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Supporters of Dr Tahirul Qadri cheer as they listen to Qadri's speech while heavy rains fall during an anti-government protest near the PM House in Islamabad on September 4, 2014. – AFP Photo
— Screen grab of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the National Assembly
Supporters of Tahirul Qadri take cover under plastic sheeting during heavy rain on the lawn of the Parliament premises during an anti-government protest in Islamabad on September 4, 2014. — AFP
Dialogue committees of PTI and government sitting during meeting at the residence of Senator Rehman Malik.— Photo by Online
Imran Khan talks to supporters during an anti-government protest near the prime minister's residence in Islamabad on September 3, 2014. — Photo by AFP
Tahirul Qadri (R, front) displays a newspaper cutting with a picture of a sit-in protest by Nawaz Sharif and supporters published on October 13, 2011, during the Revolution March in Islamabad September 3, 2014. — Photo by Reuters
Clouds hover during a sit in protest of participant of Azadi and Inqilab marches in front of Parliament House.— Photo by Online
– Screen grab of Dr Tahirul Qadri speaking to protesters

As the political crisis prevailing in the country continues unabated, the government and opposition parties in the Assembly are making frantic efforts to negotiate with the protesting PTI and PAT.

The previous day saw the PTI lawmakers march into Parliament, with Shah Mehmood Qureshi making a feverish speech about his party's decision to march. There was, however, no finality on the acceptance of their resignations as the NA speaker maintained his wish to meet with the disgruntled lawmakers in his chambers.

The MQM, too, added to mounting pressure on the government when party chief Altaf Hussain demanded the resignations of all MQM legislators.

While the opposition jirga gave the welcome news that the issue was "70% resolved", Dr Tahirul Qadri show no signs of retreat; an absurd appeal for bats, balls and legos for the children at the PAT dharna was made, as well as mattresses for the women.

With the numbers at the Constitution Avenue parade continuing the ebb and flow pattern of the past weeks, a dramatic ruling from the Supreme Court or flexibility from the defiant government and stubborn protesting parties are the only likely options to end the deadlock.

Will worn-out Imran give up on his demand for the premier's resignation? Will better sense prevail for Dr Qadri, who is calling for an overthrow of the system as we know it? Will the passive government pull a new trick out of its hat?

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2014-09-04 19:45:45

Qadri lashes out at MPs for terming ‘peaceful’ protesters as terrorists

Speaking to protesters in heavy rain, PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri lashed out at the Parliamentarians saying peaceful daughters, sisters and sons are being labelled as terrorists.

2014-09-04 18:07:33

Speaker accepts Javed Hashmi's resignation in NA

Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has accepted resignation of PTI President Javed Hashmi, which he tendered during his speech to the joint session of Parliament on Tuesday, DawnNews reported.

2014-09-04 17:40:56

Any decision taken by political 'jirga' will be accepted: PM Nawaz

After the joint parliamentary session today, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was briefed in his chambers by the government committee.

PM Nawaz Sharif has said that any decision taken by the political ‘jirga’ will be accepted by him.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that it has been made clear that the government has no issues in accepting five out of six demands put forward by the PTI, adding that the PM resignation will not be negotiated upon.

Nisar also briefed the PM that both the protesting parties have assured the government that they will move their sit-ins away from in front of the Parliament House.

The government is expected to respond PTI by tonight.

2014-09-04 17:17:06

COAS meets CM Shahbaz

The Chief of Army Staff General Raheel met with Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at Army House in Rawalpindi. The two discussed the political situation, with Tariq Fatemi also in attendance.

2014-09-04 16:18:01

Zardari meets Shujaat, Elahi for lunch; political deadlock discussed

PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari met with Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi at Zardari House in Islamabad.

The Chaudhries had been invited for lunch during which Zardari urged Chaudhry Shujaat to convince Tahirul Qadri to show some flexibility.

PPP leaders Sherry Rehman and Nayyar Bokhari were also in attendance. — Reported by Shakeel Qarar

2014-09-04 15:59:07

PM, parliamentary leaders discuss deadlock, jigra initiative

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is meeting with leaders of parliamentary parties in his chamber to discuss the prevailing deadlock and the recent initiative of the opposition jirga to ease further negotiations between the government and PTI and PAT.

Those in attendance include PPP leaders Aitzaz Ahsan, Raza Rabbani, Syed Khurshid Shah, Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Aftab Sherpao, Ijazul Haq, Hasil Bizenjo, Sahibzada Tariqullah, Zahid Hamid, Pervaiz Rasheed, Ishaq Dar and Saad Rafique.

The leaders are discussing attempts made by the jirga that is being led by JI Emir Sirajul Haq to negotiate a settlement between the two sides. — Reported by Mateen Haider

2014-09-04 15:19:43

Don't interfere in politics, PAT tells Supreme Court

The Pakistan Awami Tehreek on Thursday submitted its response in the Supreme Court and said the court should not intervene in political matters.

PAT's counsel Advocate Ali Zafar submitted the party's response today which stated that the court should order the government to respond to the demands of protesters and that judicial intervention in electoral matters violated the Constitution.

2014-09-04 15:16:23

Session adjourned

The joint session of Parliament has come to an end for today and will resume tomorrow (Friday) at 10AM.

2014-09-04 15:13:08

Iqbal invites Imran to build cancer hospital

The prime minister wants us to work on the building of a state of the art cancer hospital in Pakistan, says Iqbal.

"I welcome Imran Khan to share with us his experience in this regard."

2014-09-04 15:12:20

Ahsan Iqbal criticises media coverage of dharnas

"No leader in Pakistan has been given the kind of live coverage that these two get on prime time every day." says Iqbal. "Even when Imran and Qadri sneeze, the media is ready to cover that live."

"Pity is that none of these parties gained anything from this live coverage."

He says the prime minister has offered to make a commission to go over the PTI's complaints. "Any complaints of any engineering, we welcome these and the commission can assess what happened...if they cannot even trust the judiciary of this country, we will perhaps have to call the UN...if Imran wants to punish the people of this country for his stubbornness then that cannot be cured even by Hakim Lucman."

2014-09-04 15:08:51

PTI being unreasonable: Ahsan Iqbal

Harking back to the words of PTI lawmaker Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Iqbal says, "Qureshi says we are in quicksand. How are we in quicksand Qureshi sahab? We accepted five of your six demands and the sixth demand is just stubbornness and is unreasonable."

"On Saturday when we met PTI leaders, they had assured us they wouldn't march towards PM House."

"But they had also promised that about the Red Zone...they kept on promising and breaking those promises"

2014-09-04 15:04:36

Attack on Parliament planned in May: Ahsan Iqbal

"I have been upset over what happened in Lahore...but the chain of events is problematic," says the minister.

"When Zarb-i-Azb began, we had united...the plan that was made on May 30 to attack Parliament using PAT, PTI, Q league...Imran was a part of that conspiracy...if Model Town hadn't happened, the situation would not have gotten to this point...what is the missing link?...Is the Model Town tragedy linked to the original conspiracy that was developed in London and to what is happening now?"

2014-09-04 15:00:36

'34 members are trying to dictate upon the entire House'

"PTI has also talked about the four points which called for democratic means and rejected of any unconstitutional ones. But isn't it odd that it is the 34 whose will you want to dictate upon the rest of the House?" questioned Ahsan Iqbal. "Even not all 34 are with PTI."

"Then you [Imran Khan] called for civil disobedience...but they forget that even Quaid-e-Azam refused to go with the Congress in this and decided to continue with a democratic struggle."

Iqbal said that it wasn't the government which claimed that the protesting parties were working according to a script. "We didn't say that; it was the president of PTI who used those words. Shouldn't Imran resign after such an allegation came against him from the president of his party?"

2014-09-04 14:52:19

'Parliament is symbol of people's approval'

Ahsan Iqbal says democracies are not run through nods and hints, they are run through the elected representatives of the people. "If any hint or nod matters, it is that of the people...the Parliament is the symbol of the real nod of the people."

"I am waiting when Imran Khan will write about how he met Lal Haweli...they say not even a pot plant was broken...but the gate of the Parliament was broken."

2014-09-04 14:48:22

PTI has internal election flaws: Ahsan Iqbal

Criticising the intra-party elections of the PTI, Ahsan Iqbal said, "PTI did a fact-finding report on its failure to form the government and the first factor noted is that PTI held its intra-party elections just before the election. The other factor it notes is that tickets were given to undeserving people and that corruption was practiced when awarding can Imran then question anyone over merit and corruption?"

