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Policemen with arrested suspects. — Reuters/File
Policemen with arrested suspects. — Reuters/File

BAHAWALPUR: At least four suspects, including a woman, were arrested from southern Punjab's Hasilpur area in connection with Tuesday's carnage in Peshawar that claimed the lives of more than 140 people, DawnNews reported.

The four were tracked through a mobile SIM which was reportedly used by terrorists during the attack on the military-run Army Public School. The SIM was registered in the name of the woman who was taken into custody along with three others from Gharibabad area of Hasilpur, a city in the district of Bahawalpur.

A local mobile franchise dealer was also included in the scope of investigations.

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The arrests come days after the attack claimed the lives of over 140 people and drew condemnation from various quarters nationally and internationally.

Earlier on Thursday, Inspector General (IG) Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Durrani had said that the team constituted to investigate the attack was currently working on the available evidence.

He had that the team had a forensic lab at its disposal and replete with crime scene investigation officers who were helping to obtain and preserve evidence from the scene and analyse it.

Durrani had also said that leads coming from initial investigation of the school massacre extended beyond the country's border.

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Dawn's report on the Peshawar attack had quoted a senior military official as saying that militants had been in direct communication with their handler in Afghanistan, Umar Naray, alias Umar Khalifa Adinzai – a well-known commander of the TTP’s Tariq Geedar group. “He was directing the suicide bombers and the attack group,” the official had said.

Comments (26) Closed

Sunil Dec 19, 2014 02:04pm

Hafeez Saaed and Musharraf, are they getting this info, who continue to blame all the ills of Pakistan.

Austin Dec 19, 2014 02:14pm

Why let the terrorist hide their identity or faces. Let the people of Pakistan see,what the monsters looks like

Erik Dec 19, 2014 02:40pm

Do you know that SIMs are being issued against fake IDs everyday? I am living abroad for the last 15yrs and there are Mobilink SIMs issued against IDs of my family as well. When I complained to Mobilink, they asked me to write an application, which I did but these SIMs are still active.

Irfan UK Dec 19, 2014 02:48pm

Instead of rushing into arresting innocent people they should have put these people under surveillance and made sure then go after them with much better results of actually finding the culprits. I'm sure these terrorists would be using false IDs and false car documents etc. We need to be more professional.

nabil Dec 19, 2014 02:54pm

Greater laws with warnings must be issued to mobile companies and there franchise's, repercussion to members of public who dare to sell there mobile Sims to unknown persons.

its me Dec 19, 2014 02:56pm

The govt should strictly ban the selling of sims in common shops. Only registered franchise should be allowed.

Mani Dec 19, 2014 03:38pm

Same here. When I went back home last year, I had to cancel about 9 numbers on my ID and 6 of them were on Mobilink and 3 on Ufone. I have never used Mobilink ever in my life. I made sure they cancelled it but all of them just shrugged and made a joke about it, when I asked for an explanation. I haven't been in the country for 6 years now but how this happened I still don't know? They assured me it won't happen again but who knows right? I guess, I have to keep checking every time I go back just to be sure.

Akif Janjua Dec 19, 2014 03:48pm

Erik you are absolutely right.. I hope the investigators will keep this point in mind before implicating an innocent in the case!

hp Dec 19, 2014 04:11pm

Why do you have to mention what lead the police to them. next time they'll more careful. why do you media guys do such things

Daanish Dec 19, 2014 04:27pm

these policemen look horrible. mqm has ruined karachi.

Sikandar Dec 19, 2014 04:35pm

@Erik Try to come to Pakistan and remove it from any franchise in any city of Pakistan, because it is now very easy especially for culprits. Whenever anyone or anywhere submitting their ID cards they have to mark cross with pane and mention for what purpose this ID card is going to be used or submitted.

responsible citizen Dec 19, 2014 04:39pm

there is a big failure on government part and people part. both are responsible for this mess. but governement should tackle this menace asap.

Zak Dec 19, 2014 04:50pm

@Sunil and they are right.

Wandering Around Dec 19, 2014 04:59pm

To save Pakistan you need to disband the Army and the Police. Look at these cowards pointing guns at civilians.

Rana Dec 19, 2014 05:40pm

I wish Pakistan and India become one country or at least like European Union

ravi gupta Dec 19, 2014 05:41pm

The pain of death is most only felt by mothers who so ever is dead irrespective if animal human child student kids or grownup Why one is killing other? Eternally we had developed sense of insecurity , to cover this we kill others If we will not attack we all will get killed on similar lines Indian Talibanis and Pakistani are thinking . This only can be overcome d if mothers from all groups come together and take vow they will plea there children enough is enough what so ever had happened in past no revenge from any side to any one let work together work hard to make this planet beautiful and fruitful Let all the guns and bullet be completely ban if somebody in society revolts can harm very little .

at Last time had come to understand Gandhian Philosophy from deep inside heart and practice non violence by all of us

Usman Khan Dec 19, 2014 05:48pm

Bahawalpur. Who wants to bet that those Uzbek speaking militants were being supported by Lakshkar e jhangvi from South Punjab. The same monsters who condemned the attacks two days ago.

Oz Dec 19, 2014 05:54pm

I suspect these people would know nothing.. poor people whose IDs may have been used to acquire a SIM. Still, you never know, I hope a link is established and the authorities can get to the bottom of it.

Pakistani Dec 19, 2014 06:01pm

@hp it is not media. If police provides this info, media reports it. it is the fault of inexperienced and unprofessional police.

Anantha Dec 19, 2014 06:56pm

Day one in her Kindergarten, instead of getting back home to share of first dayof joy in the school, her dead body was carried home.

Fellow human being is this what a loving parent deserve?The hope of the Kid's future has been KILLED and we are just silent spectator. NO ANSWER AT ALL.

My wife and I are still grieving and crying to ourselves , feeling for the parents just not for this lovely kid for the rest of the children who were massacred.

Loosing someone dear itself is pain, but a tender kid's life lost along with 9 civilians is the worst pain I have been inflicted and do I have to read this news and see the visuals at this age???

paban kumar ghosh Dec 19, 2014 07:26pm

I cant understand why policing is not procative in countries like Pakistan and India. They always wake up only after the masacre.Policemen and intelligence agencies should be booked for negligence of their duties. We want more policemen to be deployed in the public places rather than guarding the politicians and beurocrats unnecessarily.

Azam Khan Dec 19, 2014 08:03pm

@Irfan UK, in doing so we have delayed justice and encouraged terrorists, haven't we.

wizarat Dec 19, 2014 08:23pm

You have to clean Punjab - the province of the PML N stalwarts like Rana Sanaullah.

Mukesh Dec 19, 2014 08:36pm

I bet very soon there will be a news that will claim that the mastermind of Peshawar attack has been killed in an airstrike. Case closed!

Rehan Burki Dec 19, 2014 08:38pm

@Erik Totally agreed there is no system in place here, one can get a thousand sims. who cares just spend additional bucks and do what you feel like doing in Pakistan. Shame on the Govt.

Shahg Dec 20, 2014 12:30pm

@paban kumar ghosh its lack of resources, a big powerful country like the USA has 25,000 murders every year....proactive?