2356: The Indo-Pak Express get a standing ovation from the Arthur Ashe crowd. They truly deserve every bit of it. Rohan's serves and Aisam's volleys will be a force to reckon with in the future.

Pakistan is proud of you both.

Thank you!

Log on to Dawn.com for more updates on Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi as we will try and get reaction from his family, coach and the man himself.

It's good night for now.

p.s. Eid mubarak!

2345: Mike Bryan speaks first for the winners.

"It's been a dream to be here in front of these fans. This is the pinnacle."

And then, very graciously, Mike says "I want to congratulate these guys...for what they're doing for world peace."

"They're a great team and will be knocking on the door of many grand slams in the future," Mike concludes.

His brother Bob says the past two weeks have been the best of his life. Just like his brother, he goes on to praise Bopanna-Qureshi.

"These guys play awesome tennis. These guys play awesome but we were able to match the energy. The atmosphere was electric."

2330: They are presented the runners-up shield and just as Jim Courier looks to speak to the Bryans, Aisam says he wants to add something.

"Every time I come here. I feel there is a very wrong perception of Pakistan. I would like to say that we are not terrorists. We are very friendly, peace-loving people. We want world peace as much as the rest of the world."

He then takes another moment to thank the Bryan brothers for their donation towards Pakistan's flood relief fund.

Wow. I am in awe. What.a.speech! What a great sportsman you are, Aisam.

2325: "I want to thank my parents, who are watching back home in Pakistan. It's my sister's birthday today so happy birthday to you and I'm sorry I couldn't give you the perfect birthday present," Aisam adds.

2320: Jim Courier asks Aisam about the reaction back home and Aisam says, with a smirk, "I'm only gonna' find out when I go home."

Our Pakistani star then says "Eid mubarak to everyone watching back home." "I'm sorry we went down...thanks to these guys here. The Indo-Pak Express was rolling pretty well until we ran into these guys," he adds, pointing towards the Bryan brothers.

2316: It's Rohan's turn to talk first as Jim Courier asks him how the experience has been. "It's been a great run for us, I'm really thankful to Aisam...fantastic week," says Rohan.

He then goes on to congratulate the Bryans and says "hopefully we can give you guys a fight soon."

Rohan then thanks the New York crowd for their support and adds a special thanks to his parents who flew down from India for the final.

2310: The Pakistani and Indian flags are out on the Arthur Ashe Stadium along with several American flags.

2305: What a performance though, from Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi and Rohan Bopanna. They have come out from nowhere to land at the Arthur Ashe for the final.

2254: Qureshi serves first in the second-set tie-break. They go 2-0 up on serve. Mike Bryan hits an ace to make it 2-1. Bopanna hits the net on Bob's return and it's 2-2 to the Bryans on serve. Another similar looking volley gives the Bryans an advantage.

Bopanna hits Bob Bryan in the chest with a big shot to get level on 3-3. The Bryans are two points away from the championship as Boppanna-Qureshi falter in the tie-break.

Great point from Qureshi at the net to get to 4-5. Bob Bryan serves at championship point. And it's theirs!

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 6 (4) Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 7 (7) 2250: Bob Bryan serves to go 30-0 up but Bopanna-Qureshi get back on 15-30. They had a slight chance to break the Bryans but the top seeds hold.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 6 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 6

2246: Technical problems at our end mean we've lost two games. It's 6-5 to Bopanna-Qureshi.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 6 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 5

2238: The Bryans go 30-15 up on Qureshi's serve but the our team gets back up to game point and take the game. They're pretty pumped up, Bopanna and Qureshi.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 5 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 4

2234: Bopanna-Qureshi get back in on Bryans' serve at 15-30 but are unable to take it further and break serve.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 4 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 4

2230: Bopanna-Qureshi hold serve to go 4-3 up.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 3 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 4

2229: The net helps the South Asians win the first point on Mike's serve. It's 30-30 but Bopanna wins a great point with a longish volley. Bob Bryan wins the game at the net for the top seeds as he hangs his racquet out to a Bopanna return.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 3 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 3

