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Obama administration refuses to certify to Congress that the group was damaged in 
Zarb-i-Azb operation.—AP/File
Obama administration refuses to certify to Congress that the group was damaged in Zarb-i-Azb operation.—AP/File

ISLAMABAD: In a move that has blocked the disbursement of the next tranche of Coalition Support Fund (CSF), the United States has told Pakistan that it would not be certifying to the Congress that its (Pakistani) counter-terrorism operation in North Waziristan damaged the Haqqani network.

This was conveyed by the US Department of Defence to the Pakistani mission in Washington as well as to the authorities in Islamabad, according to a highly placed source.

The Foreign Office did not immediately reply to a question about the US communication, but a senior official based at the FO, speaking in private, said they had been informally told about the decision.

Obama administration refuses to certify to Congress that the group was damaged in Zarb-i-Azb operation

The US move is politically more damaging for Islamabad than its financial impact, which is significant nevertheless for being an important source for narrowing the current account deficit. More importantly, it coincided with the deterioration in ties with Afghanistan because of Kabul’s allegations that Islamabad continued to harbour Taliban bases from where attacks were being launched.

The US decision is also likely to sour ties in the run-up to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s scheduled visit to White House in October.

The US has been reimbursing Pakistan for operations and maintenance costs incurred in direct support of its operations in Afghanistan since 2001. So far $13 billion has been reimbursed to Pakistan under this arrangement.

The CSF arrangement was supposed to end with the completion of the drawdown in Dec 2014, but the US government late last year extended the programme for another year through legislation which envisaged additional conditions, including a requirement for certification by the defence secretary that military operations in North Waziristan have significantly disrupted the safe haven and freedom of movement of the Haqqani network in Pakistan.

The certification has to be made by the US defence secretary to congressional committees after every six months.

The last tranche of $337 million was received by Pakistan last month. The non-certification will affect the disbursement of the next instalment.

It comes at a time when the US is discussing the future of CSF post-2016.

Doubts have been expressed in the past by both the US and Afghanistan that the Haqqani network has been spared in the Operation Zarb-i-Azb. But it’s the first time that the US has taken such a harsh step.

It also shows how seriously the Americans take the continuing threat posed by the Haqqani network, whose current chief Sirajuddin Haqqani earlier this month took over as Taliban’s deputy chief during the succession in the insurgent group that followed the disclosure about Taliban chief Mullah Omar’s death.

Pakistani military has, however, been insisting that “terrorists of all shades” were targeted in Zarb-i-Azb launched in June last year.

The operation is in its final phases and the ground offensive for clearing Shawal valley is expected soon.

The military has over the past few days stepped up air strikes against terrorist targets in Shawal, killing dozens of terrorists and “damaging their (terrorist) infrastructure, including an ammunition dump”.

Despite differences over the Haqqani network, the US has been appreciative of the North Waziristan operation.

Some US officials have, however, been cautious in media comments regarding their assessment about the impact of operation on the Haqqani network as they say: “We welcome Pakis­tan’s public commitment that the operation is and would be indiscriminate.”

But they wouldn’t be more specific about their assessment.

They further say that it is important that terrorist safe havens do not re-emerge in the area.

Published in Dawn, August 20th, 2015

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Comments (128) Closed

ashfaq Aug 20, 2015 06:46am

thank God, that aid is going to stop. it will be very good for pakistan when these countries stop giving aid to pakistan which goes in to the pockets of the officials only. this aid is killing us.

Akil Akhtar Aug 20, 2015 06:48am

US has not done enough to stop ISIS in Iraq....

javed Aug 20, 2015 06:48am

Why hasn't US still pulverized TTP elements and Fazlullah, enjoying Afghan hospitality, so far?

Akil Akhtar Aug 20, 2015 06:49am

It obvious they don't need us anymore .......Also they have no idea what friendship means. Its not their fault it is western culture.

