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KARACHI, Aug 12: The Shahrukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer Indian film Chennai Express has rocked Karachi’s cinema houses and cineplexes. It literally eclipsed all other releases on Eid day by a big margin, and though the exact earnings of the film are yet to be ascertained because it’s been less than a week since Chennai Express hit the cinema screens, film distributors and exhibitors are raving about the way the film has been received by film buffs.

Talking to Dawn, the General Manager of Capri Cinema Aziz Khan said, “Being Pakistani we like to promote our local films, therefore we ran Ishq Khuda for two days but it didn’t attract sufficient audiences. On the other hand Chennai Express is doing a roaring business from the first show. As I speak with you (Aug 12), we have a houseful show at Capri. We want Pakistani films to succeed but they should be like Khuda Ke Liyey or Chambeli. Ishq Khuda was perhaps meant for the Punjab circuit.”

The head of marketing at the Atrium Cinema Anita Kenneth said,

“From day one till Aug 14 Chennai Express is sold out. Let me tell you an interesting thing on Aug 14 even the morning show (10.45am) is booked. And I’m talking about the bigger halls.”

Shedding light on the reason for the film’s overwhelming success Ms Kenneth said, “It’s a typical Rohit Shetty comedy and masala movie. Then of course the glamorous Deepika Padukone is in the movie. Apart from Chennai Express, I’d say The Wolverine did reasonably well, mainly because of Hugh Jackman. Monsters University packed the halls on Sunday because a lot of children came to watch the film. As for Pakistani movies, Josh did pretty well on Eid days,” said Ms Kenneth.

Ali at Cinepax echoed the same thoughts. “Chennai Express has done very well and is expected to do well in the weeks to come.”

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G.A. Aug 13, 2013 04:44pm

On the other side of the border Pakistani visitors, High Commission and PIA office is being threatened.

xish Aug 13, 2013 07:43pm

with sorrow they are successful in there mission . our youngsters are in long lines to get tickets and they are lining up their army on LOC . No need to impose war on us , we are already demolished .

bibhuti Aug 13, 2013 09:35pm

its a crap movie without can u people watch mindless movies n tolerate them

Adnan Ahmed Aug 13, 2013 09:43pm


Let's not mix politics with movies. It is nice to see that Pakistanis can enjoy going to the cinema and watch movies from all over the world after years of simply having restaurants as the only major form of entertainment.

I hope we have peace soon so the common-man can enjoy life like they have every right to.

Shaukat Aug 13, 2013 10:54pm

Release Main Hoon Shahid Afridi quickly. It will teach Chennai Express some lesson.

rajesh Aug 13, 2013 11:38pm

@G.A.: Indians r not forcing u guys to watch our movies infect we want to distance with Pakistanis

juzz4fun Aug 14, 2013 01:33am

@G.A.: Bhaijaan.. aapko kisne kaha k Pakistani visitors, high commission and PIA walo ko threats mil rahe hai?? High commission par kab hamla hua bataiye to jara?? Mere khayal se Pak citizen ya high commission jitne India me sahi salamat hai utne to Pakistan me bhi nahi hoge...

Sonal Aug 14, 2013 02:04am

Amazing! Here I'm dying to see Josh and Chambaili, and there Pakistanis are rushing to see Chennai Express, which, for all practical purposes is quite mindless. Grass is always greener on the other side, I guess!

aKIL aKHTAR Aug 14, 2013 04:56am

@G.A.: Exactly! we seem to have no self respect left.....

nazmoon Aug 14, 2013 07:20am

Even Rahat fateh khan couldn't save the movie. Some were saying bollywood films do well because of his voice. Come on! It's hard work of song writers and music directors of India not Rahat Fateh's voice.

humayun Aug 14, 2013 08:54am

G.A. Our officials.....deserve worst than that.......they are no good for anyone...

mayank anand Aug 14, 2013 09:52am

@G.A.: Ironically, you forgot to mention the jihadi jokers Pakistan continues to send this side. You didn't even bother to mention the 26/11 and the recent barbaric beheading of our troops.