"If you cannot control corruption within your party and tickets were handed in exchange for money or other favours then how can you lecture others on corruption?" Iqbal asked Imran Khan.

He added: "Another factor noted in the report was that the PTI's campaign was not rooted that it did not understand the people or speak for the people's demands. Another factor noted in that report is the attitude of the leadership and Imran's lack of action in relation to that."

"The report also notes that chairman fails to recognise significant PTI workers; how is that our fault Imran Khan?"

"The same report says that the office of secretary general has been non-existent. How can that be? And how can everything be in the hands of the chairman of the party?"

"Honourable Speaker these are the things that I wanted to share with you...Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Pakistan's political class failed but that is obviously not is Shah Mehmood Qureshi who has failed, who has severed his ties with the political class which is standing firm behind democracy."

2014-09-04 14:42:12

'Imran should prove ROs were involved in rigging'

Ahsan Iqbal says the 2013 election was the only one in which the chief election commissioner's name was agreed upon by all sides of the political spectrum. "Imran lauded the naming of Fakhruddin Ebrahim for CEC. The government and opposition at the time agreed to the caretaker government put in place."

"You keep on crying about rigging Khan sahab, but if you can prove it to us that ROs were in fact involved in rigging -- which is not possible because ROs only have the authority to tabulate -- then we will accept your objections."

"They call for four constituencies; that they were rigged...did we not take all measures that we could? Wasn't it the job of the election tribunals?"

2014-09-04 14:36:12

'Elections nowhere in the world are perfect'

"No election anywhere in the world is perfect...even in a democracy like America...questions have arisen...even if you check out this year's election in India...just Google it and you will find out that rigging happens everywhere."

Iqbal then goes on to note a number of instances he found on the internet over complaints regarding that country's election.

"So this happens everywhere and there are procedures...election tribunals are made precisely to deal with these issues."

2014-09-04 14:36:04

Protesting politicians, on Twitter

2014-09-04 14:22:30

'Only Imran and Qadri are clean?'

"The way Imran and Qadri behave it seems like they are the only ones who are clean in this country. If everyone is a thief and corrupt then who is clean? You only? Why are you trying to shatter our confidence, shatter our belief in ourselves?" questioned Ahsan Iqbal.

"I know that forces have been acting...I have seen these things....Not only IJI was formed, GDA was also formed...but we have understood that these are counterproductive measures...we need to work for political space."

"I want to tell Imran and Qadri that even if you sit here for 500 will not be able to do anything to the government of this democracy...this is a war for the supremacy of Constitution and we will take it to its logical conclusion."

2014-09-04 14:20:10

'Political stability key to success'

Ahsan Iqbal: "All I'm saying is that if no country could progress without political stability...then it is this country's right to be allowed political stability for the five years, the tenure that this government has earned...constitutionalism, rule of law are the ways through which Pakistan can emerge as a country that has progressed."

"In today's world, a country that can win investor confidence is the one can progress but if a country cannot win that confidence, this will become problematic," he added.

2014-09-04 14:07:08

English-medium vs Urdu-medium 'inquilabs'

"I do not understand these two 'inquilabs'; one is English medium and one is Urdu medium. I am disappointed in Imran Khan; I thought his discourse would have been educated. He says he went to Oxford but his jargon is amazing," said Ahsan Iqbal.

He added that religious blackmailing is being done to take advantage of the people of Pakistan. "Bringing in religious references for their so-called revolutions is shameful."

"People used to say that Pakistan would become a Japan but the condition of the country can hardly be regarded as that of a country which has progressed so much."

2014-09-04 14:06:54

'Opposition fought back with tremendous strength'

The response that the opposition parties have given has fought off these forces with tremendous strength, says Ahsan Iqbal.

"Democratic forces -- including the youth of Pakistan -- refused to become a part of their march. PTI and PAT left Lahore after dark when no one could spot how small their marches actually were," Iqbal said criticising the Islamabad sit-ins.

He added: "Then they went to Gujranwala and just stayed there, begging to the people of that city to come and join their so-called revolution. But the people refused to entertain them because people see how long it has taken Pakistan to reach a point where it has seen the first democratic transition of power."

"Ordinary people have understood that Pakistan's future lies in its political stability. They have decided that if they do not like the current government, we will oust it with our vote."

2014-09-04 13:59:07

The groups are enemies of Pakistan: Ahsan Iqbal

 Iqbal reads from copy of Pakistan Constitution
Iqbal reads from copy of Pakistan Constitution

"No enemy of Pakistan could have created a situation or caused so much humiliation to Pakistan internationally as these two have done," Iqbal cries.

"People are asking internationally — how can a nuclear power allow these people to come and take over the capital and government offices? How will you fare if terrorists want you to surrender?"

2014-09-04 13:57:39

Parliament a dhobi ghaat outside: Ahsan Iqbal

The PML-N leader laments that protesters have made the precincts of the Parliament a 'dhobi ghaat'.

"Invading the precincts of the Parliament which includes the lawns, parking lot etc. and desecrating the House...those who have invaded the precincts of the Parliament have to vacate."

"Honourable Speaker please make a committee which ensures that those who have violated the sanctity of the Parliament are duly punished. I still haven't been able to understand why these people chose the date of August 14. They used our independence day to usher divisive politics."

2014-09-04 13:49:56

Pakistan witnessing 'containerisied' revolution: Ahsan Iqbal

"Pakistan is being made a hostage of containerised revolution. The world has seen velvet and orange revolution and Pakistan is having a containerised one," says Iqbal.

He refers to Qadri's remarks against Khursheed Shah. "They still there and come out and ridicule just about anyone they want to. Yesterday, the way they went after the opposition leader was very unbecoming."

"To humiliate the leader of the opposition is tantamount to desecrating the House. He should learn from PTI who ridiculed Shah sahab but ate their words when SMQ praised the leader of the opposition yesterday."

2014-09-04 13:49:15

Ahsan Iqbal on the floor of the House

Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal says the government did not imagine that a force would storm the Parliament.

"We have braved through difficult times, yes; this is not exceptionally tougher. But what we hadn't seen before was that no one had the courage to think of storming the Parliament and give the world the message that the Pakistani state has become dysfunctional."

2014-09-04 13:48:03

Geo has paid its dues: Raza Rabbani

Senator Raza Rabbani makes a case for Geo — which is currently facing financial crisis and security threats. "I do not subscribe to what Geo broadcasts...but they have paid their dues...there is a court order but the government has been unable to implement it."

2014-09-04 13:40:28

Rabbani welcomes govt flexibility

Senator Raza Rabbani says it is good that the government has agreed to the five points of the protesting parties, as reported in newspapers. "A commission will determine the state of the elections and parliament will be a guarantor to ensure that the findings of the commission are followed through and action is taken against rigging is proven," he says.

He lays out 14 points of his own: "Dictatorship in all its forms and manifestations, externally managed derailments, crises are anti-thetical to democracy and will not be allowed to take place."

He lists them as:

1) charter of democracy needs to be revisited

2) to reaffirm the commitment of process of federalism and devolution under 1973 constitution

3) supremacy of Parliament shall be ensured as per 1973 const. all issued of national concern shall fall within its larger parameters to redefine civil-military relations

4) to shun adhocism and develop systems for good governance

5) to ensure independence of judiciary

7) to develop national consensus against intolerance, extremism, tolerance in all forms and manifestations

8) to work for protections and rights of minorities, women and children

9) to protect economic pol. rights of working class

10) to ensure implementation of articles 25a

12) to promote regional cultures

13) to ensure freedom of press to safeguard rights of working journalists

2014-09-04 13:37:33

Rabbani touches on Islamabad's ties with Rawalpindi

"When our ministers go and meet COAS in GHQ, we concede political space, " Raza Rabbani says, "When we enforce Article 245, we concede political space; when we call them for facilitate we concede political space. today the balance of power unfortunately does not rest in Islamabad but in Rawalpindi."

2014-09-04 13:36:14

We failed to deliver: Raza Rabbani

"I'm not talking about the government but about the political class, " he says. "These conditions, this paradigm, this new narrative — why is it being given? We're at a critical juncture of history, Mr Speaker, if we put our heads down like an ostrich then we won't be ready for the battle that is yet to come... that will determine whether the waterloo is of parliament or of pakistan's ruling elite so let's do some soul searching..."

He adds, "We as the political class have not been able to deliver. If we were delivering and effectively functioning, conditions wouldn't have happened."

"f we were delivering as we should, every single citizen of Pakistan would have actively repulsed this attack on Parliament. But now they are dissociated and do not seem to care."

