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KARACHI: A video clip showing irate airline passengers expel Senator Rehman Malik and another lawmaker for what appears to be a delay of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight has gone viral on the internet.

After facing what they said was a delay of two and a half hours, passengers of an Islamabad-bound PIA flight from Karachi, barred Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Rehman Malik and Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) Member of National Assembly Dr Ramesh Kumar Wakwani from boarding the aircraft. The two were accused of holding the plane back while other passengers waited for hours.

However, PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar speaking to Dawn said that the delay in the flight was due to a technical issue and not the fault of Rehman Malik.

“PIA does not promote VIP culture… but this flight was delayed an hour and 30 minutes due to a technical reason,” Tajwar said. “The delay had been conveyed to passengers via SMS. Some passengers who had given the contact details of their travel agent may not have been conveyed the message by their agents.”

He added that the plane took off at 8.55PM. “The flight was not delayed because of Rehman Malik,” Tajwar said. “We are looking into what actually happened but after the delay, the flight departed when it was meant to.”

Angry passengers show lawmakers the door

"We have taken it for too long... 68 years... are we going to take it for another 68 years?" passengers can be heard saying.

As Malik approached the jetway that connects the terminal to the aircraft, furious passengers are heard saying, "Malik sahab, sorry. You should go back. You should apologise to these passengers. You should be ashamed of yourself... 250 passengers have suffered because of you. It is your fault, sir."

The clip uploaded to video-sharing site Dailymotion early Tuesday shows passengers booing and ridiculing the lawmakers as they approach the aircraft to board. Crew members joined angry passengers in creating a din, which forced the two legislators away from the aircraft amid chants and slogans.

"Malik sahab, you are not a minister any more. And even if you are, we don't care... anymore."

PIA's flight PK-370 was scheduled to depart from Karachi's Jinnah International Airport at 7PM but passengers say it was delayed by more than two and a half hours.

Dr Ramesh Kumar Wakwani appeared to be accompanying Rehman Malik, and was also taken off the aircraft.

The flight departed for its destination without the two lawmakers.

Not responsible for delay: Rehman Malik

Hours after the video clip made the rounds on social media, former interior minister Rehman Malik took to Twitter to clarify his position.

The story on Twitter

Many thought the 'revolution' was nigh

While others took a more balanced view

With the occasional quip...

A few felt Rehman Malik was being targeted unfairly

And the real problem was the irate passengers

Many others pointed out that this is all too common

And there are bigger issues worth talking about

In all...

Comments (249) Closed

chimgaadarr Sep 16, 2014 06:25am

The 'status quo' is badly misreading the Pakistani public's current mood ...

'Khalil Khan's faakhta days are coming to an end' ...

Sajjad Sep 16, 2014 06:33am

Serves them right.. Question is who were the persons protesting ? Anyone....?

Sharmeen Haque Sep 16, 2014 06:34am

So very proud of this Naya Pakistan!!

Haji Sep 16, 2014 06:40am

An awakening for VIPs. I really hope that generals also get their due share.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Sep 16, 2014 06:40am

IK has done his job. I see my people are finally waking up. Alhamdolillah.

AJamal Sep 16, 2014 06:40am

This is symptomatic of failing state wherein system is incapable of resolving issues and people are resorting more and more to force and violence.

Engr. Ghulam Abbas Sep 16, 2014 06:41am

Good lesson for both so called VIPs, if they want to learn from the treatment.

Syed Ahmed Sep 16, 2014 06:42am

A long awaited step in the right direction

sunny Sep 16, 2014 06:43am

Bravo, now this is real democracy of Pakistan. Whatever hatres of I K says but he has awaken the nation. This is my new Pakistan. Nomore status quo. Naya Pakistan is in creation. Please nawa go.

qazi khuram Sep 16, 2014 06:46am

its the 1st drop of rain,towards the change ,people of pakistan are fighting for. awareness of one's rights is 1st step towards changing this rotten system of pakistan and now pakistanis are getting this awareness. these so called should be delt with the same way, as are the ordinary people of pakistan delt.

Shayan Sep 16, 2014 06:51am

VIP my foot!

Mustafa Shairani Sep 16, 2014 06:59am

Tabdeeli aa nahi Rahi - Tabdeeli aa Gayee hai !!!!!

N. Rahim Sep 16, 2014 06:59am

This is the breeze before the storm. Well done. The PM is requested to look up the video. He is soon to follow. Imagine, the PML-N and PPP VIP`s going hand in hand together. By the way whose voice was it? Was it PIA officials or some passenger. Hope they don't get suddenly killed or vanished. Did the flight reach Islamabad without incidents? Any report of anyone arrested? Anyone knows what the captains report was? How come no journalist, talked with Malik? What about the other MNA of PML-N. Is the Supreme Court CJ issuing a Suo Motto? This report should be followed up.

js Sep 16, 2014 07:00am

very good video of the incident.

Azam Sep 16, 2014 07:02am

Mashallah. People of Pakistan are waking up. Very good

AJ Sep 16, 2014 07:07am

I am so happy to know that our people realized they are not their to be made fool. How can we grow as a nation if we have leaders who hold the planes from flying on schedule time. And the national flag holder airline allows delaying it's flight waiting for some VIP's? Or was it civil aviation? This is bad story but good outcome. Let's start doing this from now.

Zareen Sep 16, 2014 07:07am

Great reaction!! Bravo! Way to go!! Enough is enough! They think and behave as if they own PIA. Status quo days will soon be over. IA.

L.Ahmad Sep 16, 2014 07:07am

Country belongs to poor people so why have these VIPs making life difficult for average man. VIP culture should end.

Ahmed Sep 16, 2014 07:10am

Many congratulations to those who kicked out these "superior" human beings who treat us like insects. They should realize that they can't keep fooling the public for very long now. Public is finally waking up against these Gods on earth. It is about time people come out with sticks and stones and give them what they deserve, nothing else. Heart warming to see a VIP run away, scared by the people of Pakistan. Well done, well done, well done.

"VIP my foot!"

amaan Sep 16, 2014 07:18am

I salute the passegers of this flight. This is how it is suppose to be!!!

Faisal Sep 16, 2014 07:21am

Bravo to the passengers who stood up for their rights. We need citizens all over Pakistan to stand up against status quo.

rw Sep 16, 2014 07:33am


Shah Sep 16, 2014 07:33am

Justice done to PPP and PML(N) demi-gods. This process needs to continue to stream line government machinery in every ministry.

DAANISH Sep 16, 2014 07:35am


Tamilselvan Sep 16, 2014 07:36am

Welldone. Wish we could do it in India too especially when ministers hold up the flight

Ehtisham Sep 16, 2014 07:39am

All credit goes to Imran Khan. No to VIPs both civilian and military.

