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Myanmar residents walk past destroyed houses as black smoke rises from burning buildings in riot-hit Meiktila, central Myanmar. Last month's communal violence in Myanmar has left more than 1,300 homes and other buildings destroyed.—Photo by AFP

MEDAN, Indonesia: A group of Myanmar Muslims beat eight Buddhists to death at an Indonesian detention centre Friday after they heard about communal violence in their homeland, police said.

The Muslims attacked the Buddhists, also from Myanmar, in the early hours at the Belawan Port immigration detention centre in North Sumatra province, said local police chief Endro Kiswanto.

It began after the detainees learnt of recent Buddhist-Muslim violence in Myanmar which has left at least 43 people dead and many Muslim homes and mosques destroyed, he said.

“They managed to see some photos of the violence in Myanmar, including buildings on fire, and we believe that's when the violence broke out,” Kiswanto told AFP.

He said all eight Buddhist men were dead when police arrived at the detention centre in the early hours of Friday morning, and 15 others were injured.

Heru Prakoso, North Sumatra police spokesman told AFP that the detainees fought with pieces of sharp wood. Those killed were “beaten to death with wooden objects”, he said.

The detention centre held 280 asylum seekers and illegal fishermen from Myanmar, Prakoso said.

Boats carrying asylum seekers fleeing sectarian violence in Myanmar are increasingly ending up on Indonesian shores. Many of those arriving face long stints in detention awaiting UN assessment for refugee status.

Last month's communal violence in Myanmar has left more than 1,300 homes and other buildings destroyed, according to state media.

Sixty-eight people have been arrested in connection with the unrest, which has left 11,376 people homeless, the New Light of Myanmar newspaper reported.

The clashes were apparently triggered by an argument in a gold shop in the central town of Meiktila that turned into a riot, but witnesses say the wave of violence since then appears to have been well organised.

It is the worst sectarian strife since violence between Buddhists and Muslims in the western state of Rakhine last year left at least 180 people dead.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) this week urged Myanmar to investigate the failure of police to stop the violence.

“The government should investigate responsibility for the violence in Meiktila and the failure of the police to stop wanton killings and the burning of entire neighborhoods,” said HRW Asia director Brad Adams.

Comments (28) Closed

Sandeep Singh Apr 05, 2013 07:56am
Buddhists in Myanmar now should revenge it.
Javid Shirazi Apr 05, 2013 09:44am
Senseless killings
Kader Baig Apr 05, 2013 09:58am
Why is electronic media is totally silent on this genocide of Muslims in Myanmar while keeping themselves busy in promoting new fashion shows and indian movies. Is'nt this a news or their masters voice restricts them to keep mum of such muslim massacre around the world. Can our electronic media rise to the occasion as they would significantly report against similar such incidences against non-muslims by the muslims.
umair Apr 05, 2013 11:59am
and X will revenge Z, and so on.....inhumane. The perpetrators should be taken to task and peace should be restored.
Vijay Apr 05, 2013 12:16pm
Followers of Religion of Peace can be insitigated to Kill peace loving humans (non believers) for absolutely no reason.
New Man Apr 05, 2013 12:25pm
Innocent death must be on mass-media regardless of muslim or non-muslim.
Mohammad Ataullah Apr 05, 2013 12:49pm
British backed, Burma's most prominent & claimed as human rights activist, Aung San Suu Kyi, yet does not say a word against Burma's Buddhists who first starting murdering poor, hungry, homeless, helples, Rohingya Muslims languishing at the Bangladesh Burma border Camps for almost 41 years. It shows deceptive & double standards of all British, Burma, Bangladesh & India.
Raj Apr 05, 2013 12:57pm
Eye for an eye makes world blind.
Rani Sharma Apr 05, 2013 01:07pm
There is no option but for all non-Muslims to unite and take a joint stand agaisnt Islamic barbarism.
anony Apr 05, 2013 01:17pm
The Pakistani media is not owned by Pakistani people anymore. Do some research.
anony Apr 05, 2013 01:18pm
Typical sentence, coming from an indian.
anony Apr 05, 2013 01:21pm
Its funny how the media comes up with the headlines for such news. If it were Buddhists killing Muslims, the headling would have been "Muslims killed in Indonesian Center". But since this were muslims killing Buddhists, the headlines go "Myanmar Muslims kill eight Buddhists in Indonesian centre". I'm sick and tired of everyone portraying and condemning killing only when its non-muslims. Don't expect sympathy from muslims in return then. I do however, sympathize with the buddhists families related to this incident and fully agree that senseless killing is ALWAYS barbaric.
Bong Apr 05, 2013 01:32pm
Eye for an Eye will leave the whole world blind.......I agree.....hatred begets hatred..and you end up creating a world beyond your control.....does it sound familiar...!
Canadian Apr 05, 2013 01:35pm
when the news broke about Srilankan Budhists torching muslim business and killing them.. it was refered as Srilankan Mob.... not budhists.... anyway Budhists have killed enough muslims in maynmar to spew hatred and revenge in maynmar muslims living abroad... we cannot justify it but we have yet to understand the circumstances they are going through
rafiq meghani Apr 05, 2013 02:02pm
Dawn group, Haroon family dont need an appointment to see President of USA,
adeel Apr 05, 2013 03:28pm
Strange how the picture is portrayed .............when muslims killed is head line.....but when it is other way round which is mostly the is just "180 people dead" mention of budhists as killers and muslims as victims.......... unless this bigotry ends, no one should expect this world to be voilence free...........
B R Chawla Apr 05, 2013 03:48pm
So long religion dominates it is bound to make humans fight against each other. Take the religion out, bring in the spirituality and the demon of religious violence shall die itself. Least one could do is to make faith a personal affair inside re precincts of a place of religion or one's house. Chawla
sami Apr 05, 2013 04:02pm
first hindus should sort out these ajhoot and non ajhoot problem...and then think of uniting against Muslims
aziz Apr 05, 2013 04:45pm
which one? Myanmar or Indonesia?
aziz Apr 05, 2013 04:46pm
or maybe just everyone will be one-eyed!
sumit Apr 05, 2013 05:29pm
Dear Mohammad: Where does India come into the picture here? Also, Bangladesh has allowed many Rohingya refugges to stay in Bangladesh. They are nervous that if they do not push back the new arrivals then Burma would be successful in claiming that Rohingyas are actually Bangledeshis? Where do you see deception and double standards here?
casper Apr 05, 2013 06:27pm
We are discussing a genocide of innocent people regardless of their religion, there are good and bad in all religions and countries. Please don't include ethnicity just because some one have his or her own mind. I am from Pakistan and would like to know what other people think and why. Believe me if you listen opponents with open mind, it will help you to act or define things wisely.
Ravi Ingale from University of Pune. Apr 05, 2013 07:02pm
First time I read that a woman is talking like this.
Salman Saifi Apr 05, 2013 07:43pm
Dawn!!!! never heard or read about any Muslims that were killed in Myanmar by these peace loving Buddhists.
Shruti Apr 05, 2013 10:01pm
An eye for an eye and soon the whole world will be blind. Violence is not the solution. Free speech and debates are.
Imran Apr 05, 2013 10:14pm
vigilant Apr 05, 2013 11:37pm
baised reporting by Pakistani media
beg Apr 06, 2013 02:07am
non-muslims are already united in killing muslims all over the world but the beauty of media is this that they potray victims to be the burma,palestine,east taimur,bosnia.gujrat,kashmir.iraq.afghanistan and when muslims defend themselves ,media start blaming the victims so they want muslims to die even without resistance but soon they will see the fate as the americans have seen in afghanistan