Scud Aug 14, 2013 09:53am

@G.A.: Surely you can't label visa overstayers being asked to leave as a threat..

raj Aug 14, 2013 10:36am

India or Pakistan or England Sharukh Khan is the Best

draks Aug 14, 2013 10:39am

@G.A.: Are you thinking by watching these movies you are doing a favour to your neighbor. Please do not mix arts with politics. Also you don't see 100s of heart patients cured in India or Pakistani singers making their career in bollywood

Zeel Aug 14, 2013 10:56am

@G.A.: What has movies got to do with this ? You hate India but you will continue to watch their movies and listen to their music. Your patriotism will not be affected.

nEo Aug 14, 2013 11:42am

@G.A.: so, no one is asking you to go and watch the movie.. you are not doing a favour to us by watching it.... we all know what kind of movies pakistan makes... least said the better... as for the threatening stuff, if that is true, then perhaps there is a valid reason behind that which everyone knows and i don't need to elaborate here.

Mushtaq Ahmed Aug 14, 2013 12:11pm

It is shameful that Muslims are watching Hindu films on occasion of Eid. Do you people realize that the royalties from each and every ticket bought go to India? We should boycott every Indian movie. If we watch the pirated version then no royalty goes to India.

aslamkhan Aug 14, 2013 12:38pm

What you think about chennai express life time collaction?

Adeel Sarfraz Aug 14, 2013 01:29pm

The cable guy ran the movie the other day and I have to say that this is one of the worst films of Shahrukh after RaOne. He is able to act in romantic movies like DDLJ, DTPH, Mohabbatain and JTHJ. When it comes to comedy or action I think he should pass them up. He should take a leaf from Amir Khan or Irfan Khan and see how acting is really done.

It's time Shahrukh retired as he just does not have that USP which he possessed 5-6 years back.

Capri Aug 14, 2013 01:41pm

@G.A.: On the other hand, why don't you observe and comment on the fact that so many Pakistani stars and musicians knock on bollywoods door and have actually been warmly welcomed and some are even thriving here making money? If some bad politicians want to spoil the show on both sides, there is nothing that can be done, sadly.

nEo Aug 14, 2013 02:12pm

@G.A.: so, no one is asking you to go and watch the movie.. you are not doing a favour to us by watching it.... we all know what kind of movies pakistan makes... least said the better... as for the threatening stuff, if that is true, then perhaps there is a valid reason behind that which everyone knows and i don't need to elaborate here.

Rattan Aug 14, 2013 11:45pm

@xish: who is imposing the army on you? please get your facts right. Pakistan is the hub of terrorism ar are you totally oblivious of this fact.

ruhi Aug 15, 2013 03:02am

@juzz4fun: true

S. A. M. Aug 15, 2013 03:36am

I will watch the movie that is full of fun whether it is a pakistani or an indian movie. Indian movies are far better than our pakistani movies. please understand that indian cinema is celebrating its 100th year of existance and where is our cinema. We could learn from them instead of feeling bad about our films not upto their standard movies. However Pakistani dramas I must say are far better than the indian dramas. You can actually see class acting, direction and production. the story is developed in pakistani dramas in such a beautiful that you cannot help appreciating the author. On the other hand indian dramas are a far cry from reality and lag far behind the pakistani dramas.

Debasis Dasgupta Aug 15, 2013 08:54am

It will certainly help to reduce the distances created recently between the people of two country

Abbastoronto Aug 15, 2013 08:58am

What the Indian Army failed to do for 65 years, Bollywood would Indianize Pakistan in no time.

Minus Bayswater Aug 15, 2013 09:24am

@Shaukat Ha Ha.. Ha Ha..

True Indian Aug 15, 2013 11:08am

@aKIL aKHTAR: Egjactly.......

Shahid Aug 15, 2013 11:19am


Mohammad S Abdul Rahman Aug 15, 2013 02:57pm

Young Pakistanis from Karachi and Lahore see Indian movies and try to emulate the characters, including the mannerisms and hindi words too. Our channels and films are banned on the other side so why are we so eager to show or see their films. Like one of the readers said, they are ready to gun you down, while you people are dying to see their movies. Each rupee or paisa you spend to see their movie is eventually used against you in the form of bullets and ammunition bought with that money.Western nations , including Israel and India have decided to invade, corrupt the Muslim nation culturally. After this nothing much is left to be done to take over the country and their resources. That is why Muslims are suffering globally. Cheap entertainment has practically destroyed the future generations. Pakistan must ban exhibition of Indian movies with immediate effect if they want to protect tomorrow's builders.

