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President of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais.
President of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais.

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia would send imams, one each from Masjidul Haram in Makkah and Masjid-i-Nabawi in Madina, to Pakistan every year.

Talking to visiting Pakistan’s Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Mohammed Yousaf, President of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais made the announcement.

He said this was being done to promote ties between the two countries. He said that King Abdullah attached great importance to Pakistan and its people.

Relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are based on deep love and reverence, Sheikh Al-Sudais told the Pakistani minister and the accompanying delegation. He also prayed for the Muslim Ummah and progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

The Pakistani minister told Sheikh Al-Sudais that Pakistan was making a concerted effort to promote interfaith dialogue in line with the initiative of King Abdullah. He also extended an invitation to Sheikh Al-Sudais to visit Pakistan.

Sheikh Al-Sudais visited Pakistan while the Lal Masjid episode was dominating headlines, apparently to convince Maulana Abdul Aziz and late Abdul Rasheed Ghazi to surrender before authorities.

However, clerics of Lal Masjid did not pay heed to his advice.

Comments (101) Closed

NMA Jul 25, 2013 07:34am

Thanks. Just what we wanted. More tribal Mullahs in a country of illiterate and ignorant people.

And just how will they help us improve interfaith dialogue?!?! Isn't the Saudi Wahabi's everything else is Un-Islamic mindset what messed up our society in the first place?!

BRR Jul 25, 2013 07:37am

The very last thing Pakistan needs is saudi imams - they have had enough of Salafi extremism.

kumar Jul 25, 2013 07:38am

What does interfaith means? Saudis do not allow any other religion in their kingdom. What do they know about interfaith?

Guru Jul 25, 2013 07:41am

With friends like these, does Pakistan need to even dream of enemies?

More the merrier Jul 25, 2013 07:53am

Sure why not. If there is one thing that Pakistan really needs it is more mullahs.

Tamilselvan Jul 25, 2013 07:55am

What interfath they are talking about. Is Saudi sending a Shia and a Sunni Imam to promote peace or will it send Imams to spread Wahabism?

Syed Hussain Akbari Jul 25, 2013 07:58am

Big trouble heading towards Pakistan in disguise of representatives of brother Islamic country. All the citizens should be very careful and the government should keep an eye on them as to how they may aggravate further the existing religious tensions of the country. They are coming as missionaries as was done by others... By the way who asked them to come?

Peter Jul 25, 2013 08:00am

With the Saudi Imams, come petro-dollars with strings/chains.....more rigid mosques, medieval madrassahs, mad mullahs, social oppression, women and minority bashing, and the quick track Wahabbi-ization of Pakistan, a now-delusional nation whose identity and rich S.Asian culture has all but been wiped out. The epicenter of terrorism and jihadi central, is now in bed with the epicenter of terror funding and ideology. Perhaps to keep those Armageddon-seeking Iranian Shia heretics in check, or perhaps the KSA needs a compliant mercenary Muslim "friend" (with the Bomb) to do its bidding whenever needed, for the right price of course.

Agha Asad Raza Jul 25, 2013 08:06am

God help us!! why do we need these people, have they not created enough havoc in the country since Zia's time?

Iftikhar Hussain kazmi Jul 25, 2013 08:11am

Pakistan does not need them. They will promote hatred and violence among various factions of Islam. Thank you Saudi Arabia. We are already indebted to you for what you have done to Karachi, Quetta, and other cities of our country.

kk Jul 25, 2013 08:19am

sending imams for strengthening ties between countries or strenghtening wahabism?

voice for truth in Islam Jul 25, 2013 08:50am

This is most unfortunate news for Pakistan! Through Imams Saudi Arabia will impose upon Pakistani nation it

HM Jul 25, 2013 08:56am

Please don't send imams for promoting Wahabism. Thank you.

Khan Jul 25, 2013 08:58am

One only has to visit saudia to get first hand taste of love and affection as soon as they see the green passport. This is nothing but a political move.

GhostRider Jul 25, 2013 09:11am

Please stay away from Pakistan...we are already suffering from the gifts Saudis gave during 80s.

Haris Chaudhry Jul 25, 2013 09:13am

Can we please suggest the reverse and ship all of our Imams on a giant ship to Saudi Arabia where they all live happily ever after :) ?