Josh Sep 16, 2014 07:40am

Jo hua behtreen hua mashallah! I heard people asking for a fair system for all. No more VIPism that is. And for once, those few were NOT AFRAID!! This is the key.

I do not believe even IK knows what his supporters are capable of. What I do know is that "agar IK ya koi aur bhi gerber karay ga to uss kay saath bhi yahi ho ga". There is sufficient number of properly educated people in Pakistan to establish and run a proper system there...

Frequent Sep 16, 2014 07:41am

May I say its about time...

Agha Ata Sep 16, 2014 07:41am

Flight was delayed because they were waiting for these two VIPs.

ghumman Sep 16, 2014 07:44am

Imran Khan has awakened this Nation. His critics would deny it but it is happening.

Ahsan Sep 16, 2014 07:48am


Muhammad Irfan Sep 16, 2014 07:54am

An excellent move by the passengers....!! VIP Culture must be ended in the poorest country.

Shehzil Sep 16, 2014 07:54am

Thanks IK for awakening us. We will not let any so called VIP oppress us.

mohammed Sep 16, 2014 07:55am

Vip's this is your captain calling

Tabdeeli aa nahi Rahi - Tabdeeli aa Gayee ha

shahaam Sep 16, 2014 07:57am

Way to go people, I am so happy to read this news:)

mk Sep 16, 2014 08:00am

@AJamal well you don't know how much they waited for those vips?? Suppose if they would have waited for common passanger what would be their reaction then?

Jawad Sep 16, 2014 08:01am

Power to the people. Pakistan is waking up. This should tell the so called jirga and Parlimentarians that people are ready to take their power back. Dil khush ho Gaya.

rhazes Sep 16, 2014 08:04am

Action should be taken against PIA. No reason to wait for VIP. It is not a private plane. And good job by passengers. Its a stronger massage than hourly dharna.

Hussain Sep 16, 2014 08:08am

Tabdeeli agai hai. Great decision and efforts by passengers.

Mr T Sep 16, 2014 08:10am

PIA . Great people to fly with!

imran Sep 16, 2014 08:18am

Very depressong stste of affairs. Those championing for "Naya Pakistan" may force us to become Somilia or Sudan. IK and his mery men are fast eroding the rule of law. Extremely sad state of affairs.

Jawad Sep 16, 2014 08:21am

O. Vow Just saw the video. Serves him right. More power to the people.

Farrukh Sep 16, 2014 08:21am

United we stand against all the corrupt politicians.

Sammy Sep 16, 2014 08:21am

IK and TQ through the media have woken the nation up!! You people have self respect like every one else in the world so stand up for your rights.

Salman Sep 16, 2014 08:33am

Well done ! This is called change! Now next time if flight get delay by any VIP throw him out of the plane .

Danish Haider Sep 16, 2014 08:35am

Great move from VIP culture to CIP - Commercially Important Person. The majority of passengers shouldering huge burden of indirect taxes (forget about direct tax!) and are active contributors to Pakistan Economy. Whereas those so-called failed VIP are just a burden on Exchequer. Hats off to IK/TAQ for waking up people, this should be taken as start of a new beginning.

faisal baloch Sep 16, 2014 08:39am

great, this is what IK meant, to wake our people up!

Sayyar Khan Sep 16, 2014 08:43am

Excellent job bravo passengers.

roger_davis Sep 16, 2014 08:49am

This is one of the best news I have heard in ages. I saw the video as well and couldn't be any more happier. Well done.

ASHFAQ ALI Sep 16, 2014 08:51am

Please show this video to all parliamentarian in Joint Session. They must know the writings on the wall. #SayNoToVIPCulture

SA Sep 16, 2014 08:55am

Pakistan zindabad!! Salute to out public for finally standing for their rights..

ASIM Sep 16, 2014 09:03am

This is what happens when people realise their rights.In video people rightly points out if you are delayed take a private plane why delay public for 2 hours.

Omer Sep 16, 2014 09:05am

Shame on passengers This is all because of Imran khan hatred propaganda Civil war us coming and Pakistan will become Libya

Shah Sep 16, 2014 09:05am

This is a very good start , people should know about their rights, they should fight about right and wrong , Thanks Caption of the flight ,,,,,, There are honest and brave men in the society

Zia Sep 16, 2014 09:05am

Well Rehman Malik should not interfere in such petty incidents where people get irritated. PPP functionaries must respect the sentiments of people at all levels - let alone PML(N) does what ever they might do but we cannot expect such from a PPP member. This is highly regrettable on part of Mr Malik if he really caused the delay

Javeed Sep 16, 2014 09:07am

This is a brave step and a wake up call for the status quo that now it is enough. The amount of disgrace these politicians have brought to Pakistan, they deserve worse than that. The change is here for good.

Ahmed Sep 16, 2014 09:08am

If the flight was delayed because of these vips, they got the perfect treatment. If they were kicked out for nothing, that's wrong.

Akil Akhtar Sep 16, 2014 09:13am

And then some commentators do not think there is anything wrong with the current system or crop of politicians.

Syed Sep 16, 2014 09:18am

All because IK started this tehreek. Go nawaz go.

Dija Sep 16, 2014 09:25am

After a long time the people of the Nation has gathered up the courage to stand up for justice and their legal rights; feels great to see the Nation progressing in just the right direction!

Ali Sep 16, 2014 09:27am

Wow, I'm impressed, kudos to the passengers !!

khan Sep 16, 2014 09:33am

go ahead this is our new Pakistan led by the great khan

Hassan Sep 16, 2014 09:34am

And the change has started... Power to the people!

Justice for VIP's Sep 16, 2014 09:35am

It is a sad day for Pakistan when VIP's are being treated like ordinary people! PIA should issue an apology to them, and for the unruly behaviour of the other passengers who mostly fly economy anyway. What is the point of being a member of parliament if you can't make PIA bend the rules? What more injustice should an MP suffer?

zafar Sep 16, 2014 09:37am

This is one reason they won't sell PIA. Someone also needs to come out with the exact loss to the exchequer whenever a flight is held for the entitlement class. And it gets worse when this is done overseas.

asgher Sep 16, 2014 09:38am

I saw the video, those men were just common citizens who were enraged by the delay they had to face with their families. It happened so fast and Rahman Malik couldn't stand a second to face the public. The people have realized their power and now they are rising up. Shame on PIA for not following its schedule and still living in fear of these so called VIPs !

Marium Sep 16, 2014 09:45am

One quality our law makers have is they NEVER admit their mistake. He's tweeting he decided not to go on the flight and one PTI worker was shouting.. Someone please show him that video. He truly should be ashamed of himself.

