HUM TV Awards 2015 survey: Here's who you voted for

Published April 8, 2015
Saba Qamar, Adnan Malik and Cybil Chowdhry turn out to be the favourites.
Saba Qamar, Adnan Malik and Cybil Chowdhry turn out to be the favourites.

Celebrities and stars from the entertainment fraternity are set for a star-studded evening hosted by HUM TV for the third installment of its awards ceremony in Dubai.

With 27 categories in the areas of TV, fashion and music, the awards will be presented to the best actors, directors, fashion models and singers at the World Trade Centre Dubai. asked readers for their favourites amongst writers, directors, negative roles as well as the best from the fashion and music scene.

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Over 2,000 of you filled out our survey - here is the verdict:

Given the lukewarm response on social media, it was surprising that Sadqay Tumhare bagged this one with a whopping 537 votes. Fans either dig the love story which is peppered with intrigue, or it is the expected Mahira-effect.

Digest Writer at number two with 483 votes was predictable because fans are going gaga over Saba Qamar for her brilliant performance.

Following Digest Writer is the much-hyped Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai which managed to get 344 votes. Although some actors did a commendable job, weak execution of the script could be the hurdle in the way of its popularity.

Shanakht, Mere Mehrbaan and Bunty I Love You did not impress our voters.

In the next category, Ehteshamud Din gets the most votes — 491 to be precise — for Sadqay Tumhare. Trailing behind by a 100-vote difference is Sakina Samoo's Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai.

Ahmed Kamran takes the third place with Digest Writer.

With Sadqay Tumhare securing top drama, one would think that Khalilur Rehman Qamar would have been the victor for Best Writer.

But the applause was instead in favour of Umer Ahmed with 601 votes for Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai, followed closely by Khalilur Rehman with 548 votes.

This was a close call: Saba Qamar in Digest Writer makes it to the finish line with just eight more votes than Mahira Khan in Sadqay Tumhare. There is no doubt that both Saba and Mahira are loved and celebrated equally.

Even though Saba Qamar bagged two places with Digest Writer and Bunty I Love You, it is evident that the audience loved her as Rashk-e-Hina over Dania in the latter.

Sanam Jung followed behind with 432 votes.

This one is a shocker: readers went all out to ensure Adnan Malik win for Sadqay Tumhare with a massive 517 votes.

Given that Sadqay is his debut drama, it is indeed an achievement for Adnan. Although the actor was criticised for being impassive and monotonous, the audience (or some section of it) has decided it was becoming of the character.

Adeel Hussain, who had us sitting up on our sofas with his an outstanding performance in Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai, follows with 404 votes and Mikaal Hasan with 350 votes for the same drama.

Disturbingly enough, best actor in a negative role comprises solely of female actors.

Samiya Mumtaz for Sadqay Tumhare is a clear winner with a landslide victory with 960 votes. This indeed makes it the most popular vote across the entire survey.

Samiya who plays the truly detestable mother of Shanno (Mahira Khan) is indeed giving one of her best performances.

Last year's LSA Model of the Year, Cybil Chowdhry wins this category with 563 votes followed by the slender Sabeeka Imam with 330 who was recently seen on the ramp in FPW last week.

Amna Babar who won the LSA Best Emerging Talent award last year came at third place with 325 votes.

With 391 votes Omer Shehzad wins this one followed closely by Rizwan Jaffri and Hasnain Lehri with 321 and 306 votes respectively.

Although Overload's 'Nimmi Nimmi', Sketches' 'Meena' and Naseer and Shahab's 'Ghalti Mein Shta' were liked by the listeners, the votes have been swept by Faakhir's 'Shikwa' with 505 votes and Farhan Saeed's 'Rooiyan' with 490.

Adnan Malik wins another one — this time for his mad direction skills in Zoe Viccaji's single 'Phir Mili Tanhai'. The director-actor is followed by Yasir Jaswal for Farhan Saeed's 'Rooiyan' with 407 votes.

This survey was conducted by for predictions and is in no way related to the actual results of the HUM TV Awards 2015.



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