Rahim Jul 25, 2013 09:40am

Pakistan's distinct culture is being wiped out by Saudi money and Wahabi mullahs.

Ali Raza Jul 25, 2013 09:43am

No thank you, you've sent us enough already

Masood Haider Jul 25, 2013 09:51am

If any stone had been left unturned in converting this once progressive and tolerant country into a hotbed of Wahabi/Salafist inspired fanaticism and extremism, this action on part of the Saudis will finish off the barely unfinished business. Of course, the rulers of Pakistan so shamelessly beholden to Saudi largesse will crawl on their knees to acquiesce.

Yusuf Jul 25, 2013 10:24am

More meddling by Saudi Arabia. Sad that we allow them to!

Abid Jul 25, 2013 10:26am

@Haris Chaudhry: Hahaha. Well said

Sindhi Pakistani Jul 25, 2013 10:28am

Sudais are welcome but we don't need any more Salafist Mullahs in Pakistan. In fact we should ship whoever are present in Pakistan back to the House of Saud immediately.

Mehreen Jul 25, 2013 10:35am

Love the overwhelmingly negative response to this news in the comments section. But unfortunately most of the nation will welcome them with open arms. After all, how can anyone from Saudi Arabia be wrong? Can we import some imams from a progressive Islamic nation say Malaysia instead? The Saudis don't have anything to offer to the rest of the world other than a dwindling reserve of oil and 'un-Islamic' interpretation of Islam.

Ishtiaq Jul 25, 2013 10:42am

No thanks. We are already glutted with them.

Atif Jul 25, 2013 10:42am

I don't know who is right or who is wrong but if Saudi Arabia was wrong do you think Allah Almighty would let it be the custodian of the two holy mosques for over 200 years? Just some food for thought.

Mo Jul 25, 2013 10:44am

Can someone please reverse this decision?! is the ISI so naive to actually allow this? I know we need to be friends with the Saudis but come on! They destroyed our country. They have caused more damage to our once great nation than our supposed "arch-nemesis" India.

Come on ISI, stop this move!

vigilant Jul 25, 2013 10:45am

Their visits could be effectively used to renounce violence, suicide bombings & sectarian violence.

Riaz Jul 25, 2013 10:50am

Please stay away from Pakistan. We have had enough of your contagious and infectious charities. We are not your owned entity. We can and we shall overcome all our own problems soon.

Islamic Directory Jul 25, 2013 10:52am

Hope and pray that ties between Pakistan and Saudi grow and among other Muslim countries so the we can again become symbol of universal brotherhood. Ameen

Martian Jul 25, 2013 10:54am

More Salafist imams heading to Pakistan means more terrorism for Bralvis and Shias.

kayamat Jul 25, 2013 10:58am

It is great news indeed. It will serve the cause of Islam and make Pakistan more pure and more Islamic. In fact, not just a few but a large number of Imams especially trained by Imams in the two holiest mosques in Saudi Arabia should be invited and employed by Pakistan on a regular and permanent basis. Then all the problems facing Pakistan will definitely vanish into the thin air.

imran Jul 25, 2013 11:17am

Oh for god's sake. Leave our Pakistan alone. You have spread enough fanaticism and Mullahism in our country. Why don't you spread 'real Islam' in your own country? You are interfering in Syria & Pakistan. Enough is enough. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was not a Saudi Imam. He made Pakistan without having religious fanaticism in his mind. PM Nawaz Sharif must stop this at all costs.

AA Jul 25, 2013 11:24am

"Relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are based on deep love and reverence."

No they are based on master/slave terms. Better keep your fanatics to yourself.

ABL Jul 25, 2013 11:31am

I am not surprised by this news. This was expected after Sharifs win in the elections. May be it came a little earlier than expected.

khuram Jul 25, 2013 11:31am

We do not want Saudi imams as they are already causing enough trouble wherever they go. They are radicalising our tribal areas and using their money to promote Salafism throughout the world. Please stay away with all due respect.

BEAM Jul 25, 2013 11:33am

We will see a 'Imam racism' of a unique nature who will be superior in their interpretation. This will be religious imperialism of a new kind.

sabeeh omer Jul 25, 2013 11:41am

Lets for once agree with all the comments voiced on this news item. Living in in Saudia Arabia these several years, I at least don't have to fear of being mugged on the roads, of being looted at the door step or worry about my house being bungled. I have yet to see drive-by shootings, target killings, bank hold-ups. Agree, its not a 100% crime-free society, but then criminals are caught and justice is swift. What Pakistani culture and heritage are you talking about? Where you are neither safe on the roads nor in your house within!