Akhwand Sep 16, 2014 09:46am

Pakistani public is like a volcano can overflow at any moment

Muhammad Sep 16, 2014 09:50am

Bravo! Beginning of the end of VIP culture. Thanks to IK

Ali Sep 16, 2014 09:53am

Its about time ....

amin Sep 16, 2014 10:02am

Tabdili aagaye hay! Salute to the Imran and Dr. Qadri and hats off to the daring passengers.

khanm Sep 16, 2014 10:04am

i would call it a wide awakening....Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must be awaken. Thanks to PTI and PAT....

Syed Tabish Rizvi Sep 16, 2014 10:04am

Wow... That's great, seems that we are on the verge of 'Naya Pakistan', thumbs up to the passengers.

Niterider Sep 16, 2014 10:05am

Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi...Tabdeeli aagai hai

shabut Sep 16, 2014 10:08am

Very appropriate response from the passengers. It's about time that the ordinary people of Pakistan stand up for their rights and injustice. These so called VIPs have ruined every fiber of the country.

Waqar Sep 16, 2014 10:10am

why did the plane even wait for 2 and a half hours???? the pilots should also be thrown out, the flight crew, the taxi staff, the airport officials. lets kick everyone out and make Imran khan the pilot, the air steward, the guy who checks your baggage, and the porter

Shabbir Khan Sep 16, 2014 10:11am

Who else could it be:) PTI supporter to the core! YES!! need your support guys

Zafar Sep 16, 2014 10:11am

One good news that made my day!!!

DS Sep 16, 2014 10:11am

Can PIA clarify how they can delay the flight for one or two passengers?

shabut Sep 16, 2014 10:12am

Sounds like music to the ears.

Abbas Sep 16, 2014 10:15am

Good job everyone for this if it was because of these two individuals, however, if it was not because of them then they have to join ordinary citizens for all the delays and mistreatments. Please come on time more 'status quo' wake up Pakistan.

Muhammad Riaz Sep 16, 2014 10:25am

This is the beginning of the end of the VIP culture and states quo is eroding.

Aamir Khan Sep 16, 2014 10:25am

Thats it!! Pakistan is changed MASHALLAH and no one will stop from getting its rights!! and specially hats off for Islamabad people!!! Pakistan zindabad

Ayan Sep 16, 2014 10:27am

VIP Culture, PML-N and PPP ............. The end.

mike ghaous USA Sep 16, 2014 10:36am

I would love to see this happen to ruling party ministers too.... Jago pakistan

Ali Abbas Sep 16, 2014 10:38am

MashaAllah... Very proud of Pakistanis.. Finally they have begun to know their rights... Change is just aroudn the corner.. Brought tears to my eyes when i saw people throwing off these so called VIPs...

Sabiha Sep 16, 2014 10:40am

The guy who was recording the video is real hero of the situation watch other videos and you will be amazed I wish I could have glimps of him..... Salute to that unknown guy

Zoab Khan Sep 16, 2014 10:40am

This was probably unthinkable just 6months ago. The common man will embolden from this, like the teachers protesting outside Bilawal House.

Kamran Sep 16, 2014 10:41am

Why was Rehman Malik late in the first place and then walking in confidently as if nothing was at stake? Circumstantial evidence here is damning ... completely against the former minister.

ghuman Sep 16, 2014 10:54am

If he was a pti worker I am even more prouder of pti as they breaking status quo tantrums and habbits

fazzy Sep 16, 2014 10:56am

Tabdeeli!! Way to go passengers ...I salute you all. I am up for this....let's kick these politicians out together and bring them to their knees..for once . Pakistanis let's unite together for this cause. Let's support IK he is the right person to do so.

Moosa Sep 16, 2014 10:57am

Well done!!! 'Tabdeeli aachuki hai!!!' we certainly have had it for too long!

Sanu Sep 16, 2014 11:05am

This is a good start towards the ending of VIP culture but I think same attitude must be with ministers also. Rehman Malik is no more minister these days and delays always happens due to rude attitude of federal ministers.

Mian Sep 16, 2014 11:07am

great work, Tabdeeli a nahee rahee Tabdeeli aa gayee ha :-)

Muhammad Ali Sep 16, 2014 11:09am

If they closed doors on R.Malik and an MNA after waiting 2.5hrs, why didnt they keep to schedule and leave without them in the first place(i.e. @19:00)??

Truth will Always Prevail Sep 16, 2014 11:12am

wowow This is a change we have been waiting for 65 years. I solute you for being courage. Every Pakistani needs to do this.Let these MNA know that they are public servant not the other way round. They need to follow rules and regulation and law just like every Pakistan. This unbelievable. It is about time every Pakistani should stand up for their rights

Fahad Sep 16, 2014 11:12am

Why even call them 'Sir' or 'Sahab'?!

Faisal Sep 16, 2014 11:22am

If the flight was delayed due to technical reason, why was he sitting outside while more than 250 Passengers were locked up inside the Plane. This in itself is good enough a reason for you to be kicked out. No more preferential treatment for anyone,anymore...

Usman Shahid Sep 16, 2014 11:22am

Beginning of an end. Nation is rising...

Truth will Always Prevail Sep 16, 2014 11:23am

Who ever made the video and posted it excellent Job we need to do more often where ever we can. lets expose them. Pakistani should face them if these so called MNA abuse their power

Yasser Masood Sep 16, 2014 11:27am

A common man is being declared PTI worker, in which case Jiyala PPP Senator fled the scene.

junaid Sep 16, 2014 11:28am

for the first time in 67 year pakistan is talking pakistan zindabad

Umair Sep 16, 2014 11:30am

I wonder, how only 2 people got the text(sms) and rest 250 passengers got it wrong...

Saeed Canada Sep 16, 2014 11:32am

Love it, long live people of Pakistan

Adnan Sep 16, 2014 11:33am

What a pathetic statement by PIA, their statement clearly shows the type of service they provide...kuch din reh gaye hain bus

N.Siddiqui Sep 16, 2014 11:33am

Two corrupt VIP's off-loaded from PIA aircraft in Karachi...for causing delay and suffering to the common passengers...great news for all Pakistanis. The time is not far when the corrupt, despotic ruling class will be off-loaded from Raiwind and will be thrown out from Pakistan. Pakistan has awaken through the mass movement of Azadi march by IK and revolution by TUQ. Real Azadi after 68 years. Every one should raise their voice to get the real freedom from dynastic politics of the rulers.

Vicky Sep 16, 2014 11:35am

This is the treatment our VIPs deserve

Moiz Omar Sep 16, 2014 11:40am

This is hilarious.

JackDomm Sep 16, 2014 11:43am

Thanks IK. Nation has finally awakened!

