NEW YORK: Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar disclosed here on Monday night that his two sons had homes in Dubai but said they were barred from doing any business in Pakistan.

He was addressing Pakistan Muslim League-N workers and journalists at a restaurant in Brooklyn.

A reporter’s question on the issue of transparency in politics irked Mr Dar and he became visibly angry and combative. The journalist had observed that most leaders of major political parties, including the ruling party, had second homes and money in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

But he quickly composed himself and conceded that his two sons owned property in Dubai and, therefore, they had been prohibited from doing any business in Pakistan.

Mr Dar also asserted that he personally did not have any home in the Emirates.

But, he said, he was very upset when former Pakistan ruler retired General Pervez Musharraf in the aftermath of 9/11 surrendered to the US for peanuts, adding that if he was in his place he would have exacted much higher price from the US government for cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Mr Dar is in New York ahead of his week-long Washington visit and talks with World Ban, IMF and other financial institutions.