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Twin blasts in Peshawar claim 41 lives

Updated Sep 29, 2013 08:42pm


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Vechiles and shops burn at site of the explosion - Photo by AFP
Vechiles and shops burn at site of the explosion - Photo by AFP
A man runs past burning vehicles after the explosion near the Qissa Khawani market - Photo by AFP
A man runs past burning vehicles after the explosion near the Qissa Khawani market - Photo by AFP

PESHAWAR: Twin blasts near the Qissa Khawani market in Peshawar on Sunday killed 41 people and wounded at least 103 others.

Earlier the top local administration official Sahebzada Muhammad Anis had said that 37 people had been killed.

Dr Arshad Javaid, a senior official at Lady Reading Hospital, confirmed the toll and said at least 103 people had been injured.

The blasts, which took place at 11am in the morning, set shops and surrounding vehicles aflame. At least 50 shops were either damaged or completely destroyed.

The first blast was relatively smaller, and has been likened to a hand grenade. The second was much stronger and more destructive.

According to AIG Bomb Disposal Unit Shafkat Malik, 200 kilogram worth of explosives were used in a car parked near the market. He added that the blast was done via remote control.

“In fact, the whole car, which had been parked along the roadside, was converted into a remote controlled bomb,” he said.

Provincial Information Minister Shaukat Yusufzai stated that the Peshawar Police Station was the main target of the two blasts. However, local police officials do not believe the police station was the target of the blasts.

“Police station does not seem to be the target as it was away from the attack site,” said bomb disposal chief Shafqat Malik. He added that “it looks like the market was the target."

There was terror amongst the people in the area, who were helping each other out.

The wounded were initially being shifted to the hospital by the people in the area. They also included women and children.

According to a correspondent, five to six women who had been in the market with their children were completely burned as a result. He also added that no security had been present in the area at the time of the blast.

Following the blast, an emergency was declared in Lady Reading Hospital.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan in an official statement strongly condemned the blasts and assured the nation, especially the people of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP), that the culprits would be brought to justice soon. He declared that nothing justified the killing of innocent women and children, and such acts were against Islam.

He added that it was unfortunate that some parties were using the tragedy for political gain, when in fact all forces should be working together to bring peace to Pakistan.

Khan also demanded of the PTI coalition government to move on emergency basis to bolster Provincial security and intelligence set ups, stating that KP was being deliberately targeted by forces which did not wish to see peace and stability in the country.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is in New York for the UN General Assembly, also strongly condemned the blast.

“Those involved in the killing of innocent people are devoid of humanity and all religions,” he said in comments released by his office.

A heavy infiltration of security forces and rescue teams was dispatched to the area.

"We have been fighting terrorists for a long time, and are fully prepared to go to war against them," said Commissioner Peshawar in a statement after the blast.

Rescuers pulled several bodies from a passenger minivan which was passing the explosives-laden vehicle when it exploded.

Officials and rescue workers were collecting body parts and bodies and putting them in ambulances for over an hour after the blast.

The city is the gateway of the semi-autonomous tribal belt considered to be a safe haven for Al Qaeda and other insurgents fighting both in Pakistan and across the border in Afghanistan.

Two weeks ago the country's main political parties backed the prospect of peace talks with the militants, an idea floated several times by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. However, a series of attacks since then, including the killing of a senior army commander, have led many to question the strategy.

However, Shahidullah who is a spokesperson for the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) told that the TTP was targeting only security forces and government functionaries. He added that it had nothing to do with the general public and was not involved in the the blasts at the Qissa Khawani market.

Shahidullah further stated that the TTP condemned the blasts which had claimed the lives of innocent people and stressed that the organization has no enmity with the masses .

The blasts took place exactly a week after twin sucide attacks in a church in Peshawar claimed 80 lives. This is the third attack in Peshawar in a week.