Syed Ali Aug 20, 2015 06:55am

It is important for Pakistan to forcefully address this issue with the US government and as well as with the US congress. Terrorism is not something that can be controlled easily; US despite unlimited resources allocated to fight terrorism face terroristic threats frequently; just last week a couple was arrested in USA both college educated and were charged for attempting to join ISIS.

It is in the interest of both US and Pakistan to cooperate and pool their resources to fight this war which is now having spill over effect from Syria to Saudi Arabia.

Cutting the funding is not going to counter terror threats in Pakistan and rest of the world.

Sonny Afridi Aug 20, 2015 06:58am

Pakistan terms NATO and afghan action against TTP, BLA and other indian proxies as inadequate. Same applies to Daish. See, two can play at this game.

outsider Aug 20, 2015 07:09am

@ashfaq you have fully misunderstood this is not aid but reimbursement. It is Pakistan's money.

Shaukat Ali Khan Aug 20, 2015 07:16am

Why does US advocate dialogue with Afghan Taliban but not Pakistani Taliban?

Shaukat Ali Khan Aug 20, 2015 07:17am

US must clear all dues it owes to Pakistan.

Shaukat Ali Khan Aug 20, 2015 07:17am

Pakistan must not be influenced by US any more.

Shaukat Ali Khan Aug 20, 2015 07:19am

For US, it is always marriage of convenience. Pakistan needs to remember it for future.

Shaukat Ali Khan Aug 20, 2015 07:19am

I hope terrorism in Baluchistan will be easily controlled now.

Nilesh Aug 20, 2015 07:21am

You need to do more .... Lol.. Same message....

Israr Khan Ismailzai Aug 20, 2015 07:24am

Please stop the "AID". Pakistani people don't really see the effects of this so called aid, it's only going to politicians' foreign accounts.

Shaukat Ali Khan Aug 20, 2015 07:25am

It seems that Pakistan's helicopter deal with Russia has disturbed US.

Ahmed Aug 20, 2015 07:36am

I support US decision not to provide funds. Pakistan need to stand on it's own feet and fight terrorism war. Important point is to fight those who are fighting Pakistani state.

Dr. Masood Aug 20, 2015 07:37am

Don't think Pakistan was expecting otherwise. If it was, then it was living in a fool's paradise. On the contrary its incessant inclination towards China and now Russia (as signified by signing of a landmark defense deal) speaks for itself and highlights the direction in which it is heading.

rahul Aug 20, 2015 07:45am

This is really a great news !!!

Farouk A. Pasha Aug 20, 2015 07:48am

Thank God for that. This money is no good to Pakistanis. It only gets transferred to the bank accounts of the looters of Pakistan.

Ocean Apart Aug 20, 2015 07:50am

Fighting others war for money... enough! Pakistan has suffered the most due to Afghanistan war since Soviet invasion and we are still suffering. we need a leadership that has the self-esteem to say no to foreign aid for killing own people.

ayub Aug 20, 2015 08:10am

This is the immediate reaction to Pak-Russia latest strategic cooperation.

Grandfather Aug 20, 2015 08:16am

@Shaukat Ali Khan the best way to feel got about any information is to introduce a conspiracy . Why does the U.S. Need to give Pakistan money to a problem that effects Pakistanis more than Americans . This operation is for the people of Pakistan and the aid would have ended after the draw down anyway. It's crazy for a state to say that it will provide law and order to its citizens only if a foreign country pays them money.That is how the mafia world works nation states have a responsibility .

Sakhi Ismael Aug 20, 2015 08:25am

@Ahmed bravo, for having a spine!

imran khan Aug 20, 2015 08:32am

keep your money to yourself USA, you will need it in iraq and syria and i think pakistan will better learn a lesson from it

aziz Aug 20, 2015 08:32am

@ayub just 4 helicopters and you call it strategic alliance.