A J Khan Jul 25, 2013 11:42am

Stop them in thier tracks. They are not wanted. Nawaz Sharif should find out a different way to repay the obligations of staying in suroor Mahal.

SHKT Jul 25, 2013 11:58am

I see a lot of comments here that talking about Wahabism/Salafism, the export of these schools of thought to Pakistan, the whole Shia-Sunni fiasco, militancy, mullahs and what not. I am surprised that many people here, who talk about delusional/uneducated populace, are themselves parroting what they have been told through "newspapers", local "experts" and leftist politicians. Have any of you actually read into the whole Shia-Sunni fiasco and the segregation of the Arab world? These things have more to do with the whole Hashmite vs Umayyad vs Abassid vs Fatmid caliphates that followed the caliphate of Uthman (R.A). The "religious" element has been added later on during the industrial age, unfortunately with the aid of local "half-mullahs" (and the Subcontinent has played its part in it as well). Do read up on unbiased history rather than political "publications".

Moving on, has anyone here actually listened to the sermons issued by these Imams in both Holy Masajid, especially on Fridays? I have, and I haven't ever found them promoting Wahabism/Salafism or extremism ever. Stop mixing Saudi foreign policy (I admit, it's twisted because of the aforementioned caliphate issue) with the Imams of the Holy Masajid. Saudi Arab is not being run by rampant mullahs like most people think. Sure their demographics show that Salafism is the major sect, but other Sunni and a minority Shia community are there as well. Also, under law, non-Muslims can stay in Saudi Arab as well, except for Makkah and Medina.

As for extremism and militancy, stop being delusional! Sure there was foreign influence/funding, but it was Pakistan who promoted these militant organisations in the 1980's, nobody was forcing Pakistan's hand nor holding a knife to us. We are reaping what we sowed back then, grow up and take responsibility instead of pointing fingers!

Lastly, regarding fatwas, do you people even know how these religious edicts are issued? Clerics from all Muslim countries, are invited for a week (or so) long discussion over the issues on agenda, and then only be taking and removing the concerns of all those present do they finally issue the edict. Clerics from Iran do not go to these conventions as they have separated their own religious system from the rest of the world (again mostly due to the aforementioned caliphate issues).

In short, start reading things from all angles before committing to a stance. (references: too many books to list. And I'm not going to spoon feed.)

Raheel Jul 25, 2013 12:03pm

@Atif: "Saudis' have been the 'custodians' for like 80 years. Please get your facts straight. Also, the history of 'custodians' (Ummayads, Abbasids and Ottomons) is not much to talk about as probably President Zardari was a better ruler in comparison to almost all of them.

Zain Jul 25, 2013 12:11pm

No thankyou please, you are not welcome! Their direct interference will create more unrest

Zain Jul 25, 2013 12:12pm

@Guru: well said

Saad Shaikh Jul 25, 2013 12:14pm

@sabeeh omer:

Saudi Arabia is part of the problem not the solution. The very fact that you have suicide bombings in Pakistan is due to indirect patronage of theology promoted by these very imams at the behest of custodian of two Holy mosques.

Pakistan should not only politely decline but impose a blanket ban on any non-Pakistan delivering a sermon in any mosque, madarsa or imambargah throughout Pakistan.

Yousaf Jul 25, 2013 12:16pm

Thank you but Pakistan has plenty of its own Wahabis. Do not need to import more from Saudia.

Syed Jul 25, 2013 12:17pm

Leave our country alone! You are not welcome.

Fazal Ahmad Jul 25, 2013 12:18pm

@khuram: I'm totally in agreement with you.

abbas rizvi Jul 25, 2013 12:24pm

@Atif: they have been the custodians for the last 90 years! What's your say on Israel being the custodian of Qibla Awal?

Naveed Jul 25, 2013 12:31pm

Pakistan is already suffering from import of 80s.... This would be a further attempt to isolate Pakistan from its own local culture that is already close to dry (better die) out.