-In correspondence with Zahir Shah

Comments (126) Closed

Saifullah Mahsud Sep 29, 2013 11:47am

Offer for opening and office and withdrawal of forces from FATA doesn't seem to be working! Try offering your posterior Imran, that might work!

asgher Sep 29, 2013 11:55am

there is no justification under these attacks to free talibans.. WE SHOULD BE HANGING THEM IN PUBLIC AND KILLING THEM IN THEIR CAVES...THEY KNOW NO REASONING OR HUMANITY

sam Sep 29, 2013 12:13pm

Still the govt and Khan saab wants negotiations with the Taliban and have their political office......its a slap in the face of those innocent people who lost their lives for nothing..... Now plz khan saab or govt official don't say that this is a reaction to the drone attacks or else..... when u make these statements its mean u r saying u r unable to deal with them and inability to deal with terrorists..... it clearly shows that even in this war we are still unprepared and don't have any intelligence about these attacks in advance and our security agencies failed to stop such acts and protect the it not a matter of shame for the the concerned security agencies n the KP govt that a third such attack in the a week n in the same area.....Pity....heart rending

Omer shahid Sep 29, 2013 12:13pm

For god sakes do something.when will imran khan understand .just how many more people must die .someone should really ask imran khan to atleast give a number.may be a 1000 more?

AHMAD Sep 29, 2013 12:21pm

How Much we will Condemn.

Ibrahim Alam Sep 29, 2013 12:31pm

I think it's about time we get over the peace talks and walk the walk with these fellas

AZEEZ Sep 29, 2013 12:31pm

Dr. Manmohan singh is correct the epicentre of terrorism is in pakistan

Pavas Ambashta Sep 29, 2013 12:44pm

Rest in peace for the victims..Isn't it third blast in Peshawar in one week?? What the Government and security forces are doing?

muzammil ullah khan Sep 29, 2013 12:45pm

Imran wants to give these murderers an office which would be treated as an embassy by the TTP ,complete with their flag ! When the negotiations fail, which they will, then the Taliban will be in a position to declare an independent state of "Emirate of Taliban " with borders up to Indus !! Will Imran will be their head of state ?! Should we consider Imran to be simply a moron or is there more to it than meets the eye . After all there was a paper circulating in Pakistan about 5 years or so back which said that CIA had planned cessation of NWFP and Baluchistan from Pakistan in 2014 !!

TriumphTruth Sep 29, 2013 12:42pm

I don't know if this is done by TTP. But it would be a big shame if they did that. BUT what OUR NAWAZ PM is doing! Staging a full flash drama of talking to all militants, TTP and BLA notably, and than hanging around here and there silently. :@ Why did you conduct APC, when you didn't want to talk! How much would you fool, the nation. :@ We'll continue die like this....... All all the families of the deceased will hear is..... "CONDEMNATION", yes.

Jango Sep 29, 2013 12:47pm

I seriously don't get the fact that why on earth would Taliban increased the attacks on innocent people when the government has decided to go for peace talks?

Ghalib Khan Sep 29, 2013 12:52pm

Is the Army sleeping, Every day this terrorist are being freed or claimed Not Guilty by courts, Lal Masjid cleric for example,

How many innocent have to die before we wake -up it is not drones that killed these innocent 31.

A.W Khan Sep 29, 2013 12:49pm

No Peace talks....we need to do to do as much as possible at indivdual level as well......identify these animals within ......and get even

Dhanesh Sep 29, 2013 12:55pm

For God sake, don

Hasan Fawad Sep 29, 2013 12:56pm

@Ibrahim Alam: and do what ??? Nuke the entire FATA area

Ravi Ingale from Pune Sep 29, 2013 01:04pm

Pakistan is a failed nation.

abeed Sep 29, 2013 01:01pm

IMRAN KHAN, hello, can you guide me with reference to taliban office, where the blast occurred. please give a call lets go and demonstrate in front of taliban office or may be PTI office? they seem to be one and the same. petty this nation that a 62 year old kid is their leader. shame on you IK,keep your naya Pakistan to KP donot come to rest of Pakistan we had enough of so in a short time. go back to jamiana and co, you good for nothing fool

Imran Sep 29, 2013 01:08pm

This all is preplanned and it will continue just to fail PTI government.

Uzma Hasan Sep 29, 2013 01:18pm

@Ibrahim Alam: I think thats the whole idea of these blasts. If there is peace a lot of these people go out of business. Its not about sharia or peoples rights, its about both Taliban and US agencies loosing power.

