Govt schools’ employees

July 28, 2014


THIS refers to the letter ‘Tax on education’ (July 23) by Dr Muneer Bhurgri who has to pay extra tax on education for his children. He is lucky to provide quality education because he can afford it.I am sure there are government schools in his locality where children of the local community are seeking education where no fee or tax is paid by parents. But why do parents avoid sending their children to such schools?

There was a time when government schools were the elitist schools of the system, and admission to these schools was a symbol of prestige.

Much can be said and written about the shortcomings of our schools at present. Nothing comes out of these cries, because those who matter in our society don’t send their children to government schools.

Suggestions are not listened and paid attention to. Still I won’t stop suggesting that all government employees from grades 1 to 23, besides public representatives at all levels — local, districts, provincial and federal — be legally bound to send their children to government schools.

Moin Qureshi


Published in Dawn, July 28th, 2014