Syeda Jafri Jul 25, 2013 12:32pm


Allah had allowed 360 idols in the Holy Ka'abah for several years. Being the custodian of sacred places does not make you pious. This is an alarming news as this will spread more hatred & violence in our already affected country. We have enough hatred among sects & enough sectarian killings. Please stay where you are & take care of your own country that is heading towards anarchy pretty soon!

Asad Jul 25, 2013 12:41pm

@Atif: Your ignorance shows your level. Saudi State was formed in 1932. Not 200 years back! By the what do you say about the people who were there before Saudis/ Wahhabis? Why Allah allowed them there for such a long time?

waleedhussain Jul 25, 2013 12:50pm

Astonished to see the negative responses but thats just very typical of us as Pakistanis. Saudi Arabia has 100% of such Imams and if they are so terrifying, just see their country's peace, law and order situation and see Pakistan's. Yes Saudi is blessed with oil but doesn't Pakistan have enormous natural and capital resources?We see negativity everywhere and always point fingers to others. I wonder how many of you would criticize John Kerry or Hillary Clinton's visit like this after they come to console us for attacks like Salala airbase?

Aziz Jul 25, 2013 12:52pm

Very considerate of the Saudi rulers for sending their petro-dollars to the West and their Imams to Pakistan.

We should reciprocate their gesture by sending them the fruits of the first consignment of their gift- the TTPs and the LeJs in our country.

Mumo Jul 25, 2013 12:52pm

Really?! This is the most unwelcoming news from Saudis after the era of 80s

Ahsen Jul 25, 2013 12:57pm

@sabeeh omer: Well said sabeeh

HP Jul 25, 2013 01:27pm

We should be throwing out mullahs and promoting science and education not importing more from Saudi.

Muslim Jul 25, 2013 01:41pm

@Aziz: Deobandi (hanafi) groups you mentioned have no methodology link with the Saudi, hannbali/Salafi thoughts...

sabeeh omer Jul 25, 2013 01:53pm

@Saad Sheikh: We have no one to blame but ourselves for our woes. We are quick to criticize Saudia Arabia, and Iran and want to dump all our problems on them. As has very rightly been pointed out, we'd be the first ones to welcome and welcome with a grin, Hillary Clinton or any other white-skinned soul from the west despite the loss of hundreds of innocent Pakistanis as a result of drone attack, Raymond Waeil etc. Not only would they reprimand us but also warn of more drastic steps if we do not do as we are told. Our problem is we ourselves, our illiterate mullahs, our corrupt politicians and our ambitious generals. After all, don't we all listen to what the Imams of these two Holy Mosques preach in their Friday sermon during Umrah or Haj? Have you ever, ever, found anything that is against the very norms of civility? Why the hue and cry now?

Muslim Jul 25, 2013 02:29pm

@Syeda Jafri: The custodians of the Kaaba are appointed by Allah directly and that family continues to be holding the key of Kaaba till today. Read the Noble Quran.

Sayeed Altaf Hussein Jul 25, 2013 03:01pm

@Aziz: Well said. We don't want any more of the old.

Ejaz Jul 25, 2013 03:02pm

It's a disastrous news for Pakistan. The hapless country is already marred with s sectarian violence and the Saudi Takfiri/Salafi are coming to make sure that Pakistan turns out to be another Syria.

ahmad imran Jul 25, 2013 03:13pm

@waleedhussain: I guess you missed the part where they 'export' such stuff to placate the fundoos in their own country....

Sayeed Altaf Hussein Jul 25, 2013 03:15pm

@waleedhussain: Brother Hussain, have we not learned our lesson? Saudis have been exporting these so called mullahs and other charitable organisations to brain wash our younger population. John or Clinton can be criticised if we stop going begging them. Pakistan is the highest receiver of American aid after Egypt. Where would your Pakistan be without them? Why can't Saudi Arabia or other Muslim rich countries support poor Muslim countries instead of investing in UK and the USA? Why don't they invest in Pakistan? Can you think of a reason? Because they trust these so called "infidels". Their government officialsdon't rob them or deprive them of their investments unlike the Pakistanis. We don't need Mullahs we need educators, investors and intellectuals among others.

Sayeed Altaf Hussein Jul 25, 2013 03:22pm

@kayamat: Bro, which world do you live in? Who do you think has caused all the problems that Pakistan is facing currently? Then Saudi royals have created the Wahabiasm and they are exporting this extreme version of Islam. Islam is a peace loving religion but you have mullahs taking up arms to fight government forces. This never happened prior to the 80 when Zia imposed his version of Islam and brought all these jihadists to fight USSR!

