SC seeks evidence in Mukhtar Mai case

The bench sought the complete case record, but was informed that the evidence had been sent back to the trial court. Published Sep 18, 2014 05:46am


Flood peak enters Sindh

Flood peak leaves behind a trail of large-scale devastation from Sialkot to Rahimyar Khan in Punjab. Published Sep 18, 2014 05:46am

PTV’s somersault irks PCB

PTV switched to relaying India's CL Twenty20 matches violating its agreement to telecast Haier T20 Cup matches live.

ADB to support Bhasha dam project

The Diamer-Bhasha is an important project for managing water resources in Pakistan and ADB assured of all help.

Exchange Rates for Currency Notes

CountriesSelling (Rs.)Buying (Rs.)
U.S.A. 102.50 102.70
U.K. 166.45 166.65
City Gold (24-ct) Silver
Karachi 40,971 634.28
Multan 40,290 640.00

Four-day Lyari Film Festival begins

Make no mistake: Lyari’s young generation is just as talented as the younger lot of any other part of the country.