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‘Is criticising blasphemy laws blasphemous’

Updated Feb 07, 2015 07:13am


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Mumtaz Qadri.—AFP/File
Mumtaz Qadri.—AFP/File
Counsel of Mumtaz Qadri Mian Nazir Akhtar arrives for the hearing of Salman Taseer’s murder case at IHC. — INP/File
Counsel of Mumtaz Qadri Mian Nazir Akhtar arrives for the hearing of Salman Taseer’s murder case at IHC. — INP/File

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) bench hearing an appeal filed by Mumtaz Qadri – the murderer of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer – asked his defence team whether criticising the blasphemy laws was, in itself, an act of blasphemy.

The IHC division bench consisting of Justice Noorul Haq N. Qureshi and Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui, on Friday, read out a statement by Mr Taseer, where he called the blasphemy law ‘a black law’. At this point, the judge asked Qadri’s counsel, former Justice Mian Nazeer Ahmed, whether Taseer had blasphemed when he criticised a law that was promulgated during the regime of former military dictator General Ziaul Haq.

Take a look: How could Qadri declare Taseer a blasphemer, IHC asks defence

“Did his actions fall under the ambit of the blasphemy law,” the judge mused, adding, “For the sake of argument, even if it is presumed that Mr Taseer had committed blasphemy, should he not be dealt with in accordance with the law?”

Evading the question, the counsel recalled that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had himself sent men to punish blasphemers. However, the bench remarked that in doing so, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was also exercising judicial powers in addition to administrative ones, adding that under second Caliph Umar, the judiciary was separated from the executive.

Qadri’s defence attorney maintains it is acceptable for individuals to act unilaterally against blasphemers in certain cases

The counsel claimed that in his research on the subject of blasphemy, he had found as many as 115 cases where alleged blasphemers had been put to death over the course of nearly 14 centuries. These included, he pointed out, Christians who had been executed in the name of religion in Europe.

He alleged that the west had double standards; on the one hand, they did not permit Holocaust Denial but on the other hand, they allowed things that hurt Muslim sentiments under ‘freedom of expression’.

The judge-turned-counsel argued that in certain circumstances, individuals could take action against blasphemers on their own.

At this point, Justice Qureshi remarked that even a judge did not have the authority to touch a convict. He said that a district and sessions judge, after convicting an accused, can award him the death penalty but he could not shoot the convict himself.

In case a judge causes any harm to the convict, the judge may be held accountable in accordance with the law and a case may be instituted against him, he added.

Qadri’s counsel claimed that his client was an honest policeman and had served with many VVIPs in the past.

He also claimed that there was insufficient evidence against Qadri to establish that he was a criminal.

Justice Siddiqui then asked the counsel whether, as a policeman, Qadri had taken an oath to protect the lives of his fellow citizens. If he believed Mr Taseer has done something wrong, he would have been dealt with in accordance with the law, the judge said.

He then asked the counsel whether the bench should decide the matter on the basis of emotions and sentiments, or strictly in accordance with the law and adjourned further hearing until February 10.

Published in Dawn February 7th , 2015

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Comments (143) Closed

Mirza Mirza Feb 07, 2015 06:46am

Case should be decided according to the law and not to the sentiment.

UD Feb 07, 2015 06:50am

It is very shameful to see lawyers 'en masse' trying to save a cold blooded killer. Even retired high court judges are also lining as saviors. What a pity. When ultra educated people have this type of mind set in Pakistan then how can you blame a grass root level uneducated person? can any body tell me the quality wise difference between Mumtaz Quadri - the killer and lawyers and judges - the defenders?

vish Feb 07, 2015 06:53am

what punishment is there in pakistani law for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and Christians. ..I guess nothing. ..In India at least the law is equal for all. ...

Silent Majority Feb 07, 2015 07:19am

Brainstorming and discussion with questions was done frequently with Prophet Mohammad PBUH in fact it was a way of life. That's how you "learn" it is the fundamental of Islamic knowledge (ilm)

Joe FL Feb 07, 2015 07:23am

"He then asked the counsel whether the bench should decide the matter on the basis of emotions and sentiments, or strictly in accordance with the law and adjourned further hearing until February 10."

Asked the question ... and without any answer to the question or any request from counsel for time to answer it ... simply adjourned?

The question is a key one. Will the answer be required? Or will the question be ignored?

Shakeel Ahmad Feb 07, 2015 07:28am

This case should be before the army. Pak judiciary is weak, judges easily threatened. Qadri will walk free.