Maham Sep 16, 2014 11:43am

Even if this was a technical issue, why was Rehman Malik entering later while the rest of the passengers waited without ACs in the plane? This serves him right.. proud of the fact that our people have finally woken up and are standing up for their rights!

Viking Star Sep 16, 2014 11:43am

Rehman Malik tweets he "SAW" noise.

Naved Sep 16, 2014 11:46am

Only Rehman Malik and PLM-N lawmaker came to know that flight was late, so they came late. All other passengers were so uninformed that they reach airport on time. What a joke from PIA spokesperson??

Dr. Ajmal Khan Sep 16, 2014 11:48am

The whole world will see this . I will make sure that this goes as far as it should. My salute to Imran Khan and his team. This is what was needed 20 years ago. I am surprised that someone has not already bumped him as Steve Colbert would have said. Really bumped him,

Kazmi Sep 16, 2014 11:51am

@ Rehman Malik: Sharam tum ko magar ati nahi

Nasir Sep 16, 2014 11:58am

Well IK you have woken people up. Next time if a PIA flight is delayed We it is because of powers-to-be

Dr. Ajmal Khan Sep 16, 2014 12:09pm

"I hv right to defend myself agst the allegation.PK370 /1900hr was delayed b/c tech reasons/was expected to leave at 2030. So no delay for me". People who are in the right don't shout and you were shouting Mr. Malik. Stop using twitter since this is not your cup of tea.

Every cloud has a silver lining Sep 16, 2014 12:10pm

Lol he is blaming PTI here too, they all know IK has finally given this courage to the nation whether they are flood victims or some flight passengers to speak up because we all know even keeping quiet won't change our fates either!

Every cloud has a silver lining Sep 16, 2014 12:11pm

Lol he is blaming PTI here too, they all know IK has finally given this courage to the nation whether they are flood victims or some flight passengers to speak up because we all know even keeping quiet won't change our fates either!

AYUB Sep 16, 2014 12:13pm

We have suffered similar situations few times while travelling to Pakistan from overseas, we used to patronise PIA, until we got sick of the treatment by staff and PIA officials , we have stopped using PIA, for the last 15-years. PIA staff treated passengers like sheep and goats . It is time to either close the air line or sell it .

Shahryar Shirazi Sep 16, 2014 12:17pm

"PIA does not promote VIP culture". My English is a bit weak. Can some one translate this for me please ...

Saniya Sep 16, 2014 12:19pm

If there was a technical issue then why were passengers waiting inside the plane for 2.5 hours ? Shouldn't they be waiting at the waiting lounge at the airport ?

Arif Aslam Khan Sep 16, 2014 12:19pm

Both PIA & Rehman Malik are telling lie, the above report says "Crew members joined angry passengers in creating a din" which means the crew knew that there was no such "Technical fault" as usually claimed by PIA to accommodate delayed VIPs. This also means that IK has been very successful in creating among the masses their rights, so don't go by the numbers in "Sit in" imagine hunderds of Millions watching Imran Khan's speech every day on Television, this is first step towards Naya Pakistan.

Arif Aslam Khan Sep 16, 2014 12:19pm

Both PIA & Rehman Malik are telling lie, the above report says "Crew members joined angry passengers in creating a din" which means the crew knew that there was no such "Technical fault" as usually claimed by PIA to accommodate delayed VIPs. This also means that IK has been very successful in creating among the masses their rights, so don't go by the numbers in "Sit in" imagine hunderds of Millions watching Imran Khan's speech every day on Television, this is first step towards Naya Pakistan.

irfan Sep 16, 2014 12:20pm

It seems to me that the public awareness on their rights is finally coming in action. Good job done

Irfan Sep 16, 2014 12:22pm

This is the sign of wakening up of the people of Pakistan.

Tayyab Sep 16, 2014 12:22pm

Hats off to a great nation. PIA must play this video before safety demonstration.

Satish Kumar Dogra Sep 16, 2014 12:37pm

In India, recently, the Director General of Civil Aviation ordered return of fare to all passengers due to delay in flight because of technical reasons. The delay was as long as 5 hours. Isn't an airlines expected to maintain its planes, so that passengers don't have to suffer because of 'technical delays'? After this step by DGCA, I find all flights running to time and in fact reaching before time. Good practices are possible afterall even in our countries of the Indian subcontinent! As the passengers in this video say, why should it be necessary to carry forward the wrong traditions of 68 years for another 68 years?

Al Bundy Sep 16, 2014 12:37pm

These passengers should be arrested for terrorism.

Moony Sep 16, 2014 12:45pm

The change (Tabdeli) is here to stay, better watch out all VIPs we the people of Pakistan are not taking it anymore. Enough is Enough stop taking us for granted

Usman Sep 16, 2014 12:46pm

Today I am proud to be a Pakistani, Salute to all the Passengers and to IK for raising awareness among the Nation (Y)

ilyas Sep 16, 2014 12:52pm

@imran Look like you are one of the VIP. How can one person delay a plane just because he is VIP. Both of the VIP got the right treatment. Well done IK for waking up the nation from a deep sleep of 68 years.

Shazeem Sep 16, 2014 12:53pm

One thing is for sure people don't like politician any more....REALIAZE and leave save your dignity if you have one

A sha Sep 16, 2014 12:55pm

Excellent news! Proud to see ppl standing up for themselves

Faizan Sha Khan Sep 16, 2014 01:04pm

This is what PTI wants. Each & every Pakistani Citizen are equal, they should treat on equal basis. No Vip Culture any more is accepted in Pakistan.

Imran Sep 16, 2014 01:10pm

I was in the same flight also... you are the responsible for all rehman malik.

Parvez Sep 16, 2014 01:14pm

A small victory for Naya Pakistan ......a big victory for the people of Pakistan.

FQ Sep 16, 2014 01:15pm

Another step (if not first) towards street justice.

Speaks very loudly of System/ governance failure.

waqas Sep 16, 2014 01:30pm

Well done !!!! The chain of events shows the NATION have started to wake up .It might take time as we are sleeping for 68 years ...

Nadir Sep 16, 2014 01:32pm

Imran Khan has played a vital role in educating Pakistanis about their rights.

We must show resistance to such acts.

Hate these Criminals Sep 16, 2014 01:34pm

Well done guys to kick these two out ..... These politicians don't even feel a spec of shame & then lying & giving clarifications on twitter etc. Enough is enough !! Shame , Shame , shame

Faheem Sep 16, 2014 01:38pm

“PIA does not promote VIP culture"!!! Oh Come ON FGS. Whom you are making fools? PIA a Govt Organization! What other comment we can expect?

