Regarding CSS reforms

February 12, 2016


THE recent reforms in scheme and syllabus of CSS subjects was both welcomed and criticized. The reforms were inadequate to satisfy candidates who plan to join national civil services. Mere re-grouping and alterations in syllabi of subjects will do no good to already weak and inefficient civil bureaucracy. However, I will not delve into the long, decade old talked about civil services reforms. I, after having taken CSS examination three times, will suggest some simple reforms which may satisfy the grievances of many CSS aspirants. These are here under:

  1. English essay paper should be checked and evaluated through computer based software as is done in GRE.

  2. Screening test should be introduced to filter the most competitive candidates for the main examination.

  3. The number of occupational groups should be increased as maximum number of pass candidates, both in written and viva voce, can get allocation.

  4. Those candidates who could not be allocated any of the groups, in spite of passing both written and interview, should be given a special chance of re-taking the examination if they are within age limits as laid down in CSS rules.

Dr Safiullah Bhatti


Published in Dawn, February 12th, 2016