Rohan Feb 07, 2015 07:34am

No, it is not script of your Bollywood movie. This is real court. I know it is hard to believe with so many similarities. Pakistan lawyer giving instances of 14 centuries. Did he know, it was legal to carry slave, sword, any pretty much anything. I now know why Pakistan does not want to curb Polio as they have found many cases over the course of nearly 14 centuries. Yet killing innocent birds which have been there for thousand of years is fine as they have found many cases of killing over the course of nearly 4 decades. Pakistan is the country of traditional values and culture.

Rahman Feb 07, 2015 07:36am

I hope that Pakistan never strays from the path of true Islam and knows how to protect the pious.

Datta Feb 07, 2015 07:42am

I wonder if there is anything in Islam which prohibits a person responsible to protect the life of another from taking the life of that very person. In that case this chap can be hanged on such a ground. At any case its quite clear the Pakistani courts are not willing to pass an unpopular judgement that will put the judges lives at risk som they are dragging the case with such inane questions. Judiciary in Pakistan has been totalli compromised and is subservient to the Jehadists ideology.

Shuaib Bhat Feb 07, 2015 07:53am

@vish the blasphemy is for all, including hindus and christians. It's enforcement is lacking though.

Mohan Kagini Feb 07, 2015 07:55am

This case should be fast tracked in military courts.But this is Pakistan.

illawarrior Feb 07, 2015 07:58am

I agree that the laws some countries have against holocaust denial are ridiculous. Muslims point to these and demand equal "protection", when what should happen, is for these ludicrous laws to be abolished. It is very clear that the holocaust happened, but if a few ignorant, misinformed people wish to say it did not, then they should be entitled to do so. I have never understood how these laws managed to be enacted.

Hasan Fawad Feb 07, 2015 08:02am

@vish my dear friend the blasphemy law is for all religious personalities. In our law degrading Jesus is also blasphemous but unfortunately our non Muslim brothers don't have the same emotional attachment to their religious personalities and they even go to the extent of making fun of their God and prophets in movies and drama

vaqas Feb 07, 2015 08:04am

I find all these arguments a waste of time of the judiciary. If the defense can not prove that the defendant did not commit the murder then the crime should be punished according to the law. The motive of the criminal ( as he has already been convicted) is irrelevant. It was murder in the first degree and the maximum penalty should be awarded

Mein_Jinn Feb 07, 2015 08:06am

@vish India is far ahead my friend. And I am a Pakistani :)

illawarrior Feb 07, 2015 08:08am

Perhaps someone with detailed knowledge of this Act could enlighten us.

outspoken Feb 07, 2015 08:08am

What are those cases where an individual can take unilateral and arbitrary action against who he presumes to be a blasphemer?

Mansoor Sajid Feb 07, 2015 08:11am

Case should be decided on it's merit without taking into consideration emotions.

leon Feb 07, 2015 08:19am



Love of Ishabb Rasool. Feb 07, 2015 08:24am

Ghazi Alam Deen Shaheed lives forever.

So will Malik Mumtaz forever.

U have your & we have our Deen Islam.

The light,the guidance forever-------------

AXH Feb 07, 2015 08:31am

@vish - "...what punishment is there in pakistani law for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and Christians...."

What punishment was awarded to the person who was behind the massacre of Muslims in the Gujarat riots? nothing and he was made the PM instead. Go figure.

Samina Feb 07, 2015 08:31am

This is a murder and should be treated as a murder. No one is allowed to kill in the name of religion specially when the religion teaches to protect the sanctity of life.

Jam Jammi Jan Feb 07, 2015 08:46am

I seriously doubt the judges will get to finish the trial in a fair manner. They will either be threatened or killed by some "religious nut case" and the whole drama will be halted and declared a mistrial. Justice would be best served if this case is sent to Military Court for a speedy end to this Pakistani circus.

Jawad U Rahman Feb 07, 2015 08:47am

"He then asked the counsel whether the bench should decide the matter on the basis of emotions and sentiments". I hope the judge was saying this rhetorically. The role of tge courts is to judge according to the law. Anything else does not belong on the court.

tinker bell Feb 07, 2015 08:49am

This case is a test case for the judicial system in this country. It will either pass or fail.

Avtar Feb 07, 2015 08:51am

Good luck Pakistani friends!