2014-09-04 13:33:54

Rabbani critical of Imran, Qadri messages to supporters

"Pick up history books and see the kind of speeches that were made before Babri Mosque was demolished," he says, referring to the protesting PAT and PTI leaders' messages of peace and the ensuing violence. "And later they said they didn't call for anyone to attack the mosque. This is what these leaders were trying to do."

He continues. "The message is loud an clear to all democratic forces: that this is what can be done. that we can do whatever we want. the message was to desecrate the precincts of Parliament. if that is the message then we accept that and every 442 or 443 house members are ready to lay down their lives but will not allow the desecration of Parliament."

"Let's also assess ourselves for a bit now."

2014-09-04 13:28:33

Rabbani slams Qadri for Khursheed Shah remarks

"Yesterday they directed their canons towards PPP," he says, referring to Dr Qadri's biting criticism of PPP leader Khursheed Shah, whom the firebrand cleric had threatened to silence.

"Many canons have been fired on PPP. We are used to this and have always stood in impossible circumstances," says Rabbani.

"I wouldn't have reacted if they had only gone after Shah sahab but they went after ZAB who was the architect of the Constitution of Pakistan. Bhutto who stood against the establishment, who laid the foundation of the nuclear program of Pakistan."

"We dont want to sour the mood because negotiations are underway but they need to understand that PPP's jiyalas know how to tackle those who attack our leaders."

Rabbani adds, "In fact, Qadri was amgry at SMQ but he took it out on Khursheed Shah. Because Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Qadri and his people were fundamentally calling for the march to Parliament and PM House."

2014-09-04 13:24:59

Qadri is no legislator: Raza Rabbani

"Finding a way through this bigger crisis will take time," says the PPP Senator, "but it is great that the parliament recognised the challenge, picked up the gauntlet and began the twilight struggle to free itself of its ruling elite."

Hitting out at the PAT chief, Rabbani says: "Qadri cannot even become a parliamentarian in Pakistan with his oath to the queen of England."

"He [Qadri] says he doesn't believe in the system. He calls for a revolution? What revolution? The inqilab we know has farmers and labourers in its vanguard, artists, students and teachers."

2014-09-04 13:20:25

This is not a revolution: Raza Rabbani


The PPP Senator is dismissive of the ongoing protests. "What is happening outside does not look like a revolution. It's a situation where the haves are saying we have not. Where are the labourers, the farmers, the artists?" he asks.

"Much is being said about changes in electoral laws. I am not ready to prepare these talks and arguments, because the laws are there, the Constitution exists."

"Until the stakeholders within the state, the ruling elite will not manage their tiffs, no matter what laws you bring in, the results will be the same as they want."

2014-09-04 13:18:15

Pakistan khappay!

"We said rigging was done but we accepted the result for the sake of democracy," says Raza Rabbani, now addressing the protesting PTI that is encamped at Constitution Avenue.

"First you wanted four seats reopened but then you went on to call for the dismantling of the system. Even after ZAB's judicial murder, we said we will remain within the system...our victories were taken away from us...we said we'd remain within the system...Benazir was murdered in the streets of Rawalpindi...we said we'll remain within the system...Pakistan khappay, khappay, khappay!"

"Despite everything, we never called for the dismantling of the system and this is politics."

2014-09-04 13:15:01

Situation handled poorly: Rabbani

The Senator says the political crisis could have been avoided. "Honourable Speaker, the situation that has become so… if it was handled politically, through Parliament, from the start then what is happening outside may not have come to this point."

"But we also need to keep in mind that the Constitution protects itself..after the 18th Amendment, some clauses have come in that makes it difficult for these dark forces to launch a direct attack on the Parliament."

"If 58(2)(b) would have been in place now, then the government would have been packed up and sent home long ago, but because this could no longer be done, these forces have brought out their puppets on to the streets."

2014-09-04 13:11:56

Centrist mindset is the problem: Rabbani

The session resumes after a short prayer break. Raza Rabbani continues, cautioning the government against rolling back on the devolving measures pushed forward with the 18th Amendment. "These will have consequences which will cancel the dividends."

"The centrist mindset is the problem -- which smacks of dictatorial behaviour, regardless of what form of government we have."

2014-09-04 13:03:43

Do not alienate Parliament: Raza Rabbani

"We had said earlier and we will say it again that once you will alienate the Parliament...if you won't come to NA and Senate and when your ministers won't come to NA and Senate...when the government won't be accountable to the House...then conspiracies like this will take root," says Raza Rabbani.

"Please recall that the last time the PML-N govt was ousted, it happened when the government had alienated the parliament... only a united parliament can fight these attacks off."

Session breaks for Zuhr prayers

2014-09-04 13:02:38

First time we are united: Raza Rabbani

The PPP Senator says this is the first instance where all Parliamentarians are standing together. "If you look at the country's history, it is the first time that the opposition, all democratic forces, lawyers, bar associations and media are standing together and saying they will not allow anyone to trample on the Constitution."

"We must bear in mind that in the future, measures will be adopted by certain forces to erode the unity that has emerged among democratic forces."

2014-09-04 12:59:18

This is a war for power: Raza Rabbani

The legislator moves to the current political crisis. "Honourable speaker, I cannot completely agree that with what people here said yesterday that the Parliament was victorious."

"We should bear in mind that it was the first battle and a nominal victory perhaps but the war hasn't ended. If democratic forces are thinking that it was the first and last attack on the Parliament then they are mistaken."

"This is a war for power-- for control of the state."

2014-09-04 12:54:23

Raza Rabbani on the floor of the House

PPP Senator Raza Rabbani opens his speech by calling the government's attention to the heavy rainfall in Punjab which has resulted in several deaths.

"Honourable speaker, today as I stand in this august House, I cannot decide where to begin my recommendations from but I understand that I will start from a point which is the true spirit/objective of this Parliament."

"And that is that last night and the night before, the situation of a flood is becoming apparent in Punjab province. And so far, media has reported that some 12 people have died in these rains. But unfortunately, it seems like the Punjab government isn't prepared to deal with this situation," says Rabbani.

"I will request the PM — that these issues which are that of Pakistan’s ruling elite — he should direct the Punjab government to deal with those issues."

2014-09-04 12:54:11

Haji Adeel talks about 'baghis'

Adeel begins to talk about "rebels" — starting from the rousing welcome given to Javed Hashmi, he invoked the reference of Bacha Khan and said those doing the politics of containers were no rebels. Ayaz Sadiq looks on — fascinated.

"Rebels aren't only those who switch parties. Those who stay within their parties and speak their minds are the real rebels."

"We need to struggle/jihad against corruption in the country which cannot be done from air conditioned rooms."

"Once the people of this country actually stand up...the clerks... peechay loug hongay agay guillotine."

2014-09-04 12:40:54

Imran was our hero: Haji Adeel

The ANP Senator talks about the PTI chairman, saying "Imran Khan was our hero at one point, we were with him when he began working on Shaukat Khanum Hospital...when he was doing good work, everyone was cooperating."

He then deviates to the issue of dynastic politics. "Given how politics has gone on in South Asia with family and dynastic politics and the damage it has done, we must understand that the system needs changing."

He also stresses on the need for accountability: "A system of accountability be brought into place which can hold all those accountable who are using their power to be and live beyond their means — be they politicians, judges, military leaders."

"The issue between Imran and Nawaz seems more personal than political. We had complaints with the PM but his arrival in the House has cleared that out."

"We are asking the Nawaz government to help the people of KP, regardless of who is in government there; to help us with the power and electricity problems."

2014-09-04 12:38:37

Identify detained PAT supporters: Haji Adeel

The Senator says PAT Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri should provide the details of the 30,000 people he claims have been taken into custody by the government. "All those people that Qadri says government has detained...he should give the names and addresses of those men...I will personally request the government to release them."

"I do not even know if anyone is clear about the identities of deceased PAT workers."

2014-09-04 12:29:31

Where is the PM, asks Haji Adeel

"We are with the PM for the sake of democracy...but we don't see him, we do not see his authority," says Haji Adeel, as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif listens silently.

"What is the reason? We go out and see the police everywhere who have no control over the crowd...I do not understand what's happening...there was one Sikander who was controlling Islamabad," Haji Adeel says, referring to the lone gunman who had held the capital hostage last year.

""It's fine to talk and negotiate...then we see these terrorists who storm PTV HQ, enter government buildings...they all get together, have lunches, dinners."

"Why do have these containers everywhere? They are only causing hindrance to the people who cannot go about their business...government should not punish ordinary people, it should hold the disruptive elements accountable."

