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Qadri’s long march: minus & plus points

January 24, 2013

REGARDLESS of the objectives and motives behind Dr Tahirul Qadri’s long march, I have noticed some positive signs emerging in Pakistan’s politics during this period which are as follows:

(i) Dr Qadri’s procession from Lahore to Islamabad was peaceful, a new phenomenon in Pakistan’s politics. His followers were so desciplined that no car, bus, shop or petrol pump was set on fire or pelted with stones.

(ii) Before and during the march the people were speculating about Dr Qadri’s hidden agenda of his personal gains but the Long March Declaration disclosed that his agenda aimed at national interests.

(iii) It was noticeable that boys, girls, men and women who participated in Dr Qadri’s sit-in were mostly educated.

(iv) We have always criticised the PPP government but we have to appreciate it now for resolving the matter without use of force.

(v) Politicians should also be appreciated for having learnt a lesson from history.

Almost all parties gathered at the

PML-N’s call and supported democracy by rejecting any delay in the upcoming elections. AFZAL BHATTI                    Lahore

On probation

IF there is anything the long march has made happen, it is the politicians, particularly of the PPP variety and vintage, being placed on probation.

No longer will politicians have an unbridled run as they had during the last five years. They will now have to follow laid-down tenets, and account for the same  in meetings they would be summoned to in Dr Qadri’s Minhajul Quran offices, within the sound of marching boots.

If the prime minister’s trial on alleged corruption related to rental power plants is followed to legal and lawful conclusion, and consequence, that would help end the picnic the politicians of above variety and vintage have been on for five years.

SKH                      Karachi

Tricky situation

Everyone is glad that the long march of Dr Qadri and his followers is finally over, and without any fatality or major incident.

In the final analysis, the government and its agents/agencies handled a volatile and tricky situation skilfully and wisely. However, one also needs to be wiser for the future. To mention a few points, no such march should be allowed on Jinnah Avenue; no march should be allowed for more than 12 hrs; and no such march should be allowed to bring children.

In this case, if the above points had been heeded to, things would not have gone to such extreme or threatening proportions.

NOMAN OMAR              Islamabad

Common man’s benefit

I WOKE up today and found no water in the tap, no gas, no electricity. I had to come to the office without breakfast, while on my way to the office I witnessed unending vehicles lined up on CNG stations and petrol pumps. There is no reduction in the rates of consumer products.

I asked myself is this the revolution Dr Qadri was talking about? What was the purpose of those thousands of people who spent their precious five days in the name of remonstration or demonstration? Why were they dancing? Once they go back to their homes what change will they see?

My question is: how does the average citizen benefit from the long march.


Golden opportunity missed

BY not putting his weight behind the long march of Allama Tahirul Qadri, Imran Khan seems to have missed a golden opportunity of putting Pakistan on the right track. Things would have been different if Imran khan had supported the march because the agenda of the march was more or less the same as of Imran Khan’s PTI.

By supporting the march he could have developed an immense pressure on the government and friendly opposition parties that it would have forced the necessary electoral reforms required in order to have free and fair general elections. Now the PTI stands isolated as all the other opposition parties are on the same page. They will ensure to have free and fair elections. If Imran calls a long march then, it won’t be easy.

AMAN AHMAD                 Karachi