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Police official Shafiq Tanoli. — Videograb
Police official Shafiq Tanoli. — Videograb
Security personnel inspect the site of a bomb attack in Karachi on April 24, 2014. — Photo by AFP
Security personnel inspect the site of a bomb attack in Karachi on April 24, 2014. — Photo by AFP
A police officer takes photographs of a bomb attack site in Karachi on April 24, 2014.— Photo by AFP
A police officer takes photographs of a bomb attack site in Karachi on April 24, 2014.— Photo by AFP
A security person collects evidence at the site of a bomb attack in Karachi on April 24, 2014. — Photo by AFP
A security person collects evidence at the site of a bomb attack in Karachi on April 24, 2014. — Photo by AFP
Security personnel inspect the site of a bomb attack in Karachi on April 24, 2014. — Photo by AFP
Security personnel inspect the site of a bomb attack in Karachi on April 24, 2014. — Photo by AFP
Security personnel inspect the site of a bomb attack in Karachi on April 24, 2014.— Photo by AFP
Security personnel inspect the site of a bomb attack in Karachi on April 24, 2014.— Photo by AFP

KARACHI: Police officer Shafiq Tanoli and three others were killed in an explosion that took place near Karachi's old wholesale vegetable market on Thursday.

Three others were also reported injured in the explosion.

The explosion took place in a shop near Tanoli's residence where the inspector was seated with some of his friends.

“The blast killed police official Shafiq Tanoli and two others,” senior local police official Tanvir Ahmad Tunio told AFP.

He said there were at least five people in the shop at the time of blast, which targeted Tanoli.

Another local police official confirmed the attack and casualties.

Police official Pir Mohammad Shah said the explosion appeared to be a suicide bombing but an investigating was underway.

Shah said Tanoli, who survived several attempts on his life in the past, was targeted for his active campaigning against terrorists.

Tanoli, who had recently been suspended on charges of misconduct, appeared to have been the target of today's attack. No one has so far claimed responsibility for the explosion.

Tanoli has also been targeted several times before.

Shafiq Tanoli joined the police force in the late 1980s. He was also associated with the CID for some time and also had a role in the arrest of Arshad Pappu. Tanoli was also involved in the investigation of the Wali Khan Babar murder case and had previously escaped several attacks on his life.

He was suspended in early April for allegedly conducting an illegal raid on a house at Sea View. An inquiry was pending against Tanoli's conduct who was also named accused in three petitions.

Today’s attack comes nearly two months after some of the most shocking attacks on the city’s police force — one on the man dubbed the city's ''toughest cop,'' Chaudhry Aslam, who was killed in a bombing claimed by the Pakistani Taliban and the other a roadside bomb that killed 13 police officers.

Comments (31) Closed

Husain Jan Apr 24, 2014 10:20am

Since lot of people associated with Wali Babar case have been targeted and killed it is quite possible that the same gang of killers is behind this blast too. Will this gang ever be exposed ??

N Malik Apr 24, 2014 10:51am

@Husain Jan You are right same group killed him who killed Wali Babar. This group is called Taliban. ?Karachi car bomb kills 13 policemen; TTP claims attack

Taliban do not like police and journalist.

Even attacked on Hamid Mir is done by Puktoon Taliban.

sarah hussaini Apr 24, 2014 11:00am

very sad incident evidence of failure of titular peace talks.....oh ALLAH please keep my land in safety...

Somroo Apr 24, 2014 11:01am

When our courts and Judiciary don't do proper job of punishing and executing culprits... sadly extra judicial killings will be norm of the day ...

Rizwan Apr 24, 2014 11:10am

@Husain Jan who ever is killed ..u must link it with any journalist... are they not humans who are killed in this blast or any police not human ????

Ahmer Apr 24, 2014 11:35am

'A' house at Sea View? at least have the courage to give details of both sides!

daniel shiger Apr 24, 2014 12:35pm

Police officer? So what? Who cares? The Punjab Chief Minister was killed by his own security guard, the killer caught and nothing happened except ONE thing. He was made Hero by the religious leaders. No justice done so far. No justice would be done, I assure you 100%. Time will prove I was right. So go on, carry on the killing spree. Pakistanis blood is the cheapest anyway. This is what your politicians are telling you by their actions, if not in so many words.

