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‘A plea for sectarian harmony’


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THIS is apropos of Cyril Almeida’s article, ‘Locked and reloaded, already?’ (Jan 20). The writer has mentioned that the reason for launching Dr Qadri was “to activate the non-Wahabi/Deobandis. Battered and bruised by Wahabi-Deobandis combine, the establishment is looking for a counter-narrative….”.

The founder of Barelvi school of thought, Hazrat Ahmed Raza Barelvi, was from Raebareli, and Deobandis are followers of Darul-Ulum, Deoband school of thought. Both are separately identified as Barelvis and Deobandis, but non-Wahabi/Deobandis do not exist.

I feel sorry for the writer for taking a negative view about Wahabi-Deobandis. “Deobandis have their mosque and madressah network to spread their tentacles in both state and society, and the Wahabi-Deobandi combine has fomented instability”.

Deobandis are peace-loving and no sectarian riot ever erupted between Barelvis and Wahabi-Deobandis. Millions gather at the yearly congregation at Raiwind. They are not extremists or terrorists.

Yes, there are brainwashed young and illiterate teenager terrorists who aspire to go to heavens by adopting the shortcut route of a suicide bomber.

They are far from the Wahabi/Deobandi concept of life. We all know who backs and funds their masters. Although the Wahabi school of thought came from Saudi Arabia, until now we have not heard of any suicide killing taking place in that country or in any of the Far-East Muslim countries like Malaysia and Brunei where people of the Wahabi school of thought are in an overwhelming majority.


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Nauman Jan 25, 2013 11:15am
I have read the above letter several times now but simply cannot understand what is being explained here.
suneel Jan 25, 2013 02:39pm
are you suggesting, it is not the ideology but the (Pakistani) society that is making terrorists?
mazharuddin Jan 25, 2013 08:46am
The writer is somehow right. Civilized and learned society is well aware that Wahabi doctrine have the same tradition and culture that narrated by Abu Hanifa and that was prevailing during prophet and Caliph's Abubaker, Umar, Ali and Muawiya period. The time when Ibne Saud took over Hijaz, Colonial rulers in India tried to spread hatred against Wahabi doctrine claiming it a new religion and against Islam in order to have their control over Hijaz. In the meantime Saudi government called an International Islamic conference, Indian scholars too attended the conference and all the scholars noticed that Makkah and Madina have the same environment and traditions as were prevailing during prophet's and his Caliph's time and religion is in its pure form. Then Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar warned Indian British rulers to refrain. Pious Caliph's Abu Baker and Omar advised to keep religion in proper shape and they hated all exaggeration and kept religion in its proper shape, Caliph Omar noticed people spreading suspicious sayings that causing manipulation of religion. There is evidence in History that Caliph Abubaker even destroyed his collection of sayings due to fear that After God's apostle there is no need of any other record and might be any suspicious has been collected that cause disturbance. The collections of sayings of prophet is compiled after about a century that has suspicious sayings too. cannot be relied fully. Abu Hanifa relied on about 38 sayings or so. He advised Hanafi's to follow Al Koran and produced his Fiqh (religious guide). In sub continent Sunni Hanfi Fiqh followers are about 90%. There are wicked people claiming themselves Hanafi Sunni but spreading such culture that is against Islam and Hanfi doctrine, this is hypocrisy, not Islamic and civilized attitude. Writers and Media should also take care for its honesty to discriminate religion and falsehood, and avoid such hateful production that spread falsehood and spread culture againstt Islam and against Quranic revelation to that human mind and nature also do not accept. In modern era the exaggeration in religion is not being accepted and admired that is why such scholars unable to prove their belief and fail to satisfy Non Muslim.