Qamar Raza Soomro Sep 29, 2013 01:27pm

now where is imran khan! how he said negotiation with terrorist and also said about terrorist office should be....

muhammad Sep 29, 2013 01:32pm

Increasing terrorists acts are the result of cowardice and confused policy of today's government asking for peace on your knees would not bring peace to this nation peace only be earned from the position of strength not from the position of weakness you will have to fight against these terrorists till they themselves come to the table of talks

Waqar Sep 29, 2013 01:36pm

Pakistan Army is against the dialogue with TTP and at the same time Army and other security agencies have badly failed to protect the lives of innocent pakistanis. Sincere dialogue is the only way to peace.

muhammad Sep 29, 2013 01:48pm

@Pavas Ambashta: They are appealing and appeasing terrorists

muhammad Sep 29, 2013 01:45pm

@AHMAD: Some parties like PTI, JI and JUI are even afraid of condemning these terrorists act openly without any ifs and buts

vigilant Sep 29, 2013 01:46pm

Still we need to talk with TTP butchers or allow them to establish office??

puneet Sep 29, 2013 01:58pm

And I thought only my country India was affected by terrorism! Silent prayers for victims...

mujtaba Sep 29, 2013 02:32pm

This is too much!!! There should be a reply now!!

Sandeep Sep 29, 2013 02:36pm

I heard you guys want a registered office for them. "Akal ke nakhhon lo aur apana mulk bachao". I know you guys started this fire to burn india and Afganistan. But looks like this demon wants to finish you now. There will be no one from outside who can help.

Mahar Baloch Sep 29, 2013 02:50pm

Dog and even pigs are better living creatures than these money hungry selfish Ghaddar Taliban.

kamal Sep 29, 2013 03:09pm

It's very unfortunate that Muslims are being killed by Muslims. I don't know what types of Muslims they are who can kill others so easily. Are they Muslims at all? How will they explain their misdeeds to their Creator? What are the faults of the innocent people who have become the victims of these ferocious beasts? May Allah punish them on earth so that the other innocent people may get rid of their dastardly acts.

haji treadstone Sep 29, 2013 03:11pm

Once again innocents have been killed may they rest in peace. The perpetrtaors need to be brought to justice That is why we have the Day of Judgement Allah swt will punish the killers and their commanders the Government does nothing as its people are Massacred

Ex muslim Sep 29, 2013 03:32pm

@AHMAD: Islam and its radical ideology is root caause of terrrorism, leave islam stay happy. Anyways paki muslim are not original muslims, u r convered from hinduism into islam by ur arab masters, revert back to hinduism that is humanity

AZEEZ Sep 29, 2013 03:29pm

Dr.Manmohan singh is right.. pakistan is the epicenter of global terrorism

Karachi Wala Sep 29, 2013 03:37pm

@Ibrahim Alam:

"I think it's about time we get over the peace talks and walk the walk with these fellas".

Just take the word "think" away, I am 100% in agreement with the rest of your statement.

Aa Sep 29, 2013 03:55pm

We need swat type military action all over kp...I don't understand why our politicians think we should have talks with the barbarians...

ashraf Sep 29, 2013 04:02pm

While the Govt is following a policy of appeasement, the terrorists are making a laughing stock of the government by killing at will & also setting conditions for any talks.....

Jahanzaib Sep 29, 2013 04:00pm

Why we (the nation) don't know what is going on in our country. Who these people are those who have made our country hell, from Karachi to Peshawer. Now is the time to decide whether we should take off the veil from the faces of the envolved in these hyenas crimes, no matter if they are within us or the representative of the most powerful secret agencies.

I don't think our present strategy would strengthen or improve the situation, now is the correct time to tell the reality to this dead nation and prepare them to fight to death for an inevitable and organically unavoidable reality.

Lets announce the war against these criminals, otherwise all Pakistanies should be ready to live or die with humiliation and permanent shame.

May God open our heart and mind.

Furqan Sep 29, 2013 04:05pm

Only Imran Khan can solve this problem. Please send him to FATA to talk to them.

Sajid Shah Sep 29, 2013 04:23pm

@Ibrahim Alam: Who fellas!? Who is behind the blasts? Your reaction is exactly what the culprits wants! They have been walking their walk for 10 years now & got nothing!