Taimur Khan Feb 07, 2015 08:51am

The counsel pleading on behalf of Qadri should use his legal sense and search his conscience. If a certain law is considered so sacrosanct that it cannot even be criticized, then how can it ever be amended or repealed by the legislature. Clearly, the arguments advanced by the Defence Lawyer are based on religious fervor and emotions; and not on principles of justice. Qadri admitted having committed murder and deserves the punishment according to the law of the land!

Ajaya K Dutt Feb 07, 2015 09:18am

@vish -No. Even in India, there are many prominent Muslims, including legislators, who insult Hindu deities. There is no action against them. However it is not other way around, even in India.

mash Feb 07, 2015 09:47am

i second @mirza mirza, the case should be decided in accordance with the law.

Last Word Feb 07, 2015 09:48am

Kudos to the Pak judges who are making spot on observations reminding the defence lawyers that the laws of the land are above the religious beliefs and also the accused being a policeman was duty bound to protect the lives of the citizens and not take their lives. The defence lawyer arguments that there is insufficient evidence against the self confessed accused is indeed laughable. This is a open and shut case but it remains to seen whether the judges buckle under immense pressure or fulfill their obligations to protect, preserve and defend the constitution of Pakistan.

Danish Feb 07, 2015 10:01am

High regards for these honourable judges. Law to be upheld not the sentiments.

jagmohan Feb 07, 2015 10:02am

It is really tormenting if far any reason Quadri is pardoned for unquestioned murder, what message it leaves to the people of Pakistan? Extremist will get bold to execute any one on labelling blasphemy and claming legal protection.How will country control ever rising terrorism? Extremists and hate teaching institutions will become more law - less and anarchist and challenge all the institutions of state and society.To save the country this case must show right path ie. full punishment.

public Feb 07, 2015 10:14am

The Defence Lawyers have left themselves open to face the Law themselves by their statements. They must be tried too.

Em Moosa Feb 07, 2015 10:15am

We should take guidance from the life of our Prophet PBUH when an old lady throwing garbage upon him whenever he was passing beside her home. One day when she did not throw garbage, Prophet PBUH asked about her wellness. When he found that she was sick, he went to see her. The lady was so impressed with the good behavior of our Prophet PBUH that she accepted Islam. Islam has teachings of peace for every one either he is Muslim or non Muslim. Unfortunately, now the teaching is in the hands of uneducated mullahs who have no proper knowledge of Islam.

Realist Feb 07, 2015 10:39am


What do you think? Has Pakistan and Pakistanis strayed from the true Islam path? What is the "true" Islam path? Who is going to define the "true" Islam path?

Qadri is following his own "true" Islam. You are following your own Islam. Taliban are following their Islam. I follow my Islam which believe is "true". No government official, a judge, or a mullah can define what I believe.

shahzad Feb 07, 2015 10:44am

@vish you dont have to guess, bad mouthing other faiths is encouraged simply because they are treated worse than even third class citizens.

Aamir Feb 07, 2015 10:49am

law should remain superior in this case, if IHC could not pursue this case, they should transfer this case to military court.

vish Feb 07, 2015 11:10am

@Ajaya K Dutt YES in India a person who speaks for the minority is considered secular while a person who speaks for the majority is considered communal......

Savvy Feb 07, 2015 11:18am

Looks like judges are asking all these questions to be transparent to the public and fanatical elements and to prove that they have been fair and acted according to the law. Otherwise these questions don't have any merit and are only a waste of time in a open and shut case. We will know in short what is the intent of judges and what is their courage to carry their duty !

Raymond Davis Feb 07, 2015 11:21am

Is filing Discrimination lawsuit a FELONY?

Pakistani Feb 07, 2015 11:23am

@vish yes that is why Modi who had nothing to do with the riots is now the PM!

Mian Shahid Mehmood Feb 07, 2015 11:27am

Adjournment, adjournment and again adjournment. After all what is extraordinary intricate in Qadri's case which is not being resolved either by the defense counsels or the court. Was it not possible to decide the appeal in one or two sittings? If justice rushed is justice crushed then justice delayed is justice denied.

awais Feb 07, 2015 11:41am

How is it blasphemous to criticize a "blasphemy" law which has so many loopholes?

amrut Feb 07, 2015 11:46am

Criticism shall always be welcome as nothing can be eternal. A country CAN PROGRESS only if the laws are scrutinised periodically and modified/dropped to be in tune with current trends. Recently several obnoxious laws are repealed in India (e.g suicide is no more a crime). No law can be continued forever if it is not in tune with current circumstances and thinking. Blasphemy law cannot be an exception. Killing a person just because he criticized blasphemy law is ridiculous. and the Advocates justify this which is all the more laughable. I understand that several Pakistanis oppose this law as well as its selective implementation. Pakistan shall rethink. Civil society shall pursue this to the logical end.