2014-09-04 12:27:44

Haji Adeel on the floor of the House

ANP Senator Haji Adeel, holding a copy of the Constitution of Pakistan in his hand, says, "It's a misfortune that we now have to enter Parliament through backdoors, through entrances we have never seen."

"The other day when I went to PM House, we couldn't take the normal reminded me of Bahadur Shah Zafar who only reigned inside his palace but outside it was the rule of all and sundry."

2014-09-04 12:22:57

Praise for Gen Raheel

"I will now come to civil-military relations," says Mushahid Hussain. "Appointing Raheel Sharif was a wise decision and he took the terrorists head on...nobody wants confrontation with India. The army is subordinate of the government. The PM is their boss and PM should deal with the army in a professional manner."

About the COAS, Hussain says "He is not only a fighting general, but a thinking general — which is rare."

He relates an anecdote, "One of my friends, a former terrorist, called me and said: 'Shah sahab what is going on... we were tribal I thought, but the politicians are behaving in a tribal manner'."

At the end, he says the Parliament should not be a debating society and talking shop. "We need to get to delivering and military coup is coming."

2014-09-04 12:20:25

Learn from Modi, Erdogan: Mushahid Hussain

Citing examples of changing political trends in neighbouring India and Turkey, Hussain says, "The examples we have in front of us are Narendra Modi who was a tea seller. Erdogan took on the reins of Turkey despite the opposition of their country's military establishment."

"We need to change our style of governance and not be divisive but inclusive."

2014-09-04 12:19:24

Go from mogul to Mandela mindset: Mushahid Hussain

The Senator lauds the judiciary and role of the civil society. "We have a truly independent judiciary now for the first time in Pakistan and they are not under the control of GHQ."

"We have a vibrant civil society."

"Another reality, Honourable Speaker is that Pakistan is confronting several challenges and these can only be confronted if we work together."

"Ball is in the PM's court because it's a one man show. From the mughal ruler to Mandela, the PM will have to act in that manner."

2014-09-04 12:15:44

Mushahid Hussain on the floor

PML-Q Senator Mushahid Hussain says a large majority of Pakistan's population comprises young people, who need more than "just laptops" and want "tabdeeli" (change).

"The youth want more than just laptops...they are aware of their rights, of politics...they are impatient, angry and want a better future," he says,

"Another reality is that Pakistan has multiple power centres now. We have a very strong independent media which is playing a role and sometimes a very political role."

2014-09-04 12:12:49

Honourable Speaker, do not accept resignations of PTI lawmakers: Mushahid Hussain Syed

Mushahid Hussain Syed is now addressing the House.

"Honourable Speaker, it was good that we had the PTI MNAs come in and speak in the was important to show magnanimity at the time and I am glad you did that," Mushahid says.

"I would go so far as to say that do not accept their resignations...they are part of the system."

"Parliament should do its job will be able to take charge of critical policy arenas," he says.

2014-09-04 12:07:46

Govt should bring Islamabad to normalcy: Sajir Mir

"I demand the government to bring back Pakistan and Islamabad to normalcy," Mir says.

"Naya Pakistan has already been made...and can only be improved if civilian governments are allowed to function," he says.

Mir criticises media for not showing "empty chairs in front of Imran Khan's podium".

2014-09-04 11:58:31

Imran Khan is not a politician but a bowler: Sajir Mir

Sajir Mir. — screeengrab
Sajir Mir. — screeengrab

"Imran Khan is not a politician, he is basically a bowler...he is bowling bouncers and no-balls," Sajir Mir says.

"Politics is not a game of cricket," Mir says, ridiculing Imran.

"We want shariat but we don't want enforced shariat...we didn't even accept the forced shariat of Sufi Mohammad; how did Imran and Qadri think we would allow them to do anything they want?," Mir says.

"Will we have to deal with Imran and Qadri the way we dealt with the Taliban?"

2014-09-04 11:54:36

Parliament session begins

The joint session of the Parliament has begun and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is present in the House.

Professor Sajid Mir has begun addressing the House.

Mir is criticising PTI and PAT. "Was the language used by Tahirul Qadri against Syed Khursheed Shah befitting of someone who calls himself a leader?"

"I commend Khurshid Shah and the opposition for standing tall and trying to resolve this crisis."

"Tahirul Qadri is taking advantage of the simplicity of ordinary people...their faith."

2014-09-04 10:48:22

Opposition jirga meets PM

The opposition jirga has held a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, DawnNews quoted sources as saying.

Led by Jamaat-i-Islami's Sirajul Haq, the jirga apprised the prime minister of the talks it held earlier with PTI and PAT.

The jirga met with the premier after it held separate rounds of talks with delegates from PTI and PAT on Wednesday.

2014-09-04 10:06:38

Imran Khan leaves for Bani Gala

Imran Khan has left his container to go to his residence of Bani Gala.

PTI sources say Imran will return by 3 pm to the container and will address supporters upon his return. — Reported by Sohail Iqbal Bhatti

2014-09-04 01:44:56

Ending of deadlock is good news: Rehman Malik

The meeting between the committees of the political jirga and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) ended following which Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Rehman Malik said that 'ending of dead lock was good news' and added that all parties were cooperating in this regard.

He further said there was pressure on everyone over the Chinese president's visit to the country.

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) said that a joint declaration would be made if a conclusion was reached.

He further said that speculation could affect the negotiations process and added that an agreement was reached with the PAT to continue talks for the resolution of the ongoing political crisis.

2014-09-04 01:31:30

Sharif family largest Asian investor in Britain, Imran Khan claims

Imran Khan said that sit-ins being held in the federal capital would not affect the Chinese president’s visit to the country and added that the PTI activists would welcome and shower petals on the Chinese president.

“The Sharif family is the largest Asian investor in Britain,” the PTI chairman said.

Khan added that investment would come to the country on its own, after Nawaz Sharif brought all of his own wealth to the country.

He also claimed that the electricity tariff would be increased after two months if consumers paid their power bills.

2014-09-04 01:19:42

Animals in the west have more rights than humans in Pakistan: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan addressed his supporters outside Parliament House in Islamabad and said “The government is now willing to accept all our demands except the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.”

“My fellow Pakistanis if you hadn't taken to the streets then the next elections would have been rigged worse than the previous polls,” he said adding that ‘even animals in the west have more rights than humans in this country.’

The PTI chairman continued his tirade against the 'fiefdom' in the country giving religious and historical geo-political reference including the Magna Carta.

2014-09-04 01:01:27

PTI, govt meeting ends

The meeting between the government committee and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has concluded. The government committee — Ishaq Dar, Zahid Hamid and Chaudhry Shafi (a sugar industrialist who is a relative of the PM) — and PTI team comprising Asad Umar, Jahagir Tareen and Shah Mehmood Qureshi left without speaking to reporters.

The meeting lasted nearly 45 minutes.

2014-09-04 01:01:05

Bats, balls and see-saws for children

Qadri appeals for swings, slides, see-saws and toys for children present at the dharna. "Send school books, rhyme books, colour pencils, drawing books... so these children are engaged.

He also urges his members to send bats and balls. "I will play with you myself," says Qadri, much to the delight of his supporters.

"Mattresses, beds must be provided and they will only be removed when these people are cleared out."

Qadri also asks for toffees, biscuits, chocolate, milk for young children, along with medicines for cough and cold. He mentions Hydralin cough syrup for children.

'We are here you must go', chants ring at Qadri protest site. He calls for a revolution and freedom cricket match.

Qadri shows picture of Attack on Supreme Court in late 90s, lashes out at Nawaz and PML-N. "You are the initiators of attacks on state institutions," Qadri tells PML-N

2014-09-04 01:00:57

Dharna will end if thousands don't join us: Qadri

"If within three days a sea of hundreds of thousands don't support the march, W will call the protest to an end," Qadri says.

He repeats, "The dharna will be over, the dharna will be over!"

Moments later, he makes a contradicting statement, "Until resignations are not handed in, we will not retreat."

2014-09-04 01:00:22

A productive meeting with PTI

Speaking to reporters after meeting with the opposition jirga — JI's SIrajul Haq and Liaquat Baloch; PPP's Rehman Malik, Kulsoom Parveen from BNP-Awami and Mian Aslam — PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi said his party is ready to move ahead. "PTI has agreed to move forward in a democratic manner. PTI will meet government’s delegation at 8pm today."

In the joint media briefing, Sirajul Haq said, "It has been a productive meeting There is still a deadlock, but 70% of the work has been done. We believe there will a concrete solution soon."