Parvez Apr 24, 2014 12:39pm

When they kill kill four. That is the language they understand.

ishrat salim Apr 24, 2014 12:51pm

@Somroo.....Judiciary fails to persecute criminals due to poor Police investigation & weak follow-up by the persecutors, 2) there are 552 criminals, target killers & terrorists who have been given death penalty, are on death row & still awaiting for death penalty to be carried on because our govt from PPP to the present govt of PMLN has issued death moratorium due to international pressure. Unless these death penalty carried out, the criminals & terrorists will carry on with their activities, because they know that either they will never be caught, caught but will be let-off due to no witness, poor police investigation & eventual bali by the court due to poor persecution.....under these circumstances how do you think the judiciary can be blamed ?

gerry d'cunha Apr 24, 2014 01:08pm

karachi has become a safe heaven for the terrorists - it is the responsibility of the sindh govt to control these crime - has any responsible govt officer of sindh resigned from post to own its failed responsibility?is this democracy? real democracy is in the west where govt official resign to own their responsibility if a serious incidend take place. wake up pakistan!!!!

Zee Apr 24, 2014 01:11pm

Daniel Shiger, it was never a Chief Minister of Punjab that was killed by his own security guard, keep your facts straight. I very much doubt about Mr. Tanoli's assination that it was carried out by TTP militants. The most probable killers would be from the same gang that killed Wali Babar and killed the witnesses and police officers investigating but then again it's all speculative till we have some investigation and a judicial inquiry and a case.

Amir Mahmood Apr 24, 2014 01:49pm

Pakistan lost another man of courage,

Waseem Jalbani Apr 24, 2014 02:20pm

@ishrat salim: The Judiciary does not consist of any foreigners or trustworthy honest Judges/Lawyers. They are all Pakistanis, they live here and are as much part of our society as the Government is. They are no different to a constable taking bribe or a corrupt politician. Do not just blame the police of weak investigations, it is the entire system, Judiciary is part and parcel of it. Corrupt Judges, Corrupt Lawyers and Corrupt courts, all are to blame, every one of them have a price, promotions are promised, bribes are taken in chambers, even lawyers are bought to drop cases. Wake up sunshine, courts will get you justice only if you have a fat pocket!! This the law practiced in this country for survival!!

ARIF Apr 24, 2014 02:26pm

I think Chief minister should resign from post immediately.

Rahat Apr 24, 2014 02:33pm

@Amir Mahmood: wow couragous man was caught napping in shop.i clearly see those who carried out attack as couragous.

Kaspar Apr 24, 2014 02:49pm

It is the weakness of the federal and provincial governments that are responsible for the situation. The judiciary is doing its job. Thousands of terrorists are on the death row, but the government (read chief executive) lacks the courage to implement the death sentence. The day the government became serious about curbing terrorism, situation would change. Instead, it is appeasing the terrorists and their sympathizers and strengthening them by carrying on so-called talks which are leading nowhere. Perhaps they are only interested in passing their 5 years' tenure! But in the process they are doing incalculable harm to the country.

Youth Apr 24, 2014 02:56pm

TTP has refused to extend ceasefire, bombing has again started some claimed by TTP, the recent being the killing of Shafiq Tanoli. Question: Should the ongoing peace talks be made to continue under the re started bombing, for how long this Tom & Jerry like game claiming loss of life & properties continue.

sarah hussaini Apr 24, 2014 04:23pm

why do we take death of a policeman for granted,,are they not human beings or journalists are more big asset than police and army??????????????????

zafarov Apr 24, 2014 04:32pm

@daniel shiger Salman Taseer, who was killed by his guard Mumtaz Qadri, was the Governor of Punjab. Qadri is in custody. He is hailed as a hero by the religious right. He was garlanded and showered with rose petals by a mob of lawyers falling over each other when he made his first appearance in Court. There are demonstrations held to support him and demands for his release. It is virtually impossible to imagine that any government of Pakistan would have the integrity and courage to ensure that the Law of the Land is enforced in this case.