N K Ali Sep 29, 2013 04:38pm

Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Ilaihe Rajeoon. RIP beloved brothers and sisters. Ameen. Salams.

It shames me to keep on commenting of the craven and insidious approach of our parliamentarians. They are only protecting their wealth and pelf. Nothing more and nothing less. The rest of the electorate can go and cry, wail, bury their beloved ones, strike, condemn, protest, write slogans, jalao and gherao. We will do as we please.

Salams to the Pakistani nation minus the shamocratic leaders.

Muhammad Daud Alam Sep 29, 2013 04:43pm

Oh my beloved motherland whose evil eyes have struck you..!!

sal Sep 29, 2013 04:45pm

Another tragedy against innocents. And all the government can say is that it is "prepared to go to war" , well do it for our sake! Any coincidence that these attacks have increased since the arrival of pti and since release of taliban. Or since the military essentially told taliban that it is only "prepared" , that is that is to say that they are on the sidelines.

If pakistanis do not stand up against appeasement, then you will get the government deserved.

HRS Sep 29, 2013 04:52pm

IK ---This is a conspiracy of some nefarious elements to destroy the repute of peace loving taliban who just want to be heard and hugged....

sabeeh omer Sep 29, 2013 05:09pm

CRUSH THE TEHREEK E TALIBAN PAKISTAN with all resources at State's disposal. They are a breed that is worse than animals. They do not understand the language of peace.

Mullah kutta Sep 29, 2013 05:10pm

It quite an irony how the government is ready to talk to those who challenge its writ and at the same time have laws laws in place to persecute those sections of society who are law abiding. My advice is to change now if you do want want to perish the Pharaoh's way.

Ali Vazir Sep 29, 2013 05:13pm

Please ask the victims' families if we should have dialogue with perpetrators, Taliban? And yes, I am also the family member of my Pakistani family affected here, earlier and in all previous terrorist incidents.

Ali Sep 29, 2013 05:23pm

Time to go after them in full force. We can not show weakness and offer talks in return for peace. Use the drones to track them down and go after the leaders. Start from the top down. Those drug dealers now claim to be fighting the war of Islam. Please teach them Islam first.

mjk (usa) Sep 29, 2013 05:25pm

From New York, PM Sharif condemns blast in Peshawar. A victory for the people of KPK. Talibans, are you listening ?

Bhai Salim Sep 29, 2013 05:31pm

Enough condemnation, it's time to uproot the evil! I believe it's about time Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan realize that there is no room for any dialogue with the Talibaan. Pakistan is a secular state where every religion and every human being must be free to live peacefully. Talibaan don't accept this, and therefore they must be sent out of the country! Time to take full blown military action against the Talibaan so that this evil menace can be rooted out from our beloved homeland!

AHA Sep 29, 2013 05:26pm

This is really sad. May Allah take care of all those who have lost their loved ones.

AHA Sep 29, 2013 05:35pm

Some observations on PTI Chairman Imran Khan

Abdali Sep 29, 2013 05:35pm

I am very shocked of the condemnable twin blast in Peshawar which took many innocent lives but I think now Pakistan clearly understand that what they made by their own hands to destroy its neighbours countries especially Afghanistan being turn their gun point towards its nation and country.

w.shaikh Sep 29, 2013 05:37pm

It appears that certain domestic elements who are oposed to negotiations are trying to torpedo government efforts in this regard. I suggest government should take a swift and bold action against those elements to stop this nonsense. They should be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of law.

Amir Bangash Sep 29, 2013 05:39pm

It is the height of cruelty. What sins these poor people had committed for which they have been butchered? May Allah punish those who are involved in such heinous crimes.

Amir Bangash Sep 29, 2013 05:42pm

It is the height of cruelty. What sins these poor people had committed for which they have been butchered? May Allah punish those who are involved in such heinous crimes.

Masood Naqvi Sep 29, 2013 05:50pm

Every drop of blood which is flowing because of Terrorist Tabliban is stigma on PTI hand; When the history will be written for terrorism; PTI and its leader Imran khan,JI,JUI will be considered friends of terrorists, killers of innocent people.