Javed Iqbal Feb 07, 2015 12:12pm

What sort of justice was delivered by these two learned judges-turned-counsels when they used to sit in court? My God! Save our coming generation from this kind of bigotry .

Parvez Feb 07, 2015 12:17pm

The defence knows they have no legs to stand they are resorting to intimidation and the misuse of religious texts to create false sentiment to try garner support. I hope the judiciary sticks firmly withe the spirit and letter of the law.

Rainman Feb 07, 2015 12:25pm

@Love of Ishabb Rasool. its not your fault that you do not understand what is due process of law and what are human rights. Its the fault of our leaders like Jinnah and Iqbal who set a wrong precedent by supporting Ilm-ud-din who murdered an innocent publisher in cold blood. By condoning that act they made a murderous mistake for which you and I will pay a high price.

Qasim Feb 07, 2015 12:25pm

@vish Only in law books not in practice.

ladies and gentlemen Feb 07, 2015 12:30pm

It is hard to believe that people like this retired judge made judgments with such a twisted mindset. I cannot imagine where this thinking will take us. Anyone can pull the trigger to settle scores and blame it on Blasphemy.

These judges and lawyers should be disbarred and tried in terrorism court by military. We need to rid ourselves of these activist mullahs in judge outfits.

Mohsin Feb 07, 2015 12:30pm

Wow! This is an open and shut case where the man has committed pre-meditated murder and confessed to it. He should be tried according to the law and punished accordingly irrespective of the sentiments that guided his actions.

Jawad U Rahman Feb 07, 2015 12:38pm

@Javed Iqbal
Exactly! It is incredible to hear their arguments and to imagine they were delivering 'justice' just a couple of years ago. They cannot even think rationally and impartially, they openly support a convicted murderer. It is scary.

AW Feb 07, 2015 12:52pm

Very disappointing performance on part of Judiciary and of the law enforcement agencies - What is there left to prove in this case?

bk Feb 07, 2015 12:54pm

If Qadri get acquitted, then anybody can punish accused without approaching law enforcing authorities.

Akhlesh Feb 07, 2015 01:04pm

@vish Hindus and Christians in Pakistan are too afraid to afford religious sentiment.

Sabeeh Ahmad Feb 07, 2015 01:27pm

By looking at this type of justice, others will come and will kill according to their own will and thinking....

Gypsy Feb 07, 2015 01:30pm

He is a premeditated murderer, plain and simple. And must by hanged to discourage this tendency in our society, of killing someone on purely personal verdict

RIS Feb 07, 2015 01:32pm

From the comments it seems as there is a competition going on between Pakistan and India! Which it is not - a question is lingering in all this and that real question is: Should Qadri be released? All in favor do keep in mind that he did not kill a Hindu or Christian, he killed a Muslim! If he is released, it would only mean that in the future if kind of incident happens, when a person only talks about 295-C, one Muslim (the more zealous one) can kill the other! There is already too much killing in my beloved country, are we willing to give another reason to kill? If so, why not dissolve the police and other agencies and let everyone decide on his own? Please do consider this!

Ricky Feb 07, 2015 01:46pm

I do not believe that 'murder' cases in Pakistan actually qualify to use 'Prophet Mohammad' or Quran as an example. Have these people ever done anything according to Islam or to benefit humanity in their entire life? Just reciting Kalma and giving prophet's examples so they can be set free, does not make them any saints. They need to stop the nonsense and start hanging all the killers of muslims and set an example what true Islam is. Is there shortage of water in that country that majority has started drinking blood?

mastang Feb 07, 2015 01:48pm

Why You criticise the law?

Charlie Hebdo Made Cartoon he was not punished, although he played with the sentiments of the muslims. If he done that in Pakistan, will he not be punished or you criticize the law?

L.Ahmad Feb 07, 2015 01:55pm

Blasphemy cases are best decided by the court of law rather than left to the individuals & their interpretation. As this case has revealed how his defence team is trying to distort the definition.

Riaz Feb 07, 2015 02:03pm

"Justice and only justice", based on the law and evidence please.