"I would like to advise the government to refrain from issuing statements, which spread negativity. If both sides show patience, then we are not far in ending this crisis," he added.

2014-09-04 01:00:01

Decision to let Shah Mehmood Qureshi speak was correct, Shah argues

Opposition Leader Khurshid Shah speaks on the floor of the House:

"We feel today that Parliament has won".

"Honourable speaker, we will agree with whatever you decide. The decision you took today to let Shah Mehmood Qureshi speak was in light of the Constitution and democracy. Yesterday we welcomed Javed Hashmi, Maulana sahab, we should not have double standards."

"Maulana sahab why didn't you object to Javed Hashmi's arrival and speech in the House."

2014-09-04 00:59:51

MQM legislators asked to submit resignations to convener

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Members of the National Assembly, Sindh Assembly and Senate have been asked to submit their resignations from the Parliament to deputy convener Dr Nusrat Shaukat.

"They are submitting their resignations because of the drama going on in Pakistan for one month," said a party member while requesting anonymity.

When asked if this move is a bid to express solidarity with the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), the official said no.

2014-09-04 00:59:33

Abdul Nabi Bangash instead takes the floor

ANP lawmaker Abdul Nabi Bangash addresses NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, "Honourable speaker you should have asked the PTI MNA whether he stood by his resignation or wanted to take it back?"

"If he takes it back, we should allow it. And we should allow him to Parliament."

"Imran and Qadri are two sides of the same coin and we saw the drop scene of this film last evening when the two got together."

2014-09-04 00:59:18

Achakzai speaks on floor

After a brief spell of chaos in the House, Sadiq invites Mahmood Khan Achakzai of the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party to speak.

"Those who have resigned, you let them speak Honourable Speaker, " he says.

He said the attack on Parliament was not right, but there are people in the Pakstan Secretariat with batons. "I want your guarantee and Khurshid Shah's guarantee."

"We want to have a well worded resolution saying that attack on Parliament, PTV, Secretariat are violations of Constitution... And everyone should sign it."

"There should be no dialogue with PTI until their parliamentarians sign that resolution," he says.

He adds that if Imran and Qadri are indeed not one, the previous day's handshake has to be disowned.

There is more ruckus on PTI resignations, Sadiq clarifies that he will deal with issue of resignation in the speaker's chamber

2014-09-04 00:58:46

PAT has its own thinking: Qureshi

Qureshi says he had discussed with the PAT chief how they would maintain separated agendas. "I went and took the four proposals to Qadri and said that if you agree then we will move forward. We will maintain our distinct identities and this was announced in a press conference where PAT announced its agreement with the four points," he says,

"But we cannot dictate to PAT. It a different party and has its own thinking."

2014-09-04 00:58:35

PTI stayed within the law: Qureshi

"The sit in remained peaceful. PTI stayed within the law. We stayed within the law..I can speak for my party," Qureshi continues.

He delves into the period before his party marched into Islamabad's high-security red zone. "When we were moving from Kashmir road to D-chowk, we were worried if things may become critical...we made everyone promise that none of our activists will enter government buildings."

"Qadri said he and his activists will go ahead...Imran called all of us and said this might become problematic, this will create trouble for the people but the people had been the whole time."

He continues, "Imran told me Qureshi things are getting out of hand, you go and sort this out...I want to bring this on record I went and I begged. I begged Qadri but he said I did what I could but now the crowd is not in my hands."

"I said, no Qadri sahab this is not something we can allow and you have to stop or others will take advantage of this. He said you go and talk to them. I went and talked to the people; but people booed at me."

2014-09-04 00:58:05

We came in peace: Qureshi

"People should be allowed to hold peaceful protests. Our detractors said if we came to the capital, there'd be blood. But people were welcoming our march in all the cities that we passed," says Qureshi.

Lawmakers make comments to which Qureshi responds: "Yes don't believe me, you're free not to."

As lawmakers bring the NA speaker's attention to the Parliament break-in, Ayaz Sadiq says: "I will talk about the Parliament gate myself." Sadiq urges the legislators not to cross-talk.

"We had agreed that 1) PTI struggle will be democratic 2) Struggle will remain within realm of constitution 3) struggle will be non violent 4) if any extra constitutional force comes into play, we will resist it and condemn it."

Qureshi adds, "Listen to our story even if only to reject it later."

2014-09-04 00:57:47

PTI not part of a grand plan: Qureshi

"It is this establishment...if you look at the Asghar Khan case, many will be exposed...we know our history...I am here today because I heard you yesterday...I feel your pain Bizenjo sahab, you speaking of your father's services to this country...I can respond to people's allegations too but my goal is not to hurt people," he says.

Dismissing the notion of any "gran plan" or third party orchestrating the current crisis, he says, "There is an impression in the House here that there is a grand plan, a script...Mr Speaker, on the floor of the House, let me state that PTI never was and never will be part of any grand plan to undermine the Constitution and democracy."

2014-09-04 00:57:32

We want to save Parliament: Qureshi

"I was trying to calm people down but no one listened to me. I pleaded that the Parliament is my political kaaba...but I cannot command, I can only request," says Qureshi.

"We are not here to burn down the House but to save it. Imran Khan is my Quaid, my leader...but in my training is also the hand of Benazir Bhutto."

"The question is what kind of's our responsibility to defend the Parliament...but what kind of Parliament? is true that elections held in Pakistan have been seen with questioning gazes..."

2014-09-04 00:55:57

Good news soon, Rehman Malik promises again

PPP's Rehman Malik addresses the press:

"The country will soon hear good news."

"Jirgas have power of principles and ethics, using that power of ethics we went to the PTI and PAT...We don't have ministerial powers, we as a group of opposition parties, went and played an independent role as an arbitrator."

"All the talks that are going on are in the PM's knowledge and the minister who briefed us. Today, hopefully we will meet PTI and PAT members again."

"We want things to improve because Islamabad is in tatters and the protesters are all over the place."

"I don't want to discuss the workings of the jirga further because it is a joint discussion with PTI and PAT. We will discuss and brief you on this together. I cannot help but appreciate the efforts of Sirajul Haq who has been working day and night. I also directly address Altaf Hussain not to resign from the leadership of his party. Please withdraw your decision Altaf Hussain."


Comments (93) Closed

Ahmed USA Sep 04, 2014 01:21am

Negotiations would not solve anything until whole system of people's representation and governance is changed...

KHANJI Sep 04, 2014 01:31am

Long Live Imran.

Maheen Sep 04, 2014 01:47am

I don't agree with Imran Khan's tactics but he is telling the absolute truth. What is disheartening is that most people don't seem to care about how much has the Sharif family looted from Pakistan. It seems that we as a nation have accepted that corruption is something acceptable. We have reached the point where we expect it to happen and seem somewhat oddly amused when someone takes offense to this practice. What other reason is there for all of us to constantly keep voting the bhuttos and sharifs back into power ?

nasir Sep 04, 2014 01:50am

I think it is not a bad option for PTI and PAT to compromise at this stage , when all the crooks, hypocrite, thiefs and badmash are togather. Imran and Qadri has done the damage, shake the status quo. It won't be a easy ride for these crooks . I am very happy that few media groups like ARY, Dunia really spoke for us.

Fatima Kishwar Abid Sep 04, 2014 01:50am

how can you give your own opinion in news writing absurd for the appeal doesnt suit dawn

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 04, 2014 01:51am

Great expectations with no tangible result in the end.

Zack Khan Sep 04, 2014 02:03am

good job qureshi!

Vikas Rehman Sep 04, 2014 02:06am

Joint session Day 1 attendance - 33% Day 2 attendance - 53% including 27 from PTI. This is supposed to be a defining moment for the parliament. So where are the parliamentarians?

Waheed Khan Sep 04, 2014 02:12am

It seems the issues have been mixed up, the first thing we need to do is to untangle the issues in my humble opinion following should be the approach The prime reason for the dharna is the massive rigging of the 2013 elections-- Imran khan and PTI should stick to this core issue. Imran khan's reasoning that the rigging should be investigated is also correct if the elections were massively rigged then whatever results were produced are null and void and the assemblies and the subsequent government that came in to being is illegitimate and as the peoples mandate was stolen so the existing political parties in the assemblies are illegitimate too. The fear Imran Khan has that under the current political system the investigation will not be transparent--- one suggestion is that Pakistan Army in collaboration with the supreme court of Pakistan can independently investigate the truth. Which should be easy to do as there is a lot of man power in the army. If more that 50 % of the election precincts show evidence of rigging then the present set up has to go and fresh elections should be called in. The ballot boxes should be opened see if the ballot paper was the proper kind or was it from Urdu bazaar Lahore-- it should be started from Punjab as---- at that time chances of rigging would be higher in Punjab as Najam Sethi was the care taker governor in Punjab and Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif are from Punjb too. I hope that we can come to a positive conclusion from this debacle and learn from our mistakes and move on.