Pakistani Sep 29, 2013 05:55pm

Action with full force in un-evitable, TTP has claimed life

Kumar Sep 29, 2013 05:58pm

Is this PEACE Loving ISLAM Acts!!! RIP, God bless you all..

Riaz Sep 29, 2013 06:08pm

Pavas! our secutry forces are busy buying and selling plots ....their backs are towards the enemies but guns toward their own people... that is what they are doing if free from collecting money for their kids to send them aborad for higher education

RED1981 Sep 29, 2013 06:10pm

if provincial government and security agencies including intelligence are not going to expose clearly the culprits,,,lets be clear they are part of problem too,,

Kdspirited Sep 29, 2013 06:21pm

Lets take the war to them. Enough is enough. But we should be ready to pay a big price. When there is war there is more bloodshed on all sides. We as a nation should be prepared to pay with our lives and those of our loved ones if this operation starts. Are you ready? Dont for a minute think that the military operation will be confined to peshawar and Fata. It will come to youe city town and homes as well. So decided if you are willing and able to sustain a full on war because that is what it will take

Siddhartha Sep 29, 2013 06:28pm

Dear brothers from Pakistan I am an Indian Hindu but I respect all religions.. Islam always condemns killing of innocents. Please speak out and condemn such acts in no uncertain terms. These terrorists who claim to champion the cause of Islam are just inhumans. please wake up and save your country.

zindabad Sep 29, 2013 06:37pm

When will Pakistanis wake up, the TTP itself is saying these public killings is not being done by done, that means there are foreign enemy countries who are operating these killings in Pakistan. Its time the munafiq people of Pakistan Wakeup and save their country, which they are themselves ruining infront of their own eyes.

jawad Sep 29, 2013 06:34pm

Other countries are supposed to condemn not our PM. he should take ACTION rather to condemn it.

ishrat husain Sep 29, 2013 06:39pm

its a jungle out there,it has to be the rule of jungle.isolate them.we need the armyto take care of these animals.that is the only way

Ajukis Rambler Sep 29, 2013 06:39pm

Death & destruction dancing burning in their own fire of hatred destroying their own cities, homes, people all innocents! Does these brutal atrocities and massacre of human persons not show acts which even beasts would not dare to commit, having turned the perpetrators animals living in dark ages alienated from rest of humanity and civilisation itself leaving the religion apart.

ishrat husain Sep 29, 2013 06:45pm

we need to deal with them with power .only solution

human first Sep 29, 2013 06:47pm

Really really sad. Only if you can see humanbeing killed as humanbeing this can be stopped. India and Pakistan have to work together and should not try to score browny points against each other. Terrorism in all forms should be fought together and out standing issues need to be discussed comprehensively. If their is genuine concern that need to be discussed and solved.

Muhammad Daud Alam Sep 29, 2013 06:53pm

Oh my beloved Motherland ,whose evil eye has struck you..!!!!

Aniket Sep 29, 2013 07:05pm

Three blasts in the provincial capital in a single week! Clearly, the writ of the provincial Government does not run even inside their own capital.

If this is not a state of emergency, then I do not know what is. Dear Pakistan authorities, forget everything else and start a massive operation against these militants. Otherwise who knows, the next target could be the Chief Minister's residence, or the Provincial Assembly.

Stop these rampaging militants before this entire province slips out of your grasp. If it already hasn't, that is. Sad, but this is the only conclusion that can be drawn out of the facts staring at us.

Abdali Sep 29, 2013 07:17pm

@AHMAD: Unless your government strong action against those behind this.

Jessie Miller Sep 29, 2013 07:26pm

You can never win against Taliban. They are focused, determined, motivated, well trained, well equipped, agile, and believe more in results oriented actions.