Laeeq,NY Feb 07, 2015 02:05pm

In the mind of defense attornies (former Justices), act of Qadri will definitely will earn him paradise. By supporting him in this trial they are doing a great job and possibly a little slice of "paradise" along with Qadri.. This is the mind set of our society and even the higher education of these former judges did not change their state of mind. Instead calling a murderer a murderer, he is called a " Ghazi". One can easily conclude from their stance on this case that what kind of decisions they may have done during their tenure.

Riaz Feb 07, 2015 02:05pm


You even don't treat Hindus equally as per your caste system what to talk of minorities, hypocrite India.

Kranthi Kiran Feb 07, 2015 02:06pm

Very Amusing.

Riaz Feb 07, 2015 02:08pm


There is something known as judicial process. There are provisions of law which must be adhered too. There is a range of punishments for murder too and punishment is awarded keeping in view circumstances of murder, not on the basis of media trial. This case is no exception please.

pakka muslim Feb 07, 2015 02:17pm

no never was and never it will be. world will see what happens to this mindless killer who want to earn easy fame by killing a innocent man who was just seeking forgiveness from our beloved prophet who use to forgive, simply he was prophet for all humanity and see this killer who has branded Islam as his own property. let god system take his course.

babu Feb 07, 2015 02:22pm

Qadri deserves DEATH SENTENCE to stop future similar murders of Innocent people.

bkt Feb 07, 2015 02:23pm

Anyone swearing an oath by the Quran is, according to the Quran, liable and accountable for that oath. Qadri not only swore to protect Mr. Taseer, he was accountable for his protection. If he does not pay the penalty of that oath in this world he will still be liable for it in the hereafter. No matter how his lawyers twist the argument some facts never change.

sabir Feb 07, 2015 02:29pm

@vish ...that's why mass conversion of Muslim and Christian is going on in India called Ghar wapsi by Rss under Modi government.

FromFATA Feb 07, 2015 03:02pm

The judge remarks are logical and he will deal the murderer in accordance with the law.

Mohammad Ali Khan Feb 07, 2015 03:07pm

Pakistanis need de-education of brainwashed minds. When beliefs become toxic,then it gets very hard to penetrate such a mind with rational ideas.Religion has become a big business.It is a part of economy.

It is in the interest of people making a living thru religion to continue indoctrinating the existing concept of religion.It was very difficult to abolish slavery because it was part of economy.

The solution may be to give an alternate livelihood to these people which makes life better. Recruit scholars to sanitize the beliefs and reeducate the clerics on a payroll.

ROHIT PANDEY Feb 07, 2015 03:16pm

The more I read about the Pakistani judicial system..the more I am convinced of one thing?

Pakistan is suffering from a terminal illness.

It ABSOLUTELY has no intentions of joining the 21st century but rather regress back and back in time till it is irrelevant!

ROHIT PANDEY Feb 07, 2015 03:19pm

Pakistan has the potential to be a super rich super power!

IF and ONLY IF religion becomes a part of measuring GDP and per capita income!

Akram Feb 07, 2015 03:49pm

the legal defence of qadris is so stupid I am actually lost for words!

how are people so utterly clueless allowed to become members of the bar? How are they allowed to remain members of the Bar association in the face of such damning evidence? What does this say about the calibre of our judges that one goes into a court of law and argues for people taking the law into their own hands. I am staggered at how ignorant this defence team appears to be.

They are to lawyers what George Bush was to politicians.

Akram Feb 07, 2015 03:52pm


is the law equal in India for all minorities? How many indians were convicted for the anti-sikh pogroms of 1984, zero. How many for Ayodhya? How many for the Gujerat massacres by Modis friends? Who is now running your country?

Your india is the india of the majority, not the india of the minorities.

Umair Feb 07, 2015 04:01pm

We accused"s council must be joking when he said "The judge-turned-counsel argued that in certain circumstances, individuals could take action against blasphemers on their own." This puts a question to all the decisions given by the retired judge himself, if he has such beliefs. Secondly questioning a law or its unjustified applications is never a crime. The Qadri Sb must be punished without any delay.

Akbar Feb 07, 2015 04:04pm

not really disappointing from judges thumbs up for asking hard and logical questions from qadri brigade, this case is the litmus test it will decide the future of pakistan if qadri will be hanged pakistan will be on right path and if not means more destruction, This is the moment if Qadri aka Mullah mindset birgade somehow wins , pakistan will lose

Sakhi Ismael Feb 07, 2015 04:15pm

@Rahman Yea, and we're starting with publicly lynching terrorism apologists. Are you with us, or against us? :-)

Sakhi Ismael Feb 07, 2015 04:19pm

@Love of Ishabb Rasool. Hey everyone, flagging this terrorist among the ranks here. He's in need of some justice, mob style ;) Let's show these terrorists the same mercy the ISIS shows to people like us.