Amir Khan Aug 20, 2015 08:38am

I think Pakistan should now ask the US to exert pressure on Afghanistan to do more. Pakistan has been rigorously pursuing Operation against militants for the last two years and has suffered a lot of casualties, monetary losses as well as collateral damage. US could not finish off the Taliban despite 14 years of war in Afghanistan and after killing of thousands of Afghans and spending hundreds of billions of Dollars. The last thing thing the US should do is preach to us after their failures and shortcomings being exposed in Afghanistan. Pakistan inherited this problem during the Soviet invasion and has suffered from it ever since. The US is a thankless, unappreciative and icognisant partner in the war against terrorism. So Pakistan should just ask them now to "SHUT UP" and leave us alone. We have to set our own house in order, in the best way we can and in the time frame suitable to us. Pakistan is pursuing a very balanced and bipartisan approach under present leadership and stick to it

ZahidUSA Aug 20, 2015 08:58am

@rahul Yes Rahul. Overall, india has received much more money thank Pak from USAID. Pak should not be worried about it as its Economy has really picked up.

Sal Aug 20, 2015 08:59am

Pakistan must increase their revenue/GDP and not dependent on the aid from any country. It is time for Pakistan to become self reliant.

Naveed Aug 20, 2015 09:00am

How long we will depend on foreign aid ? its about time say NO and move with your existent resources, If Iran can do it ....we are far better than them.

Sami Qureshi Aug 20, 2015 09:02am

It is perhaps the best friendly gesture on the part of USA that Pakistanis should have to learn to live without aid, alms and charity from different countries.

M Aug 20, 2015 09:03am

India, Iran, Afghanistan, the Arab world and US are NOT Pakistan's friends or allies for that matter. It has been proven time and again. Shame on our leadership for not seeing this and for the policies that have ruined the country.

KHI to Dubai Pakistani Aug 20, 2015 09:03am

Historical move by US. Appreciative!

The more the money goes in hands of Politicians, the more their amount in terms of percentages of corruption increases. It's better not to beg for corruption.

fawad Aug 20, 2015 09:08am

@outsider It is aid in disguise of reimbursements, as what army s doing is for Pakistan. They are exterminating terrorist who are affecting Pakistan, US is giving money to support it. Zarb-i-azb is for Pakistan, not USA.

samir Aug 20, 2015 09:11am

It will begin again once Republicans are back in power.

Ganga Raam Aug 20, 2015 09:19am

Looks like USA is short on cash

Pakistani Aug 20, 2015 09:29am

$13 has been already provided to us???? where is this money??? thank you US for not giving us more aid. seriously, we don't need aid because it doesn't reaches common people. it is eaten by our corrupt politicians. A big thank you to United States

Sharon Aug 20, 2015 09:30am

I agree that US is fighting its war in Pakistan, but these terrorists are killing us as well. In previous years who have suffered the most from terrorists attacks. It's we the citizens of Pakistan.We are losing our beloved ones, therefore our State should take it seriously and uproot terrorism from the country genuinely rather than promoting it for their own benefits. The State officials should love Pakistan and be honest.

Alamzeb Amer Aug 20, 2015 09:35am

US & Pak Marriage and Divorce relation! This time both the two must recount on each other as if a divorce happens the former U.S.S.R as being through the alley way enjoying a cunning ride on the back of the Northern Alliance as it was in 1979.Now Communism and secularism as both are the twin worse enemies of the entire humanity have by proxy once again been capable of the divorce between the two red & whit and Black & white!

usman Aug 20, 2015 09:36am

no need to listen to US

jay Aug 20, 2015 09:40am

You can fool some for sometime. But truth will always come out to haunt you

Bilal Aug 20, 2015 09:43am

@aziz bro this is the start of the march in a different direction against America's aspirations.... Aagay aagay dekho hota hay kya.. Pakistan Zindabad

ALI AZHAR Aug 20, 2015 09:47am

We are incurring a huge cost of expenditure in Operation Zerb e Azb against taliban being an ally of USA and on such a critical moment the stoppage of CSF may not only disturb the operational activities there but may pave the ground for their re-establishment. The US must reconsider its policy regarding Pakistan otherwise it may also impact their safe withdrawal from Afganistan.