Pakistani politicians are detached from their masses. Pakistani security forces more focused in brutalities inside Police Stations where they demand money from general public and the influential to do justice in the Police Stations. Judiciary while sitting in the four corners of the room acquit the criminals and terrorist to avoid confrontation with Taliban. The Judges in the Supreme Court and High Courts of Pakistan based on their whims and agendas take up cases for hearing and play to the gallery. Pakistan is destine to fail.

pradeep Sep 29, 2013 07:26pm

What is the use of mere condemnation using folly and usual sentences such as they are not Muslims or in human beings etc. The words of condemnation by political leaders are just as routine words which carries no weight. Unless strong deterrent measures are not taken nothing will change the reality on the ground. The government have at its disposal different organizations such as police, intelligence and army. They have to regain the confidence of the law abiding masses by providing security using the above organizations or at least make a national address to the people of Pakistan. Look at America where American President comes on live on national television and himself visit the victims families or participate in their cremation ceremonies.

AA Sep 29, 2013 08:09pm

The answer is simple: just annihilate these terrorists. Use nuclear weapons to wipe out Waziristan.

john Sep 29, 2013 08:15pm

@Pavas Ambashta: Training terrorists to cross into Afghanistan and India.

ali Sep 29, 2013 08:19pm

Peshawar has been targeted with bombs, terrorist activities in every trouble period. The brave people of this city never complained they are like soldiers who never surrender. Salute to people of Peshawar.

M. Ahmed Sep 29, 2013 08:32pm

Where are our security forces. After all how any explosive laden vehicle enters the city? Where these people are preparing such explosive devices? These questions must be answered by our army, police and above all secret agencies. Before raising our finger on anyone let's clean our own house. Indentfy these folks and deal thes iron hand, the only way.

ali ahmed Sep 29, 2013 08:36pm

Would PTI Chief or his supporters like to give comments about this incident? Is this a reaction of PTI's distancing itself away from Imran Khan's statement or is it a reaction of any recent 'gruesome' drone attack?

vijay kumar Sep 29, 2013 08:59pm

Where is our pal Imran Khan theses days and what are his views on this?!

Suraj Sep 29, 2013 09:14pm

I say enough is enough. Either the government should go after these terrorists or get help from other countries that know how to deal with situations like these.

salman Sep 29, 2013 09:35pm

No more talk Let's deal with them with bombs and drones If we do not take action now, they will destroy our country. they do not have any love for Pakistan. 500 drones a day for 7 days and see the magic

Amir Sep 29, 2013 09:55pm

Imran Khan being the chief of the governing party must take some action besides condemning the killing of innocent people living in KP

Naseema Perveen Sep 29, 2013 09:56pm

Rest in Peace! I strongly condemn the attack.

faheem ullah khan Sep 29, 2013 10:09pm

its all about the game of america and government is making people fool. govt just follow american. in other words i will say this is not the govt of PML-N or other but it is the govt of America the politician which we see in our assembly they are just the representative of America.

Julian Sep 29, 2013 10:11pm

After Imran khan comments of allowing TTP to open an office in Pakistan, He should be asked to step down from the leadership of PTI and be be added to the lotta like Mulana Fazul ur Rehman, who either have no clue or just turn their tails in the direction wind is blowing

Khalid Sep 29, 2013 10:17pm

The Army should take all necessary means immediately to "despatch these terrorists into the next world" They obviously have no value for anyone in the present life.

sam Sep 29, 2013 10:34pm

Imran Khan is turning out to be a Strange one! Either he is a genius or a complete fool

NASAH (USA) Sep 29, 2013 10:31pm

Poor Imran -- the harder he appeases the Taliban -- the harder they hit him in his guts in Peshawar -- like a clockwork one suicide bombing a week -- while Lahore basks in the sunshine of the would-be Amirulmomineens.

It is difficult for Imran to take the hint -- that the Taliban don't like him at all and the crowd of well dressed brash young men and young women around him one whit - period.

Now the cocky Taliban want the Pakistan army to lay down the arms -- before they will sit down to talk with the army not with the PM who has no 'authority'.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif better come home in a hurry -- the world can wait -- he has to establish his authority at home first -- then anything else -- because without authority at home, no authority abroad.

Izhar Minhas Sep 29, 2013 10:50pm

Khuda ki Laann'at ho in zalamoon pur.

Khan Sep 29, 2013 10:50pm

@sam: Exactly you donot want peace in pakistan, and full investigation needed to find out the real groups behind these recent attacks. They are real enemies of islam and muslims. There are world powers who do not want peace in pakistan. Pakistani agencies needs to wake up and do something.

aqabdulaziz Sep 29, 2013 11:00pm

@Jango: You don't understand because you are not reading the news everyday, you just listen to your madrsah mullah.