Islooman Sep 16, 2014 01:39pm

He says he has the right to defend himself . We should ask him where the funds are which were allocated for PIA during the last seven years (PPP's & N's govt) "Search your bank accounts u will find the answer" - if they were spent on PIA there shouldn't be any technical issues. So yes you guys are to be blamed. Good work passengers keep it up. Tabdillii aaa nahi rahi Tabdilliii aaa gaii hai

Daim Sep 16, 2014 01:40pm

I wonder how can we say its a Naya Pakistan. If it is then Imran Khan will never come to power. how??? let me explain. Hardly 25% of Pakistanis can afford to travel by planes. and if Naya Pakistan is being constructed in planes then one can imagine the plight of people in years to come. PTI missing the support from lower middle class which is settled in rural areas and seriously they don't travel by planes. PTI has to strengthen its footing in rural areas where 60% population is living and have no idea about IK except he was a heroic cricketer. And instead of dharnas, focus 60% population & come up with out of the box solution for lower middle class, at least in KPK. Then there would be no need of sit-in, public will vote for change.

Dr Mazhar Sep 16, 2014 01:42pm

Zindabad Imran Khan

Faheem Sep 16, 2014 01:42pm

One more point.. How that's possible that only Rehman Malik and Dr Sb knew that Flight is having a Technical issues so that is why they waited outside or at home and reached when the technical problem was resolved? And if they knew then did anyone hear them mentioning this in the video? NO. Never accept your faults. This is what our Leaders are!

tahira Sep 16, 2014 01:46pm

WoW!!! Appreciated, What a change! Mind blowing

ahmedj Sep 16, 2014 01:46pm

Can someone close down the VIP Departure/Arrival Lounges for the Politicians and Generals. I have seen the protocol from VIP Car Park to the aircraft boarding, which includes vehicles, drivers, guards, personal servants who carry luggage and the ones who check-in on behalf of the VIPs and their families and give boarding cards to their bosses.

PTI should start the closure of VIP Lounges from Peshawar International.

Que Sep 16, 2014 01:50pm

Good Job!!!

syed m Sep 16, 2014 01:54pm

very good! these corrupt dishonest politicians should be treated this way! well done Pakistanis and well done IK for waking this nation up!!!

Muhammad Ali Khan Sep 16, 2014 01:56pm

Tabdelli Agaiiiiii ,and its all about Khan SB ,Nawa PAKISTAN QUAID KA PAKISTAN koi nahi rook sakta .PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

concerned Sep 16, 2014 02:02pm

The best part is "And even if you are a Minister, We don't care anymore... We don't care anymore... You people have to become humans".

Ahmead Sharif Sep 16, 2014 02:03pm

Thumbs up for the passengers and also to the person who make and uploaded this video. Now a case should file by every passenger against Rehman malik to pay them for the two hrs delay. and all PIA technical staff and administration who have delayed this flight due to a senator should be fired. He is definitely laying that the plane is late due to technical reasons and not because of him. Shame on Rehman Malik. Shame Shame. Shame. you should at least speak truth.

rh Sep 16, 2014 02:05pm

The problem today is, who and what to believe. Every thing is in such a doubtful stage and everyone claims to be the true man. We have a mess! Populations is growing 3% a year, we try to reach out goals with short cuts but the fact is we are going nowhere.

SOHAIL KHAN Sep 16, 2014 02:06pm

IMRAN KHAN ne logo ko sir utha kar jeena sikha diya...

rh Sep 16, 2014 02:07pm

@Faizan Sha Khan except for IK he wants to be treated differently remember.

Haider Sep 16, 2014 02:08pm

Hahahahahaha one word 'ZINDABAD!"

Kasim Khan Sep 16, 2014 02:12pm

Members of parliament or ex ministers do not get VIP status in any developed country. May be a change is coming. Stop saluting them & they will feel ordinary.

Masood Habib Sep 16, 2014 02:15pm

Dil kush kar ditta!

Mosharraf Zaidi: Where there is a VIP culture & ordinary people are treated like dogs, there vigilantism is born and bred.

Hilarious comments on Twitter, Fasi Zaka, I could not stop laughing.

mari khan Sep 16, 2014 02:20pm

A plane waiting for two hours means a loss of 500,000. Is there an isider in PIA ( may be a PTI member) who can leak out the facts if it was true that the plane was kept waiting . If it true soem one will have to make up for the loss.

Zahid Haroon Sep 16, 2014 02:21pm

I would say many congratulation to the passengers of that flight who courgeously stood against corrupt politicians. This is a lesson and message for all Pakistani people. Please come out against these politicians.

Zain Sep 16, 2014 02:28pm

Well done my Pakistani nation,at last you are waking up now and can see the different attitude of the Pakistani institutes like PIA dishing out favours to some whether in power now or before like Rehman Malik.It is worth noting that how PIA came to their rescue by blaming the whole thing on technical problem.It is all changing now thanks to Allama T.U.Qadri & I.Khan. Now soon you will see BIG mouth Saad Rafique blaming it on PTI & I.Khan.

imran ali Sep 16, 2014 02:32pm

yesterday the VVIP were thrown out by the people next time there hand will be on their collar....thx to PAT and PTI

asad Sep 16, 2014 02:41pm

Even if the flight wasn't delayed for him why was he late one and a half hours while all the other passengers were there? Was he the only one who got that "memo" that the flight will be delayed one and a half hours? How fortunate for him!!!

Zain Sep 16, 2014 02:47pm

This is only a tip of the iceberg Keep it up I.Khan and Maulana Qadri you are waking the nation up from a deep sleep of 67 years.Be patient it will take a bit of time to fully wake up,but they certainly will.InshALLAH.

ROBIN- New Delhi Sep 16, 2014 02:54pm

Finally something good and positive coming from Pakistan for others to follow, specially in the sub-continent where we give such people unnecessary footage in our day to day life.....

msc Sep 16, 2014 02:59pm

I am not a supporter of any politician, but to be just and fair......there is a chance that the flight had real technical fault and Mr. Rahman Malik and Dr Ramesh were informed to wait in VIP lounge till it is fixed..... some time we need to be devil's advocate and think from others perspective.

Haider Rehman Sep 16, 2014 02:59pm

This is the naya Pakistan. So proud of fellow Pakistanis!

Kalimullah Sep 16, 2014 03:01pm

Bravo! remind me the song Jagoo by Jazba. Wakeup Pakistan!

Zain Sep 16, 2014 03:03pm


You think parliament will allow that?.Why then not show I.Khan,s detailed account of Nawaz,s corruption ,his bank accounts in foreign countries,his family wealth for which they are not paying any tax ,their properties in London and other countries with the nation stolen wealth etc etc.And why not show them Zardari,s stolen wealth while they are sitting in the parliament. My friend these thing don't happen in Pakistan.