Arshad Hussain Aug 20, 2015 09:56am

You will die starving for them and they will keep on asking "DO MORE".

SAQ Aug 20, 2015 09:58am

@Ganga Raam Agree. Only if they had not gone to war with Iraq based on a lie (WMD).

Sheikh Khalid Aug 20, 2015 09:59am

In an unreal war all kinds of surreal blames happen. US Foreign Policy is, to say the LEAST, is Surreal.

cloud Aug 20, 2015 10:02am

@Bilal there is nothing to see... max to max you might get russia support that too to buy weapons from them..

Dove Aug 20, 2015 10:16am

Could Americans and NATO do enough in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Dove Aug 20, 2015 10:17am

@rahul keep enjoying it!

does it matter Aug 20, 2015 10:17am

@outsider reimbursement for what?

JenX Aug 20, 2015 10:31am

good move by USA. Congrats Pakistan

Huzaifa Akhtar Aug 20, 2015 10:38am

Do more .... do more...... do more........

NY Aug 20, 2015 10:50am

@Akil Akhtar, in forigen policy there is no permanent Friends brothers or enemy. It's all about achieving your short term & long term goal

Pilot Aug 20, 2015 11:01am

It is Reimbursement not Aid. Its Pakistan's money to start with

Wonder Aug 20, 2015 11:03am

Fighting this war for our own good and by spending our own good money will definitely pave the way for people's support of this war. By reimbursing the money, it sends wrong signals that we are fighting this war to earn CSF money. It's time that the US don't need us anymore, after their utter failure in Afghanistan. We should not be following their tracks, as they spent billions of their taxpayers' money without eliminating Taliban. We should do what is in our national interest, not what's dictated.

Last Word Aug 20, 2015 11:31am

This is unfair on US to blame Pakistan who has been ally and fighting war against terror for more than one decade and lost several thousand Pakistanis. There appears to be deep conspiracy against Pakistan to isolate it as both India and Afghanistan are blaming it for grave border violations are now joined by US too.

Kamal Pasha Aug 20, 2015 11:46am

Pakistan should carry on cleaning of the terrorists according to their programmes. They should not listen to anyone, including the U.S.

Srk Aug 20, 2015 11:57am

@Shaukat Ali Khan U cant keep foot on both the boats ie China US

Bing-Bud-A-Bang Aug 20, 2015 12:11pm

@ZahidUSA - LOL...!!!

Zeeshan Aug 20, 2015 12:12pm

Completely support the decision by the US. We have supported Pakistan, Israel and other countries for far too long. These countries need to stand on their own feet and let their own people pay tax for a change.

M.M.Sherazi Aug 20, 2015 12:43pm

We stand up and high in admitting the results of the on-going operation, our army has destroyed the terrorist camps and mechanism, we do not need any certificate from the rest of the world to even have any say on it. Pakistan Army has the full power and strength to safeguard the nation.

Shahid Aug 20, 2015 01:15pm

CPEC with China and defence deals with Russia couldn't produce any other result. Pakistan must have calculated it coming. The next step by USA can be blocking IMF and world bank from financing Pakistan. Politics of superpower blocks is returning back and it means, you are either with us or with them. I am afraid they will use middle Eastern sheikhs to strangle it much further by putting breaks on remittances.

khan Aug 20, 2015 01:37pm

Our best friend with a history of leaving Pakistan in cold waters (1971 India planned invation of E.Pakistan, USSR defeat in Afghanistan just name few). Did manage to resolve its dispute with Iran BUT Pakistan is not allowed to build gas pipline/simply says Pakistan will face sanctions. No concrete help in resolving Kashmir, water n Indian agression issues But says Pakistan has not done enough against Haqqani net work etc. Question arises, America is our friend or pushing us to a disasterious situation. Probably, it would be wise to raise certain related questions in this UN meeting addressing Pakistani concerns and American bullyism. If UN says weaker States dont have right to decide what is good or bad for them and power groups are the only one to live, then its better countries decide and start leaving this UN and create another UN for itself. Such kind of behaviour cannot be allowed for indefinite time.