Ahmer Sep 29, 2013 11:02pm

And Gen Kayani is still waiting for the national consensus before he sends his Army to destroy that known nest of vipers in N Waziristan from where all this mayhem against innocent masses is being directed. Do these deaths not bother him and GHQ?

muslim Sep 29, 2013 11:10pm

I request all of you to pray from your hearts for our country ,only a miracle can save us now .may ALLAH have Mercy on us Pakistanis and may ALLAH have Mercy on the victims of this tragedy .Ameen ya rubulalamin

sat Sep 29, 2013 11:16pm

@Pavas Ambashta: the govt is hiding in the caves for now.

Fadoo Sep 29, 2013 11:44pm

Yes, we need to initiate talks with these peace loving, innocent, pious Muslim rebels fighters........these honorable knights of Islam do their best to minimize Pakistani civilian casualties and deserve all the sympathy from Pakistani people, IK, and the rest of our politicians and public. After all the blame goes to the sinful living beings of US, Europe, Jews, Indians, Pakistani civilians, and the rest of the people living on this planet except TPP. Being blown into bits and riddled with ball bearings/screws is the least these guys can do for us... how ungrateful of us to not thank them and welcome them with open arms (or blown severed arms might work to). These heaven bound Muslims weep late into the night even if one innocent soul is hurt as collateral damage, and all that are killed rightfully deserved so.,.. Thank You NZ, IK and TPP....u r all pretty much the same

GPR FIX Sep 29, 2013 11:54pm

From Africa to India in last couple of weeks the Islamist terrorists have killed over 500 people, when will all this end?

Modi Sep 30, 2013 12:54am

@Masood Naqvi: I could not agree with you more. Imran Khan has done great injustice to the cause of eradicating terrorism from Pakistan. He is definitely not a leader. He is more like a self-styled reformer (against corruption) and a totally misguided and confused "born-again" Muslim. We need a leader with vision, resolve and guts. We don't need a cowardly appeaser, which is what Imran Khan has proved himself to be.

Kafantaris Sep 30, 2013 12:55am

"Women and children were burning." What more does anyone need to know to help go after these monsters.

Nizamuddin Ali Ahmad Sep 30, 2013 01:14am

P.M. statement too little and bit late. Pakistanis need help, not lip service.

Oz Sep 30, 2013 01:47am

200 KG bomb within a few meters of Kabli Police Station ?? I respect their sacrifices, but on this occasion, they have obviously failed in their duty!! I smell an inside job. Close all routes of external transport from agencies and villages into Peshawar - Only people who work in city should be allowed with passes.

Zar Khan Wazir Sep 30, 2013 01:49am

@Sandeep: Worry about your own house and those you are using as pawns to destabilize Pakistan.

ahsenkamel Sep 30, 2013 02:36am

@ishrat husain: against who? you have no idea who is doing it. don't expect TTP to be that naive.

wahab Sep 30, 2013 03:09am

@Ex muslim: would die as a Muslim then live as a hindu

Sivaram Pochiraju Sep 30, 2013 03:33am

It's high time, the silent majority should come out openly on streets against terrorism day in day out and bring constant pressure on the Government and its military bosses to wipe out terrorists and their bases once for all for the very survival of Pakistan itself..

Loyal Sep 30, 2013 04:15am

lets free more Talibans from our prisons!!!

Sam Sep 30, 2013 04:26am

Leave Shia's alone we did enough sacrifices all over the Pakistan and also leave Karachi alone, I believe these Pathan's doing bad thing in every where now is there turn, what goes around comes around. Deal with RA from india and Afghanistan who are shaitan's and Devil's finish them all soon.

Imran A Sep 30, 2013 04:27am

Please shut down all madrassa's with immediate effect. We don't need hafiz-e-quran. We need citizens who will earn their money through hard work & rizq-e-halal. If any of the Taliban had some skill that would earn them money, they wouldn't go blowing up the very source the feeds them. Right now, they have other sources of income, that's why they can do as they please.