Humaun Kabir Sep 16, 2014 03:04pm

The credit goes to IK & TUQ for creating awareness amongst people for their rights. It's now upto people if they want to remain suppressed or want to live an honorable life.

Idrees Sep 16, 2014 03:04pm

Good to see the people of Pakistan standing for their Rights!

Nauman M Mirza Sep 16, 2014 03:06pm

BRAVO! I salute the valiant passengers of PK370 for bringing Death to the VIP culture.

Rafiud Din Khalid Sep 16, 2014 03:07pm

Public has awaken and voiced for their rights. Good to see to the change. This is enough and it should be end of VIP culture.

Hasnat Sep 16, 2014 03:12pm

As per PIA the plane was technical Than how come passengers were allowed to board the aircraft... For readers passengers are allowed to board the plane after all clearances.....

That is a white lie.....

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Sep 16, 2014 03:12pm

My whole hearted warmest greetings for Imran Khan 4 bringing out the change (Tabdeeli aa gai hay) and therefore PIA passengers could rise and refused to let Senator Rehman Malik and MNA Dr Kumar board the flight which could not even thought alike what to take of refusal in the olden days. I am Imran supporter but honestly speaking even those who are not Imran supporters realize and appreciate that Imarn has infused new blood into the dead bodies who now know of their rights. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi /

AmbS. Sep 16, 2014 03:21pm

Well we are already known as an aggressive nation, for all the good or bad reasons. My comments on and reaction to the incident do not really matter however I would like to understand why in the first place did PIA have to wait for the latecomers at all? Why did you not take the courage and initiative to fly the plane and head towards the destination? Not that I feel sympathetic to the politicians (because they do not deserve any mercy) but I would really want us to look at the other side of the picture. PIA needs to address this question: Why was the plane waiting there on the runway for two hours? Getting the passengers all worked up and waiting to jump on the politicians to ridicule them? I believe it is hard to settle in with the logical explanation than the emotional one! Naya Pakistan InshaAllah

Just Someone Sep 16, 2014 03:25pm

As usual the technical delay was to allow the delayed politicians to board. Their bad luck that they could not even reach there even after the reason for technical delay was resolved.

And if there was a technical delay, why were the passengers boarded initially and made to wait in the plane.

Muhammad Noman Khan Sep 16, 2014 03:30pm

Technical fault as i heard everywhere. KESC or PIA. Wake up people we are living in 21st Century.

Sikander Sep 16, 2014 03:39pm

@Haji General are really very disciplined, no corruption in time management at least

Zak Sep 16, 2014 03:48pm

IK and TUQ' naya Pakistan awakening. Besides please don't ruin the name and status of VIP's. These are not VIP, but misusers of publics goodwill and respect.

Nasir Raza Sep 16, 2014 03:49pm

Yeh hay humara naya Pakistan Mashallah tabdili aa nahi rahi tabdili aap gained hay Long live Pakistan

Maqsood Sep 16, 2014 03:49pm

Our country is full of like Reman Malik.

Waqas Ahmed Sep 16, 2014 03:51pm

@imran Rule of law is established in any society only when the rulers themselves obey the law, otherwise it's anarchy as we see in Pakistan. Incidents like will hopefully force the so called VVIPS to not violate the law and act like Kings.

MAlvi Sep 16, 2014 03:53pm

@Omer Shame on you, Omar.

Azim Khan Sep 16, 2014 03:57pm

A 7am flight is a bit too much for "VIPs " like Rehman Malik . It means you get up at 5 am and start preparing to go to the Airport.

Passengers are never allowed to board a plane if it is not ready for departure in all respects. They normally stay in the lounge if there is delay in departure. In addition, if tec fault was discovered when passengers are inside the aircraft, they are taken back to the lounge. Someone is not telling the truth.

syed baqar ahsan Sep 16, 2014 04:01pm

Govt is not reading the change in public sentiments which marches and dharna have created.Its a good beginning -PIA operation will improve and political enrolled PIA staff will face the burnt. There will be no technical delay if the "niayat is saaf",VIPs have ruined the national carrier.Wake up call to PIA staff no more technical drama.People will watch who enter during delays.

IBN E ASHFAQUE Sep 16, 2014 04:16pm

Zara nam ho to yeh matteee baree zarkhez hai saqeee.

aku Sep 16, 2014 04:17pm

Hurrah! Naya Pakistan. I just hope this infection spreads further in the middle class of this nation. We have kept quiet for too long

Nadeem Bangash Sep 16, 2014 04:23pm


shah Sep 16, 2014 04:34pm

This is incredible that two junior staff of the airline have been held responsible after all "patli gardan" are held responsible while so called elite politicians go Scot free. There is no excuse that over 200 passengers were present in the aircraft waiting for departure and as these two elite politicians arrive the aircraft is ready for departure. This is throwing dust in the eyes of the people.

MAlvi Sep 16, 2014 04:36pm

I have not seen the video, but I am very happy about this incident. I salute to those passengers and highly appreciate the hard work being done by Imran and Qadri to awaken the nation.

I am tempted to say that if there is a political VIP in first class on the aircraft, who has not caused a delay of that flight, just throw him out of the aircraft any way assuming that he may have caused a delay in the past (I am sure he must have). That will be a big step towards showing an outrage towards politicians and the VIP culture.

Anindya Banerjee Sep 16, 2014 04:36pm

Well done, people of Pakistan. Wish we could do the same here in India.

Zak Sep 16, 2014 04:38pm

Let the middle class upwards bring this kind of change to clean the system from the top which will benefit the whole nation rich and poor. But don't let this seep down to the man on the street otherwise it turns into a brutal revolution with blood flowing. Be careful.

Jamali Sep 16, 2014 04:39pm

Hats off to Passengers of Flight PK-370,... Very much appreciable..

Naeem Syed Sep 16, 2014 04:44pm

Why was this a PTI worker, Mr Rehaman Malik ? Is it to far fetched for you to understand that there is a change in the air and the like of youtr class are an endangered species? This younger educated population, the internet children, who have seen what free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom to live in a law abiding society and freedom to reject are the new way of life. So sincere advice is to respect and react to it in a positive manner.

mia Sep 16, 2014 04:46pm

PIA is a pointless airline and should be boycotted. They should pay compensation to the passengers. Credit goes to Dr Tahir Qadri and IK for giving people confidence to stand up to these disgusting politicians and so called vips. Easyjet and Ryanair should be given the route to Pakistan and people should have more choice within Pakistan to fly with other airlines, forcing Pia to rethink their attitude towards passengers and policy.

Kay Sep 16, 2014 04:48pm

When the people of Pakistan wake up and rise together to say "NO" to corruption and baadshahaat, only then will Pakistan improve as a country.