Faisal Apr 24, 2014 06:35pm

London was bombed mercilessly during the second world war. During one of these days an officer came to Winston Churchill and was totally depressed about the situation. Churchill asked the officer if the courts are functioning without any issues, the officer replied 'yes', Churchill said, we will be ok. A strong judiciary without any influence is the key

daniel shiger Apr 24, 2014 06:52pm

@zafarov Yes you are right. I am not from Pakistan so I did not remember the terms used for designations but Governer in a sense is the Chief class minister anyway. I appreciate your correction and my point was that when justice cant be available to so high post people, how can Pakistan give justice to normal citizens or lower rank government servants. I visited Pakistan in past and it was such a peaceful country, I remember that most of the times when I was travelling in the then NWFP province, people in small restaurants would refuse to take money for a cup of Chai. Poverty was there too but that much respect they gave to us, the foreigners. That Pakistan is not lost. Its there, deep in your blook and sould and culture. But it has starting building the rust. And the rust cant be removed easily. The whole nation must unite to overthrow the whole bunch of present and past politicians and I think internet has the power to overthrow them all. If it can happen in Egypt, it can certainly happen in Pakistan. My heart bleeds when I see these innocent people dying on daily basis. My true sympathies are with you all. Once again, please forgive me for not remembering the exact designation of Mr Salman Taseer.

US CENTCOM Apr 24, 2014 07:08pm

Another brave police office lays down his life in the line of duty. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families of police inspector Shafiq Tanoli and his three comrades who lost their lives in the terrorist suicide attack today. What better way to demoralize the front line of security staff than by targeting their senior officers? The message to the coward terrorists is that you may kill a few brave souls but you will not kill our resolve for peace and a violence free region. Many brave officers have died protecting the citizens of Pakistan; we salute them and stand by them today as they tackle this vicious and common enemy. There is no denying that the path towards sustained peace is treacherous but rest assured that together we will reach our destining of peace and harmony.

Abdul Quddus. DET- United States Central Command

Najamuddin Apr 24, 2014 08:14pm

@Zee I guess by human error he has mentioned Chief Minister of Punjab instead of late Governor of Punjab Taseer. Whose son was also kidnapped and TTP have confessed that he is with them as a hostage. Entire nation feels themselves living like helpless hostage of ruthless Terrorists, extortionists, hardened criminals, corrupt politicians and and more than hundred Agencies who are free to target, rob,destroy, kill or abduct any citizen at their sweet will except a few privileged powerful elites. It seems that now to live and die in unending fear and insecurity has become the fate of Nation.

Fiz Apr 24, 2014 08:46pm

It was just a matter of time before they got him. Innalillahi.... It is intriguing and mind boggling, afterall what was it that Wali Babar discovered that is so damaging that one after the other people had to lose their lives? Strange! BTW, now that nearly almost all of the old stalwarts in police, in Sindh, have been removed through unnatural means now it will be more easy for the militants to find a foothole in the city. Scary!

Shabbir Shubarati Apr 24, 2014 10:03pm

Tanoli has been suspended bcs he started making money and raided house in high ups home, his crute act similar to person one hand naked pistol cigarette. and with uniform, these policemen has house in defence and motive is money.

Zee Apr 24, 2014 11:12pm

By the way, Mr. Tanoli is not Mr. Clean as well. He was involved in kidnapping, extortion and ransom taking. I imagine he either paid or influenced his corrupt higher ups to promote and then there was a case against him and Chaudhry Aslam in Sindh High Court against them and others and they were demoted due to the court order, he was also suspended for involving in criminal and activities beyond his authority, subsequently he ran away to Malaysia to avoid the arrest.. Lately he was accused by Arshad Pappu's wife in Pappu's murder. His reputation in Karachi was more of a criminal than a law enforcement officer. RIP.

Mekal Faruki Apr 25, 2014 12:53am

Any criminal who wants to murder, kidnap or steal now calls himself TTP to intimidate law enforcement.

Ajaya K Dutt Apr 25, 2014 07:15am

Some people are defaming important assets of Pakistan. I think there is a hidden agenda.

Abdul Apr 25, 2014 08:03am

I have no sympathy for Pakistani Police, They are notorious for human rights abuse.

d Apr 25, 2014 10:12am


khurram shahzad Apr 25, 2014 01:51pm

i condemn the injustice done with mr.shafiq tanoli,nobody can deny the sincerity of shafiq tanoli with his service and to curb terrorism in karachi.i salute the tanoli's community as chaudry aslam also had tanoli caste for devoting such a brave and courageous soldier for pakistan heads off to sindh police and tanoli's community.