Shahid Khan Aug 15, 2013 03:18pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed: pirated version? This means you want to watch the movie no matter what! Lets give credit where its due. There industry is doing a good job and lets not mix artistic exchange with politics. No one from either side wants to have a war. And one more thing, although it doesnt matter, India has a larger muslim population in their country than in Pakistan!

Bazinga Aug 15, 2013 04:41pm

@raj: you got the wrong Khan dude. Aamir Khan hands down is the best by miles.Shah-rukh khan-Yes,maybe in the 90's! :)

Vishnu Dutta Aug 15, 2013 05:20pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed:

Well do you know that Pakistani artists who work in India make lot more money and bring back home than what Indian films make in Pakistan?

You dont see hue and cry about it over here. So just chill and enjoy the movie should you decide to watch it.

vikram Aug 15, 2013 05:44pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed: You are a man without any honour. You would not boycott but would steal.

Maria Aug 15, 2013 06:45pm

@rajesh: I don't understand this stupid fight... So many people from India and Pakistan are married couple here living in USA. Even at work pakistanis and indians are best friends. Don't play along with politicians. Please. The recent incident where Indian official himself revealed that Indian govt was the one involved in bombing but Indian govt tried to blame Pakistan.... please stop all this.

Nan Aug 15, 2013 07:27pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed: but u still want to watch...what a hypocrite..haha

Piyush Sharma Aug 15, 2013 08:15pm

@xish: Watching an Indian movie is not wrong thing because Youngsters want to see good movies and nothing else.

MD Aug 15, 2013 09:00pm

Dear friends from both sides of the border: I am ashamed to be from your part of the world. You guys come across as the biggest losers on the planet when you take every topic and turn it into Pakistani vs. Indian politics. Please do us all a favor and get a life. That way, we'll maybe have some chance at competing in the real world.

wasim Aug 15, 2013 09:10pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed: see the no. of dislikes :D

wasim Aug 15, 2013 09:11pm

@Shaukat: see the no. of dislikes :D

Ahmed Aug 15, 2013 09:33pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed: What a warped sense of thinking Mr. Mushtaq! Watching pirated version is ok??? Why are Pakistanis so bent upon breaking rules and doing everything the wrong way, and we proudly justify it!

vinay Aug 15, 2013 09:33pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed: Hahaha. It's a Hindi film (with quite a few dialogues in Tamil), not a Hindu film. India is not a Hindu country. Shahrukh is not a Hindu. Get your facts right.


nishant Aug 15, 2013 10:15pm

@G.A.: chill dude. high commission being threatened?? such thing would become international news n un would directly look at it.. dont share what u imagine or hear from many brainwashed analyst of yours...

Muslim_man Aug 15, 2013 10:21pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed: You are absoultely write. We should only promote islamic movies which has muslim actors. The actress should only act in burqa.These movies are destroying our culture.We need taliban style rule, then only we would be able to promote our culture of peace.

paxtani Aug 15, 2013 10:57pm

@Mushtaq Ahmed: Watching pirated movies is against Islam too.

saminuk Aug 16, 2013 12:41am

@Mushtaq Ahmed: Hindu films?? What are these? I suppose you obviously don't watch Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh films as well. Strangely enough, you don't mind writing in English.

G.A. Aug 16, 2013 02:52am

@rajesh: You might be able to distance yourself better if you quit reading this Pakistani newspaper. I simply made an observation. I never said it was right or wrong. Sadly, all it did was bring out the worst in people - on both sides.

Ahmed Qureshi Aug 16, 2013 02:57am

@G.A.: You forget to mention the killing of our five Indian soldiers that instigated these protests. If Pakistani government and military can stop this, there could be chances for "aman". Just remember, if religion is taken out of equation, people on both sides are very similar. We have same Indus valley heritage and culture. I don't see reasons to have enmity between people on both sides. Lets not get religion in the way.