Khuram Sep 16, 2014 04:54pm

WaoOoOo I wish I would be there to through these Politicians out not from the plane but from this planet earth.

Salma Feroz Ali Sep 16, 2014 05:02pm

All credit goes to Qadri sb and IK. Way to go.

lutaf salim Sep 16, 2014 05:16pm

it is about time people speak up against vvip culture thanks to imran khan &tahir ul qadri

british indian Sep 16, 2014 05:18pm

3 cheers for our brothers

Sathya Sep 16, 2014 05:26pm

Good wishes from India - Well done to my Pakistani brothers. Lets join hands to teach the callous sub-continental politicians a lesson.

Salim A Sep 16, 2014 05:41pm

Fuedals see the writing on the wall. Rehman Malik was not sitting and waiting with the passengers. He showed up right before boarding. I don't believe PIA spokesperson. Have them show proof of technical problem. Too many lies does not make PIA a credible organization.

mia Sep 16, 2014 05:46pm

Bravo to the person who exposed this to the world and good for the passengers for taking a stand to bad customer service, typical of PIA. The flight should have taken off without the two clowns. No other airline would put up with such sloth. Why dont they pay for their own private jet instead of getting a flight at everybody elses expense? I was at a UK airport recently and saw PIa flight crew shopping in duty free buying alcohol by the trolley load and dodgy magazines, while the female crew were trying to get a big discount on makeup products because they sell it out in Pakistan and make a good profit. Dont they get stopped and searched at customs in Pakistan, like most ordinary passengers? It is one rule for them and another for the passengers. Go Nawaz go.

manal Sep 16, 2014 05:47pm

I think the ruling party is underestimating the effect of the ongoing "dharnas" and how it is changing the attitudes of people. The longer the sit-in goes on, the more common such incidents will become.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 16, 2014 05:48pm

This is exactly what is called as the people's power. If the movers and shakers in Islamabad are not going to wake-up soon, this power of the people in the "land of the pure" is eventually going to take-over the whole country sooner of later. Wake up please wake up otherwise neutral, independent and unbiased history pages will never forgive you.

Tahmeena Malik Sep 16, 2014 05:57pm

If it was conveyed via SMS how come the PIA crew joined in to agitate ??

responsible Sep 16, 2014 05:58pm

We being a nation finally decided to end the VIP culture to make Pakistan prosper. It's really awakening period of our country.

khanman Sep 16, 2014 06:05pm

if rehman malik arrived to board the plane after 1.5 hours, can someone ask PIA people who says that delay was not beacuse him that what Rehman sb was doing at airport after 1.5 hrs which he had to board .didnt he know that got late and his flight in a nutshell flight was delayed due to him.

Eli Sep 16, 2014 06:10pm

Proud to be Pakistani today....those passengers are our real heroes ...these are the people who has courage and morality to stand up against unfairness....let's celebrate our first day of independence..

Merchant Sep 16, 2014 06:16pm

Rehman Malik should realise that in Naya Pakistan the national airline is PIA and not PPPIA.

M. Siddique Sep 16, 2014 06:34pm

I am not in favor of VIP culture. The delay should be investigated. Street justice is move in the wrong direction.

Rishabh Jain Sep 16, 2014 06:45pm

A big salute to the people of Pakistan from my side. You have done something remarkable - something which people at this side have been silently suffering from, and not protested against. You guys rock!

Ray Pakhtun Sep 16, 2014 06:48pm

Rude awakening! Good omen.

Ali Vazir Sep 16, 2014 07:24pm

Made me feel so proud of my Pakistan and Pakistanis. What is indeed heartening is that the politicians were offloaded without any abusive language. That's the way forward. Bravo!

Anil Momin Sep 16, 2014 07:32pm

Felt very good to see that we have woken up for our rights. This government must realize it, that they are not being supported by the nation and should leave it.

Shaz Sep 16, 2014 11:26pm

Pakistanies now started to know their rights. Alhamdulillah.

status system will come to an end Inshallah.

Ammar Sep 17, 2014 01:10am

Bohot galat kiya passengers ne un ko plane se utaar k..

plane urr to janay detay phir in ko plane se kickout karna chaiye tha

khalid iqbal Sep 17, 2014 02:20am

the pia incident shows how little respect the people have for some of our leaders and assembly members,who have looted the wealth of the country and did nothing for the poor masses.

salmasa Sep 17, 2014 02:35am

@mike ghaous USA It did happen a PML-N minorities Minister was removed from onboard as well that video is being aired on TV.

Unnas Ahmad Sep 17, 2014 02:51am

So it just happens that their was a "technicality" and then when the "technicality" was over the Rehman Malik comes on the plane. I am sorry but this is just too coincidental.

salmasa Sep 17, 2014 03:05am

@Every cloud has a silver lining I think thats the new term used by politicians to describe all English speaking middle class Pakistani's who protsxt against them, call them PTI people.

salmasa Sep 17, 2014 03:07am

Jago Pakistan Jago, Yeh Subh Hamari Hay !

saadi jamal Sep 17, 2014 03:34am

@Sajjad Pakistani's no matter from which party.

Shehz Sep 17, 2014 03:43am

This was a very illiterate behaviour, and nothing to do with PTI or PAT waking up the people. We have mob lynchers in Pakistan as well, nothing to do with political parties. If PAT/PTI wants to take credit for this then they shall too take the credit of mob killing the two brothers in Sialkot. There was no difference in behaviour. If Senator Malik and MNA Ramesh would have acted stubborn, the crowd would have probably beaten them as well, I am quite sure.

Said that, I am not a fan of PPP, PMLN, PTI, or PAT. These people are to serve their constituents and none of them do so. They run for elections to only satisfy their ego, which all of you feed with your tax money.

The passengers had a right to be taken to their destination on time. They are to be served with respect and dignity. But the passengers, under no circumstances, have the right to forcibly offload another passenger. Very illiterate and shameful behaviour. I don't understand how Pakistanis can be so proud of this behaviour circulating on social media?

This is entirely PIA's fault, 100%. An airline run by incompetent staff should know better than to cause delay. Passengers had a right to demand departure on time. Passengers have a right to sue PIA for wasting their time. Passengers have a right to step out. They do not have any right to force others out.

Rashid Sep 17, 2014 03:55am

If it was a technical fault why Malik saab is ariving late? He should have been in the plane along with the other passengers. These politicians needs to know their place. Hats off to the crew and the passengers.

Zaku Sep 17, 2014 06:05am

@Azam congratulations, ppl should take similar actions against other corporations and its officers i.e. Gas company , KESC, Water companies etc etc.

Zaku Sep 17, 2014 06:07am

@chimgaadarr , your name speaks for you, you don't need to wright.

stella Sep 17, 2014 06:47am

Well done!!!!!!