GOGA Pehlwan Aug 20, 2015 01:40pm

@Dr. Masood Good points .

Ash Aug 20, 2015 01:46pm

If the one source where the most of the country's money came, if that plug is pulled, then please explain how the nation can stand on its own feet. Shouting slogans of we don't need US aid here is nothing but cute.

Khan Aug 20, 2015 02:16pm


We may call it whatever we may like but nevertheless it is A.I.D. You do not get paid from others to clean your own house do you? or shall we start reimbursing other countries for their own policing. We get this AID from USA to get rid of our own fools who are so violent that they create mayhem in another country at will.

Imran Soomro Aug 20, 2015 02:50pm

The US cannot hurl allegations on Pakistan given its own actions in Iraq and Syria, especially after its top ex-defence chief Miachel Flynn's acknowledgement that the US has indeed added more fuel on fire. He also conceded in Aljazeera that his country did play the role in the creation of ISIS. CSF is not a favour to Pakistan rather it is part and parcel of American war against the Taliban.

KaKa Aug 20, 2015 03:02pm

This is what you get, when you cannot explain and present your work in English.

Fahad Aug 20, 2015 03:13pm

Thank you US please leave us alone and shove that csf up yours . this aid is a curse we should celebrate that we may get rid of it for good..

Taimoor Khan Aug 20, 2015 03:43pm

Good riddance. They themselves are losing whatever leverage they might have over Pakistan. Pakistan has already decided about regional north south connectivity linking China, central Asia and Russia, to the warm waters of Arabian Sea. America is no where in the picture.

Prashanth Aug 20, 2015 03:56pm

@Akil Akhtar why will US stop ISIS? both the attackers and the defenders buy arms from US war industry, so that keeps the US war economy booming.

Prashanth Aug 20, 2015 03:57pm

@Pakistani Hope China's aid reaches the common people

ravi Aug 20, 2015 03:59pm

@Shaukat Ali Khan Is it any different from what you have with China now :)

Salim Khan Aug 20, 2015 04:03pm

When you go out of Pakistan, even after more than one year of Zarb-i-Azb, the image of Pakistan is the same as before. This is because we are not killing all terrorist. World still thinks that we are harbouring and sending terrorists even now.

Syed Hussain Akbarii Aug 20, 2015 04:04pm

@ashfaq You are not wrong. The country should not depend on such aids and find its own way tp its satisfaction to get rid of all terrorists. It is a boss and dubordinates relation. You do this work you get your salary. To the hell with them. Pakistan is doing all what is possible in eradicating the terrorists from its land. Instead of encouraging and further supporting the USA comes like a bull in Cina shop and spoils everything. USA must stop the aids which will Pakistan two advantages. 1)The country will not be under unnecessary favor of USA. 2) More money will not go to the pockets of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Prateek Aug 20, 2015 04:10pm

Most Pakistanis are shouting slogans of not wanting the aid. But what will they do, when they hit the reality? They must have found a pot of gold somewhere? And c'mon don't tell me about CPEC.

Armaan Aug 20, 2015 04:12pm

its time to think just for our own country Pakistan.....who ever is better for us is friend of us....who ever

Arslan Aug 20, 2015 04:24pm

There's only fabricated evidence that Pak has not evicted Haqqanis from her soil. Haqqanis do not need to have bases in Pak to operate from. Maybe Haqqanis were told to move much before the operation started but that's that. Even others were warned to clear Pakistani territory and those who didn't were targeted. This move by USA is all about pressure, nothing else as Pakistan is stabilising under Gen Raheel's command.