Waheed Khan Sep 04, 2014 02:22am

I think that Imran Khan should stick to the core issue that the 2013 elections were massively rigged---- so whatever results were produced are also not acceptable including the assemblies and the government of Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan has a fear that under the existing system the investigation will not be transparent--one suggestion that Pakistan Army in collaboration with the Supreme Court of Pakistan can launch the investigation for the electoral fraud. They can start from Punjab and to see if the ballot boxes have the genuine ballot paper or the paper from Urdu Bazaar Lahore and if there are more than 50 % election precincts show evidence of rigging then the results should be declared null and void and fresh election should be called in. I hope we have the peaceful resolution of the dharna, we learn from our mistakes and move on.

Sunil Sep 04, 2014 02:26am

Looks like Sharif' strategy is to keep negotiating and wait (and wear) them out.

Aj Sep 04, 2014 02:27am

Shame on to those who accepted the corrupt negotiators. I wish Imran and Qadri sahab should have given an honest soul searching if they can accept a mediator or mediators with such a baggage which is at the heights of dishonesty and corruption. How can you do this to the people who gave everything on your call. I know some wise will say ,oh this is not a time to look into these matters rather let the current situation be solved then what mantra of change these leaders have been harping on from the start of their political career. All is the same, shame

Mustafa J. Sep 04, 2014 02:48am

Enough is enough. Government is unable to maintain law and order and normal life in Islamabad. Army is not doing anything to restore law and order. The only solution to maintain law and order and bring back the normality in Pakistan is that the Supreme Power in Pakistan, the Supreme Court of Pakistan should step in and order Military to impose 24-hour curfew immediately on gathering more than 5 people and no one should be allowed to stand or sit on any public road or public building unless he/she is an employee of employers with offices in the vicinity of Parliament Building. In addition appropriate criminal proceedings should be initiated against the organizers of demonstrations that led to (1) injuries and deaths of human beings (2) loss and damage of government properties (3) obstruction of legitimate rights of public to use roads (4) obstruction of legitimate rights of employees who work in the vicinity of Parliament to move in and out freely. There is only one institution that is lawfully empowered to administer justice in accordance with constitution and laws of Pakistan and that is Supreme Court, not Nawaz Sharif or Raheel Sharif or Imran Khan or Tahirul Qadri. The legal community and the Armed Forces in Pakistan must support the Supreme Court in its decision to bring peace and normality in Pakistan. May Allah help Pakistanis in this hour of trial!

Iqbal Sep 04, 2014 02:48am

Imran khan truth prevails at the end. All players of hypocrisy are naturally at one side and truth on the other side.

Vikas Rehman Sep 04, 2014 03:02am

Even IK's worst opponents in the parliament have said that elections were rigged yet they accuse PTI of trying to damage the democracy & constitution. We all know that free & fair elections are the key to a democratic system and that constitution protects the democracy. Trying to protect the present parliament while fully knowing that the elections were rigged is the democratic version of NRO.

saf Sep 04, 2014 03:06am

Basically all those in Parliament apart from PTI are saying the system is not broken so there is not need to fix it. To be fair they are right because for them the system is not broken they get voted in rigged elections they don't even need to be very intelligent or have much of an education and will make money beyond their wildest dreams. The system is broken for everyone else whilst Asia is becoming more and more prosperous Pakistan is the one nation going backwards.

Don't support a party likes it yours football team if they are incompetent and corrupt then they deserve to be kicked out even if it means voting against family members. This should be the duty of every single Pakistani.

Mustafa J. Sep 04, 2014 03:07am

@Waheed Khan: It is not for Imran Khan or you or I to give a verdict that the votes have been rigged to the extent that if fairly done, the present government will not be in power. The first step for Mr. Imran Khan should have been to seek declaration of Supreme Court that 2013 Election was invalid. No demonstrations, marches to Parliament House or Prime Minister's House, Dharna, threats, intimidation, Naara, slogans can change the outcome of 2013 Elections and the only way that can change is a verdict of Supreme Court. Mr. Imran Khan is free to not recognizing the Supreme Court's fairness. Nothing can be done about it. The laws and constitution of Pakistan will prevail unless changed by the Parliament of Pakistan.

spellbinder Sep 04, 2014 03:14am

Just open one constituency of Khawaja Saad Rafiq and the nation will get the confirmation of the rigging.

Jesus Sep 04, 2014 03:31am

@Sunil He is getting full dose of Nihari and Haleem and sleeping well. He can go like this for months.

L.Ahmad Sep 04, 2014 03:49am

After watching the firebrand speakers in the parliament it is not hard to understand why there is so much conflict and chaos in Pakistan. One member had exhausted himself shouting so loudly; he was seen gasping for breath. It was obvious most of those members rode to parliament on their ethnic titles and affluence.

Dr Hanif Quazi Sep 04, 2014 03:54am

Chaudhry Shafi (a sugar industrialist who is a relative of the PM) is member of the negotiating team! Are they discussing sugar quota with PTI?

Adam Sep 04, 2014 04:31am

Ik is a cricketer not a politician. It's a compliment to him.

I'm not pro NS or PTI. I'm pro change. Change is to turn our system of governance upside down and inside out. I'm pro Umar ibn Khattab ra.

Yes, I can see you nodding in agreement. The question is how do we raise such a ruler?

Munz Sep 04, 2014 04:53am

All a fasad and a drama!

niterider Sep 04, 2014 04:57am

Thanks to Dr. TUQ who showed the pictures of Nawaz Sharif's priviest protest in front of the Supreme court.This is an info for the new generation who are not really aware of it....

pathanoo Sep 04, 2014 05:08am

@Sunil Not a bad strategy. Nawaz knows Time is on his side and Time is Imran's enemy.

Nutralist Sep 04, 2014 05:54am

"Jirgas have power of principles and ethics, using that power of ethics we went to the PTI and PAT...We don't have ministerial powers, we as a group of opposition parties, went and played an independent role as an arbitrator."

With the Power of Principle and Ethics, the Jirga must show moral courage to recount and or verification of the polling or election results by men of self respect, dignity, honor and integrity, this is the irritant and the real cause of happenings of last 18 days.

If at all elections were free, fair and transparent the concerned quarters should not be hesitant or reluctant to present documentary evidence as a proof of its legitimacy!

Conflicted Sep 04, 2014 06:16am

The JI chief is leading the negotiations!!! The foremost proponents of danda politics and one-vote-per-election? But politics is weird and if they can bridge the divide all power to them.

jj Sep 04, 2014 06:20am

@Fatima Kishwar Abid the media is the most corrupted institution in Pakistan. They are worse than the police. And I have seen and experienced it. Free media without being bias would be the stepping stone towards a bright Pakistan, trust me.

Javed Sep 04, 2014 06:46am

@KHANJI I salute you because you have love for our country

Javed Sep 04, 2014 06:47am

@KHANJI Thanks and please keep writing the truth

Sher Khan Sep 04, 2014 06:50am

Negotiate not to give people their due share in the country; negotiate to protect parliamentarian's privileges.

malick. Sep 04, 2014 06:51am

ik is right for rigging.

Z khan Sep 04, 2014 07:49am

@Maheen how much money has NS taken from you? Just because he is successful does not mean he stole.

People in Pak think that just because you are in power you can simply write a check to yourself, it does not work that way.

Jawad Sep 04, 2014 08:26am

@Vikas Rehman Some scared and few might be with IK I'm spirit. But mostly scared probably. Can you see how bahaadur leaders we have?