2223: A couple of aces from our ace-man get the Indo-Pak Express 30-0 up. A winner from Mike makes it 30-15 but Qureshi hits another ace to go on game point. They hold. 3-2 to Bopanna-Qureshi.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 3 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 2

2220: The Bryans hold serve with ease to get back level.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 2 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 2

2217: Crucial point on Bopanna's serve as the Bryans get level at 30-30. They go 40-30 up, the Bryans. Qureshi's middle-of-court winner helps the duo make it 40-40. They eventually hold serve to maintain their second-set lead.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 1 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 2

2214: Bopanna-Qureshi go 30-0 up on Bob's serve. Can they break the Bryans? They look good to go at 40-15 but the Bryans are back in the game with a couple of good serves.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 1 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 1

2210: Qureshi opens the second set for the South Asians and gets a point first up. Brilliant down-the-line winner from him on the second point. Great exchange of quick shots at the net for the third point. The Bryans are let back in with an unforced error from Qureshi. 40-15. Oh but he sends down an ace to get the lead in the second set.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) 1 Bryan-Bryan 7 (7) 0

2205: Into the tie-break now. Bopanna-Qureshi go 2-1 up as the Bryan brothers serve....but that does not intimidate the South Asians. A good rally ends in a point for the Bryans. Qureshi serves but the Bryans get back in at 3-3. This has been a very exciting tie-break so far. So good to see Bopanna-Qureshi fight it out against the world number one pair.

Qureshi serves at 3-3 but the Bryans hit a down-the-line winner to go 5-3 up on their serve. Our man Qureshi hits a strong backhand to get his team back on 4-5 on serve. Bopanna hits an ace to go level but his second serve ends in a point for the opponents, who win the tie-break on serve. First set to the top seeds.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 (5) Bryan-Bryan 7 (7)

2157: We could be heading into a first-set tie-break if the Indo-Pak Express hold serve (hopefully). Qureshi to serve. At 30-15 up, Qureshi hits an ace and the duo win an excellent point to hold serve.

Bopanna-Qureshi 6 Bryan-Bryan 6

2152: Qureshi hits a good backhand to go 15-0 up on the Bryans' serve but the brothers get back on track to hold serve.

Bopanna-Qureshi 5 Bryan-Bryan 6

2151: The South Asian duo hold serve after an interesting round of tennis.

Bopanna-Qureshi 5 Bryan-Bryan 5

2146: The Bryans are too strong with their serves, especially Bob. It's 5-4 to the Bryans.

Bopanna-Qureshi 4 Bryan-Bryan 5

2145: Qureshi serves with new balls and gets a point on his first serve. Bopanna-Qureshi get together for a chat a couple of times after going 15-30 down. They get back on level after Bopanna hits a winner from the mid-court. Another point down the side. They're back on level. Phew

Bopanna-Qureshi 4 Bryan-Bryan 4

2139: Both teams are serving really well but Bopanna-Qureshi manage to get 30-40 up on Mike's serve. The Bryans, however, hold serve with ease after that. Bopanna-Qureshi 3 Bryan-Bryan 4

2138: Big-man Bopanna is ready to serve again. Good serve, followed by a half-volley at the net to go 15-0 up. Another couple of big, deep serves from Bopanna as the duo go to game point. Qureshi hits a couple of quick returns from the net to get them back level.

Bopanna-Qureshi 3 Bryan-Bryan 3

2134: Bob's serve is too hot to handle for Bopanna-Qureshi as the brothers ease to a 3-2 lead.

Bopanna-Qureshi 2 Bryan-Bryan 3

2132: Qureshi to serve now. He has a quick chat with his partner and erm, Bopanna hits the net on Bob's return. Or was it Mike? It's 15-30 to Bopanna-Qureshi as Bopanna plays a high backhand in the middle of the court. It's Qureshi now, with the same shot. And they hold serve as Bopanna hits a winner. Bopanna-Qureshi 2 Bryan-Bryan 2

2128: Bopanna-Qureshi get a couple of points on their opponent's serve and are able to earn a break point. First big moment of the first set. It goes to deuce but the Bryans are able to hold their serve.

