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Allocation for defence likely to be raised

Published May 30, 2013 06:27am
—File Photo.
—File Photo.

ISLAMABAD: The finance ministry has finalised the federal expenditure estimates for the next fiscal year, envisaging Rs171 billion for pension and retirement benefits, Rs627bn for defence services and Rs313bn for subsidies and miscellaneous expenses.

The allocation for defence services is 15 per cent more than the Rs545bn allocated in the current financial year’s budget.

Besides, an allocation of Rs33bn has been made for civil armed forces, Rs4bn more than the current year’s Rs29bn. This will be in addition to Rs6.3bn for the Frontier Constabulary, Rs1.5bn for the Pakistan Coast Guards, Rs14.5bn for Pakistan Rangers and Rs8.7bn for the interior ministry. The Airport Security Force will get Rs3.66bn.

The allocation for subsidies and miscellaneous expenditures has been put at Rs313bn, 32.7 per cent less than Rs465bn in the current year. The allocation for superannuation allowances and pensions has been estimated at Rs171.2bn — an increase of 32.5pc over current year’s Rs129bn.

Allocations for grant in aid and other adjustments between federal and provincial governments have been estimated at Rs87.4bn — up 3.6pc from this year’s Rs84.3bn.

Even though incoming prime minister Nawaz Sharif has announced that he will reduce expenditures, including those on his security and protocol, the ministry has increased the allocation for the prime minister’s secretariat by about 22pc to Rs853 million.

About 18pc increase has been proposed for cabinet’s expenses and the allocation for cabinet division’s expenses has been jacked up by about 43pc to Rs4.7bn. This will be in addition to about Rs6.5bn for ‘other expenses’ of the division.

The allocation for atomic energy has been proposed to be increased by 17pc to Rs6.3bn and capital administration by 56pc to Rs14bn. The allocation for the commerce division has been kept unchanged at about Rs5bn, but that for the communications division has been increased by about 8pc to Rs6.6bn.

While the allocation for the finance division has been proposed to be increased by about 26pc to Rs18.26bn, the amount for the Planning Commission has been scaled down by 11pc to Rs968m. The allocation for the Higher Education Commission has been proposed to be increased to Rs39bn from current year’s Rs32bn.

The allocation for Pakistan Post has been increased to about Rs15bn from Rs12.8bn.

An allocation of Rs2.5bn has been made for the National Assembly and Rs1.35bn for the Senate.

An amount of Rs14bn has been earmarked for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, compared with Rs12.5bn this year.

The government has estimated next year’s development budget at about Rs450bn, compared with the current year’s Rs360bn.

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Naseem Altaf
May 30, 2013 06:48am

While recognizing that schooling (and colleges also) will be the responsibility of the provincial administrations, Education being the pivot of national well being, cannot be ignored by any federal govt of our country. Who will head this portfolio and what will be the financial resources allocated for this sector in the federal budget,---any clue?p

May 30, 2013 08:17am

Just when it is time to REDUCE military spending?? Factored into this 'spending' must be the sub-market price property that is 'allocated' to military personnel, specially to the generals.

Hope the new govt can put a rein on this out-of-control spending, and direct more to TRUE education at the ELEMENTARY level, and not waste any money on bogus PhDs all over the world. The cost of 1 PhD in the US could pay for the education of about FIVE thousand early education students.

May 30, 2013 08:55am

Can anybody from government enlighten us where the billions of rupees spend every year which army is earning through DHA's and other business ventures?

May 30, 2013 02:09pm

Frontier Constabulary is paid by the KP gov. It's the Frontier Corps, the para military force that is send to every front including the Pak India border but don't have he full privileges of the Army. Wonder how dawn could be so ill informed.

May 31, 2013 06:15am

this amount of over 1100 billion rupees is more than twice the circular debt of 500 billion affecting the energy crisis.

Jun 01, 2013 01:37pm

Why these guys don't talk about education. Primary education should be the epicenter of financial policies beside providing secondary education. With alarming growth in population, we already lack institutions that provide quality professional education. Secondly, why cabinet division and ministries not curtail their expenses. Can someone define limit to their lifestyles they enjoy on exchequers' money?

Ali abbs
Jun 01, 2013 07:07pm

Punjab is completed dominated in military and now in federal govt. now is the perfect opportunity for the military to loot the federal govt. I would probably not object if the sending means more hardware and I'd average Pakistani see some results in form of wiping out extremism in Pakistan. But most of the money will be spend on providing perks to military brass and their pensions etc. if Pakistan has to face Indian army our army will hide in some hole like cowards. The only credible threat or protection they have is nuclear arms but this will mean complete wipeout of Pakistan. Military spending is complete waste of resources this money should be spent on education, health and energy and most importantly development of resources for women.

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