Zaidi Iqbal Hadi Sep 04, 2014 08:38am

No blood keep flood. Last night was yet another good night when there has been no attack and clash between the police and the Imran + Qadri protestors which is very good and I must whole heartedly congratulate PM Nawaz in particular and Imran + Qadri in general for remaining calm and quiet because clash, if any, would have been between none but Pakistanis on either side and from that point of view I am as sure as death that neither PM Nawaz nor Imran + Qadri had been amused seeing the people attacked and injured. Ground reality is that both of them are demanding PM resignation and sticking to their pledge that their dharnas will continue till Nawaz resigns and their protests had been peaceful from day one except one unfortunate night so at this point of time both the parties namely PM Nawaz and Imran + Qadri are sticking to their demands and as a result PM Nawaz is still ruling as PM like before while Imran + Qadri are still agitating against PM Nawaz. No blood keep flood is not a bad proposition which can be tested even for indefinite period or till the parties change their stance, whichever comes first. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Former Diplomat / Kuwait /

I. Ahmed Sep 04, 2014 08:49am

If PTI and PAT would leave now without their demands of removal of PM is met, I can bet my bottom dollar that nothing will change through this parliament in next 3 years and worst rigging will take place in 2018. Remember MQM in late 80's and early 90's? They were talking about lower and middle class and challenged the status quo. Within next 5 years the MQM chief was also wearing a turban on his head and became part of the status quo.

salman aslam Sep 04, 2014 09:23am

Ik and TUQ were sent in a wrong nation. Is qoum Ko Sony do , they deserve shareef and Zardars

raja (Toronto) Sep 04, 2014 09:27am

IK still have time to save his face and declare victory. btw i am happy that election reforms are coming ....

Talha Sep 04, 2014 09:50am

@Adam BY supporting Imran Khan. Perhaps he doesn't think like a politician but his intentions are very pure and he thinks for the welfare of people. We need to help him become the leader we want to see. Otherwise I don't see anyone challenging the Shareef and Bhutto Dynasty. Although I don't think he made any mistake in his march but if some people think he made some mistakes on this trip and have lashed out on him should think that at least his intentions are good. At least he is trying to shake the status quo to for our good. He can sit in England and enjoy life, he has seen all the fame so he is in no way power hungry. He wants to help us and we need to let him help. No man is perfect but at least as a whole he is a good man with good intentions so he deserves our support.

Baba De Kamaqlano Sep 04, 2014 10:29am

A trick for prolonging the issue and subsequent break of the will of tired protesters.

hina Sep 04, 2014 11:23am

Both IK and Tahir ul qadri are on right.Democracy is not personal property of an individual.This is one of the ways to stand politicians accountable .They should accept this reality and should pay heed to the demands of the people at all cost.

Zia Sep 04, 2014 11:41am

The way events in the parliament are unfolding and the way army personnel were treated with slurs by the members of assembly is clearly showing the mindset of incumbent Govt. The sudden grouping of nationalist leaders around Nawaz League and foolish remarks of Javed Hashmi - this is all leading to the conclusion that this Govt should go. The so called democrats sitting in the house are basically mostly a corrupt element of Pakistani society - just get rid of them. These people are inhuman and have no respect for commoners calling them as low grade citizens. It is a shame on the members of this house and the speaker should have taken strong notice of this slur

Usman Sep 04, 2014 11:45am

@Adam completely agreed.

Usman Sep 04, 2014 11:45am

totally agreed.

Samad Chaudhry Sep 04, 2014 11:47am

I sincerely pray and hope the negotiations are successful and there is peace for the prosperity of Pakistan

Sher Khan Sep 04, 2014 11:52am

This guy really seems to have the resolve to change this country and the destiny of the nation. I hope he succeeds in his mission.

Mirza Ali Sep 04, 2014 01:03pm

Imran is a Britt, Qadri is Canadian. Both swore allegiance to the Queen. Together they are trying to bring instability, marshal law or Qadri's own government.

Which may create a pretext of more drone attacks on freed gitmo prisoners released in Pakistan as moving targets and so called IS.

Once his job done, Canadian govt. can jail Qadri for life for endangering the lives of children and depriving them from school.

In bad times, they will both fly home leaving the ignorant and per imran wrose than animal people behind. What a shameful wording from imran.

By the way, are Qadri's son, daughter and grand kids there or not?

Modi didn't become PM overnight, it took decades. Then he was not poor anymore. Sharif's has the same story.

Syed Sep 04, 2014 01:07pm

If they inflate the ego of this pm anymore, he will explode.

Verma T Sep 04, 2014 01:12pm

No politician has any concern about Pakistan/Pakistani People. They are proving about so called leadership supremacy. I am Indian but i am praying for Pakistan. Please don't believe on this drama. I am not saying about right/wrong about politician, but the way/demand made/ solution proposed are undemocratic.

Fareed (usa) Sep 04, 2014 01:23pm

"Go from mogul to Mandela mindset: Mushahid Hussain" - Mr. Mushahid Hussain, correct us if we are wrong, were n't you one of the right hand men of military dictator,Gen. Musharraf ? Since when you became the ardent believer in Mandela mindset ?

d h Sep 04, 2014 01:34pm

If you are in front of dirty politicians like NS, Zardari, Altaf Hussain and the similar kind, what else an honest man can do to get justice. I had a little bit respect for Etezaz Ahsan, which is no more after listening his speech in the parliament. In an honest society all parties would have co-operated with IK, to get rid of an unelected prime minister but of course, why would not they wash their hands in the flowing ganges. All have proved corrupt, dishonest and criminal in their own times.

Fareed (usa) Sep 04, 2014 01:36pm

Cursed was the day when military dictator, Musharraf for personal gain issued NRO. Sharif brothers, Zardari and their henchmen came back bringing along with them proverbial mind set of ruling class, the unsatiable lust for power. Folks, they are here and there is nothing you can do about it.

Zain Sep 04, 2014 02:31pm

If the people in parliament are the end result of massive rigging then, it should be resolved.The trouble is that most of them are in the same boat and they will loose out after a fair election.That is the reason that they are all united against IK and his demand for new election.ALLAH help Pakistan

Zain Sep 04, 2014 02:33pm


Mohamed Sep 04, 2014 02:46pm

Our government... teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.

Louis D Brandeis

Zain Sep 04, 2014 02:49pm

I.Khan is saying all along that for the past 14 months he had knocked on every door to get justice but to no avail. So dharna was the only option left to him & he kept saying that he will start mass public agitation if no body heard his cries for justice and that is what happened.Now the government has accepted all his demands except one.The question is why they didn't listen to him before the dharna started.Keep it up IMRAN KHANA khudai ba dey kamiab krhe .InshALLAH.

Haider Sep 04, 2014 02:54pm

What is the point on having these joint sessions when they can't seem to be doing anything constructive except go round in circles. A waste of time. Really it shows these senators and parliamentarians are detached from reality andnot fit to rule.

Irtaza Khan Sep 04, 2014 03:17pm

Despite the skepticism among the nation of Pakistan due to its corrupt politicians, MNAs are nowadays debating in Parliament. I see that a sign towards we as a nation achieving incremental democratic maturity. This is way better than military coups, short cut technocracy or interim governments underpinned by Ihtesaab dramas.

These debates remind me how British MPs debate fiercely on the matters of national interest.

Mosawwir Sep 04, 2014 03:20pm

Surprising to see that during the joint session of parliament no one spoke about the havoc wreaked by rains over past 48 hours and the lives lost in various incidents due to this flood like situation in the country. Most of the speeches are being made to appease the Prime Minister only and it appears as if there is a competition between the speakers as who will appease the PM the most through his anti Imran/ anti Qadri speech. Everyone appears to have turned a blind eye to all other issues and problems facing the country, instead the focus is on to safeguard their seats and personal interests. Really appalling!

Saad Khan Sep 04, 2014 03:52pm

Interesting analysis of the parliament sessions...according to most of the ministers, the current government is bad, yes there was rigging in the election yet we are with the government to save democracy. C'mon give us a break! We need jobs, we need stability, we need life regardless democracy, dictatorship, kingdom or whatsoever. Current set up has failed and needs to be shuffled immediately, the sufferings should not continue till the next election.

AH Sep 04, 2014 04:51pm

So, what is the purpose of this week-long circus, called "joint session", in the parliament? All of these corrupt politicians will come and say a few things to bash the protesters but how will that achieve anything?

RH Sep 04, 2014 05:01pm

@Zain proof it first. No where in the world can you ask a PM to resign for simple speculations.

Asif A. Shah Sep 04, 2014 05:02pm

Parliament is the last hope to ward off the break down of law and order in Pakistan. Individuals, parties and countries learn from their mistakes. Gaining consciousness is a slow process. Let us hope that reason and good faith will prevail among the contestants.

RH Sep 04, 2014 05:06pm

@hina so is it the property of IK and Qadri???? How can such a small percentage dictate the majority??? more over what about proofing the allegation first. Wake up lady. This is not a disc dance show or a cult ,we are talking about a country.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 04, 2014 05:22pm

What else can they do?

