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Poet’s corner

January 12, 2013

New Year!

According to the Christian calendar, On January 1, begins a ‘New Year’!

Hurrah! For the New Year, Thousands of New Year resolutions are made, Such as to help our mother bake a cake.

To help the blind cross the road, To help the poor and needy Begging on the road!

A New Year is special, Because it gives chance to people To start all over again, To help people such as Criminals and bullies; Turn over a new leaf!

It gives hope after despair, It shows them the right path.

A New Year comes after 12 months, Which is a long time so that, We can work hard to meet our goals!

So give a hearty welcome to the New Year!

Ayesha Sahar Mirza, 10 years, Karachi

The seasons

In winter it is as cold as ice, Christmas should come, Not once but twice!

Spring time is a lot of fun, But summer time will bring Scorching sun!

Fall is fun for raking leaves, But winter is here again, So, have fun and play Indoor games!

Z. Masood. 13 years, Karachi


Everything gets covered, As the white powder falls down.

The snow seems to be discovered, As kids start to leave the town.

Slipping and sliding, And making snowmen; While staying in hiding, From the blistering wind.

The kids come inside, To drink something hot.

And go back outside, To make a snow yacht.

Zoha Masood, 13 years, Karach


I like books, Some books are written by cooks.

They give us knowledge, To read in school, university or college.

I also like adventure series, And stories full of mysteries.

Books tell you about heroic deeds, So make an effort to read.

Maria Hyder, 9 years, Karachi


You may not know what they are, They live on a planet very far, If you ever do see one, You might scream and run, Even if it’s yellow with 50 eyes, Runs, walks, crawls or flies, No one can stand it longer, Yes, of course it’s a monster!

Fatima, 8 years, Karachi

My brother

My brother is very nice, But he is afraid of mice.

He is very naughty, And he hates those Who are haughty!

He is very clever, And hates fever!

Sometimes he is very happy, And always wears a nappy.

He is very cute, But cannot play a flute.

I love my brother, And he loves me too.

Misha Tariq, 10 years, Karachi

Old sailor

There was once a sailor Who was cracked; He used to be a tailor, But his brain was hacked, Many a times he would cry, “Yo, ho, ho! The pirates will die!

I shall kill each one by one, And find a treasure when I am all done!”

Over the years he became old, And timid all the more!

But no pirate was killed, As he was not bold.

His hair grew pale, His body became weak, But he never killed a single soul, And never found the treasure, Finally he met his end, Much to the pirates’ pleasure!

Maryam. T. Alvi, 9 years, Via email