AC Sep 30, 2013 05:11am

@kamal: It is unfortunate humans are killed by these so called muslims.

AC Sep 30, 2013 05:08am

@Ghalib Khan: No they are guarding the country from the enemies (Eastern Border)

Sarwat Sep 30, 2013 05:23am

No need to arrest these criminals and murderers, just shoot them on sight.

manif Sep 30, 2013 05:20am

are you guys not reading the story? The Taliban said they didn't do it. Why don't, police, army, people in Pakistan investigate anything and just blame the same old boogie men. When the Taliban say the did it, you believe them, when the say they didn't , you say they lie. Until there is a real effort to find, arrest and hang these people , whom ever they are, nothing will change. I don't believe the Taliban have anything to gain by this, are they bad people? yes they are but in any crime you first look for motive and then what is to gain. All this is happening in Pakistan, the earth quake, blast, shooting and murder in Karachi and our PM is traveling the world with his begging bowl., same as Zadari during the floods

Kolsat Sep 30, 2013 05:38am

@Muhammad Daud Alam: Stop thinking that someone other than Pakistanis are to blame. Muslims have to learn moderation and peace. Stop listening to your mullahs and other religious leaders and learn the language of humanity and tolerance. This violence is tearing you apart.

Kolsat Sep 30, 2013 05:42am

@sabeeh omer: Animals only attack when they are attacked and do not attack for the fun of it which these inhuman people are doing in Pakistan, Kenya and other places. Muslims and non-Muslims must unite to eradicate this evil which seems to be taking root among Muslim nations.

Dr. Ashrif Malik Sep 30, 2013 06:46am

why such as usual Muslims killing Muslims every day religiously with no break... useless people

salma Sep 30, 2013 06:51am

more MUSLIMS killing MUSLIMS each day.

arshad Sep 30, 2013 08:04am

@Muhammad Daud Alam: our 1973 constitution is destroying our country.

arshad Sep 30, 2013 08:10am

Throw this 1973 constitution in the bin. If you want to save Pakistan get rid of this unjust constitution. Otherwise this constitution will destroy this country. Do not forget, all this religious extremism started after this constitution came into effect.

Ayaz Sep 30, 2013 09:32am

Taliban are following previous examples of ruthlessness in Islam. If you read Islamic history... you will find similar barbaric acts by Muslims killing other Muslims. The even of Karbala in which the prophet family was wiped out, the killing of Omar Al Farooq in mosque, the killing of Usman while reading Quran, the killing of Ali in mosque are clear examples. These killings were all by fellow Muslims who had seen the Prophet and had first hand knowledge of Islam. ...

VillageSimpleton Sep 30, 2013 10:43am

First they came for the Hindus, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not a Hindu. Then they came for the Buddhists, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not a Buddhist. Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not a Christian. Then they came for Ahmedis, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not an Ahmedi. Then they came for the Shias, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not a Shia. Then they came for me

--and there was no one left to speak for me.

Farhan Sep 30, 2013 12:49pm

@Muhammad Daud Alam: Evil eye of Nawaz Shareef and Imran Khan!!!

hussain Sep 30, 2013 02:40pm

First talk and than war. Taliban has not accepted the responsibility of the recent attacks in Peshawar. Than who is behind these cruel attacks? let's think wisely. who is going to sabotage the peace process. Let's give peace a chance.

adnan Sep 30, 2013 06:28pm

now or never

adnan Sep 30, 2013 06:32pm

now or never,

NASAH (USA) Sep 30, 2013 07:50pm

What did Imran do in KP to deserve this in Peshawar. He tried to befriend the Taliban -- in return they turn around and do this to him.

bilal Oct 01, 2013 08:59pm

how can there be "peace talks" with those that kill, murder in cold blood? will Allah ever hold "peace talks" with these evil people I think not... I think Allah has hell waiting for them...while out govt has peace talks waiting for them!!

dr vimal raina Oct 02, 2013 08:30am

Rivers of blood. No cries for help. Condemnation! Condemnation! Condemnation! Work goes on. BOOM! Gory pictures! Breaking news! Breaking news overlapping last nights BOOM! Condemnation! All this news front page from planet Mars. I turn the newspaper to page 3.