Keti Zilgish May 23, 2016 05:32pm

@Manish You are right

abbas May 23, 2016 05:43pm

Sovereignty - do we know the meaning of?

Ahmed May 23, 2016 05:55pm

@Afghan "Why Pakistani people not asking their government about the presence of terrorists on their soil".

It's difficult to spot a terrorist among 2.5 million Afghan refugees, where estimated 1 million are still undocumented. The question is why the Afghanistan government is against fencing the border. And a bigger question is that when will you return?

I think your question is answered?

Keti Zilgish May 23, 2016 05:54pm

@Abdulla Hussain I agree. If Pakistanis can simply think straight then the British PM would be honored to visit Pakistan for a medical check-up.

Mandar May 23, 2016 06:05pm

Folks have you ever discussed other than terrorism .....Pakistan must concentrate on the development ...Today India Launched Mini Shuttle in to the space...the problem with Pakistan lies body wants to compete with the current world...

Naeem May 23, 2016 06:19pm

Why is NS in England every three weeks at public expense. How can NS object to the drone strike when our intelligence failed to locate and arrest Mullah Mansoor

Nisar May 23, 2016 06:24pm

Don't make us fool Mr. Prime Minister. so called 'Leaders' like you have made us look like the world's most coward nation. If you really care about our dignity, blow these drones down. You will have to take those drones. otherwise I would think that these drone attacks are conducted with agreement and you are indirectly involved in such heinous acts... I am really hurt because now the drone have hit another province. My city could be the next target. my home could be next. I feel sorry for those who are martyred.

Observation May 23, 2016 06:27pm

The FO statement said that on the basis of information gathered till late Sunday a person identified as Wali Muhammad, son of Shah Muhammad, who carried a Pakistani passport and an identity card and who was a resident of Qila Abdullah, entered Pakistan through the Taftan border on Saturday.

Looking at the picture of destroyed car, I wonder how did the Pakistani passport and ID card survived where one can see the passport had valid visa from Iran?

Asad May 23, 2016 06:33pm

PM pls let us know now who to be blamed since Musharaf not running the helm??

N_Saq May 23, 2016 06:34pm

This is all politics. Mullah Mansoor was killed at the behest of Pak, however, Pak does not want to own it because of the backlash from all the Mullahs at home. He was refusing to sit at the negotiating table and making Pak look bad, therefore, it was time for him to go. This US strike benefits all including Taliban.

Also I am not sure what all the griping is about, in fact US is doing Pak a favor by getting rid of all the radicals, extremist and terrorists from its territory. Remember these people do nothing but destruction. Tell me how many jobs these Mullah's create yearly or what contribution they make to the development of the country or what the contribute to the overall economy? The answer nothing!

Javed May 23, 2016 06:37pm

Mr Nawaz seems to be going a lot to London for his 'medical check-up'. It may save us some money if he imported his 'doctor' to Pakistan.

arshad patel May 23, 2016 06:44pm

If the Pakistan premiers are the product of real democracy, they would have become a strongest voice yet, no one could have dared to step in country's boundaries. All institutions would have been under the leaders' sleeve and answered none but 'YES' could have demolished enemy or intruder in a flash of a second! The above statement is a 'SWEET DREAM' of a Pakistani. The reality is totally different when he is 'AWAKE' !

pk May 23, 2016 06:49pm

All drones strikes are done with blessing of Pakistan Govt. Even demise of Osama Bin Laden was done with blessing of Pakistan.

A.JABBAR May 23, 2016 06:55pm

@Bokhari "What has army chief to say about it? We are not at all in safe hands along with our Pakistan." What is that you worried about? A hardcore terrorist who was danger to all was killed by USA which should have been done by Pakistan itself. Is he a good Taliban?

Gul Hasan May 23, 2016 07:40pm

A country where bureaucrats, politicians, and generals are involved in money and other social and moral corruptions lost sovereignty long time ago. We as a nation are finished.

Siddhartha saxena May 23, 2016 08:03pm

Too early he realized. Thank goodness .

Accountability May 23, 2016 08:23pm

It takes a leader to tell others to respect sovereignty of the country. Only those can claim to be leader who put country's interest before their own. In Pakistan people keep voting for same kind of leaders, expecting different results. May Almighty help people of Pakistan.

Ahmed Raza May 23, 2016 08:34pm

These drone strikes has strained relations between Pakistan and the United States. The US has also faced significant international pressures on account of its attacks. Amnesty International released a report, arguing that the US officials, who are responsible for carrying out the drone strikes, may have to stand trial for war crimes. It also listed extensive civilian casualties in Pakistan.

waqar May 23, 2016 08:52pm

though it would be soon clear in three days is he alive or not,. but the question is what did innocent cab driver did wrong was killed along.?

Khalid Latif May 23, 2016 09:53pm

Our PM is again in London. He had mentioned to Gen Raheel about some date by which something would be done (converstation poorly recorded). May be that's what he has gone for. So, he has shown his teeth to the US with a 'complaint to the US'. Souldn't this matter be forcefully taken up by Ms Maliha at the UN? Is Pakistan gathering its allies for their support at the UN? No. That will annoy Obama, who had personally directed the drone attack over Pakistani territory and violated its sovereignty. And he may refuse to sell the F-16s to Pakistan too. By the way, how about the Dawn, bravely, commenting on the PM's illegal use of the official airplane and national wealth for his personal visits, at least twice in recent days.