Bopanna-Qureshi 1 Bryan-Bryan 2

2125: Bopanna opens the serve for the Indo-Pak pair. Strong serving ans the duo look pretty confident. A couple of nice winners, one from Qureshi and Bopanna each. 1-1

Bopanna-Qureshi 1 Bryan-Bryan 1

2123: Serving big, is Bob and they go 1-0 up straight away.

Bopanna-Qureshi 0 Bryan-Bryan 1

2121: Bob Bryan to open the final for the top seeds.

2120: The players are warming up on the court. "They are big servers...they go for their shots," is what Mike Bryan says when he is asked what makes their opponents so different.

2118: "These guys blew through their side of the draw, nobody expected it," says the television commentator.

2115: Mary-Jo Fernandez speaks to Bopanna-Qureshi in the tunnel as they get set for the final. Aisam is asked about their quarterfinal win over the Bryans in the Legg Mason Classic and what they expect to do in today's match. “Pretty much the same game," says Aisam. "We executed our game plan. We have to stick to our guns and InshaAllah we’ll do really well.”

Meanwhile, Rohan says its been great for the duo at the tournament so far.

"Cant bet bigger than playing here"

2105: We are moments away from the final and we just had a chat with Aisam's father Ehtesham-ul-Haq Qureshi. "He is already a winner for us...we just hope they can put up a good show today," said Mr Qureshi.

2058: Aisam, of course, had another close look at one of his opponents in yesterday's mixed doubles final as he and Kveta Peschke faced Bob Bryan and Liezel Huber. Let's hope Aisam has overcome the nerves of playing at Arthur Ashe.

2053: The good thing about facing the Bryans is that Bopanna-Qureshi have beaten the world number one pair. This upset win came in the Legg Mason Classic quarterfinals in Washington, DC last month.

2050: So here they are, in the men's doubles final and they face the biggest names in men's doubles tennis, Bob and Mark Bryan. The Americans are tournament top seeds and have won eight grand-slam titles, two of which came at the US Open in 2005 and 2008.

2047: Finally, in the semi-final, they beat Eduardo Schwank and Horacio Zeballos 7-6 (7-5) and 6-4 in a very confident performance.

2042: In the third round, they beat Daniel Nestor and Nenad Zimonjic and in the quarters, they overcame tenth seeds Wesley Moodie and Dick Norman 7-5, 7-6.

2038: Their second-round match was against Jarko Niemann Nieminen of Finland and Michael Kohlmann of Germany, which they won in straight sets (6-4, 6-4) again.

2033: Bopanna-Qureshi got off to a straight-sets start as they beat Brian Battistone and Ryler Deheart of the United States in the first round.

2030: With the match nearly 30 minutes away, let’s look at the duo’s path to the final.

2025: Aisam has already been nominated for the Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan. I wonder if this US Open success will land him for a lunch/dinner at the presidency or PM house, something of a ritual for our cricket team after success in international tournaments.

2018: Apologies for not mentioning the time. The match starts at 2100 PST, approximately 40 minutes from now. The venue is the Arthur Ashe Stadium at the Billie Jean National Tennis Center in New York.

2015: Aisam has made it a sort of habit to pair up with so called rivals and make a successful run at big tournaments. His pairing with Israel’s Amir Hadad upset the Pakistan Tennis Federation three years back. He then played with Prakash Amritraj, a US based player of Indian origin, at last year’s Wimbledon and made it to the third round. It’s his highly successful pairing with Rohan, however, which has made the world take notice.

Bopanna-Qureshi's best grand slam result came two months back when they reached the quarterfinals of Wimbledon, a result Aisam credits for helping them raise their game immensely.

Aisam and Rohan have been playing together since 2003 but it wasn’t until last year that they really became a recognized doubles pair. They have won several ATP Challenger tournaments together and their biggest title win was in South Africa early this year when they beat Carol Beck and Harel Levy to lift the 2010 South Africa Tennis Open.

So, after playing his first grand-slam final, Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan pairs up with his best mate on and off court, Rohan Bopanna of India for the men’s doubles final of the US Open 2010. The self-titled ‘Indo-Pak Express’ have a huge challenge ahead of them in the form of brothers Bob and Mike Bryan of the US.

2000: The messengers of peace are here and they mean business.



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