Ameer Feb 07, 2015 04:39pm

@Em Moosa Do you have true knowledge of Islam. If yes then come along, and if you dont then please mind your own business.

Mehtab Feb 07, 2015 04:46pm

Law must be supreme, this guy is criminal and must be treated accordingly. I don't what these pseudo lawyers have studied law, who are protesting in favour of a criminal.

Puttu Feb 07, 2015 04:53pm

Disgusting...this drama. Why discuss and debate. Award the killer and honour him. That will befit our society.

Tariq, Lahore Feb 07, 2015 05:06pm

The law of the land should have nothing to do with religion!

GMC Feb 07, 2015 05:21pm

@Hasan Fawad All religious personalities? Seriously?? Ever signed "statement for Muslims" on passport or ID card???

Rashid Sultan Feb 07, 2015 05:39pm

Strange & weird arguments that are irrelevant to the case is being put forward by the defence council to protect a deranged murderer policeman. We have made our country a laughing stock to the world.

AHMED Feb 07, 2015 06:00pm

@Mirza Mirza According to the law he is a cold-blooded killer and will be hanged. There is a law against those encouraging cold-blooded killers, like the ones throwing rose petals on him. And if not, there should be.

Raza Feb 07, 2015 06:19pm

@Rohan I love your comment. Puts these intelligent people of a schizophrenic nation in perspective. Comments that I read here otherwise, make me sick... So called educated people of pakistan!

bauke Feb 07, 2015 06:21pm

@Riaz No caste system in Pakistan? Visit me in Gujranwala and we together go to have a cup of tea somewhere in any restaurant. You'll see.

Faroe Feb 07, 2015 06:23pm

@Rahman idiot

Raza Feb 07, 2015 06:26pm

@Love of Ishabb Rasool. Please take your medications before commenting:)

M. Siddique Feb 07, 2015 06:30pm

The lawyers who believes that an individual can take the law in his hand, should be debarred and should not be allowed to practice law.

M. Siddique Feb 07, 2015 06:33pm

@vish, Yes you are right, in India you patronize killing of Muslim and then you become Prime Minister.

Che ben Feb 07, 2015 06:34pm

@Rohan , And your point is?

M. Siddique Feb 07, 2015 06:34pm

@Rahman, I hope you don't call Qadri, the murderer, as a pious man?

Saleem Feb 07, 2015 06:41pm

Bring this terrorist in the military court. Pakistan Judicial system is very weak so I request Govt of Pakistan to bring his case to Military. If not then there will be many will take the law into their hands and will kill politicians, leaders and Pakistan will not be a safe country.

Khalid Feb 07, 2015 06:59pm

With these kind of lawyers, Pakistan doesn't even need Talibans. Pakistani laywers will do the job for Talibans.

Jamil Awan Feb 07, 2015 07:13pm

@UD Please don't label these peoples "ultra educated" the education received is nullified by fanatism. How can we believe that citizens could do the justice by themselves!

Roussou Feb 07, 2015 07:18pm

'If you do not question, what shall you learn?' The key to learning, knowledge is questioning and not blind following. The counsel of Qadri should be send back to school, college, university to open up their minds and should be forced to learn through questioning and not by rote.

Arabinda Chakravarty Feb 07, 2015 07:19pm

Nothing is above the life of a human being and if that life is taken away by another human being then he should be tried according to law and justice. This man Qadri has done heinous offense against humanity and he deserves punishment accordingly. Those who are encouraging him are also should be brought under law and justice. The lawyers who welcome him with garland should also be punished. At least they should be banned to practise law in the any court. It was shameful and painful to see that lawyers are praising a killer. It seems that everything is possible in Pakistan. But still I have faith over the judges of this case and I believe they will do the right thing to uphold the humanity and dignity in Pakistan.

Saif Feb 07, 2015 07:30pm

Did I miss something here? Why on earth his appeal was accepted for hearing in the first place when he and his defence team do not deny the crime that he did? Also why Qadri is afraid of his death? Wouldn't that be a "quick ticket to go to Jannah and meet Prophet Mohammad"? He should be extremely happy, right?

A K Dutta Feb 07, 2015 07:36pm

Why this drama is going on in IHC? We all know that Pakistan is not an Islamic country in the true sense of Islam. It does not honour the sharia laws. A blasphemy law is not required in a fake Islamic country. Close this case in whatever way the Pakistani people want.