Shuaib Bhat Aug 20, 2015 04:28pm

Then don't, Pakistan and Pakistanis don't care about the US. We have more important things to take care of.

Zif Aug 20, 2015 04:40pm

'Do more' mantra goes on.

Saleem USA Aug 20, 2015 05:09pm

This is not an aid. This is the money that Pakistan spent from its pocket per the agreement to support coalition activities and US is supposed to refund. If USA does not, then no problem, USA can keep its money. We will manage. Pakistan does not understand, the world wants India because of its huge economy potential, while on the other hand, the Pakistan worries the world. Its all due to our failed foreign policy being run by our foreign minister Nawaz Shareef.

mo Aug 20, 2015 05:18pm

better US ask Kabul to talk some sense

they start talking nonsense since they met with Taliban for peace process.

but it is US move just asking Pakistan to bring them back and bring a temporary end to fighting,which escalated recently.

Karachite Aug 20, 2015 05:27pm

There needs to be a humane, phased repatriation of all afghans from Pakistan back to their homeland in an 18 month time frame.

When there are no afghans left in pakistan, these allegations by the Afghan Govt will be difficult to make.

Then we need to identify which Afghans illegallly acquired Pak ID cards and passpors and cancel them (and punish the Pakistanis who issued them).

Taimoor Khan Aug 20, 2015 05:46pm

@Prateek We dont find ourselves as the biggest American AID receiver, the honor actually goes to India, so in nutshell, it wont harm us that much.

Sr Aug 20, 2015 05:50pm

@Taimoor Khan Pakistan is dependent on aid for survival unlike India which is receving 200 yimes ore FDI than Pakistan

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 05:53pm

@Nilesh ... There are two sides to this. One is proof Pakistan is performing as per the contract. This was a signed agreement. Not a handshake deal. Washington just wants to see the paperwork.

imran ahmad Aug 20, 2015 05:57pm

Stopping AID will be a blessing to the people of Pakistan. They always wanted to stand on their feet and this is the time.

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 05:57pm

@Shaukat Ali Khan ... The same helicopter gunships the Russians used to kill Afghans? What does Pakistan need them for?

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 06:04pm

@Ocean Apart ..... You need to decide who your own people are. You need to decide which side of the fence you are on. Your leaders are only concerned primarily with providing for their own and their families' safety and preserving their wealth.

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 06:09pm

@ayub .... The Russian military has a much different feeling towards Muslims than you can possible imagine. The Russian government has military equipment they want to sell you. They also want to protect themselves from heroin and Central Asian terrorists. Each side must benefit.

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 06:10pm

@ZahidUSA ......We hope that continues.

Zak Aug 20, 2015 06:12pm

The super power can't sort Afghanistan out and wants the regional power Pakistan , to do it, for the Americans and at Pakistans expense. Yeah, sure we will do it, just after you have used your good offices to , assist resolve Indian occupied Kashmir, something you promised when you became President.

Mustafa haider Aug 20, 2015 06:17pm

Another drama from US to not accept the fact that Pakistan Army has done their job and rather than accepting it they are refusing the fact!! Enough depend on the US and its Aid, now its time to stand on your own foot.

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 06:18pm

@Bilal .... America needs Pakistan like a fish needs a bicycle. Washington is ready and willing to do business with India. American is comfortable with multi- ethnic and multi-cultural nations who function with less difficulty than Pakistan.

Junaid Aug 20, 2015 06:19pm

@Shahid CPEC is being partly funded by the Three Gorges Corporation's Pakistani subsidiary in which the Washington-based body the International Finance Corporation has a 15% stake. If a World Bank body has been involved in CPEC without American opposition up till now, it means the Americans are not all that hurt by CPEC.