Yousaf Jul 25, 2013 03:37pm

Why don't people that agree with their ideology go live in Saudia and leave Pakistan alone?

Yousaf Jul 25, 2013 03:39pm

Maybe Saudia can start by stop treating Pakistanis in the Kingdom as third class human beings.

akram Jul 25, 2013 03:49pm

Keep your wahabis in saudi, we already have enough intolerance thanks to your spreading of your xenophobic ideology.

ahmad imran Jul 25, 2013 04:54pm

Saudis are more than welcome. Their Salafist Mullahs however are not.

kayamat Jul 25, 2013 05:07pm

@Martian: Are Barelvis and Shias cowards that they will be attacked? Purer Islam means great life here and here-after.

MAlvi Jul 25, 2013 05:23pm

Importing Imams for preaching certain ideology from a foreign country is very strange, unusual and unwelcome idea.

Muddassir Abbas Jul 25, 2013 05:27pm

What the hell? Don't we have enough religious fanaticism? The islamic summit in Bhutto's era was the first step in getting things downhill. First Ahmedi got alienated, then all others. Recently shia! Can we stop this madness, and only promote international affairs on non-religious basis?

Concerned Jul 25, 2013 06:42pm

Seriously! Haven't they done enough already in spreading religious intolerance in Muslim countries? Please enough is enough!

Ali Jul 25, 2013 07:35pm

Poor people of Pakstan still have no idea the damage and destruction caused by Suadia to Pakistan

Rizwan Jul 25, 2013 07:59pm

Please send your two top scientists or doctors instead, it would be a great help for Pakistan.

Rahmat Rasikh Jul 25, 2013 08:46pm

Does Pakistan really Need Imams? as per my experience during my stay in Pakistan for 12 years i did notice and saw tens of Imam in every suburbs! Why should not we just change the Title of this article to " Sudi to Send Brain washers to Pakistan" because it is clear that most of the Madrasas in Pakistan are funded and supported by Wahhabis of Saudi and other Arabic countries. I remember during 2001 and 2002 i was offering my prayers "Namaz" in Sidiqia Masjid near Kawari road which is the one of the biggest Tablighi Centers of Quetta and I was physically tortured and threatened by students lead by their teachers during my Prayers "Namaz". so it was clear that these people have the Wahabi Ideology which instead of talking to me and inspiring me with their version of Islam they were just physically torturing me and i did continue to pray in my own way despite all the troubles. my aim was just to make it understand for them that I was praying the same God and believed in the same Quran and Prophet as they believed! Sadly the students including the teacher and the Imam of the Masjid were just getting wilder to me by the passage of the time and there came a time that i had to stop offering my prayers because there was no place for me! and they believed i was making ditry the Masjid because i was praying in open hand. even once the imam pulled my leg while i was standing and doing Namaz! so things now have improved more and more and now even i cant dare to talk to them, because as soon as they see me they will shot me and shooting me brings them honor and guarantees them place in Paradise! Pakistan has already become a hell on earth where No one can ever tolerate the existence of different religions! Pakistan should understand that for maintaining good relation does not mean to accept brain washers from Sudi! instead Pakistan needs investments, financial support and technical support for the betterment of the Pakistan as country!

Syed Jul 25, 2013 08:56pm

What is the political game behind importing these Mullahs. We do not need this instead good visiting professor in field of science and technology will benefit the nation not these narrow minded mullahs.

Syed Jul 25, 2013 08:59pm

We are already suffering due to the donations of Saudis to the extremist. NO TO SAUDIS MULLAHS.

AbbasToronto Jul 25, 2013 09:54pm

Mr. Nawaz Sharif has to pay back the Saudis for their help in saving his neck from Musharraf.

Its effect on Pakistan? Who cares?

Mohammad Ali Jul 25, 2013 10:59pm

@Ejaz: Yes are right. Its not a job for a friend escalate sectarian extremism.