IBN E ASHFAQUE Feb 07, 2015 07:54pm

If everybody acts individually then society will end up in chaos.

IBN E ASHFAQUE Feb 07, 2015 07:55pm

@illawarrior The reality of holocaust is not certain.

Hussain Feb 07, 2015 07:58pm

@Ameer : Looks like Em Moosa knows about Islam's history better than you do. He is presenting facts, you are not.

Tariq Feb 07, 2015 08:22pm

@Rohan Pakistan has become a country of "my values" and vultures.

playful Feb 07, 2015 08:36pm

The ridiculousness of this entire discourse is mindboggling. That 'lawyers' are supposedly talking like this makes it like we are living on another plant inhabited by mad people entirely.

Mustafa Feb 07, 2015 08:39pm


" laws some countries have against holocaust denial are ridiculous. Muslims point to these and demand equal protection".

No, we don't point to these to demand anything, we point to these to prove that our enemies are hypocrites.

ap Feb 07, 2015 08:52pm

@Hasan Fawad brother Hasan I think you are just born yesterday and has opened your eyes 25 hours ago. You forgot about, burning churches and bibles in Lahore and also two innocent people burnt alive sorry it was three people one who hasnt even came into this world. If you come and live in western countries which you would love to I know, you will see the difference how the minorities treated.

Muzaffar Ali Feb 07, 2015 09:10pm

What we have is the law of the jungle.

umesh g Feb 07, 2015 09:27pm

@Qasim Indians are not perfect.But quote one country in the entire world with such religious combination and trying to make life safe and honorable for all communities.It is a stupendous challenge and with the historical baggage it carries, the success is worth emulating.With you as a neighbor who is hellbent upon keeping the communal wounds green the task becomes more difficult.Before you point fingers buy a good mirror and open your eyes.

umesh g Feb 07, 2015 09:31pm

@Riaz India has recognised this weakness and has taken remedial steps, What steps you have taken to consider shias and ahmadiyas as equals?

MMM Feb 07, 2015 09:48pm

I hope this case drags on and on and the proceedings and arguments are made public. That will pave ways for the majority of Pakistanis to ask for a complete seperation of religion and state.

MMM Feb 07, 2015 09:51pm

@IBN E ASHFAQUE I think we are already there.

Aadmi Feb 07, 2015 10:15pm

What's the point in leaving a comment when you don't post them? I raised point by point specific issues against what the Defense Attorney was presenting and you somehow deemed them inappropriate?

HK Feb 07, 2015 10:31pm

For many reasons, e.g. threats to the judges, etc. etc. as noted in earlier posts, this case is difficult to receive a meaningful trial in a civilian court. I though that this is a poster child case to be trialed in a military court................ SO.............what happened, why and was it deliberate with a motive?

Abdul Basit Feb 07, 2015 10:42pm

If Bhutto can be hanged for ordering a murder, then there is no way that Mumtaz Qadri – the murderer of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer can escape the same justice.

Zo Feb 08, 2015 12:07am

They really should cut this drama now. Attributing Qadri as an honest policeman is disrespect to all the other hardworking people. How low are these people going to fall in defending a cold blooded murderer who decided to take the law in his own hands? The hearing of his case itself is an insult to the judiciary.

UD Feb 08, 2015 12:45am

@AXH Are you to justify this murder? Two wrongs do not make it right.

Mustafa J. Feb 08, 2015 03:22am

@Akram : There is good possibility that members of bar like Mian Nazeer Ahmed will face people like Qadri who will be their judge outside courts to pronounce and administer sentence.

Ghani K Feb 08, 2015 04:34am

It is blasphemous to print his 'ugly face with a smirk' . Sooner military court takes over his case , better it is for the country,

MY NAME IS KHAN Feb 08, 2015 05:21am

@Rahman rather protect a criminal ...............................shameless

MY NAME IS KHAN Feb 08, 2015 05:26am


good one..................................and REALISTIC VISION.

Ayesha Feb 08, 2015 05:28am

"Qadri’s counsel claimed that his client was an honest policeman and had served with many VVIPs in the past"

"He also claimed that there was insufficient evidence against Qadri to establish that he was a criminal"

On reading above two sentences of Qadri's(killer) counsel I just want to note down following piece of Ghalib poetry only.