Alina Aug 20, 2015 06:21pm

@Prateek It wasn't aid, it was reimbursements to Pakistan for the use of Pakistani supply routes and military facilities to wage the war effort in Afghanistan. Also that so-called "aid" was far outweighed by the costs Pakistan has borne in fighting this war, so please Prateek, do make us "hit the reality." I wish you Indians would do some basic fact checking before taking your absurd pot-shots.

Ghaznavi Aug 20, 2015 06:46pm

@M While India, Afghanistan, Iran, most Arabs and Bangladesh have never been our friends, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Cuba and Bosnia are friendlier to Pakistan. West and the US are only interested in their interests. At the end of the day religion and friendship cannot override economics. As soon as we have taken care of our house and attained stronger economic footing our friends list will increase :)

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 06:49pm

@Sheikh Khalid .... The Insanity is in the State Department. Since World War II it has become a Fourth Branch of government controlled by the rich. The people in the State Department actually believe they are running it.

Analyst Aug 20, 2015 06:50pm

First relations with GCC countries have taken a hit and now this. In such situations India will take advantage. Remember India's goal is to isolate Pakistan internationally.

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 07:03pm

@Last Word ... Why blame the US for the Russian invasion of Afghanistan? The Russians invaded and suddenly General Zia found three million Afghans in Pakistan he was unable to feed and house.

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 07:07pm

@Fahad ... I hope you will keep your word and advise your prime minister. Nothing would make Americans happier. Americans are not Washington just as the Chinese are not Beijing.

N. Aug 20, 2015 07:08pm

Sir. what will happen now. Obama and Nawaz were very close friends. Will they live like enemies now ?

Cyrus Aug 20, 2015 07:17pm

@Prashanth ... Russia supplies arms to the Bashar al Assad regime just as it did for the Saddam Hussein regime and Iran. It has sold arms for oil since the end of World War II.

s m taha Aug 20, 2015 08:57pm

It is the time the Mullah-Military alliance must break forever. There is strong impression that religious hardliners and banned organizations still have links with agencies.

Ahmed Shah Gurani Aug 20, 2015 09:55pm

US has done it right.

brmurr Aug 20, 2015 10:12pm

@ashfaq Your inability to elect a competent, trustworthy, and accountable government is the fault of common Pakistanis. If there is no oversight to make sure aid is used in the intended manner, then who's fault is it? Ordinary Pakistanis are to blame. Pakistan has squandered billions in aid over many decades, yet still tries to blame other countries for its own disfunction, then holds its hand out for more aid. Now Pakistan looks to China for aid, but China has the benefit of seeing Pakistani government mismanagement of aid, and likely wont trust or be fooled by Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that Pakistan never truly had any intention of eliminating terrorist networks, and if anything allows them to operate with impunity because Pakistanis still believe that these networks offer strategic depth. I am fed up with Pakistan. Its sink or swim time for Pakistanis. Everybody is watching.

jai hind Aug 20, 2015 10:27pm

good opportunity for Pakistan to stand on its own feet

kp Aug 20, 2015 10:57pm

Pakistan is a proud country. It doesnt need US money.

LiFafi Sahafi Aug 20, 2015 11:17pm

@Akil Akhtar "It obvious they don't need us anymore .......Also they have no idea what friendship means. Its not their fault it is western culture."

Problem is, we never learn. We have never learned to stand up on our own. Be prepared when Chinese culture shows its true colors.

mustafa Aug 21, 2015 12:40am

Pressure tactics , I guess its a old game and Pakistan is well aware of the American drill

Pakistan's neighbor Aug 21, 2015 01:08am

@Taimoor Khan I guess you could keep saying to yourself that India receives more aid than Pak, if it makes you happy. If you ever get curious what the truth is, here's the list of recipients of US aid -

Of course, you can choose to deny this report and stay forever in your ignorant blissful world. Why do you always have to think the whole world is conspiring against Pak? Why is it so hard to say "Yes, we messed up, and we will fix it. Thanks for pointing it out". I'm not saying all others (including mine) are extra-ordinary countries. But, we don't take criticism as an assault on our identity like Pakistani's do. We want you to do well and help your neighbors do well too.

