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Two of Nadra’s strange questions

Published Jan 06, 2013 03:42am


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A few days ago I visited Nadra office located at Wah Cantt to get my wife’s renewed CNIC with the husband name instead of father’s name. As usual, there was a long queue, which I was already expecting.

I had my marriage certificate with me as I was told that it is a pre-requisite for this task. I asked the person sitting behind the counter to get us registered as a new family but I was shocked when he asked me to bring computerised marriage certificate on my next visit.

I asked him from where can I get that computerised ‘nikahnama’. He advised me to visit the cantonment board for the purpose.

However, when I entered the cantonment board’s office they told me that I have to deposit Rs570 as its fee and the process will take almost 10 days. I was in a bit hurry as I had to submit my wife’s CNIC somewhere.

But when I revisited the cantonment board after 10 days, I was surprised to see that the computerised nikahnama had only my and my wife’s names and CNIC numbers, along with our home addresses. There was no mention of marriage’s witnesses and conditions from the bride’s parents. To my surprise even dowry and the amount of ‘haq mehr’ was not mentioned on the computerised marriage certificate.

Here the question arises: why is Nadra forcing people to bring computerised marriage certificate? Is that a new way for collecting revenue?

Minting money from poor people through that means is an open challenge for policymakers of the country and people at the helm of affairs of Nadra.

Can anybody give me the justification for these two questions?

M. Arshad Nadeem Wah Cantt


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observer Jan 06, 2013 03:14pm
Is it me or is there just one question in this letter?
Haider Ali Buluk Jan 06, 2013 08:14pm
The thing is that its not just nadra but most of the institutional and administrative structure of Pakistan is obsolete and flawed. i'm sympathetic with you but its got to do with the whole system. like the customs and police e.t.c. the answer to the first question is that computerized nikahnama is not useless, the fee is unreasonable but the marriage certificate is more difficult to dupllicate and modify, thus, preventing many frauds and also increasing authentication. however i agree with you tjhat these people do intend to loot.
Saad(DXB) Jan 06, 2013 07:54pm
As an expat Pakistani, I have lost all hope in Pakistan. No news coming from Pakistan surprises me anymore.. It's sad, but as an educated Pakistani in a wite collar job, I have decided to move on like many of my fellow expat Pakistanis.. I am one of the last ones amongst my group of friends to apply for immigration to a first world country.. I will not return to Pakistan. I will teach my children never to foget that their father's roots were in Pakistan, a country which was destroyed by her own people.. I will ask my children to work hard and they will reap the rewards without fear of anyone pulling their leg..
Ram Jan 06, 2013 06:56pm
My CNIC received had wrong dob....I had already mailed copies of old passport showing right they want it to be rectified upon payment My parents no more in this earth (20 yrs) i wrote dead...Returned forms asking same. Why Urdu and English? Either... should be required unless there is ulterior motive Why Religion?....when Quid spececifically said I am first faith is my own. Wanted to visit seriously ailing family member.He died and i could not reach If i apply Passport...same will happen at LA...USA embassy. What should i do?