Parvez Jul 26, 2013 01:24am

In Zbignew Brezinski's ( ex-US secretary of state) book The Grand Chessboard he rightly put forward the theory that the US can not attack Pakistan directly .................. so the best option is to use its waekness against it. Its biggest weakness is religious intollerance and if anything these Saudi clerics will do / and are already doing is fanning religious intollerance. The European Parliaments report on this subject is an eye opener as stated by Murtaza Haider on this Dawn site a few days ago. It is worth asking our leaders political and military take a good look at the policies they have instituted.

TKhan Jul 26, 2013 02:13am

Saudis must be running out of oil; starting new export.

jk Jul 26, 2013 02:45am

@HP: if you throw out mullah then who would read your janazas and nikahs

optimist Jul 26, 2013 03:26am

Allah Raham karay Pakistan par.

AFAQ Jul 26, 2013 03:29am

Please keep them out of Pakistan we had seen what they did in past 30+ year to us and what they are doing in their own country. We love our tolerances toward all faith and we do respect what you believe and practices but we love how we practice ISLAM.

Mohammad Khaan Jul 26, 2013 03:32am

Now the time has come that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going to send Imams from the King to teach Wabism which infact is another kind of theoism if Pakistan needs it's identity it should keep away importing the preachings of Wahabism

Mohammad Khaan Jul 26, 2013 03:39am

@Sindhi Pakistani: Saudis shouldn't be allowed,they are the most narrow minded people in the world their imams think the they are the only Muslims

Imran Jul 26, 2013 04:14am

Pl we have already enough scholar who are performing as we can see in our streets. Innocent people are facing all the consequences. Syria, Egypt, ,Libya . already suffering.

Imran Jul 26, 2013 04:16am

@Muddassir Abbas: Agree we are already have lot why not we send a lot their.

nausheer Jul 26, 2013 06:03am

@ahmad imran: The guy in the picture is a certified Wahabist who will add to Pakistan's already piling load of misery through a fanatic grain of religion. Doesn't Pakistan have enough extremism and violence? Do we need more of this stuff? Why not, instead, do something good for the country in terms of economic development, raise the level of modern education (for boys and girls), provide electricity to houses that are, literally and figuratively, shrouded in darkness? Learn critical thinking and don't just follow the preaching of hate-mongering mullahs.

Tariq Jul 26, 2013 06:51am

How lucky that Pakistan is getting Mullah's imported from Saudi Arabia. Our Mullahs were ofcourse not enough. Now that religious intolerance is gone, mosques are marked by sect, shia's are almost at verge of being called nonmuslims, but Women are still driving cars, are flying fighter jets, can express opinion and can vote. This can not be tolerated. Bring them on please....

ssf Jul 26, 2013 09:21am

Do we need more mullahs especially from a country which preaches hatred for other regions and sects, with outdated 7th century laws, socially backward, oppressor of women rights. We already have too many mullahs, less the better.

ssf Jul 26, 2013 09:39am

Great tragedy for Pakistan. I feel sorry for the nation.

Ijaz Jul 26, 2013 10:37am

@Atif: For many a centuries, before Muhammad (P.B.U.H) came, it were the Kafirs (with all the idols in Kaaba) who were the "custodians" of Kaaba. I hope this is also 'some' food for thought :)

Jehanzeb Idrees Jul 26, 2013 12:41pm



shabbir Jul 26, 2013 02:08pm

@SHKT: You must be ignorant then because the "Imam" of the Masjid al-Haram (Makkah), Adel Al Kalbani< has openly called Shi'a Muslims pagans and worthy of punishment.

Anoop Jul 26, 2013 10:11pm

The comments are strange. Practice of a Ideology from a particular geography, but the most puritanical form of it is not welcome?


KTShamim Jul 26, 2013 10:18pm

Oh dear.

Singh Jul 27, 2013 05:22am

To prosper, a country need scientist, social workers, teachers, doctors, industrialist. Religion is personal believes and shouldn't be cause of hate.

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Jul 27, 2013 07:20pm

@jk: Any muslim can say the janaza prayers for another.

Sonal Jul 27, 2013 07:24pm

Brilliant! Looks like Pakistan's Arab dream is finally coming true.

Lateef Jul 27, 2013 10:48pm

Saudi mullahs have caused far more more Muslim deaths than the U.S.

Gulbaz Mushtaq Jul 27, 2013 11:45pm

@jk: There is no need of Mullah to read Jinaza. Every muslim can do it. And for Nikah there is no need of "reading" anything. Its simple Ijaab and Qabool.