David Salmon Aug 21, 2015 01:13am

They money is aid, promised to Pakistan to reimburse its military costs of fighting terrorism. But Pakistan is two-faced, attacking the terrorists it does not like while protecting the terrorists the Army supports, including the Haqqani group, the LeT and the JuD. The US has warned Pakistan that it would not continue to ignore the Army's selectivity, and now it has followed through.

Some here claim Pakistan does not need the money. They are content, I must assume, with bad schools, bad water, bad railways, bad power, a bad economy, and bad foreign relations.

Peace with India and Afghanistan will not, cannot, happen as along as Pakistan continues to embrace its favored terrorists. Peace requires peace, not continued proxy war.

Wake up and smell the coffee.


pure ind Aug 21, 2015 03:37am

@mustafa well it clearly shows when iit's matter of money there is no rreligion or brotherhood. No wonder y pakistan stays quite when muslims are ttortured in China.

ZAK Aug 21, 2015 05:49am

I work hard in my corner store in the US to support my family back home even though the locals don't like me here I still hang on. So guys sometimes we have to go through some struggle to achieve the goal. We need America more than they need us.

ZAK Aug 21, 2015 05:52am

@khan.. and you live here in the US?

kate Aug 21, 2015 08:39am

@outsider But Pakistan has to earn it!

kate Aug 21, 2015 08:52am

@Shaukat Ali Khan What relation that has with the US aid?

kate Aug 21, 2015 09:07am

@Arshad Hussain Just know that now we are in a result oriented world culture. Your results have been dismal to say the least.

kate Aug 21, 2015 09:08am

@aziz It is a new boyfriend!

kate Aug 21, 2015 09:09am

@Last Word If everyone is calling it a spade it must be a spade.

Prateek Aug 21, 2015 01:08pm

@Alina, @ Taimoor Khan, Ignorance is bliss they say. How about doing some fact checking yourself about your country's reserves and overall monetary situation? Most of the time articles in Business section of Dawn gets just a couple of comments. Pakistan has received $13 billion, other military toys excluded. So please don't tell your cost exceeded the funds received.

About being the top recipient please read credible sources before commenting:

And Pakistan is not doing a favor on the World. It is cleaning up the mess it has created, for its own sake, and that too selectively.

So the original question remains: What will Pakistan do when the reality hits them?

brmurr Aug 21, 2015 06:04pm

@kp "Pakistan is a proud country. It doesnt need US money."

Good, glad to hear that! Then you won't mind returning every penny!

amit Aug 22, 2015 02:11am

@outsider But Pakistan has not delivered on its promises. US had extended the aid by one year provided Pakistan will deliver as promised. Besides US did not want Pakistan to default.

From USA, S.A.Hyder, Ph.D. Aug 22, 2015 02:31am

@Shaukat Ali Khan: Do you think that money will not go into the politicians' accounts?

Realist Aug 22, 2015 02:50am

@Sonny Afridi But its US that is funding you . The booze is where the money is.

Realist Aug 22, 2015 02:53am

@ayub So You havent heard that Russian economy is in shambles and Russia has been sanctioned for its military interference in Ukraine. Partnership with Russia will only give you junk weapons.

Realist Aug 22, 2015 03:00am

@Ghaznavi Good that you have realized . For starters India has a GDP ten times of your so no points for guessing who is ahead in the race.

Realist Aug 22, 2015 03:00am

@Analyst well said and it is happening too!!

chinku pinku Aug 22, 2015 05:34am

@outsider Pakistan's money spent by Pakistan to kill terrorists inside Pakistan to protect Pakistanis. Remember Pakistan also suffers from terrorism. So why should someone else pay you money to protect yourself?