Heeran Hon keh rowoon keh Peeton Jigar ko main? Maqdoor Ho Tou rakhon Sath Noha Gar ko Mein.

Wanda K Feb 08, 2015 06:49am

@illawarrior : Those laws were enacted because a significant number of people, in spite of evidence of Nazi pogrom against Jews continue to spew and incite extremely hateful acts towards them. These people are still with us in 2015! Don't forget the Spanish, Italian and other European Jewish ghettoes created to exclude them from basic freedoms.Jewish people were being punished by powerful churches for the crucifixion -- in self interest. The powerful pagan Romans of the times returned to Italy as Roman Catholic Christians! Education has failed to stem the spread of neo-Nazis --even now. Hence the Holocaust legislation.

Keti Zilgish Feb 08, 2015 09:57am

@Wanda K thanks a lot for that view.

Keti Zilgish Feb 08, 2015 10:08am

@Zo For all defenders of Mumtaz Qadri: The Devil has been empowered by God to cite scriptures for his purposes. We ought to wonder why many in Pakistan play both sides of the drum and Africans don't.

Keti Zilgish Feb 08, 2015 10:13am

@M. Siddique You say: "The lawyers who believes that an individual can take the law in his hand, should be debarred and should not be allowed to practice law." My question is: How would you identify them then?

Keti Zilgish Feb 08, 2015 10:17am

@bauke You write: "@Riaz No caste system in Pakistan? Visit me in Gujranwala and we together go to have a cup of tea somewhere in any restaurant. You'll see." My Comment: These people paint paradise as if it was meant for fools.

Keti Zilgish Feb 08, 2015 10:40am

@Akbar Hitler lost too. America imposed a penalty it claimed Germany could not repay in a 100 years. Not only did Germany recuperate within 10 years (by selling to the world new Volkswagens at a price equal to the cost of its weight in scrap and triggering an automobile manufacturing competition that has contributed much towards environmental degradation and is now threatening all life on earth) and Neo-Nazis have made themselves a thorn for both America and Russia thus encouraging our own infantile Muslim Fundamentalists all of whom have begun playing holier than thou with each other.

insaf khan Feb 08, 2015 02:51pm

Not a simple and honest man, Mumtaz qadri should be hanged. Hence the person who formulated and suggested this black-laws to a monster, gen.Zia-ul-Haq must be hanged immediately. This man is alive and cost Pakistan a lot of damage. Such black-laws are insult to Pakistan, and to Islam as well.

Amir Khan Feb 08, 2015 06:31pm

@vish Yes it is so equal that a mass murderer was elected as the prime minister.

Ali Feb 08, 2015 06:50pm

Such confused, and cowardly, judicial officers of the law, it is no surprise Pakistan is in such a mess.

Samit Feb 08, 2015 07:04pm

Religios freedom and getting rid of such draconian laws is what can save pakistan from the destruction of the mullahs and terrorist . All the best

zak the supreme Feb 08, 2015 07:20pm

sure in the land of purification

Ramesh Feb 08, 2015 10:50pm

Dear Sirs, Everyday, across Pakistan there are so many parents mired in hardships who go to sleep worrying how to feed the children for tomorrow...the focus, crime and debate of blasphemies or 'freedom of expression', etc cannot equal one-thousand of the pain of the poor that people experience.

Ram Narayanan Feb 09, 2015 05:01am

Is a supporter of the criticizer of the blasphemy laws also a blasphemer? I guess so, for a country sliding back into medieval times! When will the sane forward looking Pakistanis wake up in the 21st century and repeal this draconian law once and for all.

brmurr Feb 09, 2015 05:23am

Whats next? Will criticizing those who make blasphemy laws become blasphemous too?

brmurr Feb 09, 2015 05:29am

It will soon be against Pakistani law to criticize Mumtaz Qadri.

victory Feb 09, 2015 11:12am

@AXH muslims first burnt scores of innocent hindu pilgrims. Read the fine print my friend. The riots were purely RETALATOR . AND a number of hindus were also killed.

Sanjay Guha Feb 09, 2015 11:44am

@AXH The ones behind the Gujarat massacre are all in jail. No one who alleged Modi's involvement could prove he actively supported the riots.

jay patel Feb 09, 2015 04:39pm

Pakistan must accept difference of religion believe and allow everyone to follow their religion.

babu Feb 09, 2015 05:36pm

Justice in Pakistan is a RARE COMMODITY. What a shame!!!

mastang Feb 09, 2015 06:34pm

Why Indians are allow to comments out of the topic?