A Patel Sep 17, 2014 07:11am

The VIPs were not allowed to board the plane and they (VIP) learnt a lesson ( may be ), but what about those PIA officials who delayed the flight and made the passengers suffer for two hours ? Has someone taken any legal action against PIA for the 2 hour unnecessary delay ? Have we completely lost our faith on the judicial system ?

If a single person involved in this DELAY OF FLIGHT is prosecuted, the others, specially the so called VIPs will restrain to repeat such acts in future.

Al Smith Sep 17, 2014 08:52am

Visited Karachi some 35 years ago, had to confirm my seat the day before with PIA, while waiting in the line up to do that a person passed everyone in the queue and walked behind the counter with about 20 passports to get the seats confirmed for those 20 people, when asked why we were being bumped by this one person the clerk said his job is at stake-I see things haven't changed with PIA or Pakistan, haven't had any desire to return and I see things are still the same-what a mess, feel sorry for the people who have to go through this all the time.

Erum Sep 17, 2014 09:20am

If the delay wasn't cause because of Mr Rehman, what was he doing outside the plane. Shouldn't he have waited with other passengers rather than making a late entrance.

Jude Allen Sep 17, 2014 11:03am

The outcry of the passengers in unity, standing up for what is justified, facing the VIP culture and taking a bold stand.. Im sorry but this was just so overwhelming that it brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of the passengers on board that flight. I am so proud of that one man who spoke up in the front and actually followed Rehman Malik quite a way shaming the ex minister for his deeds. This is the Pakistan I love to see. This is the Pakistan we need. This is REVOLUTION :) Finally I am feeling like a proud Pakistani.

Asma Sep 17, 2014 11:24am

VIP culture on roads should be stopped. For one lousy person we are stopped at traffic signals.

Abu Maayedah Sep 17, 2014 11:40am

I am glad that what should have occurred years ago has happened at last. Thanks goodness that we Pakistanis have realized our rights and have stood up to defend them. Initially we didn't know what our rights were, therefore we never demanded them. We used to take it for granted that rights only belonged to the privileged class and we are subservient to them. But now we will not bow down to any such indignity. Thank you Mr. Khan for realizing that as citizens we have our rights and that ministers are there to serve us and it is not the other way around.

Ali Sep 17, 2014 12:07pm

All this is going to cost more to common man as these ras --ls will now start travelling in chartered planes and the brunt will be borne by tax payers.

Mike Sep 17, 2014 12:47pm

If the delay was due to "technical reasons," why were these so-called VIPs not already on the plane with all the other passengers?

rizwan khan Sep 17, 2014 01:43pm

When Passengers forced ex-minister off plane , they shouted "You are not a minister anymore!"...."250 passengers have been put out because of you,''......."We've taken it for 68 years. Are we going to take it another 68?"......."So-called VIPs" ,....."My foot VIPs"......'',You should be ashamed of yourself ''. As the video has gone viral on internet, and all over the world it has been commented on TV and newspapers, I hope our respected and SACRED Parliament has also watched........... What action they are going to take ??? Do they want to condemn the passengers, blaming the PIA and asking more suspension of poor lower staff, or they are going to issue show cause notices to the two politicians.... People think it is now the test of Parliament.............. Some thing very surprising that once the most powerful man of the country, the ex. interior minister Mr. Rehman Malik getting booted off that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight,"
Meanwhile, Dr Ramesh Kumar Wakwani was forced out of his seat as people chanted "shame, shame, shame". The embarrassed politician later turned back. Vankwani left the flight after passengers threatened to beat him with shoes. why people are so frustrated and violent, should we think or not.....?? Two years ago a report that a woman had to give birth in a car because roads had been cleared to make way for a VIP sparked anger. Some even allege that people have died on their way to hospitals because of this. People are ready to cast their first stone against the VIP CULTURE .....?????? The passengers were highly educated and polite, as they called the ministers as Sir, .....they just threatened to beat with shoes but did not act..... will they always be so polite ??????

Mohsin Raza Hashmi Sep 18, 2014 02:13am

I am not the follower of PPP and oppose VIP culture in pakistan.BUT i think facts and dramas are two different patterens. the PIA spokesman said to DAWN that the flight was delayed because of any technical problem, not for rehman malik. if it is reality then no one has right to disgrace anyone. most of the people are attached to their political parties but it doesnt mean you blame others for a fake cause. revolution is not the name of misbehave and stupidities to others

shah from kinston nc usa Sep 18, 2014 09:23am

the dude is soo rich I don't know why he doesn't charter a flt...what a jack wagon ...and besides the plane shouldn't have delayed to accommodate anyone....the whole of PIA should be sued

Khamis Khan Sep 18, 2014 02:42pm

@L.Ahmad PIA has a long history of being late even on a sunny day. VIPs or no VIPs on board, PIA will be late.

ash_insafians Sep 18, 2014 05:00pm

@rw if Ik use vip culture we will also kick him. we want a change in this corrupt system.

anonymous Sep 18, 2014 07:58pm

VIP culture diminishing, means justice fairness equality and rights of every citizen regardless of rich or poor is bolstering.

ma Sep 18, 2014 08:28pm

@imran What rule of law?you must be kidding?

Aysha Sep 19, 2014 12:09am

How come Rehman malik is saying flight was delayed due to "technical reasons". Even dr. ramesh is saying the video that it was not delayed due to me but because of 'REHMAN MALIK". He said, " main to bahir baitha tha, unhuon nay kaha abhee rehman malik rheta hay"

Danial Sep 19, 2014 12:47am

Oh no! I am a v I p ... no more royalty, no special car services with a convoy, no more road blocks and closers for me, no green plates, no more priority for me, THE END IS NIGH!

Reedah Sep 19, 2014 12:58pm

The PIA spokesperson says 'after the delay , the flight departed when it was meant to' .What is that supposed to mean? Either there was a delay which meant the flight would have left later then it was scheduled or there wasn't a delay which would mean the flight left on time when it was meant to. This incident highlights not just the colonial mentality/VIP culture in Pakistan whereby there is subservience to the rich and foreign, but also this habit of trying to cover up misdeeds with doublespeak and contradiction, no matter how absurd it sounds as well as the lack of punctuality and respect for time amongst the citizenry.

Ali Sep 19, 2014 03:03pm

Judges,Government Officers,Generals ,Industrialists and even media persons demand VIP protocol not only at airports but at every public place .The whole fish is rotten

Latif Khan Sep 20, 2014 10:14am

VIPs??? hahahaha... Rehman Malik said that i have fogave the passenger for this kind of misbehaver!!! nice joke from Mr joker Malik!!! hahaha...