JO10 May 24, 2016 09:38am

What you are going to do know "NOTHING". Look we know exactly where our government stand on these issue. We have silent pact with USA on drone issue let's say the did what they wanted to do and we complain knowing that our people understand. Pakistan has many problem one drone attack mean nothing because it is with the approval of Pakistan government and army. The day we stop begging for USA aid to Pakistan and stop all the aggressions towards our own people and apply rule of law the country will change.

PB May 24, 2016 10:04am

I wonder what COAS has to say about it.

El Cid May 24, 2016 10:57am

What Sovereignty?

El Cid May 24, 2016 11:00am

Now where is that talkative general?

Ankush May 24, 2016 11:48am

I see a lot of Pakistanis criticizing NS as usual. At least he has taken a stand. He issued a statement which your COAS should have. Your COAS is expert on all civilian matters, but when it was time to show mettle, your NS stood upto the big Americans. Not a single tweet from your COAS - let alone public condemnation or warning. Hard times like these show the difference.Read and think over it.

HRK May 24, 2016 01:15pm

and what are you going to do about people violating our sovereignty?

Kumar May 24, 2016 04:43pm

@lafanga Pakistan has the capability to shoot any drone if they want. However, Pakistan army supported this attack or any other drone action. That is good for all.

Kumar May 24, 2016 04:44pm

@Ankush COAS was informed and probably even helped.

moeazze May 24, 2016 06:26pm

Mr. PM this is the same old news and response, but just another day. is there anything new about it? and anything new you are suggesting? 3 years have passed since you took over and you come up with the same response that you gave three years before. We need political and otherwise action both at home and abroad to find a long term solution and not just actions and reactions.

Nizamuddin Ahmad Aali May 24, 2016 07:15pm

Really Mr. P.M. Your interior minister and army is still investigating.

Naveen May 24, 2016 07:18pm

@changez_khan Please do it it won't matter to America at all, but all these economies will come to Stand still if America put sanctions to these countries. So please check your facts before u comment. Even I don't like some policies of America but I am not ignorant about facts of life.

Malliak May 24, 2016 08:02pm

Pakistan is a strong nation and well equipped with arsenals and one of the Nuclear enabled country. Please do not under estimate.

s.khan May 24, 2016 08:10pm

Mr PM, you have sold sovereignty for $1.5Billion. This statement is for the public. The statement is routine and issued after every attack. USA ignores it. Time to stop this charade of sovereignty violation and focus on providing electricity 24/7.

Lahori Kid May 24, 2016 08:15pm

Now I agree that Pakistan should indeed voice their displeasure, but at the same time, should be glad that there is one less bad guy to kill the innocent people of Pakistan,so lets be unhappy, and not forget to be happy.

Lahori Kid May 24, 2016 08:17pm

Also, how in the world did the bodies burn bad enough to where they couldn't be identified right away but the authorities were able to read the visa stamps by recovering the passports and ID ?

s.khan May 24, 2016 08:57pm

@indian13 You got your facts wrong. China is the biggest trading nation and run surplus. USA is lagging behind China and continuously run deficit. They consume more than their income. Good free ride.

Sid May 24, 2016 10:52pm

@Hasan KardarThere are number of drone attacks on targets identified and eliminated by U.S.A. The have never been proved wrong (including in case of Bin Laden). What makes you think they are wrong this time? wishful thinking.

SardarSuri May 24, 2016 11:00pm

US response: "Noted"

azkhan71 May 25, 2016 12:10am

MR. PM, this is not the first time US drones have entered inside Pakistani air space and violated it's sovereignty. Rather criticizing about the drone attacks, if you want to give strong message to US and the rest of the world, than allow PAF to knock down couple drones. Its about time to take action rather calling an US ambassador or press conference about this issue.

Ali May 25, 2016 12:32am

Who cares what you thing Nawaz:)

adventurer May 25, 2016 11:17am

With F16 offer blocked and financial aids as well. It is better to severe ties with US, instead keep it with China only. As relations with US is on a downtrend and fast deteriorating.

Sanjeev Yadav May 25, 2016 12:54pm

That's why you want F16 to shoot them down!

canada1 May 25, 2016 01:20pm

@Prateik Only Pakistan

Mohsin Patel May 25, 2016 05:53pm

@Known Unknown NS trying to get appointment with Dr. Asif AliZardari in London for treatment of Panama infection.

Mohsin Patel May 25, 2016 05:58pm

@changez_khan China is biggest trade partner of USA why should it harm itself for you?

Chengiz khan May 25, 2016 09:26pm

Really!!! It is time we start to catch these criminals hiding in our own backyard and only then will these drone attacks stop. All the top Al-Queda and Taliban thugs are being found in Pakistan so what choice does the US have. If we dont don't do it then they will. As simple as that.