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Forging unity for prosperity


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THE current framework in which the country is being run will not take Pakistan any forward.

All small and big nations in our region and the world have overtaken us in health, education, justice, law and order and food security.

Pakistan needs a turnaround, for which the basic need is our adaptation and readiness for the change, a complete change from one era to another, like the one witnessed in China.

For Pakistanis, failure is not an option, but success is also not automatically guaranteed.

Let us make a new Pakistan to cater to the needs of the masses.

Changes must be made to the constitution to block corrupt and power-hungry people from contesting elections.

The current election system should also be changed to make the people vote directly vote for president and prime minister.

Further, we should convert every division into a province.

This will help eradicate linguistic and any other frictions and speed up development in the country


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Akil Akhtar Aug 13, 2013 10:49am

Good suggestion but will be opposed by Vaderas and politicians who survive on devide and rule policies. Will also be opposed by the US and India loving elite.

Genius Aug 13, 2013 02:07pm

"Changes must be made to the constitution to block corrupt and power-hungry people from contesting elections." wrote the learned author. People at large, if they want any change, will need to change themselves. No change will come if the people do not change themselves, . The thing to do for the people is to bring a change in their habits, attitude and outlook. They need to give up their bad habits and embrace good habits. This will help them to come together to unite. Unite to work to achieve a just system. The worst of the habits absolutely rampant among people is "Arrogance". Arrogance and avarice cause people to be unjust. Injustice is at the heart of every trouble, every bloodshed, every death and destructions people endure today. Among the good habits, the people must bring about, is the practise of upholding of

Naeem Syed Aug 13, 2013 02:50pm

Under the current set up Pakistan is going nowhere and the changes suggested in this letter will also not work. We have a President and his staff and expenses,A Prime Minister with his staff and expenses the we have the Federal Ministers with their Staff and gazillions of expenses, After which we have the four Provinces with their Governors, 4 Chief Ministers and an endless line on Ministers and advisers all doing nothing but getting a free lunch.

If the Country, was to revert back to the Single one Unit Pakistan by abolishing this Provincial concept, We could save enough money to fund a free Education and Free Universal health care through out the Country as well as Improve the infrastructure in the Country Corruption would be reduced automatically. There Should be an elected President, Prime Minister and a maximum of 10/15 Ministers. If you remember when Malik Amir Mohammad Khan was the Governor of Pakistan he ran a better ship than these Clowns have done in the last 5 years and the Nawaz Sharif Government will probably fare no better. It is imperative that Free and compulsory education be the focus of every Govt. now, as it is the only way that the future generations can improve their lives. God help us we are a Nation on the brink of Disaster and no one really seems to care. WHY?