Fareed (usa) Sep 04, 2014 05:24pm

"PTI has internal election flaws: Ahsan Iqbal" - Of course your party PML(N) has no internal election flaws. It is a family owned party, in fact it is Sharif League, main office, Raiwind.

Patriot Sep 04, 2014 05:29pm

IK had the next elections. He surely had my vote and millions of others. He missed the trick here and that is 'Patience'. He chose to align himself with TUQ which was a very bad decision.

Caz Sep 04, 2014 05:45pm

Nawaz has more important things to do, like making money with his family members.

Lubna Sep 04, 2014 05:57pm

Ordinary people of Pakistan are becoming poorer and poorer, politicians are becoming richere and richer. Why do these politicians think that they are the masters and people are their servents. People want real democracy not the type of democracy our politicians want. Ayub Khan and Pervez Musharaf times were much better than the Nawaz and Zardari type of democracy. We need change. Imran Khan and Qadri are asking for real democracy. It is time for change.

Key Points Sep 04, 2014 05:58pm

When you hear one politician has 7 relatives in key positions, other one with 43 relatives in high positions, and with many similar cases, you can be sure system is working for these guys. Why would they want any one protesting against the system. All benefiting from this family oriented, self promoting, money making business have rushed to condemn any voice for change. One feels sorry for poor masses, Many of downtrodden poor people sleep on side walks, some cannot afford to support their family for food, clothing, medical treatment or housing. But rich politicians making frequent business and pleasure trips to foreign countries, some even permanently living in foreign countries enjoying good life.

Muhammad Irfan Sep 04, 2014 06:23pm

"While the opposition jirga gave the welcome news that the issue was "70% resolved", Dr Tahirul Qadri show no signs of retreat; an absurd appeal for bats, balls and legos for the children at the PAT dharna was made, as well as mattresses for the women."

The word 'absurd' is inappropriate. I am not a supporter of PAT and you are not supposed to make 'editorial comment' in News Story.

Waheed Khan Sep 04, 2014 06:30pm

@Mustafa J. In response to the resolution of the crisis we must remember that the Supreme Court of Pakistan is the judicial branch of the government for it to decide if the 2013 elections were massively rigged-----it needs the evidence to make a decision not the hearsay or the hubris. We have to think what is the best and honest way to collect the evidence from thousands of polling stations in the country, in my humble opinion only Pakistan Army have the necessary resources to do the job. If the chief justice of Pakistan and chief of Pakistan Army work together---like Pakistan Army taking the responsibility of collecting the evidence and then supreme court making a legal binding decision this might work out. Also by doing this Nawaz Sharif and his cronies would not be able to influence the process. I think all the political parties should support this investigation because if it is proven beyond doubt that 2013 elections were rigged and fresh elections are held with better arrangements then PML-N will be looser and all the others will gain as they will see their true faces. As a nation we must focus on the core issue of 2013 being massively rigged and all other issues are secondary.

Faiza G. R. Bhatt Sep 04, 2014 06:39pm

watching these parliamentarians speak is seeing the Kakistocracy (government by worst of men) at its peak.

Zaheer Sep 04, 2014 07:01pm

Imran can back off from his demand for PM's resignation if the PM promises to have a fair and transparent election and voluntarily puts himself on ECL until all the culprits of election dhandhli if any are brought to justice.

HAROON Sep 04, 2014 07:33pm

I am very unhappy with the lies coming out from PAT spoke persons. 25 to 30thousands PAT workers have been arrested. Dozens have been killed in Islamabad, etc etc.

I do expect redress to those who were gunned down in Model town , I want compensation from Government and from PAT to the families of those victims not as Qisas, I still want the culprits to be brought to justice and punished maximum.

I am terribly disappointed with Imran Khan's politics. I considered him to be a great hope for Pakistan's future but no more not as future PM of Pakistan.. His Naya Pakistan does not look any different than Poorana Pakistan. I do hope that IK will continue to serve not necessarily as PM of Pakistan but in his great capacity to raise funds and provide health care and Education for Pakistanis. Serve as minister of the government. Let those in his party more capable to run country. People who are less autocratic, willing to listen, not too jazbati, mashwara seeking, less arrogant less ziddy etc etc.

Khalid Sep 04, 2014 07:57pm

Our politicians are hopeless. They are still talking nonsesne and not addressing the real issues of the majority of Pakistanis.

RH Sep 04, 2014 07:58pm

Please do not make him a hero saying under heavy rain he makes some angry comments. He will go back to his nice container while his cult followers will have to sleep in the wet out side. He surely has not invited the children to the container, or may Khan Sahib is a bit more generous. He could take a bus load of Women and children to his Palace. Wouldn't that be a human way to take care of the followers??

Naeem Sep 04, 2014 08:06pm

IK is a stubborn arrogant and power hungry person. How can NS rig the elections when he was not in power at the time of 2013 elections. International observers declared the elections transparent and fair. IK is ready to remove an elected government by bringing a mob of 10-15,000 persons. If NS resigns where will this end. Another politician will bring 10-15,000 mob and ask the next PM to resign and this cycle will continue.

Gulfy Sep 04, 2014 10:24pm

Revival of Rehman Malik - thanks IK thanks TuQ

Khaled. Sep 04, 2014 10:27pm

Mr. Qadri and Mr. Imran, have mercy on the ladies and children who are battling the worst environmental and weather conditions, while sitting in the 'dharna' just out of gallantry, kindly let them go, both of you have made your point ,and proved that you can bring the government to their knees, internationally also you have made waves, so much so that the President of China is also reconsidering his visit to Pakistan, while USA and UK have issued fresh travel instructions to its citizen for visit to Pakistan.

Mustafa J. Sep 05, 2014 12:20am

@HAROON : Well-said Haroon

Mustafa J. Sep 05, 2014 12:21am

Dawn News: Qadri lashes out at MPs for terming

real Sep 05, 2014 12:47am

Such an apathetic attitude of dharna leaders. On top of that they are clacking over the fact that people stayed put. If it was such a fantastic thing then they should have joined the people outside the container.

Mustafa J. Sep 05, 2014 01:00am

@Waheed Khan: My question is why Mr. Imran Khan and Maulana Qadri did not think and act the same way as you said. This could have avoided death, injuries, damage to government properties and two weeks of turmoil and confusion in Islamabad.

Just to make one point absolutely clear. Although Judiciary is part of government, it does not take orders from heads of government. They strictly follow constitution, Laws and legal decisions history.

Mustafa J. Sep 05, 2014 01:08am

@Maheen: I am one who will be the last person to support Nawaz Sharif, but anyone who wishes to overthrow the government by gathering a mob of 50,000, marching to Parliament Building and Prime Minister's house, damaging government properties, using threatening languages and intimidation is far worst than Nawaz Sharif.

Lucky Star Sep 05, 2014 01:08am

@Zaidi Iqbal Hadi They have the right ask whatever from PM, but PM also has a right to reject their absurd demand of resignation.

Lucky Star Sep 05, 2014 01:09am

MQM will be better of without !Altaf Hussain

Liaquat Sep 05, 2014 02:11am

@Ahmed USA it is clear Pakistani nation is not with IK and Qaudri, they failed to bring more than few thousands. You can not force 200 mi to accept of few.

kirther Sep 05, 2014 03:06am

It was a shocking experience to watch Joint Session of the Parliament live on TV, no wonder that the country is faced with such a situation what to expect from such pedestrian leadership, perhaps high school students would do better in school debate--speaking on top of their voice does not matter what matters is substance, which was very ordinary--not to forget that in 70's there was one Maulana whisky these days there is Maulana diesel--only God can save Pakistan it is beyond current political leadership.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Sep 05, 2014 03:17am

Forgotten incidents are rekindled. The present cut throat competition between Imran + Qadri against PM Nawaz has awakened most of the people with glorious past stories which are quite explosive in nature but due to the passage of time the impression of those stories and incidents has faded a bit but the same has been rekindled and people are asked to judge themselves as to who is who. PM Nawaz Sharif along with others like Nisar, Saad can be seen actively participating in anti government agitations. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi /

Iqbal Sep 05, 2014 03:56am

These two statements by Nisar and Nawaz ARE confusing as typically statements made by our these people are, always leaving a caveat to change statements!

"PM Nawaz Sharif has said that "any decision" taken by the political

Syed Ahmed Sep 05, 2014 06:29am

@Fatima Kishwar Abid: Slow and steady wins the race. Inshallah PAT and PTI will sort out the corrupt politicians.

Key Points Sep 07, 2014 01:10am

I wonder if any one has google searched lately for 'riches people in Pakistan' Yes, may be you already know it?