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This was the third such drone strike since the Pakistani military launched Operation Zarb-i-Azb in the militancy-infested lawless region.—File photo
This was the third such drone strike since the Pakistani military launched Operation Zarb-i-Azb in the militancy-infested lawless region.—File photo

PESHAWAR: At least eight suspected militants were killed in a drone strike in Dattakhel tehsil of North Waziristan tribal region early Saturday.

Intelligence sources said that around 3am, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fired two missiles on a compound in Doga Madakhel village of Dattakhel tehsil, around 36 kilometres west of North Waziristan's capital Miramshah.

The strike left at least eight militants dead, including some high value target, they said.

According to local sources, the militants killed belonged to the Punjabi Taliban faction of the Pakistani Taliban as the compound hit by the missiles belonged to Punjabi Taliban.

The identity of those killed, however, could not yet be ascertained.

18 suspected militants killed in North Waziristan drone attack

This is the third such drone strike since the Pakistani military launched Operation Zarb-i-Azb in the militancy-infested lawless region to wipe out longstanding bases of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other militant groups.

The semi-autonomous tribal area on the Afghan border has for years been a hideout for several militant groups – including Al-Qaeda and the TTP as well as foreign fighters such as Uzbeks and Uighurs.

66pc Pakistanis opposed to drone strikes: survey

At least 18 militants were killed in a drone strike two days ago, which destroyed a compound and a vehicle.

Pakistan routinely protests against US drone strikes, which have been targeting militants in the tribal areas since 2004, saying they are a violation of sovereignty and counterproductive in the fight against terror.

Military officials have also strongly denied suggestions that there has been collusion with the US on drone strikes.

Comments (20) Closed

Vikram Jul 19, 2014 04:33am

Now it is clear who is helping US with drone strikes in North Waziristan. It is a money making business for lot of people including missile makers, contractors, Pakistanis.

Arif Jul 19, 2014 04:42am

Thank You America, for saving our army jawans, keep the drones coming.

unbelievable Jul 19, 2014 04:43am

American's have killed more Taliban leaders with drones that both Waziristan campaigns combined - they also have less civilian casualties.

Sam Jul 19, 2014 04:47am

Drone strike news every morning is like hot coffee and donuts. I love it!!

rama Jul 19, 2014 05:04am

Where those PTI, where are those "Defender of Pakistan", who appose the drone strikes. Pakistan will learn only from his own mistakes. Atleast it learnt now . Pakistan army should make sure they don't strike again . whatever cost it pay now .

Shahid Khan Jul 19, 2014 05:05am

Thanks USA for getting rid of hatred in our land!!!!

AJamal Jul 19, 2014 06:53am

This is the benefit of technology. No IDPs and yet militants killed.

L Ahmad Jul 19, 2014 07:03am

So army is targetting 'suspected terrorists'. Is not Israel doing the same by targeting' suspected terrorists' in Gaza? How can anyone justify killing a person on the ground of suspicion.

Muslim Jul 19, 2014 08:46am

When there is no law, no judicial course then why blame other parties to do the same.

Dr Haseeb Bhutta Jul 19, 2014 08:52am

US and Pak army targeting the same ppl.....speaks a lot about the type of terrorists

sohail Jul 19, 2014 09:12am

Thank you U.S.A. for helping us get rid of enemy of our country.

Musim Jul 19, 2014 09:32am

Why there is a need of drone attacks while full scale operation is underway in N. Waziristan Agency (NWA)? Whether its an attempt by US and allies (i.e. India & Israel) to remove the evidence / proofs of their funding to planted terrorists / talibans in NWA for proxy war?

Maria. Jul 19, 2014 09:56am

I don't know why US wants to take the credit of our Army. Or may be US target its own trained so called Taliban that they can't caught by Pak Army.

Khan Jul 19, 2014 11:02am

It will be good idea between USA n Pakistan some sort of cooperation- coordination -consultation on drones - surveillance and executions == publicly prescribe policies - it is in the interest of both -- (give n take ).

truth1 Jul 19, 2014 02:53pm

@Maria. I really dont understand your psychi as if the americans do something they are bad if they dont do anything you still cry for help you are really a confused nation which doesn't even want to know who the enemy is and who is helping shame

Mohammad Akhtar Jul 19, 2014 02:56pm

Thank you America for giving us the hand and cleaning dirty people from out nation.

Zaid Jul 19, 2014 05:04pm

InahAllah we will the end of the evil TTP!

Jungraiz Jul 19, 2014 09:29pm

Would someone call Imran Khan!

Maria. Jul 19, 2014 09:36pm

@truth1 we do not expect anything from US neither want US to interfere, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are the example where they did...

Ace Leaf Jul 20, 2014 02:23am

Excellent ! Drones are efficient.