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Jansher determined to pull Pakistan squash out of the depths

Updated Oct 01, 2015 07:13pm


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Pakistani squash legends Jahangir Khan (right) and Jansher Khan play during a friendly match at the Mushaf Squash Complex in Islamabad, 14 December 2005. — AFP/File
Pakistani squash legends Jahangir Khan (right) and Jansher Khan play during a friendly match at the Mushaf Squash Complex in Islamabad, 14 December 2005. — AFP/File

Former world number one Jansher Khan on Thursday vowed to reverse Pakistan's flagging squash fortunes after he was appointed advisor to the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) President on Thursday.

“Pakistan has immense talent for squash. Skill-wise our players are unparalleled but their physical fitness levels are yet to touch the international standard,” Jansher, who won the World Open a record eight times and the British Open six times, said.

He said in his meeting with the PSF president, he had discussed a plan to initiate recovery and uplift the standard of squash in the country.

“It involves good organisation and discipline,” he said, adding that much more efforts were needed for resurgence on international level.

Pakistan, once the most successful nation in squash, has produced no British Open winner since 1997.

Pakistani players have also failed to make it to the top 10 of world squash rankings since 1997.

Currently, Pakistan has no player in its ranks who can qualify for the British Open main draw.

According to Jansher, though, Pakistan had all the ingredients to become a formidable nation in squash once again.

“We have great talent but we need to be focused. I'm sure soon we will start making squash champions.”

He said that during the ongoing Chief of Air Staff International Squash Championship being held at the Mushaf Squash Complex in Islamabad, he would be keeping a close eye on the Pakistan players.

“I have decided to stay here to closely watch their game. I will be observing their game throughout the event. This will help me to assess where they really lack. This will help me to plan for their improvement accordingly.”

He said that initially he would be focusing on Farhan Mehboob, Nasir Iqbal, Waqar Mehboob and Amir Atlas as well as some budding players from the country's squash academies.

“We have very good academies in Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar. We can discover future champions from these academies. I will be happy if I assist my country in producing world champions,” said the 46-year-old.

The legendary squash player said that he would be working with two assistant trainers who would provide a regimen to players in his presence.

“I will also be with them and once a week will myself train them.”

“Squash is a game which demands consistent hard work and training. There is no room for complacency in squash. We will have to make our players physically and mentally tough,” he added.

Hailing PSF president's efforts for uplift of the game, he said that he had found him a sincere and committed man and believed that steps taken by him would go a long in improving standard of squash in the country.

During the meeting between Jansher and PSF officials, it was also discussed that the Performance Evaluation Committee (headed by the World Champion Jahangir Khan) would have a meeting before the upcoming Pakistan International Squash Tournament in November, 2015 to review the progress of Pakistan National Squash Academy.


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Comments (14) Closed

asif Oct 01, 2015 06:56pm

Very soon InshAllah the Green Flag would be up again. Keep it up Jansher, Good luck.

SMI Oct 01, 2015 07:06pm

We believe in your commitment and honesty Oct 01, 2015 07:55pm

Three out of the four he mentioned to train i know for a fact his nephews, the fourth one must be a relative as well. There is other players much much better than those four who could bring the glory back why waste tax payers money on such incompitant and selfish lot?

asif Oct 01, 2015 08:40pm the factor of inheritance can not be ignored. Let the Legend to have a free hand. We need outcome. Further, it is not necessary your ranking is better than the Legend. So friend be positive. We need positive contribution from your end. Not biased.

syed wasim haider Oct 01, 2015 08:53pm

Best of luck.

Concerned Pakistani Oct 01, 2015 08:56pm

I love playing squash. It is the best activity for fitness and leisure. Every year there were 'national camps' at our local squash courts. These top players of our country would come here to prepare for any upcoming international championship. All of them belong to a single family. Nephews, sons, uncles. I wonder when JS Khan says Pakistan is full of talent, if he is talking about his family or relatives. After talking to various 'junior' players in these camps you come realise that there is a monopoly. The big guns don't let anyone 'out of the family' to take the limelight. Sounds like I am putting allegations but who cares. When we lake sincerity to the game, how can we be sincere to Pakistan?

KARACHI WALA Oct 01, 2015 09:32pm

He was a great player and should be able to bring new life to Pakistan Squash. I hope his appointment is not politically motivated to settle politicians personal scores like in Hockey and Cricket.

anony Oct 01, 2015 09:51pm

Best of luck Jansher and Jahangir.

Listener Oct 02, 2015 02:33am

This guy can do it. Good Luck!

AJ Oct 02, 2015 03:27am

Now I know why everybody says Pakistanis and Indians are so closely linked. For every 1 person trying to make things better, there are 10 people trying to pull him down.

I don't care where the players are from, but we need players like the great Jansher & Jahangir to keep alive the interest in this wonderful game.

Karim US Oct 02, 2015 07:05am

PSF has been sleeping at the wheel for close to 20 years!!! Jansher used to be one of the most disciplined players; used to go watch him in the Championship of the Champions tournament in New York.

Ahmed Kashif Saeed Oct 02, 2015 09:09am

There should be no politics and nepotism if the legend really wants to bring back Pakistan's glory.

AMK Oct 02, 2015 09:40am

Finally A Wise Decision. Better Late Than Never....................!

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 02, 2015 08:11pm

Best of luck to Jansher Khan, the former world champion in pursuit of his ambitions to bring back the glory days of green-shirts in the field of squash.